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There are several guided visualizations up on my YouTube page. You can watch my two radio interviews. And journey to, “The Sacred Garden”, “Stairway of Angels”, “Chakra Alignment and Re-patterning’’ and more. “Initiation”, “The Halls of Learning” and so much more.

Being Present

I live and dwell in the present, all time is now. Each and every day is its own adventure and creation. Feeing sad today is its own reality and I shall embrace and honor it as such. I embrace and honor all my feelings and thoughts as they are mine alone. I do not compare…

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  The Time of Things Never before Seen Channeling of Sanat Kumara Through Athene Raefiel August 2011 Dear precious beings of Light and Love. As you approach the ending to another year in 3D time you find that much unexpected adventures and also powerful initiations have filled your entire year up till now. There is…

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Changing Perceptions

Changing Perceptions By Athene Raefiel, 2013 As the Earth changes abound and sea temperatures raise so does the confusion on the planet show itself more succinctly than ever before. For those of us that are empaths these changes are taking a toll not just in the mind and body but also the soul. Many of…

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Blessings and Love to each of you! Sanat Kumara and Friends through Athene Raefiel It appears on a world scale that the immediate changes are not happening fast enough. There is still a great need for balance and sustenance. The Governing Bodies of the World have dedicated themselves to a world economy that has set…

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Seven Layers of Mankind

  There are: Seven Planes of Existence Seven Heavens Beyond Seven Strains of Man Seven Levels of Consciousness Seven Root Races Seven Solar Systems These are the areas of learning and education that every individual on their spiritual path need to learn about in order to ascend the physical in this lifetime.