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Blessings and Goodness to all.


Truth to know

I met the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel around 1986. When I say I met them I mean they actually came to visit me and introduce themselves. I also received a personal visit from Lord Meytreya and his entourage.

Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar also spent a great deal of time working with me, assisting me in overcoming a very troubled past and helping me remember soul memories that needed repair.

I also began Channeling the Arcturians who told me and others at my channelings about the massive earth changes we have been experiencing since that time as well as warning us to be careful as there were a variety of ET’s that were dangerous and not here for purposes of light or goodness. I find this to be valuable information as there are wars among interplanetary beings just as we have here on Earth.

Do not be so gullible as to believe all Extraterrestrials are here to assist humankind. There are many races of them that simply want to control the minds of Earthlings; as many who have family here from long time past.

Child of the Universe

You are a child of the Universe.

You are wonderful.

Each day when you awaken a beautiful essence is emanated by your being.

You touch the hearts and minds of all those you come in contact with.

You are a flower in a garden of seeds and are developing more color and uniqueness as you grow.


You are an inspiration for others to have vision.

You are the divine and you are light.

Be all that you are each and every moment you breathe.

Be true to yourself and honor the life that you lead.


” Know Thyself.”


New Realities


We as a whole are moving into greater connection and awareness of our Divinity as a people. More and more children are being born with full blown gifts of music and evolvement. Pianists as young as four years old playing Mozart and full throated singers as young as eight and nine singing as well as star singers from today and the past.

Genius children, going to college at very young ages, becoming scientists and collegiate teachers. Young people choosing to take a stand about Global Warming and leading the way to save the Oceans and Rain Forests. Children so overwhelmed by what they feel taking their own lives. Two ends of the spectrum we need to see and understand.

As adults we are still trying to survive materially and balance that with our spirituality.

Right now this time is not about answers but questions. We must question everything and discern what is good and best for us. This is not being selfish but growing and learning. Be blessed and love yourself as well as Mother Earth. She needs your love, compassion and understanding.

Honor the four Elements of which all things of form are made of, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

I Am Earth, I am Air, I Am fire and I am Water.



Letting Go

Letting go does not mean to push away or suppress. True letting go is a process of integration and healing.

Letting go can be a misleading statement because it gives the impression of separation. By integrating a situation that involves you, another person, or a circumstance in life, means to come to terms with it. We can only come to terms with something when we understand it.

When we understand the purpose of our life experiences, we are able to accept them; thereby releasing our emotional attachment. Learning to embrace our issues in this way allows us to take them within ourselves and integrate them.

Once our emotions are understood and integrated our judgments about ourselves and others begin to dissolve.  Where there is clarity and understanding, problems cannot germinate.

What we see on the outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.  Interacting with others is always a way of interacting with oneself. When interaction brings up feelings within us that we do not like, we should search inside to see why this is occurring. We should view others in our lives as our mirrors.

Many people create emotional isolation by distancing themselves from others. Using the outside as a reflection of the inside, finding ourselves isolated and disoriented shows us how we are feeling on the inside.

Understanding that the only real problem in your life is you, allows you to realize the truth of who you are. Only through thorough self-examination can emotions and feelings be healed. This is true problem solving.

Our accepted beliefs, habits and behaviors¾our inner walls¾all play a part in who we are. Take for example the critical part of self, who loves to run rampant. This part continually judges and criticizes self and others. This kind of behavior is very often quite destructive. This behavior leads to an out-of-balance, superhuman, perfectionist complex.

It seems to have become the norm to single out what is imperfect about another or oneself rather than identifying what is unique and special. This commonly leads to pettiness and competition, disrespect and dishonor.

We can require that others honor us in the same way that we honor our self, only by treating them as we wish to be treated. We find it is much easier to accept others when we like and accept ourselves.  Being critical and judgmental are roadblocks in the path of learning to love.

As we become honest with ourselves and reflect our own attitudes and actions, we see the mirrors that others play in our life.

In understanding why we feel the way we do about our past, we begin to let go. By transmuting pain and sadness into love, we become loving.  By changing how we think and view life, we become open-minded.  Realizing that one can only change his or herself rather than the world around them alleviates the stress of what you cannot do.

Letting go is the process of fully accepting something as it is with no need to change it. Only through a spiritual perception can we understand the issues faced in life and come to terms with them. Openly embracing life and its lessons with an open and loving heart allows this new perception to emerge within us. This is letting go.

We must be able to forgive and accept our mistakes before we can change them. Embracing with love always brings about the desired change. This is the universal paradox upon which all life is based.


What is Initiation?

What is Initiation ?

Archangel Raphael through Athene Raefiel

Initiation is brought about by the cyclic process of karma. Karma, the plane of cause and effect, says there must be balance in the body, mind and soul to ascend your current plane of existence and continue your spirit journey.

Everything and everyone must adhere to the laws of each plane of existence; in order to do so they must experience what these laws are. These laws must be realized in order to be known and only through the experience of living can this be done.

Initiation is known to be testing experiences to help us expand beyond our current perception and understand a greater part of the whole. Our experiences have happened over many cyclic lifetimes both out of body as well as in physical.

When you understand that basically everything you experience in life is some sort of initiation you soften yourself to allow the changes and opportunities initiation brings. At this time a major initiation encompassing the planets and their teachers is occurring. Initiation on one plane of existence must be realized on as many planes of self that are identifiable through the many levels of consciousness you each possess.

Let us speak of past life initiation as an example. For many incarnations there have been many discoveries that you now take for granted as always being there. For now they are. But these have been developments over many eons of time and the opportunity for you to adjust your own karma is now accelerated into this one or two lifetimes.

So many say to us that they are doing their spiritual work and therefore cannot understand an illness or handicap they find they must endure currently. Few take into consideration that this life can be a culmination of various experiences they were unable to heal at another time.

Knowing as we do that soul is the record keeper of all experience allows you each to travel within soul and remember what past lives were about. Let us give you an example.

Perhaps you see a lifetime where you were a soldier and had to have your legs amputated due to your wounds. In this life time you may have the opportunity to heal and make peace with this experience by losing your leg and wearing a prosthetic leg.

To make peace with yourself on all levels you must forgive the experience of losing a body limb and stop seeing the experience as being bad or punishment of some kind. Instead the loss of a limb in this incarnation can allow you not only to walk again but also to heal the soul feelings from the previous incarnation.

Another example is to find an imbalance in the body such as cancer or diabetes. Looking to other lifetimes you will find that you died from such things, yet in this incarnation there are a variety of measures you can take to still live a fulfilling life. Though you go through the initiation of the same experiences as before, this time is an opportunity to make peace with the fact of being handicapped medically, yet saved from the fate of dying.

Now to elaborate on the tools and knowledge that can be used on a soul and spirit level this incarnation, the awareness and development of awareness can aid you in becoming your own healer and balancer in life.

To bring forth balance there needs be adjustments, not only in the body but also the emotions and the mind. A full initiation can require many tools you have garnered along your path. Meditation, yoga, automatic writing and the ability to forgive are very powerful.

To bring your whole self into balance when you lose a limb or have a chronic disease you must be willing to understand that like any vehicle this may take an entire life of adjustments to maintain that peace.

You are each a growing and flowering plant in life. When you do not receive the right nutrients to keep you healthy you will suffer low immunity which in and by itself can bring many other problems.

The mind in and of itself can be an asset or detriment depending on how you utilize it. Feeling depression is a given this lifetime because you are subject to the mass consciousness. Only by identifying your own individual consciousness can you find the power within to assert your awareness to your lower or rational mind.

You have been given and taught the basics of survival through the mass consciousness, but not happiness nor contentment.  These tools are found in the emotional and intuitive bodies. Healing and balancing the emotions are necessary to evolve and learn on a spiritual level. To be stuck in the same old feeling or resentment will hold you back from progressing most powerfully.

Due to the fact that you insist and require security in all things, you stop yourself from allowing and taking chances. You cannot look into the unknown if you shield yourself like a child from it; this brings about too many missed opportunities.

Learning, developing and growing take great resolve and dedication. It is only through your trials of initiations that you develop and hone such skills.

“Search and you shall find”; initiation is a journey you must take alone and hope you have the tools to sustain you through these growth spurts.

Yes many of you will say that you already know this to be the path yet few have become the path that they endorse. All roads lead to the center so it is therefore necessary to center daily.

When you call forth your higher self and soul as well as all the parts of self and spirit, you are centering. When you sit in the quiet and listen to the still small voice within, you are centering. When you heed your intuition and follow it you are in the center of the path. When you become the path you center with all the universes, teachers, guides and god self that helps you balance the many levels of consciousness you are experiencing.

The greatest opposition to truth and peace lies within your fears. Facing your fear is initiation.

To move beyond all that you think, or have thought, is evolution and consciousness.

To fear the inevitable is self-sabotage. To bravely stand in the strong winds of time and heal within them is finding peace. The more you learn about yourselves as consciousness the freer you become.

You were not created to be confined, controlled nor manipulated by life and circumstance. You were created to achieve awareness through god consciousness. Though it appears that the suffering never ends, why not let it end for you and teach this valuable lesson to others.

When you die you will be free of physical vehicle but soul memory does continue. There is no escaping the karmic path and death does not relieve you of your own mistakes and pains in life. To fear death is to fear change and to believe death to be an escape from the truth is just nonsense.

So often we hear that when a loved one dies they have finally found peace. When in the loss of loved ones they receive more love and prayers at one time than perhaps ever before, this is a proper send off and very helpful to the soul as if takes its next steps in evolving.

Without initiation there would be no evolution and without evolution there would be no need to live. The soul gives us life, hope and determination. By denying you are soul beings is equivalent to being programmed robots.

Initiation is perpetual growth and expansion. To experience the many degrees of self that are consciousness you must be willing to go through the initiations that will bring you there.

Initiation= progressive transformation.

Each of you are unique aspects within the light of life.

Dear Friends and Fellow Light Workers,

I know you have not heard from me in a while as I have been happily resting and working in the yard on flowers and such. Moving into our new home has been awesome, we love it.

Moving on I wanted to let everyone know that we are moving into a Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021, 5 degrees 26 Minutes Sagittarius, Right in the middle of Saturn Square Uranus while Mercury and Venus both Square Neptune. These types of energies bring great fluctuation in mind and body so it is good to stay as centered and healthy as possible. Though it seems most of consciousness surrounding you is currently insane, remember you don’t need to follow suit.

These planetary energies also bring awareness to many hidden things within the deep reservoirs of self and life, demanding that we purge and heal. Much self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others and circumstances in life can assist us in moving closer to the next level in our development.

Oh wow, later on June 10th 2021, we will be experiencing an Annular Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Gemini, Saturn square Uranus, Mars in Cancer in opposition to Pluto, once again wow.

Sagittarius the sign of the Archer leading to new horizons and Gemini sign of the twins, finding balance and perspective through seeing things from both angles of mind and emotion. This particular set of eclipses will carry a wallop of transformation on so many levels that it may be best to just lie low if at all possible and watch the fireworks.


Be Aware, tempers easily flare during energies such as these.

Understand you are not alone, spirit is always with you.

Let go of your need to control as you are not in charge of everything.

Meditate and pray even though it feels odd.

We only judge others because we judge ourselves.

Look before you leap, tomorrow things may look much different.

Be patient with your children, they are people to.

Mental Illness

Depression is the silent killer. It eats at the soul while hiding behind a smile. Depression feels as if there is no hope, no dreams no purpose. It is filled with shame and despondency. We do not talk about it as others call it victim consciousness but depression is a deep inner sadness that feels like a gaping wound that will never heal.

PTSD is depression that is a part of life for many people. The fear and sadness come alive and bring deep sadness that physically hurts

Nobody wants to be judged by others because of their differences. It is easier to hide when we appear to fit in. That sense of belonging is within all of us, yet it is our differences that make us a singularity.

Depression and loneliness are severe deficiencies within the soul and spirit that eat away at us wanting to feel content and wanted. It can cause agoraphobia and often appears as a chip on the shoulder. It can make us feel as if we are under a microscope and want to hide from others.

After all these many years it is still treated with medications that help people block out their feelings. Medications for severe depression can have major side effects creating a whole new set of problems.

Learning coping skills assists an individual in handling their depression as can meditation, yoga and regression therapy. Feeling loved and giving love is most helpful.

Mental illness is no laughing matter and shame certainly doesn’t help.


Manifesting your reality.

5th Chakra- Casual Body.

In order to manifest what you wish and then draw it to yourself, you must be energetically advanced.

I am always amazed when there is an event like the Market Crashing or other hard events pertaining to money that so many teachers come out of the woodwork teaching that anyone can manifest what they need and want. I have discovered that you must reach a certain vibration to be able to do such things.

Energy creates therefore vibration creates allowing us to manifest and bring into form, create if you will.

Manifestation has to do with intention, being able to hold an intention until it is fully formed and then releasing this energy into all energy is how we manifest. This energy put forth as an intent must be fully surrendered and find freedom to take on form. We do this daily with our thought process whether we are aware of it or not.

Let’s all set the intention for peace on Earth good will towards other Earth and all species upon her to work in harmony. Now set the intention of how that would appear. Now you can see what intentions have created the current chaos surrounding daily life.

Now manifest your personal reality so we can live in that framework.

Causal body is body of cause and effect; this is the universal law of creation. To manifest is to create, bring into form.

Seaside Journey

Please take a journey with me my friends. Let us walk together.

We now come to open fresh salt air and this beautiful white sparkling sand. We must stop to feel the sand beneath our feet and toes. The lapping of the Ocean waves and the misty air we breathe deeply, remembering how the awe of her majesty the Ocean renews our souls and bodies, taking in deep and renewing breath into every particle of our bodies.

We sit down and close our eyes experiencing a type of trance that carries us into the mysteries of life. We feel ourselves floating in the water and becoming weightless until we feel the warmth of the sunshine above.

In this radiance of gold and yellow light we realize how perfect all life really is while gently floating safely out into this massive body of water.

Soon we realize that we have become one with the water. The expanse is vivid as we allow ourselves to simply move with the waves and the lapping sounds, now allowing ourselves to float into a world of harmony and peace.