New timing has arrived

The New Timing has Arrived

Through: Athene Raefiel


We have finally reached the timing to move through the portals upcoming in 2020. It is necessary for each and every one of us to heighten our energies to be able to download and assimilate what has come in on the new frequencies as well as what will be coming in the next few months and years.


There have been so many blessed souls leaving the planet as well as massive illnesses and depression hitting all at their deepest levels.


For the sensitivities it has been anything but pleasant. It is hitting the young Indigos the hardest. Many have still not found their footing in the 3D world around them and are turning to drugs to try and supersede the powerful energies that have been affecting the planetary system and others around them.


The feeling of giving up is ever pervading as even those who are truly linked to and of Love feel they have been abandoned, especially if they are not yet anchored in the New Energies of Divine Light and their own Higher Selves at this time.


A great call on our part must go out to assist the younger ones who shall need to replace those of us that will be leaving this round. Since two worlds will be the resulting conclusion to what has been achieved through all the change and transformation it is imperative that we prepare not just ourselves but also those to follow to be ready to share the great task they agreed to continue long ago.


Many of the Young Indigos have had many lifetimes upon the Earth Plane but have never lived past young ages. As they find themselves now needing to become adults they do not have the memories of life experience to do so.


We cannot do for them and probably not even with them. Theirs is an individual soul journey they must discover through trials that they never imagined could truly exist for them. It is the synapses in their brains that need to be connected to a higher frequency of Light and a desire to grow beyond their youth.


I offer to all a new set of Invocations, attunements to help you accomplish and hold your space of light upcoming. I also offer a special prayer for the young Indigos.




I call to the power of light that I am. I call to all the Divine beings and heaven of Light to assist me to assimilate and understand the frequencies of the Divine light I now stand within. I open myself to the Spirit Essence of light that I am and I hold the Essence of the Three fold Flame in My Heart and Being.


Mighty keepers of the Beautiful Holy Flames of Light and charges of Love hear me now.


To you I immerse myself in all of my glory and beingness. To the Holy flames of Light I release all of my patterns within my human forcefield that keep me from attaining my most Sacred and Glorious Self-Awareness.


To the I Am that I Am, I call and ask for the immediate Blessing of Peace and Enlightenment possible to me at this time. I ask that you take me into your many fields and flames of energy that I too may remember the Essence of truth and Energy that I come from and connect once again with the purity of truth within.


To my human parts I say; I love each and every part of you. I know that we have held each other in love as well as bondage over these many lifetimes and for that I thank you. I also realize that it is time for us to unite in the loving Flames of Purification and Love and transmute all that is no longer of use to us in the upcoming Future.


To my personal Spiritual Teachers and Guides: I ask that we become more closely related and aware of one another. I wish to understand how to fully accept the learning within my soul and spirit self and I promise to try my best to follow my path of spiritual evolution and Divine Light.


To my Guardian Angels and the Mighty Archangels who have so blessed the Earth and planetary system with their love and direct knowledge of the Holy of Holies, I call to you now knowing that you have provided so much Divine intervention to me and all others who seek you out and I thank you each, Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, as well as Samael and others who have aided us in this massive transition of light chosen in this era to finally being the Age of Enlightenment.


To all of those referred to as the Oversoul, and also the Ascended Masters, Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, St. Germaine, El Morya dear and world teachers Sanat Kumara, The Bodisattvas, Rama Kini and Rama Krishna as well as the Radiant Mother of us all; referred to as The divine Mother whom the Angels adhere to also known as Mother Mary and Qwan Yin Goddess of compassion along with Lady Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge. We call to you now to assist us to place ourselves in the 11 levels of light now available to us within the Earth Plane and to accelerate all of our abilities to heal ourselves, one another and the Planet as a whole.


And to the Seven Rays of Light and the Seven Layers of Learning, known as my Aura and Chakra Centers; I do now acknowledge and insist that all be elevated to attain the highest and purest energies they are capable of assimilating to accomplish the transference from one plane of awareness to all planes and levels possible.


I ask these things from the heart of God within that I am and I ask them in and through the Councils of Light that determine my capabilities to do so. I ask only to accelerate and take my place in the Divine scheme of Light within which I have been a part since time began and I prepare myself now for the upcoming shifts of energies of light, that of Human consciousness, Emotional consciousness, Mental Consciousness, Astral Consciousness, Causal Consciousness, Celestial Consciousness, and The Divine, “I Am” Consciousness.





Prayer for the Indigos:


Holy Father Mother God Consciousness hear my plea come forth and surround me with your blessed love and Light. Hold me in your arms and h3elp me to focus on the advancement of the young ones coming behind me.


Father Mother God, Holy of Holies, Sacred Source of all Light, Alpha and Omega. Here we stand, all of together, asking as one voice that you intervene into the lives of the Indigo children and help them to see and understand their abilities to heal, teach and advance your loving energies to the whole of mankind. Though they are warriors of the light, they are also the leaders of the New World and must find purpose, direction and the discipline necessary to carry out their soul commitments. It is a time upon the earth Plane where they need assistance more than ever to find their way. Please send all Angels and Spirit Teachers who have the ability to reach them at their most basic levels and free them from the illusions that frequent as reality about themselves.


Archangel Michael great Angel of The Azure Blue Flame please bring your legions as well as those of all other Archangels that are here to assist and find each one of these children and assist them into their new understanding of soul and spirit light. Let the darkness no longer pervade their world as the lower Astral has been stealing their energy and feeding off of the negativity for too long now. Break the bonds that hold them to the lower astral, break the bonds that hold them to the negativity, break the bonds that hold them hostage to false truths and free each and everyone of them to see for themselves the beautiful Light they hold Within.


These children are the future of the earth we leave behind, please open their eyes and hearts to remember their true calling.


Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am.

Spiritual Path

Choosing your spiritual path, becoming the spiritual warrior.
Surrendering to the holy light within that you “are”, choosing to follow your own inner light, the soul awareness and the journey to ascension.

When we finally surrender to the spiritual path and holy light within we kick our intuitive body into play in ways we never imagined. We begin to trust in a higher power that can lead us out of darkness into light. We choose to see the truth on a larger scale and also what “The bigger Picture” is. The results of which are us expanding our consciousness and realizing who we are authentically.

At every degree and level of attainment we must know how and when to surrender and trust in the unknown. It is always best to call forward the four directions of Earth, Air, fire and Water as well as the four Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. These are our protection energies needed to help keep us safe on our journey.

We need safety as the Ocean of inner and outer demons must be conquered as we go. All energy has its own awareness and to strive for the light may be no small task but worth the time to learn about and many times overcome. Remember you are an eternal being with much information stored within soul from previous incarnations, none of us are pure.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

Mother Gaia

Message from Gaia


Children of Earth,

Your planet cries out to you, do you not hear me?

“Stop the senseless destruction and devastation to me. Every bomb that is set off reverberates though massive layers of earths ground and displaces more and more of my energy. Every bullet that is fired has its own reverberation. Every person, animal or plant that is killed for no reason leaves a gap in the whole of what I am. The complete dismissal of my feeling body is another wound to my being and my heart. The natural order of life no longer exists and as I struggle to repair the damage, more and more is piled upon me. It is as if I do not count at all to your human species of life.’

“Have you forgotten where your food and shelter come from? Have you forgotten the Law of replenishment? Take what you need but give back and restore.”

My oceans are not your dumping grounds nor are they there to test your weaponry. The rubble you create through your wars and hatred cannot be eaten by me. I hunger not for these things. I am a living organism who has been around for many a millennium, I have dealt with Asteroids, Comets, Dinosaurs and other worlds weaponry; but never imagined that which I spawned would seek to destroy me.

Yes much of your kind walked out of the Oceans to be the protectors of Earth not the destroyers.

As you feed your materialism and need to rule, you overlook your most important and valuable asset: me. So many honor me and ask for my help, yet ignore what I need to maintain and restore some semblance of balance, always looking to another planet or star system to live upon in the future.

What you sow shall you also reap. Pretending my message is not of real importance shows your ability to ignore your own smelly waste.

Yes I could send you a wonderful message of hope and encouragement, yet these are the things I need from you right now. Make haste, time is of the essence.


Prayer and Honor to Planet Earth:

Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, I come to you today in humility, trust and love. I beg your forgiveness for the blinders I have put on and choose from this day forward to awaken to your call of need and sustenance. I honor you, I love you, I appreciate all that you bring to me in life.

I am sorry for the destruction of what others have done to you and pray for the strength to assist and replenish you and the life upon you, with everything I have within me. I ask my spirit to assist me in this and honor the spirit of life that you and I are.

Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, please restore and replenish yourself and become strong and whole once again. I ask the other planetary bodies and star systems you are connected with, to come to your aid in this trying time and assist you.

Beloved I am, beloved I am, beloved I am.

Sananda Kumara channeling

Ask The Universe, 2017-II

A Conversation between Athene Raefiel and Sananda Kumara


Athene: If we are a reflection of the Divine, is the Divine currently in turmoil as well?

Sananda: Oh child why do ask us such questions? You know that turmoil and chaos are simply fodder for the seeds planted on all levels within all worlds and dimensions existing now. But what you are really asking us is, is there war everywhere as well as on earth?

Athene: Yes that is what I am asking.

Sananda: Indeed, warring is a method of communication between beings and planets. It is crude and often cruel yet in order to know and understand the Light, first one must conquer the darkness. Light is love and darkness ignorance.

Athene: Is hatred and violence then ignorance?

Sananda: Of course it is, life was meant to be peaceful and harmonious in form and physicality, yet the need for survival has created greed and avarice; love is sharing, fear is destroying. So long as the needs of the few shall super cede the needs of the many there will be war, famine, plague etc. When form and physicality came into being the nature of the beast was to compete for what it desired. You see this need in animals when mating, but rarely do you see them duel to the death.

Humans in their need to conquer have chosen death as a tool to overcoming their adversaries. Yet the need to conquer defies the Universal laws of balance and love. It seems that the Laws of Karma have truly either been forgotten, or useless to those who desire control.

Athene: But how can this be, are not the laws of Karma part of our creation and environment?

Sananda: Indeed this is true, yet when mankind and other species were given the ability to create through free will, they inherited a right to create density as well as illumination. What has come to life must understand its soul aspect before entering the evolved phases of reality, whether they are inner or outer phases. Being a reflection of the Divine presupposes that automatically individuals will follow this premise; when in reality, once again human conception confuses what can and will be created from mind. Humans have more than one mind within themselves, the mind of man and the mind of god. Few choose to explore beyond that which is human, also often called the reasoning mind.

Athene: Please tell me why it is thus?

Sananda: Again we reiterate. Due to the need for survival in the physical reality world, saving ones soul for the afterlife becomes simply a footnote in the individual path. Even when the desire comes about the struggles and hard work to attain such memory seem to daunting and often are put on the back burner, right after school, work, relationship, children, family and money. Indeed humans have chosen a very difficult path in life as they must operate as a duel entity if the wish to move beyond very long held conceptions of what life is about.

Athene: This year on February10, 2017, there was a Lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo, on February 26, 2017 there was a Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

I was told at that time that the Eclipses August 7, 2017, ; lunar in Pisces and Solar in Virgo August 21, 2017, would have a great impact on our political as well as economic system the world over. Can you please expand on this for me?

Sananda: Indeed we would be pleased to do so.

When the Parallel Universe merged with your Universe in 1999, it was a long awaited happening and one which many thought was the bringing in of the fifth Dimensional Consciousness, indeed there was a powerful shift in consciousness in many levels and dimensional frequencies. Often the human reasoning mind sees these things as some kind of immediate release; yet in your time they also take time to fully manifest.

Now in your Year of 2017, nine years later you are seeing a fruition of what actually was perpetuated through evolving consciousness then to now. So many of our followers of truth and light easily did move into their fifth dimensional conscious awareness and so many others leaped to fourth dimension, also known as the heart and love level. This awakening was brought about through the understanding evolved and practiced through all dimensions. But particularly those who attained and new degree of awareness through lots of hard work and trusting in the Higher Self and Spirit Essence of all life.

This year of 2017 is an expression of all that followed. And even though it looks to be disastrous in many ways the incomprehensible is becoming comprehensible

Look at what your Scientists, Astronomers and Geologists are discovering. And even though they may equate their discoveries to Extraterrestrial life they are still reaching beyond the accepted norm of what they thought reality is. Indeed this is tremendous expansion and growth for all your species of life.

Politically what you are seeing is extreme growth and development as those who have the acquired power seek to hold hostage that which was never theirs to begin with. Revolution in your world is the only perceived way to change this power balance. And so many standing strong on the front lines have chosen that even martyrdom is better than the tyranny under which they have tried to exist and live.

Yes it is a period that is hard to watch and experience, but remember many of the beings upon your planet chose this very war and the battles that ensue. Yes in the wake of such destruction there will be a great loss of innocence as well; yet innocence can and will be renewed for those who choose the soul path of understanding and enlightenment.

Athene: This seems so cruel and punishing, is there not an easier way to achieve Divine Enlightenment and Peace upon this planet?

Sananda: Karmically speaking to the souls currently inhabiting you planet as well as many others, this is simply a round or cycle of growth and change, to believe otherwise is a misnomer. As humans you want and expect instant results to your thought processes. What you see as instant we see as cycles. Time being the greatest Illusion of your species yet what to you seems forever could actually be manifested in the blink of an eye. Yet you must first awaken the Eye within you that sees and comprehends this truth.

To find hope you must become hope and share this enlightened gift with the world surrounding you. You must quit asking when and start asking yourself who you are. When you understand how you are the Universe and the Divine then indeed will understand how simple the complication really is.


Athene Raefiel; I met Sanada Kumara in 1987 when he became the Ascended Master I would be working with on my spiritual development. The original Master I knew was Amun Ra, who I am sure led me to Sananda.

Sanada was a no nonsense teacher who believed strongly in self-discipline, if you could not discipline oneself you had no business wanting to learn about the mysteries of the Universe. He helped me understand the differences between accepted and learned realities as well the Universal Understanding of Awareness. He works constantly with Humans seeking to develop their Higher Consciousness.

Kevin.Moore show n U Tube

I watched the Kevin Moore show today on “We are channelers” I ask that everyone who visits my blog to watch it as well.

It really shows you who I am and how important metaphysics are to me.

There is also a channeling of the Archangel’s at the end.

I hope you enjoy it.

Blessings, Athene

To Mother Earth

We are all trees, branching out to reach our desires and goals. We must never forget where our sustenance comes from and continue to honor Mother Earth daily.
To Mother Earth.
You are what gives light to all of nature and it’s siblings. We honor you presence everyday as we remember to always look us and see the skies great emanations. We honor all life upon the  Earth and continue to send love and light.
Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am, amen.

Lecture Series

Wow and hello, time got away from me recently and I did not advertise this coming Sunday the 26th will be the first of my new lecture series from 1-3pm. Please call me to save a place for you. RSVP (719) 598-8158 Athene ;and your friends!
This Sunday’s talk will be about Divinity and The Divine Mother now working with the Planet and her peoples.
How Spirit works with us in daily life and how to follow the new energies now operating in the third, fourth and fifth Dimensions
Hoe you can make it the next time I will hold one of these gatherings and share who The Ascended Masters are will be Sunday February 9th,, 1 to 3pm.
Must RSVP to receive the address in Village Seven 80917, to hold you spot.
Asking for a $20.00 donation at time of event, but all donations excepted.
This year promises to be and extraordinary event for those seeking to move up the ladder spiritually and utilize them to assist in what you wish to manifest while helping others grow.
Thanks in advance, time for Light Workers to excel.
Blessed Be, Athene

Aquarian Age

I feel very strongly that we are in a new time of spiritual awakening comparative to The Harmonic Convergence back in 1987.

I am noticing these energies to be completely new and inexperienced for all of us. Those already on their path are reaching higher dimensions of consciousness while others are just beginning to wake up.

I am not sure how long this period will last but I am sure it will maintain for a full cycle of time which could be several decades of time to include perhaps even a century of human time.
For the Divine Realm to bless us with such presence as it currently is a very strong leap in momentum and stresses that we all learn of The Divine Light and utilize it in our daily life.

What we are now seeing in the outside world is a peeking of chaos brought about by the insensitivity of humans. This has got to stop if we are to save ourselves and the planet. Walk what you talk please, and remember to recycle everything. This is only the beginning.

! Thank you Alex Myles.

Long, but worth it! IMPORTANT! Thank you Alex Myles.



January 12th, 2020, is bringing a huge and dramatic energy shift and is possibly going to be the most intense and life-altering day of the entire year.

Collectively our entire planet is about to go through a major and rapid transformation, as the old Saturn Pluto synodic cycle closes out and a new one begins.

We will all start to notice that both internal and external transformations are occurring on a huge level, as outdated beliefs, past conditioning, old patterns and oppressive and limiting structures disintegrate and fall apart.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, have connected in Capricorn, the constellation that Saturn rules over, and the zodiac sign most well known for discipline, responsibility and “reaping what you sow.”

To add to the mix, Mercury also aligns with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, amplifying the energy even further. This means it is possible that heated discussions may be occurring relating to limitations, restrictions, communication issues, misunderstandings, travel plans or relocations. However, we will be far less likely to be drawn into these types of arguments and debates and we will find we have a clearer and calmer voice and that we stand up for what we believe in, so we can forge through with the plans we’ve long been trying to manifest.

We will notice we have mental clarity and that we are strong willed, bolder, more determined and less likely to be swayed by those who don’t hold the same values, ideologies and desires as we do, and we’ll be unstoppable in moving forward to create the exact life we’ve been desperately wanting to live.

This once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignment in Capricorn will force anything out of alignment to fall apart. Whatever lacks integrity, compassion, pure intent or morality will face the consequences, or simply be eliminated, as both Saturn and Pluto’s influence brings justice and balance back into our lives.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction is a major catalyst, signifying the completion of a 38 year era, when the planets last met in Libra, and the start of an exciting new one.

We will begin to witness either break downs or break throughs happening around us, as whatever no longer serves a divine purpose clears out and new systems take form in their place. This can be a painful process at times, so it is recommended to surrender to these purging energies and release whatever or whoever holds us back, lowers our vibration or that we know is not resonating, sustainable or healthy to be around.

If we don’t make necessary decisions for ourselves, the Universe will surely sweep in and make them for us, and this is when we are forced to learn lessons the harder way, rather than navigating them in our own time and on our own terms.
Particularly as both Saturn, Pluto and Capricorn can all be quite serious, disciplined, determined and forceful energies, so while they will be fully supporting our highest good, they won’t be playing around when it comes to creating necessary change and much needed transformation.

While Saturn and Pluto take us through a sometimes brutal period of letting go of energies that are out of alignment, it is important to remember that the short term pain and discomfort is better than spending long periods repeatedly making the same mistakes, going over the same tired old lessons and being embroiled in turmoil or emotional harm, and overall, in scenarios that aren’t genuine or holding loving intentions.

Saturn can be an immensely positive influence in our lives, if we open to it, as it offers clarity and wisdom to situations we have previously failed to make sense of. This wise and disciplined planet offers the opportunity to dive deep and soul search so we can figure out exactly what has been happening in our lives and most importantly why.

Saturn orbits the sun so slowly that it shows us patience, control, tolerance, persistence, surrender, and composure, and helps us understand that when we want to manifest our dreams and best possible life, commitment and perseverance always pay off.

Saturn helps determine whether we’re placing our energy in the right areas and if all our loyalty, dedication, and faithfulness to certain people or situations are truly worth it. It also takes us through stages that feel unrelenting and destabilising, as this planet is all about learning from past mistakes, so it asks us to revisit them if we haven’t fully learned the lesson. We can only move forward when we understand why we put ourselves in certain situations or become emotionally involved with people who we weren’t meant to be with long-term.

Pluto compliments Saturn’s energy by forcing us through a deep cleanse to clear out low vibrational energy, whether by our doing, or by the Universe unexpectedly shifting things around so we have no option but to break ties with whatever or whoever is anchoring or pulling us down.

To sail through this period without too much disruption it is imperative that we contemplate why we are clinging to unfulfilling, unhealthy and undesirable dynamics, when we know we have the strength to make a clean break and detox and heal from any dependency or pain.

The transition is not going to be easy, we may try to fight aspects of it, throw tantrums, release tears and raise white flags with reluctance. However, as the days pass we will heal, restructure, regroup and realise how imperative the skin-shedding was for the evolution of our soul’s journey and expansion.

This Saturn and Pluto connection heightens karmic attraction, meaning that whatever we have been putting out is going to be returned in magnitude. This will be a majorly positive period for those who have been living compassionately with good intentions, and those who have been trying hard to break free from old and harmful patterns of behavior.

It will be an extremely healing period where the positive vibrations that have been sent out over recent months or years will be returning 100 fold. For those who have dedicated time and energy to good causes, or focusing on social missions and life purposes, these next few months will be the time when blessings and miracles arrive in abundance and rewards flood in.

If there have been situations that we know that we haven’t been our best selves in, we can ease karmic payback by choosing to recognize where we have fallen short, and to make amends where applicable. Being authentic and willing to take accountability and resolve issues as they arise, or better, taking action before they become issues, ensures our karmic footprint lessens, and if we have previously taken a wrong path, we can turn energy around by taking responsibility and ensuring our apologies or future behavior rights the wrongs.

If we don’t pay attention to the lessons that this cosmic meeting offers it is likely we will remain stuck in old ways, repeating similar mistakes, attracting challenging circumstances and relationships that cause drama or suffering, and wondering why life continuously feels challenging, chaotic and like groundhog day.

It is our choice: we can awaken, grow and shift our lives forward, or stay stuck, constantly feeling triggered and unfulfilled, and emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically limited and stagnant.

Whatever we choose, for every energetic action there is a reaction. We can make it positive or negative by remembering that whatever we give out to the universe will be returned in abundance.

This is a regeneration period, where we will be purging and eliminating whatever has fallen out of alignment, including old beliefs & patterns, intrusive and obsessive thinking, blaming and shaming, judgements, grudges, bad habits, limiting fears, resentments, one-sided and half-hearted dynamics, heavy baggage, negative feelings from the past, worries about the future, things we cannot change, the need to control, unrealistic expectations and basically anything or anyone that has already let go of us.

We will discover that if we are not willing to make difficult decisions that are vital for our emotional, mental, spiritual or physical wellbeing, then the Saturn and Pluto energy force will move in with turbulence and make them for us by removing from our lives anything or anyone that is harming or stunting our overall soul growth or health.

We are about to go through a major personal transformation and as the months pass we will be releasing our hold on anything harmful and creating space for much more healthy, fulfilling, balanced and harmonious encounters.

Overall, this is going to be one of the most transformational and life-altering phases we will go through. If we align with the energy and allow it to flow into our lives, we will rapidly notice alterations occurring and amazing possibilities miraculously becoming readily available. It is vital now to pay attention to the energy we are putting out, and to sit back and observe how the Universe blesses & returns it.




Time to bring in more Love

I wish to tell all of you that when we have intention in the same matter with our prayer great things can and do happen.

No matter whom we pray to the intention and number and intensity matter.

So many of us put out that we do not want another war yesterday and so the powers suddenly felt it better to hold off.

I will soon be placing prayers and meditations for everyone to focus on the earth and The Divine Mother- Father- God, all that IS, to adjust the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to discover balance to save the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

This is an intense time and the Divine Mother and her legions of Light are here to save Gaia, mother Earth so we all can still have a place to exist and live. This 2020 cycle is all about truth, faith, belief and prayer to help with this adjustment.

Each of you has power within the Light and Love of God-Goddess all that is to help to a greater extent than you give yourself credit for.

It is the loss of True love that allows this devastation to continue. Though we cannot turn back time but we can assist in the new and pure Love of spirit to assist and save this beautiful planet.

You can set aside at least 5 to 10 minutes daily to focus your intent on Mother Earth and pray for her safety and new balance. The Divine Realms are here now; please utilize them in your own way.