The spiritual Path

Choosing your spiritual path, becoming the spiritual warrior. Surrendering to the holy light within that you “are”, choosing to follow your own inner light, the soul awareness and the journey to ascension. When we finally surrender to the spiritual path and holy light within we kick our intuitive body into play in ways we never…

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Spiritual Housekeeping

It’s time to do some spiritual housekeeping; out with the old in with the new. Letting go is a process whereby we come to terms with and integrate our feelings. It is not the same as distancing away from them. Ultimately what we won’t deal with today can find a way of hiding itself from…

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Divine Mother

Some other names the Divine Mother has been called. Mother Mary Phallas Athene White buffalo Calf woman Lady Nada Shakti and Kali

The divine Mother coming in.

The Divine Mother is coming in and what it means. It would take me pages and pages to share and explore the depth of its meaning and because I am not privy to all the information the universe has to offer. I am simply a messenger of light who can share the information I get….

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More Info from The Universe

I wake up every day now with a new hope for life and the future of our planet, knowing that “ The Divine Mother” is entering our plane of existence is precisely what is needed to help bring back balance and harmony to all life upon earth. I know the poles are shifting and the…

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Life after Death

Crossing Over   Ever wonder what happens after you leave this world and enter the next? Wonder no more; Archangel Raphael has offered some important information for the future of your being. When someone dies there is a process to which they must adhere before entering into a state of blissful consciousness and peace. This…

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The Great Hack

Watched the documentary on Netflix yesterday call “The Great Hack” Everyone needs to check it out if possible!

Finding Balance

Ask the Universe. Through Athene Raefiel Mighty beings of light assisting us in our journey of life, won’t you please tell me why there is so much suffering and sadness in life upon this planet? Dear children of Love, This is a very important question that we find great promise in answering. Life goes in…

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Message from Gaia   Children of Earth, Your planet cries out to you, do you not hear me? “Stop the senseless destruction and devastation to me. Every bomb that is set off reverberates though massive layers of earths ground and displaces more and more of my energy. Every bullet that is fired has its own…

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Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention A discussion between Athene Raefiel and Sanat Kumara Athene: Dear Universe what is Divine Intervention and how does it work? Sanat Kumara: For the human race as well as other beings of form, Divine intervention is an idea or a concept, something that can only be understood through the experience of it. This…

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