Anchoring the Light

Anchoring the Light By: Athene Raefiel, 2008   Heavenly Father Divine Mother, I call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around me, so what is needed for my highest and best good take place. I call to the power of light that I am. I call to the Angels and…

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Words to learn and experience. Transformation Transmutation Transcendence Transference Transfiguration Transmigration Transition

Message from The Divine Mother

Message from the Divine Mother Children of the Light, I come to you today to give an update on how I am working with Mother Earth and her Children. The changes now happening to Earth Children are vast and many. Many hybrid children are currently awakening and assisting with the consciousness of the planet. These…

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Soul Memory

Soul Memory by Athene Raefiel Since the fall of man or the time of Atlantis human beings have been trying to restore their connection with the divinity that once was a natural part of their being. If earth was colonized by star beings from other galaxies as Archangel Michael shared with me over 20 years…

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