2020 soul awakenings


We are in a major time of soul awakenings during this year of 2020. We are also advancing ourselves to new heights and levels of consciousness.

Many beings are new to the realms of consciousness and might wonder if what they experiencing is valid. Indeed it is! Though this is an awkward time for planet Earth herself, a major awakening continues. Such an awakening as this brings souls closer to the understanding of their eternity and how all life is interconnected.

We have learned to survive and still not lose sight of awareness that all life evolves, particularly our soul consciousness. We develop in levels and degrees and find our expectations often hold us back.

When we discover that all Spirit is one, we also know that we are energy. Decreeing every day that “I Am Energy”, helps us align more quickly with the inner and higher self.

Aligning with the energies of goodness and Light we discover that we are not and were never alone.

Raising ones energies is a personal choice and though it may have been chosen within ones soul we begin to understand we chose this before we were born this lifetime.

No one wants to keep learning the same lessons over and over again. Awakening to the authentic self brings us that much closer to our true purpose in being.

Earth Changes

We were warned about climate change and storm destructions. 30 years ago I channeled the Arcturians for groups of students and others. We were told that if mankind did not make the changes necessary to assist Nature we would be facing these brutal changes.

Many of the “I am” followers received the same information from the Ascended Masters and even developed an “I am” map showing where the safe places to live upon the Earth would be.

We were told at that time to store food and water and many people started building bunkers for themselves and loved ones.

I cannot remember exactly what years these were but around 1990. In 1999 the Parallel Universe merged in what I call “The Ring Pass Not” ; shortly after I was told by the Mer People that they needed to move to a different Ocean below our Oceans floor. The amount of bombing and other testing going on within the Oceans was devastating the Nature that was their habitat and destroying the balance to Earth at that time.

I was saddened then as well as now by the manmade events that are destroying Mother Earth. What lived for eons in harmony was being displaced by simple ignorance on the part of humankind.

Today there are countries who have worked to bring balance to their homeland, Costa Rica and Iceland come to mind.

There is no way to go back and change the devastation that has occurred , we must create anew if we want to survive.

Live Life to Fullest

There is but one miracle in life, and you are that miracle. Everything you experience see touch feel smell and hear is a part of that miracle. When you understand how you are the miracle in life you will begin to understand how all other life is also a miracle.

Too often we try and see what is on the outside of self, rather than what is on the inside of self. We battle with what is on the inside trying to determine who and what we are. If for one second all that is on the inside would be together and get along, so it would be with the outside.

There are many journeys within each lifetime that we travel. Many lives that we live at once. To merge all that we contain into one second is all we need to accomplish to understand how all is one.

Hold yourself to the highest and most blessed effort possible to find yourself. Search for what is genuine within you and allow all else to gravitate to such.

You are the beauty and light of life. If you do not see the beauty and light that you are how can you shine it upon anyone else?

If you do not live your life now in the present, when will you live it? So long as your life is scheduled around the future and the past, the money and the survival, you will not be present.

What will you look back upon as your accomplishment when this lifetime ends, if not living life to the fullest? So many reasons, so many excuses, for not living the dream, too few choose the forward momentum. Fear is the only true motivation for stress. Seeing, understanding and integrating our fears allows us to move freely in life.

Both Coastlines

I am saddened by the devastation now hitting both coastlines. I will pray and meditate with nature to find balance and restoration.

Archangel Raphael

Channeling of Lord Raphael and Friends

Through Athene Raefiel



Children of the Light,

We are pleased to be here today to share information that assists in healing the life within; that inner light that extends to all reaches of the Universe and Life itself.

Have you heard of the Mysteries and the journey embarked upon to discover them? There are what is called The Greater Mysteries and The Lesser Mysteries. Named such, as the Greater refer to the unseen worlds and the lesser are contained within the worlds of form.

There are 22 steps of initiation that must be mastered in order to attain enlightenment. These twenty two steps correspond with the Esoteric and Exoteric understanding of numbers, symbols, sacred geometries, mastery of thought, the mind the body and the soul.

Initiation into the mysteries is taken on by the student with the utmost of care and thought when deciding to walk the path of Light. Following one’s soul and spirit path and re-awakening the memories held within the individual Akashi record and well as opening to the collective Akashi is the true process that each will embark upon.

Learning and understanding on levels of self will be required while great awareness and sacrifice will also be required. Why sacrifice you ask? Well when one turns there back on the worlds of form to understand the worlds of formlessness they risk alienating an entire culture and lifetime of learning. What you see with your eyes, taste with your mouth, hear with your ears or have memorized as the truth, will surely be useless to you on inner journey.

All that you have believed must be tested and a new freedom of self and life must be experienced.

How to begin:

All of life is movement and sound, to hear this in the silence is a great part of the mastery you are looking to attain; this is called Meditation. When you can move to a place within yourself where you are actually observing your own mind you have attained a degree of meditation that allows you to move forward.

Invocation and prayer are also required by you to announce yourself to the spiritual structure that assists you proclaiming your commitment to commune. These sounds of your own voice allow for a new resonance to be acquired by the user. In order to be in harmony with the Divine Element of self, vibration and sound are needed.

Life is a ritual and so is the journey of light. Since you are creating a new awareness and awakening for yourself take the Ceremonies of old and use them. There are many ceremonies that honor the Earth, the Planets, and the rotation’s and the planting as well as harvest times. These ceremonies were practiced because they had practical value as well as connecting to the true elements of life; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Self- awareness and inner discovery will show itself when you are in harmony with all other life; that is to connect with the spirit within all life as well as your own spirit. Since spirit dwells in the worlds of formlessness you must learn to understand and experience yourself as energy. Once all things become energetic to you, a new language will emerge in your memory and you will understand the language of vibration and sound on the inner planes.

It is this powerful energy of vibration that will begin to speak to you. It will at first take some time to interpret this new language and yet more time to put into words that others will understand, but indeed it will bring great knowingness.

Dedication to finding the deepest most pure truth there is, will guide you even in your darkest hours. Commitment is the most powerful element of truth and change that you have. Choosing is a beginning but commitment and dedication to your path of knowledge is what will get you there.

Learning to trust your intuition is key in the interpretation of what you hear. When you discover how to hear with, and through your intuitive self, you will find that sound and vibration are subtle energies that can easily be drowned out by even your own thought process. This brings us to learning how to get out of your own way and mind.

Your rational mind may be your greatest tool in your practical everyday outside life but can be your greatest hindrance in your spiritual life. What you have learned in order to survive physically has little, if anything, to do with your spirit essence.

Spirit must be felt and experienced it cannot be known with the rational mind. If it could be there would not be so many beings excluding it from their daily life and pooh, phoohing its living reality.

To engage your spirit you must create an energy space of as pure a light possible, providing the energy within which to experience it. When spirit dwells in the energy of pure light and Essence it needs that same energy to show itself. Pure light and love is the same thing, pure energy. Your spirit is this loving essence that you originated from. Your spirit is innocence and beauty. This leads us to remind you that you were born as this innocence and beauty.  The outside world of conditioning and daily life helped you to completely forget how you are a child of loving light. Now it time to re-remember.

When using Sacred Ceremony to connect with the Earth, The Sky and the Inner planes, do not forget the use of the word love. Bring this word and energy strongly into your daily life and also into your thoughts, prayers and rituals.


I am a being of Love

I am love

All things in my life bring Love

Love and I are One


Love Invocation:

I call the power and essence of Love. I call to my own spirit essence.

I call to the great beings and powers of Love that unite to assist us all.

I anchor love in every way and honor the energy and light it holds.

I share the energy and essence of my love and connect it with all other love.

Mighty beings of love and light hear me now. Align my energies with yours and allow your child to assist in the journey and recognition of the highest love available.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.


A Sacred Ceremony of Light:


Face the North and state:

I call to the magic and mystery of earth herself, I align myself with her. I honor all that she gives to life and assist her daily with my love.

Now face the East and state:

I call to strength and power of Air, the blessed gifts that it shares. I honor that within me that is Air and I connect with this Divine energy.

Now face the South and State:

I call to the fire within all life. I call to the great fire that burns within me. I open myself to the awareness and understanding of this most awesome light. And I show my honor with love.

Now face the West and State:

I call to the Energy of Water. The wisdom and understanding of its flow. I honor the influence and power it bestows. I acknowledge the water of life within me and connect my essence and love.


Now stand for a moment quietly with your eyes closed. You are the Fifth Element and are the central point of the four energies you have just called forward.

Allow yourself to feel and integrate these beautiful energies of Love.

Meditate for a few moments.


The mysteries of life are many. They go on and on ad infinitum. Just as you are eternal so is the cycle of all life. This continuum allows there to be an ever expanding renewal and awareness that keeps the spectrum in motion.

Overcome and face your fears. Know that there is only truth and untruth and that you are not the decider of all things.

Reach for the stars, for you are a star and belong with them.

Your light is the only light that can make a difference right now; all light is needed and appreciated.

Blessings of Love to you all,


Creating Sacred Space

Creating a Sacred Space



To begin setting the energies for your meditation and inner healing work you need to place yourself in a space of resonation with the divine. It is for this reason that you cleanse and purify the space you are using to receive divine help and guidance. You may wish to purchase and use a variety of tools to enhance the sacred energies in your space. These can aide in the conductivity of the sacred energies you are invoking.


Some useful tools:

Candles                               Scented Oils

            Sea Salt                                 Prayers and Invocations

            Incense                                 Small altar



To begin creating your sacred circle of light you take some sea salt water and sprinkle it clockwise around you in a circle saying:


I do hereby purify this space, with the waters of earth and with salt, so that I may connect within the purity of my divine light.”


Following the water purification you take your incense and retrace your circle saying:


By the power of fire and air I protect and seal my sacred space, that it may be innocent and pure.”


You are now ready to honor the Four Universal Directions of North, East, South and West.


North corresponds to the element of Earth.

      East corresponds to the element of Air.

      South corresponds to the element Fire.

      West corresponds to the element of Water.


All life as we know it is made up of these four elements.  We put ourselves in harmony with the energies, of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, by invoking and acknowledging them.


We physically are made up of these four elements ourselves. Our bodies are two-thirds water, our mind is air or thought, our spirit is fire and the warmth of our body is made of the same nutrients as earth herself.


Now face the direction of North and state: ” I invoke the energies of Mother Earth and her great protectors. I invoke her love. I thank her for the food she produces, the dwelling I live in and the clothes on my back. Mother Earth I honor you.”  Close your eyes and let yourself connect with the energy you feel in this direction. Now do a chant, an AUM, or ring a chime.


Now turn and face the direction of the East and state: ” I invoke the energies of the guardians of Air and of the element of Air itself. I ask for the alignment and attunement of my inner understanding of my spiritual mind. Mighty element of air, open within me now and guide my thoughts and prayers. ” Close your eyes and let yourself connect with the energy you feel from this direction. Now do a chant or AUM, or ring a chime.


Now turn and face the direction of the South and state: ” Mighty spiritual light of fire. Power of the Sun. I invoke and call to you now. Bring your warm sunlight into my heart and soul. Make me whole. Great element of fire I honor you.”  Close your eyes and let yourself connect with the energy you feel from this direction. Now say a chant, or AUM or ring a chime.


Now turn to the west and state: ” Mighty waters of the earth I honor and call to you. Inner emotions all align and open to truth. May the tides of man be calm and may peace prevail. I attune now to the motion of universal Light.”  Close your eyes and let yourself connect with the energy you feel from this direction. Now do a chant, an AUM or ring a chime.


You may now choose to light one or more candles in your sacred space. Surrounding yourself with crystals may feel comforting or even burning a candle at each of the four directions. You will intuit what feels appropriate as you progress and practice.


Now that the space has been set you may wish to meditate, say prayers and invocations, or just listen to some soothing music that allows you to feel peaceful. Sacred space can be used to say prayers, to communicate with divine teachers and guides of love or even to do visualizations. It is your sacred space, use it for whatever pleases you in the moment. Be spontaneous.


Creating a sacred space helps understand how the divine and we are one. The divine is never in a hurry and always is at peace.  By creating this energy yourself, you learn what it means to resonate. Energy is all resonation. You are always a resonation within the divine energy of all life. Play within this energy and learn to honor your divine self.



entering a new dimension

We have just moved from one dimension into another and it should feel as if we have now have wings. Moving forward to procure healing and happiness is a must.

I know many of us would just like a little peace and goodness to befall us. This pandemic has brought the world to a screeching halt and hopefully will make humans understand their own fragility. So many young people fail to see the importance of caring for them self as they feel invincible. This sickness has no bounds and attacks whomever, whenever it can. Now hearing the extended things and harm it may cause should be enough to make people stop and think before they act.

The Universe has no power to help those who will not help themselves.

I call to the power of light that I am. I call to the Angels, Archangel Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel.

I call to my Higher and soul self.

I call to the Devas and Principalities to help bring balance and light to sustain Mother Earth.

I pray for all those displaced from their homes and families.

I pray for the Holy Light of life within to light the fire that burns within all of us.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

Soul Memory

Soul Memory

By Athene Raefiel

Since the fall of man or the time of Atlantis human beings have been trying to restore their connection with the divinity that once was a natural part of their being. If earth was colonized by star beings from other galaxies as Archangel Michael shared with me over 20 years ago; then it would make sense that we have different races, cultures and beliefs among the masses. We must also remember that life of course already existed on earth at the time of such colonization. Though much of it was in and from the seas, nature was evolving.

Many of the teachings and writings of ancient societies were destroyed during those early times but much was saved and hidden as well. Egypt was the place where all that survived Atlantis ended up being for a short time.

As we know Egypt is the Home to the Great Pyramid of Giza as well as many other structures whose origins and information is still being debated by scientists, archeologists, geologists and theologians. We have become aware that Egypt was not the only place these pyramid and stone structures were constructed over time, as they have now been discovered to be in many different locations spanning the world.

From the pictographs and hieroglyphics found upon and within these structures we often see what appears to beings from outer space. We know that many of these cultures went to great pains to return somewhere after death and all of them did some formal ceremonies on a regular basis.

We know they were extremely intelligent cultures by their architecture, inventions and monitoring of the planetary movements, as well as the specific directions and mathematics used in every construct of their buildings and cities.

I give you this information as it important to know and understand the journey we have all been on since those early times.

If we understand that soul[1] [i]was not created for humankind until the time of Atlantis we understand that the purpose of soul was to allow each being to have a medium with which to return home. Soul became the vessel that was designed to allow us all to do this.  Not knowing where all these beings came from, we also need to understand that they have their own perception and memories of what home is.

Since the many different beings and cultures who live upon the earth as humans now may be from different star systems and galaxies they are awaiting their brethren and Starships from those places to return and get them.

We must consider at this point there may well be many different creators of many different things as well. Just as each of us is a creator, can we actually think that one and the same creator created the duckbilled platypus, the alligators and the beautiful underwater living organisms that we have so little knowledge of? So many different species exist upon this planet that is hard to conceive of them all coming from one creators mind. Perhaps when these star beings came to our planet they also brought many of their own animal species and vegetation with them?

What if ascension is not the same for all beings living on earth at this time? What if each strongly held belief comes from a particular soul group memory belonging to where each originated from and whom their creators are?


I simply raise these questions to help you think outside what you consider to be the only natural process of spiritual evolution. What may be natural to one may be completely unnatural to others.

When we talk about the one true source of all life in metaphysics we are actually speaking of Emanationism[ii]. Emanationism teaches us that there is an original intelligence from which all life has sprung. It also teaches us that each emanation is intricately connected with another.  What it does not address is that any one of those emanations and perhaps all of them are creators. It also does not address belief, individuality or personal realities.

Let us take the Hierarchy of Light also often referred to as The Brotherhood of Light for example. We as Metaphysicians[iii] believe that the Galactic Councils and well as the Native Indian Councils along with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Seven Rays of Wisdom and Light all work together to assist us in our Divine awakening and Ascension from the earthly embodiment.

We believe that there is a grand divine plan that we signed up for on a soul level many century’s perhaps even eons ago of time past. We believe that this truth of salvation and ascension has to be restored to all of mankind in order for the “God, Goddess, All that Is”, to be restored to the pristine place of glory that we think it should be. We believe this because we have tapped soul memory of what occurred to create the division between human and its divine counterpart and for some reason, we also believe that we as humankind are all of the same soul group and memory.

Yet as you look at your travels in this life as well as journeys of others, you will find that we definitely do not all belong to the same soul group. Though all soul is interconnected with all other soul that in no way implies all have the same lessons, experiences, origins, or homes as others. Therefore why would we all expect to have the same soul memories?

This is one of the problems we deal with in mysticism.[iv]

Mysticism deals with visioning and the reception of information directly from the Akashic or Soul record. When one is referred to as prophet it is because they have tapped and interpreted some part of what they saw or heard while in an altered state of consciousness. The big word here is interpretation.

When we are within soul consciousness or receiving a vision, it must be interpreted by the one seeing it into a language such as what they are accustomed to using in every day life. When one has a vision of a spiritual nature there are so many things that there are no words to describe in any language, and also no intensity to truly share what has been experienced. Though etched upon the soul and the mind of the one seeing such, so is it etched within the Akashic Realm or collective soul within which it is being seen.

Hence from such experiences come great books and teachings of the mystics. Books like “Thrice Greatest Hermes”, By G.R.S. Mead, ” The Secret Doctrine” channeled through Madame Helena Blavatsky, ” The Bible” channeled through oh so many mystics and scholars alike, ” The Qur’an” channeled by Muhammad, and other wonderful works such as the ‘The Nag Hammadi Library”, a translation of The Gnostic Scriptures, and let us not forget Plato and Neoplationism as well as the great Jewish literature, law and teaching called the Torah, which contains the Hebrew teaching of the tree of life. These are merely to name but a few of the great books and information brought forth by channels, prophets, scholars and mystics alike over the centuries past.

Though myself I like the Hindu Vedic teachings as well as the teachings of Sufism and that of Tao, I find that all documented material of mystical truths are written and interpreted by someone in human form.

These individuals seem to have little in common with one another. They come from different cultures, backgrounds, time frames, accepted schools of thought or teachings and different parts of the globe. Yet all their mystical interpretations of the truth have been shared and revered my many over the course of time.

Though many humans still wish to believe that there is a dominate force known as “god” who speaks to or writes these truths through an emissary, the original source of life, has no needs, and therefore no desire to do so. If indeed source of all life is beyond all need and desire then why would it have created other emanations to do its bidding?

Since we believe that there is an “ALL”, ” The one True Source of Life” Then why must we believe it has an agenda? Haven’t you ever created anything just to see how it would come out? And if so did you quit creating because it wasn’t what you thought it would end up like? Or did you simply move on to a different creation in order to try something new?

If all things were originally created from the seed of love, then why is loving such a minute detail in the lives of humankind? Why is love the most strongly sought after desire and most bitterly hated all at once? Why does love create so much fear and animosity as well as heartache, if it is the one thing that brings us closer to ourselves and the one true light of all life?

Here are my thoughts. We fear that which we need the most and know the least about. We fear the unknown. We think we believe in the Divine yet we fear the love that it can bring us in our life. We are trained and programmed to believe that we are not worth being loved by either God nor ourselves and we have so many secrets, guilt and shame about our humanness that we afraid the “Almighty” will judge us as being evil or bad when all we are is afraid.

Remember when you began reading this dissertation and I started off with Atlantis and the “Fall of Man”? Remember when I went into saying that many here upon the Earth are not even human but from different Constellations and Star Systems? Remember how you felt about all that?

Well just as that is probably the closest thing to truth you will ever hear there is also another truth about many beings here inhabiting bodies of humans. They are the many fragments of us that have broken off over the sequence of lifetimes and started an evolutionary path of their own. Most were unwanted and discarded fragments of ourselves that we hated and detested.  So rather than loving and healing and integrating them we discarded them.

Well they are still alive and they have become a powerful adversary to the harmonious, loving and balanced humans now righteously trying to be more godlike. These beings have become the criminal element in societies, countries and neighborhoods alike, and no matter how hard we try to separate ourselves from the destruction they reap, we are still subject to it. They neither believe in love or of its existence as they have become devoid and robotic in their cause of destruction and hate.

Through my journey of learning and meditation I have discovered that seeing the bigger picture is not always a pretty thing. We spend way to much time justifying our path as the true enlightenment and salvation, while spending way too little time working to integrate the past exploitation’s of what our ignorance brought about. We are way too judgmental and quick to find fault with others and their trials while we ourselves believe we can rise above our human denial.

What we need to save at this point in time is not planet earth, but the home we live upon and what is within us that has given us an opportunity to reintegrate what was ignored in the past. We must bring ourselves restoration on a soul level before we can realign with our spirit and it’s spirit and so on.

There is no right or wrong, good or evil, there is only discernment and love. As we head for the year 2021 what we will find is that we have the opportunity to reintegrate the many facets of the ugly truth into the beauty of truth. We have the opportunity to live the truth we espouse and make our lives a better place. We are also having the opportunity to stop our judgments of others upon their paths as being better or lesser beings than ourselves.

There is nothing in life that will let you down or stop you from evolving spiritually except your own expectations and judgments. Do not determine for another or yourself what is the right path. Always be the example and always remember you are not in charge of the future. How you live your life today will create what your future will be about. You have all the power and access to the soul memory you need. Quit being afraid to use it.


[i] [i] Soul:

The vital, immaterial, life principle generally conceived as existing within humans and sometimes within all living things, inanimate objects, and the universe as a whole. Religion and philosophy have long been concerned with the nature of the soul in their attempts to understand existence and the meaning of life. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe that soul is the vessel through we experience the Divine Spark of Life within that we are. I believe that we were all spirit born as emanations of the Divine and have proceeded to work our way further and further away from the central intelligence. This we did out of a need to explore, discover, and create for ourselves. Through our exploration we have discovered that the need to bring all life back to the original source of intelligence is imminent for future development. Without memory and awareness of original intelligence all things die and dissipate: in order for life to be eternal the awareness of the connection to the central source of emanation is necessary.

From, The One, The Absolute, The Source of All Life, The One Prime Principle, flows the Divine Substance. This substance never lessens. As the flow proceeds farther from The Core Emanation, its divinity steadily decreases. Just as when a stone is dropped into the water and the ripples or emanations are the circles ever widening out from where the stone was dropped

[ii] Emanation in Philosophy:
Emanation is a cosmological concept that explains the creation of the world by a series of radiation’s, or emanations, originating in the Godhead. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I firmly believe in emanation as factual and true. I explain emanation to individuals by drawing a picture of the sun and seeing that sun as the central intelligence from which all life radiates. Each being is an emanation of the central sun. Each emanation springs from the original intelligence and each intelligence is intricately connected and interwoven with one another. This connection process is called soul.

[iii] Metaphysics:
A branch of philosophy concerned with the ultimate nature of existence. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe Metaphysics to be the science of the soul. I feel that all knowledge is contained within soul and it is the very quest and study of origins that leads one to that knowledge. Philosophical theology and cosmology are also usually considered to be branches of Metaphysics. Most scholarly teachings on Metaphysics are based on Aristotle’s metaphysical system.

[iv] Mysticism:
(The practice of those who are initiated into the mysteries.) The practice of putting oneself into, and remaining in, direct relation with the One, The Absolute, or any unifying principle of life. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe in mysticism as an art. Mysticism is the art of experiencing for oneself, alternate realities, as well the realities of the Divine life within. Mysticism is moving beyond that which is experienced with the five outer senses and experiencing through all of the senses available to the individual. These senses are often referred to as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Intuition, Mediumship and so on. Meditation is the only true means available, that I know of, along with hypnosis to do such experiencing. A good mystic can interpret visions and messages that are received strictly as energy and find words for them. Such people are often referred to as prophets.



Healing the Inner You

Finding happiness in my life, I’ve wondered why so few others have done so. Visiting with a group of people I see once a year yesterday, I began asking them what stops them from pursuing happiness. The answer I got was that it is fear of the unknown. I then realized that happiness is rarely a known component of life and rarely taught as a mainstay of existence.  For me happiness is inner peace and contentment with self, few expectations of others and few judgments.

I realize that what sounds so simple can be a journey of complexity and perseverance. To attain happiness we must understand that the prison we live within and call our life is self-imposed. That everything we’ve accepted to be truth about ourselves may be a lie, and that we have not only the right to be happy and safe in life, but the ability to do so.  We then must find the tools to help us change our perception, and confront the pain and suffering of the past, our baggage.

We all are soul and spirit beings first, physical and mental beings second. We were probably taught the opposite of this. To find your true inner essence you must first remove the beliefs within that block the way. For most people healing the inner child is the most important.  It is the innocence and unconditional love within you, that remembers the innocence and unconditional love of spirit that you are.

Healing self often feels like an arduous and unending process. We just want it to be done and over with. It will always be a part of your journey and you must accept it as such, then you can find peace.

Higher Self

There is but one miracle in life, and you are that miracle. Everything you experience see touch feel smell and hear is a part of that miracle. When you understand how you are the miracle in life you will begin to understand how all other life is also a miracle.

Too often we try and see what is on the outside of self, rather than what is on the inside of self. We battle with what is on the inside trying to determine who and what we are. If for one second all that is on the inside would be together and get along, so it would be with the outside.

There are many journeys within each lifetime that we travel. Many lives that we live at once. To merge all that we contain into one second is all we need to accomplish to understand how all is one.

Hold yourself to the highest and most blessed effort possible to find yourself. Search for what is genuine within you and allow all else to gravitate to such.

You are the beauty and light of life. If you do not see the beauty and light that you are how can you shine it upon anyone else?

If you do not live your life now in the present, when will you live it? So long as your life is scheduled around the future and the past, the money and the survival, you will not be present.

What will you look back upon as your accomplishment when this lifetime ends, if not living life to the fullest? So many reasons, so many excuses, for not living the dream, too few choose the forward momentum. Fear is the only true motivation for stress. Seeing, understanding and integrating our fears, allows us to move freely in life.