Seminars & Workshops

Workshop Facilitation, Speaking and Lecturing

All Workshops , Seminars and Lectures must be partially pre-paid by the organizers. This will allow Athene to make travel arrangements in a timely manner. Her cost for a four hour day out of Colorado or the USA is negotiable. Athene is open to traveling to Australia, Canada, the UK Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, the USA and other parts of the world as well. All subjects under lectures can also be taught as seminars or conferences.

Contact Athene for further information at or call (719) 598-8158.


Workshops and Seminars offered by Athene Raefiel

All Workshops and Seminars offered by Athene are usually for four to 6 hours per day. The cost is negotiable. Each workshop offered can be either a one or two day event. If offered as a two day event Athene will give a free 45 minute lecture on the Seminar the evening before the workshop. Simply contact Athene to discuss your ideas for an event and what costs might be incurred.
Contact Athene for further information at or call (719) 598-8158.

Seminar Topics and Descriptions

Finding and Working with your Angels and Spirit Guides

Athene will teach you how to go within your own soul to discover the many layers of consciousness and the Astral plane that relate to spirit, dreams and intuition. Here she will introduce you to a place she calls the Sacred Garden where she was guided to take people many years ago to meet with their spirit guides.

She will take you as a group through a major heart healing as well as connect you with the golden child of light that you are. The inner journey work you do in this seminar will be transformational as well as enlightening.

Athene will also share with you the prayers and invocations needed to help you create the sacred space necessary to stay in contact with your spirit teachers.
Materials included will be detailed information on Creating Sacred Space, with Invocations and Prayers. The workshop may be recorded.

Activating the Light Bodies and Understanding Spiritual Initiation

Each layer of our chakras is connected to a light body of consciousness. As we develop and grow we are continually leaning how to activate and develop ourselves within the light of life that we are.
Through our understanding of the light body activation we can continually fine tune ourselves to the new energies and frequencies being emanated by the Universe, the Cosmos, the Planet and Solar System as well as the Divine. This is necessary if we are to expand our consciousness and heal and integrate the new frequencies within our bodies, be they emotional, physical, mental or telepathic.

Through chosen initiations we can help ourselves learn how to resonate with the timing of the Universe as well and choose what we ourselves feel ready for at the time. Understanding the process of initiation helps us prepare and surrender to the lessons necessary for own advancement as the light being that we are.

Exercises in this workshop will include but not be limited to inner journey work for acknowledging soul. Chakra alignment and re-attunement. The changing of soul contracts. Light body activation.

Materials included will be detailed information on Chakra alignment and activation. Invocations for Light body activation and written information on the process of initiation. The workshop may be recorded.

Inspiration, Spiritual and Motivational Speaker or Channeling

All lectures offered by Athene are two hours. The cost is $30 per person. In the state of Colorado the must be a group of at least 20 people, out of Colorado there must be a group of at least 50 people. This allows for help with traveling expenses.

Lecture Topics and Descriptions

  • Developing your Intuition.
  • Communication with those on the other side,
  • Finding true inner joy.
  • Discovering the God within.
  • Dreams and Interpreting them psychically.
  • Angels, Spirit Guides.and their purpose in our life
  • The Ascended Masters and the Holy Flames of Light
  • The Astral Plane and the Etheric and Causal Planes.
  • Opening yourself to spirit and discovering the spirit within.
  • Ascension, transcension, decendsion and what it all means.
  • Are the poles really shifting and what changes can we expect as a people and planet?
  • What is magic and should you learn about it?
  • Finding higher self and the spirit essence of light that you are


These are the spirit beings that have been my friends and constant companions since 1987. First and foremost my best friend Archangel Raphael. There are also Lord Mikael, Sanctus Germanus, Lord Christ Jesus, Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar and Lord Maitreya. I have received personal visitations from many of them and continue to do so frequently. Since 2005 I have been told continually by spirit that I am now an Ascended Master and considered by them to be one of them.

I also met with the Lady Athene in 1987, the Goddess of wisdom and strength, she gently spoke with me as we walked together and she shared with me as a great friend or sister does. She later asked me to take her name and use it as my own. She told me that in the future many would call upon me for help and by calling my name they would also being calling hers. This would allow her to help carry the burden of the many that would seek help.

A few years later while speaking with Lord Raphael, he told me I was to take his name as my second name to use for the rest of this lifetime. I was very surprised at the spelling he gave me to use, but he spelled it out for me several times to make sure I got it right. From that time on I was known as Athene Raefiel.

My very first visual spirit guide was Red Cloud. He was a Lakota Sioux Indian Chief. He taught me many things as well as how to meditate to reach higher states of consciousness. How to cast out demons. How to perform a medicine wheel and how to work off and balance karma. Amen Ra was my first Master Teacher in this incarnation and I have since met many other Masters. Through my studies and meditations I also discovered The Bodissatvas, Brahman, Buddah, Rama Krishna and Rama Kini as well as been summoned to meet with the Council of Three, The Council of Nine and the Council of Twelve. I am able to visit the Akashic Records of light and destiny and stand with and before the oversoul, karmic board on regular occasions. I am in contact with Lord Ashtar and Galactic councils of light and also his good friend and companion Lord Sananda.

I was emerged into the Holy Flames of light and initiated into their mysteries during 1987 and 1988. I was taken into each individual color of flame and taught through osmosis as I became the essence of the holy flames themselves. I have been communicating with loved ones on the other side since I was 10 years old. I was so bombarded in life by ghosts, disincarnate spirits and the lost souls of people that as I became more aware of the light, its power and protection, I now have the ability to keep my space clear. Once I learned to create Sacred Space properly and with the help of my wonderful companions in spirit I was able to handle and control my expereinces with dearly beloved loved ones crossed over. I now use their name and year of death to find them and speak with them. This allows me to not be haunted by them. I have discovered that I am very different from most other human and spiritual beings and that mine has, and continues to be, a very unique journey of Light. I sit with these beings of light daily and am now in a continual state of communion. I am able to teach about any of the things or spirits I have mentioned and can also channel them for groups.

Contact Athene for further information at or call (719) 598-8158.