Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

By: Athene Raefiel


In order to have spirit guide you in your life you have to know how to get out of the way and allow them to do so. When I say get out of the way I mean your own thinking process will undo everything they are trying to help you with when you try too hard.

Spirit operates on frequencies and also communicates with us through frequencies. They do not communicate with us through our rational mind. Some believe that they put thoughts into our mind, but I believe we interpret what they are relaying and put it into thought form ourselves. Spirit always speaks to me through the right hemisphere of my brain, never through the left. I communicate with others and myself through the left hemisphere of my mind. Spirit communicates with me through my heart, through telepathy and through vibration, the only spirits that seem to speak with me directly are the Archangels and some of the Ascended Masters.

Our spirit guides and us have been together for long periods of time. They are not beings that we do not know well nor are they strangers. After all who could be stranger than you can? Seeking to hear and commune with your spirit guides is as easy as visualizing yourself in a Sacred Garden with trees and waterfall, finding serenity there and reflecting on who you truly are.

We have many spirit guides to work with. When we first learn to go within the Sacred Garden, and find our safe place, we may meet a variety of guides. There will be one whom I call inner teacher or “The Wise Kind Being”. Generally we will also meet with an Indian Guide, an animal guide and perhaps earth beings such as fairies of elves. All of whom love and acknowledge you and wish to be remembered by you.

Sometimes when we go within we find children waiting to teach and show us things about ourselves; sometimes we see memories from other lives or other worlds. The deeper you go within yourself to find the inner dimensional doorways of consciousness the more you will discover.

Do spirit guides have personality? Yes of course they do and they are not “the all that is” so therefore they do not know everything, but they know you. When working with spirit guides, you will discover that they show you many things, and that the experience of seeing also has an emotional response. Upon first meeting with spirit, the unconditional love is so encompassing that it can cause you to weep. The sense of security and love that spirit brings you is generally very unexpected and can be overwhelming, especially if you feel that you have never experienced such love before.

Spirits unconditional love for you is your safety net in this lifetime. Love is the experience you need to help you find the portals to the inner security and healing that you’ve been searching for. Opening yourself to such a pure energy of love and light may cause you to take a long hard look at who you are, and how to return to a place of peace and love within. Journeying to such places as the Sacred Garden may throw you into great introspection and contemplation. When we come face to face with unconditional love it is as if we are naked and all can be seen. We sometimes find ourselves ashamed at what we see and discover that we were hiding from the light. But the light means us no harm and is only here to show us the way to our own healing and integration so we too may return to the wonderful state of grace by being the light.

Spirit guides are often regulated by their own spirit guides and so on up the ladder. This is why we learn of things like ascension and transcension. Just as we are growing, evolving and learning, so are they. All things being connected, what we do or do not develop can also effect what they do or do not develop.

Spirit guides come in all shapes and sizes just as we as humans do. They have different functions in the universe and different relationships with mankind. In transpersonal psychology, spirit guides are referred to as archetypes. In some ways this implies that they are part of your own mind or psyche. In metaphysics many believe that spirit guides are simply aspects of oneself. The definition of an archetype is “an original pattern of model from which all things of the same kind are copied, or on which they are based; prototype.” ( This is from Random House Websters Dictionary, second edition.)<

If we were to see spirit guides as being a prototype of the Divine Light then this would help us to understand how they exist within our psyche as well as some one else’s too.

The psyche of humankind is a device or tool by which all of life is truly designed. So it is with the aid and guidance of spirit guides. In other words you are in some manner a refection of them and they of you. They represent all that is good and important to you and they help you to discover how they are simply reflecting this back to you. Your spirit guides always represent the most loving and beautiful parts of self. There are individual aspects of just only us but the divine itself.

We as humans want to believe that such beings exist, yet we afraid that we are deluding ourselves and making it up. We do this out of a fear of the unknown and a fear of other peoples judgments about us. Oddly enough almost everyone really believes in spirit, though they all chose to call it different names, and many also claim to know what spirit wants for everyone, instead just for himself or herself.

Contrary to popular belief, spirit has no agenda for humankind. Spirit works within an order defined by its own truths and beliefs through its many incarnations, be they in physical embodiment or not, and has their own order and direction to which they adhere. This is why describing spirit guides is so complex, because people want to conveniently categorize them and find a common placement for them in their small world of thought.

Spirit gives us an order of the Hierarchy and its workings to assist us in our quest to discover them. There is of course the group called the Oversoul, also know as The Ascended Masters or Karmic Board. This wonderful unit of beings is pretty much in charge of the spirit guides that help humankind. Then there are the various Councils of Light with whom the Oversoul works and communes for advice in various matters concerning the cosmos and universe. There are also our Galactic brotherhoods and councils that work with different star systems as well as ours. And there are the Angels who have never been numbered due their multitude in presence in all maters of things physical and divine.

There are the Native Indian Councils of Light as well as the many Gods and Goddesses worshipped by many cultures. There is Buddah and the Bodisattvas and the lists go on. But for the individual like you and I there are specific energies within spirit that we find and work with to learn about all others.

All spirit is one, and yet it is the refractive light and mind of the one that creates the many realities that all such spiritual beings live within. If we were to say that spirit were a creation of the one mind, “Source,” then we could quantify that by saying each thought we have is also a creation of energy and light.

Each human being is receptacle for its own spirit. Only through awareness of this fact can the human being create the memory and open the receptacle within themselves that holds and relates to their own spirit. It is the innocence and child being that we each are that has in some way retained the memory of the unconditional love from which it originally emanated.

Spirit guides are multitudinous and plentiful. One individual may have a limitless number of spirit guides. All people that die in the physical do not become spirit guides, actually very few do. This is because to know yourself as spirit is required by you and your soul in order for you to ascend one plane of knowledge and move to another. Though many think this is an automatic function in death, it is not. All have the ability to experience the light after death but they also have the ability to experience it in physical embodiment. That is why we have spirit here helping us.

If you are seeking to meet and speak with your spirit guides you should begin discovering how to journey within and discover your soul. Your soul is your memory keeper and also the vehicle through which the spirit inters the body. Soul consciousness, sometimes referred to as the Akashic Records, holds all memories and records them. The study of soul is what spirit helps us to discover and evolve through.

Remember that spirit is light and it is important to anchor the light daily in your life through your mantras and meditations. Though many believe that spirit is here to make your life all right that is untrue. Spirit is here to help you make your own life all right and also to have the companionship, mentoring and appropriate teachings for you to evolve spiritually. Unfortunately, they did not bring sacks of money with them; Though they can help you to learn to manifest in many different ways yourself.

Only our own free will holds us back from communing with spirit. Only our expectations and needs keep us from listening to our own inner, small yet powerful voice. The angels and spirits of light want each of you to know that they await the opportunity to reconnect and share with you.



Invocation to the Light:


I call to the power of light that I am. I call to the Angels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. I call to my teachers and guides; All those that assist guide guard and protect and I ask that they come forward at this time and align their energies within me.

I call to holy light of life within that I am, to the Sacred Holy Ones of Light and to the Councils of Light. I call to crystalline grid lines and the Twelve power Points of Light that create the energy of Light upon the Earth and I ask that I be connected within the cycle of cycles and the circle of circles.

I call to the Violet Flame of St. Germaine, the Emerald Flame of Archangel Raphael and The Fiery Sword of Archangel Michael and bring these energies in to surround myself, my life and my abode now and every day.


I now visualize these powerful energies of light and I create a gigantic beam of light to fill my home and myself. I now share and connect my light with all other Divine light.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.


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