Seven Layers of Mankind

  There are: Seven Planes of Existence Seven Heavens Beyond Seven Strains of Man Seven Levels of Consciousness Seven Root Races Seven Solar Systems These are the areas of learning and education that every individual on their spiritual path need to learn about in order to ascend the physical in this lifetime.


Dear Athene Raefiel: “Although I have never actually, physically “met” you, I do feel I’ve known you for the past few years. Sometime ago you had unexpectedly sent me some kind words about my own website (Astro Chakras). That event, along with the coinciding passing of my best friend, also a very gifted psychic, helped…

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Morality and Religion

We often hear the statement “The moral fiber of this country”, yet we have no way of knowing by whose standard this is determined.  Morality is based on virtues and vices, the awareness of right and wrong. I was raised a Catholic and went to church seven days a week.  I was baptized, received communion…

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Meditation I know we may be tired of hearing about Meditation, especially when we feel we have tried and cannot accomplish it. Meditation is one of those wonderful mysteries in life that must be experienced in order to understand its benefits. Basically, Meditation is the art of going into a trance state to discover all…

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Birth and Death

We are seeing the results of what happens when so many people die of unnatural causes and return to the Earth plane to re-establish themselves karmically to learn and grow. When we die there are a number of places we go depending on our own evolution and soul awareness. If we die and have no…

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Anxiety There are number of daily stressors in life that add to our anxiety. Firstly the “world is going to hell in a handbasket” is truly happened. We are discovering just how messed up living has become. People will tell you to not read the news if it stresses you out, but current events are…

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