Psychic Readings & Classes

Upcoming Events with Athene


I have been a psychic of service to the Universe and those they love and assist (you) for many years.

Since 2005 I have been writing and published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence. I write for my newsletter list and sometimes on my facebook page.

An intuitive private psychic session at my home can be scheduled by email; or calling Athene at (719) 598-8158

I am here to help you find clarity and answers to your life questions. I have the ability at home to also run and read your Natal Chart.

Is it time to make a change and move forward? Do you need some verification on your own thoughts and ideas? Help sorting out family issues? Making a career change or getting married or divorced?

Perhaps you just need to hear from Spirit on you journey of life?

I help with all of these things.

I can vision Past Lives as well as communicate with Spirit and those who have crossed over.


I am currently working with private students, please contact me for more information.