Athene Raefiel – Testimonials

Dear Athene Raefiel:

“Although I have never actually, physically “met” you, I do feel I’ve known you for the past few years. Sometime ago you had unexpectedly sent me some kind words about my own website (Astro Chakras). That event, along with the coinciding passing of my best friend, also a very gifted psychic, helped me to realize that I, too, am very gifted. In fact, since that time – which I think was about 2 years ago, or more – I’ve met several other psychics, and they all say that I am very gifted, and capable of channeling. You did not say anything that was profound, but the sincerity of your words was very obvious. They touched my heart, and even from a distance, I could feel the honest Love that you emanate. Not only did you make a difference in my life, but I’ve also learned how to pass on that same loving energy to others in need. Keep up the great work in helping to Light the World.”
Love, Ron

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Athene for over 15 years. She is the true embodiment of light, love, mother, sister and friend. Her gifts and abilities enable all that seek her out to begin their journey towards true enlightenment. Athene has guided me and kept me on my true path throughout the years in numerous ways, beginning with a rebirthing session 15 years ago. She is truly my lighthouse during the storms that life brings. Through Spirit, and with her guidance, I have been able to hone my healing abilities and become a lightworker. I thank Spirit for bringing Angel Athene into my life and hope those that are seeking enlightenment and a true path allow her into theirs.”
Terri Masterson

“Hi Athene! How are you? It’s been some time since I last checked my e-mails, but boy… is it good to hear from you! Like the rest of your readers, I feel privileged to be drawn into the information you provide and share with us; believe me, it makes a great deal of difference in this puzzle we are in called life. Reading your articles and channelings is always like a balm for me and my never-ending search for my own truth. Thank you so much!”
Tons of love from Venezuela, a place of light!

“I’d also like to mention a past project I helped with for clairvoyant counselor and author, Athene Raefiel, I designed the cover for her latest book: “Getting To the Heart”, and did the art and graphics for her new guided meditation CDs: Stairway of Angels, The Sacred Garden, and Prayers and Invocations. If you’re not familiar with Athene’s intuitive work, become so. She’s VERY uplifting. Reading her book and receiving spiritual counseling from her has helped me tremendously.”
Sharon George, Gorgeous George Graphics
Has worked with Doreen Virtue and Hay House etc.

“Religion, metaphysics and parapsychology tend to spawn three kinds of teachers: scholars who study in depth, the great thinkers and the Bible; psychics who connect with Spirit and channel that healing and wisdom; and sprites who glow with playfulness, who see the innocent game in our earthly drama. Athene is all these healers and teachers–wise, gifted and light.”
Anne Kalicki – “Melantha”, Colorado Springs, CO

“To Whom It May Concern: I would like to share with you a wonderful light in my life, her name is Athene and she is my mentor. I started taking Athene’s classes fifteen years ago, which was one of the first major steps of my wonderful journey of self-empowerment. Athene, thank you for all your love and patience, you are my spiritual mother.”
Kathy “White Dove”, Colorado Springs, CO

“Athene assisted me in a successful transition through one of the most difficult periods of my life through her healing, emotional release and regression therapies. She always seems to know what is needed to take me through the next step in my journey. I have known Athene for almost a decade and I trust her completely – in the most vulnerable of times. You know she cares about you and understands you and your path – past, present and future. I find that Athene has a clarity, a wisdom, and a depth of knowledge that few on earth have and I admire her ability to articulate that knowledge in a most exceptional and meaningful way.”
Barbara Taylor, Colorado Springs, CO
Breakthrough Consulting and Seminars
(Barb is a former Corporate Director of Human Resources and currently coaches and trains in the area of personal leadership, self-esteem and communication.)

“I am happy to write a character reference for Athene Raefiel. I’ve known Athene for almost 15 years, as a teacher, friend, personal psychic, and mentor. Without Athene’s encouragement, belief, and spiritual classes, I’d never be the great spiritual psychic and counselor I am today. I’ve taken many classes from Athene. As a teacher, she encourages, supports, clarifies, and shares her truth. She excites the students that are just beginning, and supports the older students. I’ve taken a variety of psychic and personal empowerment courses from Athene and have used the information on a daily basis. I also had the pleasure of teaching a children’s workshop with Athene. She has the patience to teach the young and the old.

As a personal psychic, Athene has been honest, to the point, and very accurate with my life changes. Athene has encouraged me to channel and tune into my own guides to get my answers. She believed in me and shared her truth. What more would one want in a friend and psychic?

I highly recommend Athene as a teacher and spiritual counselor. She is a natural teacher and it shows in all she does. Athene truly “walks her talk.” Athene is still my mentor. She is like a mother bird that constantly encourages her young to fly. Well, I soared, and still I return to thank her for all she has done for me. I’m now a full time psychic and spiritual counselor and teacher. Thanks to Athene Raefiel.”
Kris Gibbs, Colorado Springs, CO

“Athene has been a good friend and teacher for the past eight years offering new awakening time and time again. She always seems to have a higher perspective for insight and understanding. In addition she has been a major catalyst for the development of my work and for a shift in awareness of my personal growth as well! It is my privilege to recommend her to anyone who is sincerely interested in expanding their awareness!”
John E. Pollack, Sedona AZ
Spiritual Healer, Group Facilitator

“Athene is a gift of a person who’s expertise has touched many lives. Athene has been my teacher for the past ten years in dream interpretation, which has helped me with everyday problems and my spiritual growth. Regression sessions in which I’ve been able to let go of some very painful burdens in my past. Meditation classes have taught me how to be more in touch with my self and is a great stress reliever. Through Athene’s personal growth classes my self esteem has truly been enhanced, my self worth restored. I’m a happy lady!”
Moana Selinger, Salon Owner

“I am writing to let you know what a powerful teacher you are in helping others with your emotional release techniques. Your wisdom is light-heartening and is an asset to all the lives you touch. You are truly a gifted healer and it is a blessing to know you and have received your wisdom and your healing techniques.
Gabrielle, Denver CO
Gabrielle Productions, Inc.

“Every once in a while someone really special comes into your life. If you’re fortunate, that person is multi-dimensional, and the relationships you share cross the boundaries between “personal” and “professional”. So it is with Athene Raefiel, and I consider her to be a blessing in my life on both a personal and a professional basis.

An integrated individual who applies her insight and wisdom to her own life on a daily basis. Athene has proven to be a friend on the highest level and a client who works from a position of self-directed spiritual purpose in her life. On all levels, she conducts herself with a sense of “professional realness” that is very rare, indeed.

My experience with Athene has been that she is focused, innovative, and creative in all that she does, without ever losing touch with the physical realities and responsibilities of life. She is wonderful in every sense of the word.”
Lois Grant, Denver CO
Mainstream Metaphysics

“I wish to make the following testimonial about Athene Raefiel. My family and I have been experiencing a paranormal phenomenon relating to our skin, hair, clothes, and furniture. After suffering and being persecuted by this problem for over 19 years, Athene was able to get us sudden, complete and thorough relief within an hour of my telephone call to her. She has proven to me and my family her psychic abilities by not only completely ridding us of a horrible problem, but she has also communicated with my father’s spirit to guide him to the light after years of his not knowing that his body had died. Her personal psychic family member readings have proven to be extremely accurate and of great help in our spiritual growth, and we greatly thank her for being in our life.”
Pete Christensen
Automotive Repair Shop Owner