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There are several guided visualizations up on my YouTube page. You can watch my two radio interviews. And journey to, “The Sacred Garden”, “Stairway of Angels”, “Chakra Alignment and Re-patterning’’ and more. “Initiation”, “The Halls of Learning” and so much more.

Staying on the Spiritual Path

Staying on The Spiritual Path By Athene Raefiel Now more than ever it is hard to follow your inner teachings and knowingness of what your Divine light heralds. The chaos of the world around us seems to say ever more and more that our light is not reaching the deep conclaves of humankind’s hearts and…

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Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention A discussion between Athene Raefiel and Sanat Kumara Athene:  Dear Universe what is Divine Intervention and how does it work? Sanat Kumara: For the human race as well as other beings of form, Divine intervention is an idea or a concept, something that can only be understood through the experience of it. This…

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Child of the Universe

You are a child of the Universe. You are wonderful. Each day when you awaken a beautiful essence is emanated by your being. You touch the hearts and minds of all those you come in contact with. You are a flower in a garden of seeds and are developing more color and uniqueness as you…

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