gettingtotheheartGetting to the Heart
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Understanding is that space in time where the truth is realized. Without truth in life there can be no fulfillment. When we begin to understand and truth is revealed, our perception of what life is about for us changes.

For us to truly achieve understanding we must be willing to examine ourselves thoroughly. We must seek to discover how we are actually the reflection of what all life is instead of allowing the outer world to determine our fate and our destiny.

Back Cover, Getting to the Heart

Back Cover, Getting to the Heart

In order to understand the Divine you must understand yourself, for in understanding yourself you will realize that you and the Divine are one in the same. By living the truth and light within yourself you can actually become yourself. This can only be accomplished through self-realization and understanding.

You as soul are a collective whole of all that has gone before is presently happening and is yet to come. Through the understanding of this principal you attain enlightenment.

Dwelling in the realm of true understanding allows us to conceptualize instead of rationalizing. Conceptualizing allows us to realize that what we earlier saw as reality was merely an aspect of the truth and a small one at that. Understanding is the key element to awareness and truth. Understanding, awareness, and truth are synonymous with one another; in fact they are like the strands of a tapestry that are beautifully woven together. It is their weave, their color and their beauty that brings the whole picture to life for those who choose to experience it.

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Many who own this book have called it their bible at times. Great information on many topics, please see the description of the paperback on this website. This book is valuable asset to anyone wanting to learn about the soul, the astral, the chakras, the inner child, forgiveness, spirituality and so much more.

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