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Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Only in the higher realms of consciousness can one find balance and harmony, this being the one place that attunes within to soul such frequencies. Some people are born in this frequency simply because they have evolved to this realm of vibration and conscious thought before coming into body. This is often a rarity rather than the norm, due to the lessons that must be learned and experienced to overcome the lower and sadder vibrations known in life.

Let us look at plant animal and mineral life. Each of these is susceptible to the sensations they feel around them and each of them responds. All need sustenance, light and love. When denied any of these things they wither and decay; so it is with all life.

In your dimension the human psyche must be fed as well as the emotions and physical being. When deprived of the necessary nutrients parts simply wither, affecting the other parts.

Because you chose to live in the dimension of cause and effect you also chose to evolve or not. Evolution is the one food everything upon your planet needs to sustain life. The part that humans play is grandiose indeed as you have the ability to think and know. Yet the misuse of such abilities works to deterrent of all other life upon the planet. You are gods to many species of life around you, yet humans have too often chosen to be ruled by other humans rather than themselves.

They believe they must have guidelines to exist upon the planet and they have given this power to others to decide for them. They have built towers and governments, roadways and automation, telescopes and theories, all to the result of their imaginations, yet they have forgotten to develop their soul awareness and consciousness. Without these it is as if a plant were plastic rather than live. Yes too many humans have become plastic ignoring their origination and own power.

The sadness in the world is due to the ruling factions of the world who have decided to hoard and covet all things considered to be of value except human life. When human life became expendable so did soul awareness. So long as people believed themselves to be helpless and powerless so did they choose to ignore the eternal self.

When humans decided they no longer believed in life eternal they created death. The soul is the everlasting life that all were designed to dwell within but free will and choice played havoc with this awareness. Many forgot the power of belief and simply began accepting that life was out of their hands so existence became to norm.

The human Condition

This brings us to the human condition in life. People are taught and learn through one another and their environment. When in a loving and nurturing environment the opportunity exists to exhibit these same traits, the personality of a person is guided by their thinking and seeing selves. To understand that the various conditions in the world and one another help to determine the personality one learns to survive its environment.

Shifting Energies

Energies will be shifting all over the place. Sometimes you will feel up and then down and then up. Topsy- turvy kind of action. On an emotional level you will be dealing with massive energies of sadness, fear, love, compassion and often a sense of hopelessness to change things. Sometimes we just have to let things be what they are for a while.

Children will be challenging as they too will be affected, be aware of those mood swings and try to stay calm. Children want answers, so do your best to explain that the cosmos exist and are at work. Show them a planetary map.

Your physical body energies will be tested causing you to be testy; tired and out of sync much more than usual. Take your vitamins and herbs religiously you need the energy they produce. Stretch your body and find ways of relaxing it. Watch what and when you eat.

Channeling of Archangel Raphael with St. Germaine

Through Athene Raefiel


The message we bring today is one of hope and understanding. We are well aware of the gaps in dimensional time and energy that are causing so many conflicts within all facets of life now happening. We truly ask you to be patient with the process of massive change now occurring. So many of you feel as if you have moved into your own insanity as well as the nervous breakdown of your world as a whole. The light can and must come out of the chaos and loving memory in order to rebuild and start again.

So many new galaxies appearing surrounding and within your Universe should be an experience of memory for each of you. Time has taken its own course and the old standards and conditions with which you withstood and handled it must change as well.

All that is happening has been foretold, but because it was foretold so many years ago perhaps you forgot or simply never gave it much credence. The old life conditioning is being destroyed while a new day is dawning. Just as the ocean herself has now developed a new microbe to help clean up the oil spills in the ocean so she can continue to produce oxygen to sustain life; so many upon your planet are themselves drawing pictures of cities capable of living on the water and methods of producing sustainable resources.

All war and greed has been about resources, yet there are those among you who know that resources can multiply and even get better than before. This testing time of humans as inhabitants of earth is a major learning experience that humans themselves have created. Now it is their turn to create a sustainable future where all are equal in basic design.

Yet for all the devastation and destruction you see around you the reality of the soul’s journey is actually the foundation of life. Can humans find a way to save and use their soul awareness and consciousness to the advantage of all? This war has been going on since the beginning of human life.

Did humans evolve from the ocean or were they created? And where did the earth and oceans come from and how did they spawn life if there is no creation? The current battle of truths and the origin of life have always been contentious at best. Yet when you understand how you are soul and where you emanate from, the scientific results are not a problem to or for you; for indeed their intelligence about life all begins with theory.

Everything within origin is just theory to humankind. That is why they have their books of knowledge to believe in so that they do not question what truth is. Yet without the individual questing, questioning and digging deeper for answers, the pat teachings of one interpretation of truth does hold sway over the souls of many for too long.

We ask you to ask yourself what the world would be like without religions. We ask you to wonder what “it” (the world) would be like without its governments of people that are swayed by their religious beliefs.

What would it be like to be a person who never uses judgment first and is open to all sides of an argument, for or against anything? What if usefulness and productivity replaced judgment?

Discernment is a direct aspect of the human being. Without it there would be no common sense. Common sense unto itself is not an end all be all, but it has a proper place in each life. We contend that the virtues one lives in life such as patience, listening, understanding, hopefulness, honest communication with self as well others in life is the major achievement one seeks. Too little compassion and understanding allow rage and fear to take its toll in life.

The greatest problem that humans face is their own loneliness. Due to the age of technological advances this problem is getting worse. People can now distract themselves from true understanding of self by focusing on their gadgets that supposedly keep them connected.

Learning to understand, appreciate and live with oneself is what self-actualization and realization are about. To continually use distractions to keep one from speaking to oneself will only delay a process necessary for true enlightenment and development of soul and spirit awareness.

When was the last time you remember speaking with someone who was satisfied and content with themselves and life? When was the last time you were? We are always satisfied with ourselves and the journey of evolution we teach and live; this is our gift to you.

Find satisfaction in the productivity you bring to life. Learn everything you want to learn. Learn to truly listen to others and yourself. Use your affirmations to continue to reprogram your thinking and feeling selves to heal the imbalances that have held you back in the past, and remember to forgive, release and let go of what is hindering your new perspective.

The living breathing world of humans is changing daily, what are you creating for yourself and others during this change?

Today we offer the questions that you need to ask yourself on a regular basis to stay focused and centered in your Divine Enlightenment and Evolutionary path. Many who have understood that to be on your path means to listen to your intuition and make peace with it are testing this awareness and knowledge because of their survival situations, also known as money security.

The middle of the road and balance are still the key elements to surviving what life brings you as well as the test of inner strength each of you must face. Without change there can be no growth and development. What you see happening on a world scale currently is a direct choice that each individual makes for the betterment of themselves and humankind. There is no monetary security upon which to base this; only inner security.

Note from Athene:

Archangel Raphael has been a major teacher and influence to me in this incarnation for over 20 years. He works with all of humanity who need and call upon him and he is the Keeper and Healer of the Emerald Flame and Emerald Ray. He works closely with the Ascended Master Kutumi as well as St. Germaine who is keeper of Violet Flame of transformation.

entering a new dimension

We have just moved from one dimension into another and it should feel as if we have now have wings. Moving forward to procure healing and happiness is a must.

I know many of us would just like a little peace and goodness to befall us. This pandemic has brought the world to a screeching halt and hopefully will make humans understand their own fragility. So many young people fail to see the importance of caring for them self as they feel invincible. This sickness has no bounds and attacks whomever, whenever it can. Now hearing the extended things and harm it may cause should be enough to make people stop and think before they act.

The Universe has no power to help those who will not help themselves.

I call to the power of light that I am. I call to the Angels, Archangel Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel.

I call to my Higher and soul self.

I call to the Devas and Principalities to help bring balance and light to sustain Mother Earth.

I pray for all those displaced from their homes and families.

I pray for the Holy Light of life within to light the fire that burns within all of us.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

Planetary Energies

We move into the next Lunar Eclipse on July 5th, 2020. This is the third Eclipse in this past series of three. The planets are really having a field day right now with everyone’s emotions and thoughts.

We are experiencing a massive Metamorphosis  that is touching everyone and everything as we know it.

We must face all of our fears individually as well as collectively, it is time to grow.

Pray for this transition to assist Mother Earth, Gaia as well as her Oceans.

This is a time to understand flow on many levels.

Be kind to yourself as well as others. It matters!

Blessings and Love, Athene

As we head into the Solar Eclipse on the 21st of June along with the Summer Solstice June 20th, we all feel a bit nostalgic as well as angry and disgusted by the turn of events we see affecting the entire world currently.

Tempers are flaring as we see the wide impact of useless and sad perceptions of prejudice take center stage. Once again we are all asked to look deeply into our souls for understanding and balance in a world that is out of balance.

Feelings are rather raw right now as we seek the problem solving within societies who have avoided seriousness and truth concerning the color of one’s skin and the ancestry tied to it. We find ourselves at a crossroad of fear and hatred that has taken many a generation to develop.

As history is finally being re-written to eliminate dark truths held in the deep recesses of people’s minds and souls, allowing the truth to be seen for better or for worse; this is long overdue.


I truly don’t know how we did it but we managed to buy a house and move in during this Covid 19 virus.

With so many new people moving to Colorado Springs, my husband and I decided we better buy a house now that we could afford, rather than later; as the housing market is growing by leaps and bounds right now.

The current planetary influences are stranger than I ever remember them being, though we are currently in the middle of a Lunar, June 5 and Solar Eclipse, June 21, and another Lunar July 5, emotions are running high, yes we see this in all the protests surfacing

I do believe the world is having a very important uprising at this time. It almost looks like a civil war across the globe. People are angry and struggling to pay bills as this Covid 19 has taken the wind from below their sails.

Life feels as if it is tricky and overwhelming as the world goes through a much needed change and overhaul. Countries need to care about immigrants and helping them relocate as well as the homeless living in the street. Let’s pray for these protests to bring about positive change.

All levels of awareness and consciousness are bound by certain rules. We have 7 planes of awareness contained within our own aura known as the Chakra Centers; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown chakras. Each of these chakra Centers has a vast array of information that we can discover to utilize our own soul Awareness.

We are in a time on this planet when we cannot ignore or dismiss the importance of our soul awareness. To do so will only bring more sadness and unhappiness to the consciousness of mankind. Loneliness is already a killer affecting more and more people, are we truly so afraid of others judgements that we cannot find common ground and ways of connecting?

Yes we have various levels of perception, thereby making it difficult to find common ground, yet love must transcend even in the most-dire of times. Acceptance and allowing helps change the atmosphere and care for Mother Earth.

Yes we must love and be kind to ourselves but not of expense of alienating all others around us. To share what we know with another is a gift and to reciprocate as well. All that truly divides us are our fears, our differences should make us stronger not weaker.

I call to the divine mother and father god to emanate all the blessings and love to the many migrants, through no fault of their own; are stuck in a state of limbo and need help to restore themselves in the very essence of truth and love.

Please show us how to help this most wrong situation to bring safety and kindness; I ask now for the leaders of each country to check the compassion and love that dwells within.