Spiritual Housekeeping

It’s time to do some spiritual housekeeping; out with the old in with the new.

Letting go is a process whereby we come to terms with and integrate our feelings. It is not the same as distancing away from them. Ultimately what we won’t deal with today can find a way of hiding itself from us by manifesting through illness or new situations we don’t want it in.

For example you have heard the phrase “the past rears its ugly head”, this is when we have forgotten about some inner stuffed feelings and secrets we have tried to bury within.
In order to heal on the inside we must be willing to dig deeply into the old stuffed emotions and transmute them through forgiveness and understanding. Embracing the past can seem like a bad love affair at first as we find the parts of self that we may hate the most.

Always visualize the circumstance, parts of self and or others you need to forgive, bring those feelings up to your heart and see a blazing flame of violet, then simply say “ I forgive myself for the feelings surrounding these things and now choose to heal and transmute them. I choose to love myself and understand and— I let them go, I let them go, I let them go.” Put them into the Violet Flame as well as your heart and feel the change to the reality they have held.

“I am open to the holy light of life within that I am. I am that I am, I am that I am.”

There are many in depth exercises in my book “Getting to the Heart” a journey of soul transformation and spiritual enlightenment. By: Athene Raefiel

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