Rates for Readings & Hypnotherapy Sessions

Special Rates for Readings:

  • Psychic, Soul, Spirit Guide, Past Lives, Loved Ones Crossed Over
  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy – I am adept at working with others. If you do not invest in yourself, who will?


  • Email atheneraefiel22@gmail.com or call (719) 598-8158 to book appointment.
  • All sessions are recorded and tape sent to you.
  • Pay by credit card or Pay Pal for all phone appointments.

Hi, I am Athene,

When you communicate with me in a session it is as if we become connected for the time we spend. There are many talents and gifts that I possess as I work continually within my higher self and with certain Archangels and Ascended Masters.

The more we talk about the areas of concern the more insight you will attain. We can cover Health, Career,and Relationships with Family and Significant others. We can make Past Life connections as well determine the Personal Advancement you are wanting to achieve.

A session with me is always about you moving forward and attaining clarity where you need it most. A session may be cathartic and bring up emotional blocks you were unaware of. I am only the Messenger of Light that assists you and your own Guidance to bring you to a better state of understanding the truth. The more honest you are with me the more we can accomplish.

All sessions with me are currently $85, and the time can run from 60 to 70 minutes. $45 1/2 hour.

The Archangels Raphael and Michael are always present with me and will to share their advice directly to you. They will channel through occasionally.

I offer my services of vision, and my ability to contact loved ones on the other side and be the go between for you to speak with them. She can tune into almost any others you seek information about, by you giving her their name and approximate age.

Special Reading prices.

Cost $85 for 60 to 70 minutes. Many people want a follow up after a reading, 1/2 hour for $25 on follow up within two weeks of reading. Sessions are recorded and mailed to you.

Intuitive Counseling and Life Coaching

  • In person or by phone, $80for an hour.
  • When you work with me, I will honor the path and changes you are wanting to acheive. I will help you identify and change patterns that hold you back. You will discover new options and opportunities. I coach on the emotional, spiritual and mental levels and teach you how to confront and overcome fear in your spiritual, personal and career life. You will see immediate results.
  • Email atheneraefiel22@gmail.com or call (719) 598-8158 to book appointment.

Hypnotherapy and Regression

  • In person or by phone, $125 one to two hours.
  • I use techniques I learned from Archangel Raphael and later through my Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Classes. These sessions will assist you in shifting and changing pre-existing patterns that are stifling you from progressing. You will heal old wounds from the past while integrating your love into your whole being. This work helps heal the physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. Athene has an awesome ability to guide you into areas of soul that help you move to the next levels of consciousness as well as meet your own Spirit Teachers. Here you can also develop tools to assist you in your own future healing process.
  • Email atheneraefiel22@gmail.com or call (719) 598-8158 to book appointment

With Hypnotherapy you work directly within soul and consciousness. This work is profound, life altering, and carries into your everyday life on every level.


I am offering a one time special treat as my gift to my readers and friends.

Cost only $100, including tape for one hour Angelic Healing Session. In this session you will be guided through Emotional Release techniques and do Inner Journeywork to help you resolve conflicts and blockages you are wanting to release.

The Archangels Michael and Raphael as well as St. Germaine will be facilitating you through Athene in these sessions, and will help you move to your next level of initiation and physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Please advise Athene when scheduling if this is the session you wish to do.

atheneraefiel22@gmail.com or call (719) 598-8158.