April 2009 Astrology Article

April 2009 Astrology Rant

by by Mystic Marguerite
April starts with a dramatic square from Venus in Aries (surfacing consciousness) to Pluto in Capricorn(status quo authority); it has been rather itchy out there and we may have found ourselves behaving strangely. For some, a classic symphony of sex-money-power-death-ego has been playing in the background, made even more poignant as Venus is retrograde in the primal life sign of Aries and just emerging from an inferior conjunction with the Sun. Symbolically, the goddess has traveled to the underworld, been put to death and then reborn in rejuvenated form. Soon she will rise up raw and militant, bringing primal dreams of creation and newly quickened life up from the unconscious. In plain talk, the ides of March has been marked by more death than usual; of beloved friends, relatives or pets, but also of cherished dreams, hopes, relationships and careers.
This particular retrograde Venus transit is occurring right over a single point in the zodiac associated with transformation and rebirth, reinforcing this theme over the entire month, not only of letting go of that which can no longer be; but also of experiencing the strangeness of stepping into an altered state of being brought on by an eclipse in the soul. Already made vulnerable by fear, confusion or sorrow, we are being further pressed upon by Pluto, archetypal lord of transformation, ruler of mass-movements, catastrophic breakdowns and the more Kali-esque forces of existence. We might be experiencing strange cycles of high, even manic energy and a wild willingness to risk, alternating with feeling worn out, depressed, shell-shocked and over-stimulated. Those still defiantly holding on to the usual paradigm of self-definition may be feeling like a rabbit that has been hunted down to hide in the last bramble; wondering if the hounds will flush them out, or if laying low enough will grant more time in a familiar space. Or maybe if one exhibits enough spirit of transcendence that will suffice to buy a ticket to grace.

Expect incidents of chaos and upheaval natural or man-made starting around April 4th; Pluto will station retrograde while a passive-aggressive Mars in Pisces opposes Saturn the karmic task-master. Stations of the outer planets often translate into major events in the mundane word; Pluto rules the larger destructive forces at work in the world such as volcanoes and earthquakes; or matters such as genocide and government coups in the arena of human affairs. Mars in opposition to Saturn retrograde represents one of the more unpleasant energies to be experienced, think irrepressible force meeting a thick, spongy wall, or the phenomenon of driving a car with the brakes on. On the 4th, the aspect is exact and the resistance is increased even further by the Moon in quincunx to Mars and Sun-Mercury in quincunx to Saturn. In the mundane sense we consider the Sun as representative of national identity and ruling authority; the Moon represents the people at large. Quincunx energy is resistive, restless and full of friction; two different kinds of doing and being are not fitting at all well together. Quincunxes often figure prominently in a visit by Death.

Looks like a big slow-down in the OK Corral goin’on, across the country in the early weeks of the month. It may be dawning on more and more people, that the power at the top is purposefully engaged in bringing this country down, by printing ruinous amounts of money that disappear into a bailout black hole. Yet we do not dare correlate government officials or politicians with a condition of treason. Unthinkable. As Pluto stations retrograde it is in quincunx with the Nodes of the Moon (the status quo) and squaring a debilitated Venus; there is a slow and insidious transformation going on within the collective, as it becomes clear that little of this bailout effort is having much positive effect on the man down on the street. Even if we do have those innovative, revolutionary new ideas for living in the Brave New Age, most of us are not being granted the financing or regulatory support to make it so. On the personal level, think of this aspect combination as the tension in a bow as it is being drawn back to fire an arrow; the release when it happens is going to be a dozy, and there is a cosmic correlation for that happening this month also.

The Full Moon occurs at 19 degrees Libra on April 9th. Things seem to get a tad more intense around the time of the lunation, and the strings on this one are further tightened by Mars (aggression) in quincunx to the Moon (the people at large, your security needs) while heading for a meeting with Uranus, another planet representative of the larger forces at work in our universe that don’t immediately appear to be subject to personal control. Uranus represents cosmic creativity, sudden change, revolution and the future. When activated by a fire-bolt like Mars, Uranian energy detonates violently, big time. Think pipe bomb, think psychotic breakdown, nuclear incident, transportation accident, flood, volcano or earthquake.

Mars actually meets up with Uranus on April 15th; we could say the intense resonance evoked at the Full Moon of climax is only a prelude to mid-month mayhem. If casting a mundane chart for the time of conjunction, set for Washington DC and Koch houses, Mars-Uranus detonates in the twelfth house of karma, self-undoing and bondage. Mars is also ruler of the first house and Ascendant; Uranus is ruler of the collective and unconscious twelfth house in this chart, so we could be looking at a massive disaster involving water, large-scale riots or a terrorist event or melt-downs and accidents down at the personal level, as Venus retro nearby rules both the house of our money and the house of perceived enemies. This chart is also remarkable as a Moon-Pluto conjunction sits up on the Midheaven in the ninth house of government structures, foreign countries and the law. Pluto here is ruler of the mundane eighth house of other people’s money, debt, taxes, power and control. The Moon, representative of the people, is ruling the fourth house of home base and the fifth house of children and speculation.

The Moon-Pluto thing essentially looks to be a collision between the demands of the people at large, slamming into the realization (hopefully) of what Big Money and World Based Power plans to do with us and our children due an impossible debt load coupled with devaluation of US currency. Alternatively, one could also imagine that elected representatives and/or the President suddenly grow a huge set of balls and stop the Fed, the Treasury Secretary and a disastrous monetary policy dead in its tracks.

Well, but we have Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter (the fantasy that everything is going to be alright) sitting in the eleventh house of the legislature in sextile to the Sun, located in the first house of the people (we will take care of you). Yes, great effort is going to be expended by our august leaders and the media, to make us believe everything is going to be fine and the right band-aid will be applied soon. Just expect social chaos, fantasy, violence and power-plays to compete for your attention this April.

The New Moon of beginnings occurs on April 24; by then a great energy shift will have taken effect, and we may be able to feel a tad more easily grounded. The Sun will have traveled into Taurus around the 21st; energizing the urge to get on with planting and cultivating. Mercury will have been in Taurus since the beginning of the month, but now communications take on a new sensibility and groundedness, bringing that expansive Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune fantasy back to earth, making it produce by hard work instead of fanciful promise.

This lunation has remarkably fertile symbolism in it; in a horoscope chart set for Washington DC and Koch houses, we not only have the Moon and Sun cuddled up in fertile Taurus and the fourth house of home base; Venus has finally gone direct and sits right on the birthing point of zero degrees Aries, fresh off of a meeting with Mars at 1 degree Aries 59’. You don’t have to know astrology to know that Venus represents females and Mars represents males, a conjunction represents a union of sorts. The lunation Sun and Moon are also in trine to Pluto in the mundane first house of the people at large; it might be a little sloppy and makeshift out there, but seems like we will have gotten past a freak-out of sorts by the end of the month. It’s gonna be time to make hay in new ways, grow babies or have some fun while the sun shines, to heck with it.

Here I would like to insert an explanation of the current state of affairs as offered by certain acquaintances in the spiritual arts. They say a choice was made last August, amongst all of the beings in and out of existence and the forces of “evil” and “good”. This was to allow the Light to shine on everything that was previously hidden. So nobody gets away with much that is imbalanced or false for very long. It means that to the degree we may have judged others and made scapegoats of them, we now see them as a mirror reflection of whatever aspects of self we had chosen to deny before.

It also means we have opportunity to change whatever contracts we have made with self and others, radically change the way we are living and surviving. This is why the economic turmoil is occurring, because many of us really are changing our consciousness about existence and our place in it. Others of us are choosing to rigidly defend the usual way of conducting conditioned life with great determination. The turmoil will continue to fuel the break down old structures and belief systems, even while they strive to impose more control than ever. The outcome is not certain at this point, as our race has been blinded by tribal cant long enough to mutate many into narrow emotional and spiritual cripples.

Upsets, power struggles, accidents and violence can still occur as Mars squares Pluto on April 26th but collectively we will be ready to move on into the promise of summer, whatever it may bring. At month’s end Mercury the communicator moves into its home sign of Gemini, quickening the mind and urging us to embrace the amazing technological advances that continue to unite the globe via the world of communications. It’s not yet prime time for lift-off of new projects and new directions; real progress will not come easily until late May. April can be well-spent reworking blueprints, investigating, designing, experimenting , traveling or researching in preparation; in addition to throwing out more of that old baggage, there is always more. Even though various people and powerful institutions will continue in the house-of-cards game for awhile longer, hopefully for those at ground level the fog is lifting and the next steps forward are becoming clear. May the wind be at your back; know that God(dess) holds your soul safe through every throw of the dice and ripple in the veil that is Life.

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Planet Update

Planet Update 2008

Athene Raefiel
Dear Friends and Fellow Lightworkers,
I have much to report on since my last communication with all of you. In late February 2008 I experienced a shift in the energies that showed me that the parallel universe has now begun to separate from the one we have always experienced before. When the parallel Universe merged in August of 1999 it was undecided as to whether it would stay merged or would be forced to separate due to the devastating frequencies of the so-called human Universe.

The call went out many years ago for the Earth and its inhabitants to raise its consciousness to avoid devastation throughout this very intense cycle of change. The Earth and the Solar system responded but unfortunately enough humans did not.

The frequencies of the parallel universe that merged are those of extreme love, harmony, understanding, compromise and compassion. Those energies brought great angst to lie upon the war mongrels and others of greed, gluttony and power. Unfortunately some of the results we have experienced from this merge of energies has caused more violence against the innocent and pure of heart as well as continued dismissal of poor countries and medical needs.

The two Universes separating at this time heralds the teachings of many prophecies that foretold of a change where “some will remain and others will be taken”. These prophecies and stories are old and varied but the same theme runs through all of them. That theme is that evolved consciousness shall have its own dwelling place where it is able to grow and develop unhindered by those that have chosen a much longer and more arduous journey before attaining enlightenment and spiritually evolving.

Though I see everything more conceptually than in 3 D, I realize that appearances are very deceiving. Seeing and participating in a life of energy is very different than seeing and experiencing a life of the five outer senses.

The illusions that have been created and categorized as life, have been, and will be always be made up. We call these illusions reality because we are subjected to them daily, as our survival needs to sustain life upon this planet. Since we are the creators of our own realities then we are not stuck with life in the same way as we have led to believe.

Third dimensional life is just that, third dimensional. The more dimensions we become aware of while living here in this lifetime the more expansive our view of the worlds and life become.

Since the parallel Universe merged in 1999, astronomers have discovered new universes, stars, planets and galaxies that they never before knew existed. This was not due to new equipment and has been just as mystifying to them as any sudden change in the heavens would be to anyone. They do not know what to call this phenomenon so they are thinking of calling their findings “The Parallel Universe”. Interesting how that happens.

Scientists too are discovering an amazing amount of metaphysical findings that correlate with the massive climate and earth changes now occurring. They too have begun expanding their minds and concepts to open to new awareness and information streaming into the long time closed process known as “Science”. Science has always viewed itself as the fact finders and now understands that fact can only come from theory. What a concept.

Theory of course is ideas along with calculations that are then tested to find results, just as Metaphysics is.

I find it quite ironic and yet very appealing that so many judgments have been and will be changed over the brief period of just a decade.

We have all had our struggles with self about what is important and valuable to us in this life. We have all sacrificed for the betterment of others as well as lost those people and things we cared about most. We have grown, developed and changed to become more aware as spirit only to find us further set apart from the masses. Yet for those who have found inner peace and realization they would not trade it in for the mundane ever again.

This year of 2008 promises to be the most interesting time the Earth and its peoples have ever experienced. The uprising and upheaval of Governing Systems will continue to be at forefront as the battle for fairness and balance become more primary than money and greed.

It is hard to topple a system of lies that have perpetrated and penetrated the consciousness of so many for so long, but what we see happening now, right before our very eyes, will tell us if that truly can be accomplished in this go round.

I anchor light daily and send light out to the world as well. I truly believe that this is the work lightworkers do. I feel there is no greater power than that of the light and I know that when you shine light in the darkness all things can finally be seen and addressed.

Light and Love are synonymous to me, and Love is still the greatest healer that we have. So please, call forth the light everyday and surround yourself and your loved ones as well as the planet with it. The greater the frequencies of evolving love the greater the transition into balance and light.

I call forth the power of Light that I am. I call forth my teachers and my guides, all those that assist guide guard and protect.

I call for the Angels of Holy Light of Life and to The Divine Mother of us all. I call to all the energies and agents of love and ask them to surround and anchor that love here and now in me and into the Earth.

I accept Love as the one true essence and power of change needed by this planet and her inhabitants and recognize myself to be the catalyst for that love.

I am, I am, I am, a child of love and light.
I am, I am, I am, bonded to the light.
I am, I am, I am, heralding spiritual wisdom and insight.

Holy Sacred Spirits and Angels of Love, Holy Flames of the Glorious Source, Know that I now align myself to highest principals of light and love available and surrender my power and love to be merged with yours.

Let me always be the chalice of love that permeates within all life.
So be it, So be it, So be it, Amen.

2010 The beginning of a New Cycle

Athene Raefiel
On December 31 2009, we experienced a Full Moon. This particular moon was also a blue Moon, (second full moon in same month), and was also a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. Blue moon eclipses are a rarity and the next one will not arrive until 2028.
We are currently experiencing a Mercury Retrograde as well as moving into a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on January 14, 2010. These massive and wonderful energies have re-opened some very powerful gateways of loving advancement energy and synergy that we have needed to move forward evolutionarily.

Wow, what a timely comeback from the energy of the past 14 months when the energies took a forty- five degree turn with no forewarning; as if all of the momentum that had been built from the previous two decades seemed to just disappear. It felt as if we went into retrograde and back to the birth canal. We suddenly had no control at all in the massive change of events and tides of flow and most of us felt as if the rug had been pulled out beneath their feet while they were still walking, This screeching, forty -five degree turn occurred in Early November 2008, it was in conjunction with the US Presidential race as well.

Here is a world already pinning its hopes and dreams on change we can believe in and then the bottom seemingly falls away. It has been one big roller coaster ride since then, and many beautiful souls have left and joined our planet during this season of fog and dreariness. Now the light is back and shines forward heralding unparalleled energy and power. We need this power to regain and remain empowered ourselves. We need to bathe ourselves in this unconditional loving light to heal the wounds we have endured in the recent past and we also must re-energize our vitality, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is time to re-energize, re-create and build, a time to know that we did nothing wrong and that the changes we have been through could not be stopped. It is our time to re-establish our spiritual vows and disciplines to patiently take the time to restore our inner joy and fulfillment. How can we help others, if we ourselves are depleted?

What we have been through, in this past 14 months, is no greater or less than a massive hurricane or tsunami that thundered right through our path and destroyed everything that we had built over many years. It would be easy to brood and be bitter about what is gone, but that is not the nature of the spiritual warrior. The nature of the spiritual warrior is to do whatever is needed to recover from whatever it is life throws at them.

All the answers we need lie within each and every one of us. Truth is everywhere and ever expanding. Sometimes we fall and sometimes the prankster Coyote trips us up. But what truly matters is how present one can stay in the chaos and then still come out the other side understanding that death and re-birth are one and the same thing.

To all of you who have made the journey and the sacrifices to establish a new Reality filled with Love, Light, and Abundance and Sharing, I honor you! To those of you who have started your realizations in this past decade or so, I wish you strength and fortitude. And to all of you just opening up and beginning to realize your soul path as the true nature and purpose in life, I send you great inspiration and love.

All of us have chosen to experience this particular lifetime in the physical because we wanted to clean up our karma and ascend to planes of unconditional learning. This lifetime is a magnificent gift that has also been extremely intense for all who chose to discover awareness of the whole being and spiritual reality.

Remember always, the same simple truths that have been handed down, century after century, still apply. The journey of life is about Self-Realization and Self-Actualization.

May the beginning of this new cycle help you let go of the past and begin with what you have, and may you find grace and kindness in all that you do and that you are.

Much Love,


Planets and The Zodiac

Planets and the Zodiac

Athene Raefiel

Important note: I am not an Astrologer
It is very important to take interest in, and learn about, the solar system and the Universe as a whole. Of course Astronomers and Astrologers have been saying this forever and a day, but it all seems so complex sometimes. I have decided to try and make it a bit easier for you to understand the planets movements in our Solar system as it moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are pretty familiar to everyone, yet to be able to identify their formations in the sky is quite different from knowing their names. There are actually 88 constellations which can be divided into eight constellation families, (See footnote: See Menzel, “A field Guide to the Stars and Planets”). The Ancient Greeks used to assign their Gods to certain figures in the sky. Because of their Northern location, they gave names only to those regions visible from their countries.

The current zodiac is based on twelve constellations in the sky mostly named by the Greeks. Stories of how these constellations were named are learned through Greek Mythology. The constellations of the zodiac we know nowadays reach back to the days of the Babylonians and Chaldeans, 2000 to 3000 years ago. Back then the sun passes through twelve constellations we still assign to the zodiac. But since those times, there have been several changes to the assignment of the stars.

Everything in Astrology and Astronomy is based on Arcs and Degrees. An Arc is a breakdown of minutes and seconds of Degrees that gives an Angular separation. As we look at the sky it appears to be round, just as do the Earth and the Planets therein. For this reason Arcs and Degrees are the main measurement used to assure proper Declination and Ascension.

When we have a planetary alignment it can occur in many different configurations but to simplify for you, many planets line up at close Degrees within the same sign or Constellation where they are importantly aspected to one another, as well as planets residing in other signs. These aspects are of particular importance because of the effects they present. When this occurs these existing planets affect the Natal chart of each individual as well as that of each planet and sphere. It is much like taking many different energetic frequencies and jamming them all together to see how they affect the whole. These planetary alignments sometimes wreak havoc on our civilization and planet as a whole as their resonation can be like nails on the chalkboard. These energies often times, create very intense frequencies making it harder to decipher or disseminate what we feel and think.

It is as if musicians in a symphony are all warming up at the same time and none is yet playing together to create harmony; searching to find a key to play in that will blend well with the other notes. This is how these planetary frequencies and energies sometimes affect us individually as well as collectively.

If you are a sensitive during these experiences you may feel totally out of sync. Depending of the placement of the Planets and their proximities in your Natal Chart, you could be affected by racing thoughts, emotional instability, physical illness and bouts of indecisiveness. Feeling ungrounded and out of body is common during such fluctuations and with the polarities currently shifting; it seems as if time has sped up immensely. Breathing correctly can be challenging as well.

To bring a bit more clarity I will share the number of years various planets in our Solar system take to make their revolution. This helps us understand how each planet moves as well as how often they each might be in the same sign together.

The Earth’s cycle around the sun is 365 days or one solar year. Our Moon revolves around the Earth approximately every 27 days.

A strange thing is that if we lived on the Moon and thought of days and years the same way we do on Earth, a day AND a year would be the same length! Since the rotation and revolution times are the same, the length of a day and the length of a year are identical. All the other planets revolve around the Sun. Venus spends 225 days moving around the Sun, Mercury 65.6 days, Mars 687 Days, Jupiter 11.8 Years, Saturn 29.5 years, Uranus 84 years, Neptune 165 years, Pluto 247.7 years. This information helps you do the math to understand just how often these planets touch each other’s elliptical orbits.

Since I am not an Astrologer I can only share a variety of information to help you to see that some planets move around the Sun through our Solar system. These in turn then moves through the twelve sign of the Zodiac making changes to the Earth as well as one another causing a variety of effects on everything. The slower moving planets will remain in one sign long enough for the faster moving planets to catch up and move around again and again; causing a variety of elliptical orbits that create different frequencies.

What does all of this have to do with you? Well depending on where the placement of the planets and constellations were in the sky at the time of your birth, you can determine how each of these bodies and energies affects you, not only on your Solar Return or birthdate, but also every other day of life that they move through the Zodiac. Due to not just the Revolution of the planets but the Rotation as well, it is as if we are in the center of an awesome cycling process that has some energies moving clockwise, others semi clockwise, and still others appear to move counter clockwise.

Each Planet, each Constellation has a variety of frequencies that is emitted continually. In order to understand the energy of these things it is important to meditate upon them but also to read and study. Looking to discover how they receive the names that they have and understanding that each planet has its own Master Teacher to work with will help. ( Note: I do not know the exact name of the Master Teachers for Each Planet but using their individual names posed by the Greeks will work when meditating upon them; i.e. Jupiter, Mars, Pluto etc.)

Tuning in and learning about the harmonics of the Universe is important. It helps to know what energies and frequencies are at play on a grand scale as well as individually. Why does this or that feel this way currently and how is it affecting the planet, the masses and myself?

Of course we try to downplay the effects of the planets and Constellations because we want to believe that we have some kind of power to control the energies we experience daily. This is not helpful in the long run; if we do not keep abreast of the planetary influences we do not know how to keep ourselves healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In learning and studying, I have discovered that we must educate ourselves about all things that are a mystery to us in order to advance and grow.

Too often we “think”, instead of understanding, we choose instead of discovering and we try to sidestep the most important elements of learning. It can seem so complicated to learn with the vast perception and awareness involved yet, looking at the stars is like looking a map that has been around since time immemorial. The sky as guided civilizations for as long as they have been here.

When you learn what sign you were born under, you begin to show an interest in the documented traits it represents. As you explore, you may find many elements in one Sun Sign that have a variety of traits you can relate to. It is not just your Sun sign that makes up the map of influences that is you but your entire Astrological Natal Chart .It need not be astronomically accurate but it has its virtues, which have been explored and nurtured over many years.

Discovery is the element of life that keeps us exploring and searching. We are never “there” but always learning and advancing. Astrology and Astronomy never cease to bring in new insights and great revelation. These areas of study can prove invaluable.
Source: The U.S. Geological Survey

Named for the winged Roman God of Travel. ( The God of communication)

Roman name for the Goddess of Love. ( Also known as our sister Planet.)>

Named by the Romans for their God of was because of its red color. (Also known as the planet of war)

This large and Massive planet was named Zeus by the Greeks and Jupiter by the Romans. (Jupiter is said to bring fairness and balance to many situations. Jupiter’s influence has changed over the years since it was hit hard by and asteroid.)
The Moon

The name is of Anglo- Saxon derivation. (My perception of the Moon is Female and often the Mother, since she rules the tides of the Water and Emotions on the planet)

The name comes from the Indo-European bas ‘er’, which produced the Germanic noun ‘ertho’.

Saturn was the Roman name for the Greek Cronos, ( Also known as Kronos, father time)( Saturn is the planet of Order and Organization, It has to do with the Military as well as learning to progress with order)

Named for the Greek god of sky.( Uranus is known to be a higher Octave of Saturn. Uranus is a major planet of expansion as well as spiritual enlightenment.)

A blue planet, named for the Roman god of the sea.( I have tuned into King Neptune and discovered he is one of my many Fathers. His reign of the sea includes the mermaids, Dolphins and all other Sea Life.)

The outermost planet in our solar system was named after the Roman God of the underworld. (Supposedly demoted from being a planet, Pluto is very influential in everything that occurs on this planet. Pluto is the planet of transformation and has a great effect in the Solar system as a whole. We cannot downplay the effects of this Body as it has a major influence in everything.)
It is important to also read about the Asteroids that now have an effect within our Solar System. Their configurations also represent added influences that we need to take into account; Chiron is very prominent currently and has a great influence that we need to look at.
Everything added in Brackets by Athene Raefiel.
Footnote: Menzel, Donald Howard Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography | 2008 | COPYRIGHT 2008 Charles Scribner’s Sons. (Hide copyright information)Copyright Encyclopedia.com

The bulk of Menzel’s professional papers are contained in Donald Howard Menzel, 1931–1986 HUG 4567 at the Harvard University Archives, Pusey Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Also at Harvard are his records as HCO director, and related collections, including Records of the Harvard College Observatory (UAV 630.37.x), Records of the High Altitude Observatory (UAV 631.10.x), and Records of the Dept. of Astronomy (UAV 169.12.x). He deposited his records dealing with UFO phenomena at the American Philosophical Society, and his files covering his loyalty hearings and potential loss of security clearance are housed at the University of Denver.
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Ready to move Forward

Ready to Move Forward?

By: The Arcturians through Athene Raefiel

As we progress into this awesome time of advancement it is time to discover anew who and what you represent. We as the guardians of this new age hope that you will open to the vast peace in the current energies. There has been so much transition and change that many are yet assimilating these changes as they advance to the next level of perception. It can be hard to find center and balance when everything around you is swirling. These new energies are powerful and pervasive.

Each of you is held in the greatest esteem by the Hierarchy of Love and abundance. Each of you is a teacher and helper as well as a great transformer of the previous misconception that has been the true edict of man. As you have each discovered various levels of truth and insight in the cosmic mysteries of life, too you have helped to change the perception of the world.

This is our resolution to you. All of you who choose to listen to the magnificent language of the Universe and the Hierarchy shall find themselves inundated with the understanding of the highest potential. Expansion is unlimited and you can use your awareness of vibrations to grow tremendously. Now is the time to awaken to the understanding that all are one.

Though many of you have heard and understand that this planet was colonized, still it is a fact that now is the time to unite and clear the energy and debris that hold human beings back. Though you may be from different Star Systems you must acknowledge that you all have the same opportunities to work and advance together. Earth beings are communities of expression and as they share those expressions they grow and produce new fruit.

The political climate of the United States and other countries is currently undergoing a major transition. This has been a long time in coming. Much like the Roman Empire, the Empires of your era must also transform themselves before they fall. This is due to the fact that they must see and adhere to what is being presented to them on a large scale. (Global Warming, Warring, Economic woes).

There is a whole in the Physical that should not be denied. All is not perfect in the Universe; even though the greater whole holds a variety of heavens and assignments as does that of Earth and her inhabitants. You have each heard before that you are a Universe unto yourselves. This being true, to connect with all other life is surely the whole that you seek.

It is time to take off the illusion of whatever you have heralded as truth and reality; it is time to create anew. As the harbingers of truth and light, it is your god given responsibility to assist in the opening of an era that will long affect the peoples of the world. Coming into this new Era is a magical and blessed an occurrence, greater than anything you have imagined. You are the bringers of light and new realities that will shine brightly into the future.

Yesterday is gone, and even as you try to remember what purpose it served or of what it meant, you find yourself moving on. New territories and directions call to you as well as the hallowed teachings of old that echo their greatest teachings. All will make sense as it falls together to present itself in the new light brimming quickly onto your consciousness now.

Imagine what life would be like without these awesome changes and transitions. You have all had your turn at experiencing a life that doesn’t move or moves too slowly. That’s right, currently this massive movement of energy is a breath of fresh air. Imagine now the greatest of beauty, awareness and centered life possible, and hold that energy. Changes, transition and love these are all the things that have been put into motion and continue to find their way into the mainstream of everyday life.

No longer do people go without praying and asking for the assistance of the Higher Realms. No longer does one expect life to encompass the Vibration of loneliness and boredom. It is a major time of thought and action. Every thought holds energy and vibration. Every thought has power.

What we are seeing now is a transition that we never expected to occur and come to fruition. Those who have been entirely close to the whole element of truth and light are now questioning those beliefs and searching for the reality of truth. Truth of course is relative, yet the depths that it reaches are profound. What truth is and how it develops and changes is a fast moving project for many upon your planet. Truth like the vastness of eternity is forever in motion.
Let us now move into the future.

2011 has heralded a time that will be the core change of the future of Governments and peoples of your planet as a whole. More advancement in the spiritual revolution and evolutionary path will occur in this year of 2011 than in any other recorded to date. The whole understanding of food stuffs and the resources that keep your world operating and moving will take on a new face as well many people opening to the realization that they can think for themselves.

The Light and the Dark exist because of one another. One cannot exist without the other. The true light of life is beyond this symbol; all life permeates from this higher light and truth as it reflects the views of the Universes. Because you exist in a human form you are subject to the laws of light and dark perception, awareness and action. In order to continue to move beyond this until you must continually expand your consciousness and advance to other planes and realms of experience.

This year of 2011 has allowed many of you to ascertain that you are more than body. Mind body, soul Spirit, all must work together as a unit for the true Divine expression of being to take precedence. You have discovered your true power of being in many dimensions and frequencies of awareness. Because of this you have taken charge and responsibility of your own lives and destiny. Perhaps this has helped you to better understand how you too are to ascend the lower planes of being and thought.

Preparing for 2012 has already occurred for all of you, as this particular time (2012) is simply a symbol of time that will determine the destiny of what humans now refer to as mankind. Since so many realities are available for humans to currently tap into, there will be a powerful need for “choice and free will”. The consciousness of the many as well as the Planet and her inhabitants, be they Animal, mineral, aquatic or otherwise has always been what decides the progression of the future.

These times of great assessment and transition only occur rarely for your species. We suggest you pay specific attention to your thoughts, feeling and decisions from here on out. Power can be a pitfall when the human desire gets in the way. Though the ancient teachings have brought forth the awareness that wealth and money is not necessarily the same thing, still many of you would choose money and possessions over the good of the whole. This is understandable as you have needs and survival. Yet the true wealth of an individual is based on their works and what they have given to the world as a whole. Money on the other hand is what is accumulated through your deeds to protect your way of life and lifestyle; it does not necessarily give you fulfillment in the higher realms of awareness and enlightenment.

Choose wisely light beings, as the future is in your hands. The truths that you have been taught have not floundered but sometimes the need to adhere to them has. Yours is a complex life and requires complex decisions, this does not mean the simplest of tasks cannot be awarded or deemed important. You have the future in your hands now and you will be the decisive energy that moves your planet and species forward.
Questions you have been asking. Will there be a third world war?

Answer: You are already in one.

Will we ascend to another plane of existence and live in peace and harmony forever?

Answer: You already are there.
When can we plan on an adjustment to the Energy that allows us to feel grounded and at peace?

Answer: Within the next ten years.
What does 2013 and beyond portend for all of us?

Answer: Decisively speaking you are not all the same nor will you all enter a state of Nirvana that circumvents the actions of others upon your planet. Remember the term Soul Evolution as it will have more meaning in the future than it has ever had before. Each of you is a whole unto yourself and the more who recognize and develop into this reality the more hope of positive and productive survival you will find.
There indeed will be a 2013 and beyond, but as many inspired writers have expressed; it is still within your conception of reality to determine.

Never in the History of Mankind have you been engaged in such a limitless experience of creating. Take your power and your vision very seriously.
What can I hope to learn in 2013 and thereafter?

Answer: Human beings are always concerned with the future, it is your nature. You will soon discover how much of a double edged sword your current technology holds. This massive new means of communication and information sometimes creates many illusions that you will have to decipher. Though technology allows a great sense of independence it has also creates an interdependence that keeps many under the radar of understanding and learning about the true nature of life.

Dependence upon electricity as well as dependence on where to find information has and will indeed become more influential through your Internet. The information of the Soul is much like this vast network as you continue to tap into the collective consciousness. Though access to information seems to be at your fingertips, the power of meditation is far beyond anything man can learn from a machine.

History cannot be forgotten but it can be rewritten. The past has always been the prelude to the future. Learning from past experiences is what is deemed necessary to change the future; so many still live in past relationships and realities to life, while others are quantum jumping into future realities. All of this is going on through multiple planes of awareness and existence.
There will be a duality that we perceive will become life in your plane of existence after 2013. This duality will be based on the premise that life evolves and there is always more to learn and experience; the other premise is that humans are doomed to continually repeat history. Change is the only constant in the Universe. Therefore understanding how change can make life better and more progressive is key to evolution.

So long as the polarities exist so shall there be a number of dualities that play out within the human planes of consciousness.
Predictions from The Arcturians: In the future there will be Electric cars as well as alternative fuels that will help heal and repair the ozone as well as the atmosphere of air that you breathe.
There will be major Diplomatic Forces put together by the advanced minds of not only science and governments but also dignitaries of the “Life Experience” to consult with others on plans of development and change not only to the Infrastructure of Countries but also the habits of learning of how to expand and heighten the children of this New Age.
As quickly as the destruction of Cultures has expanded, too that quickly will it learn to repair itself, as humankind begins to realize that you all subsist together.
The young indigos of today will begin taking their places in Society on a grand scale in the next 5 to ten years. They will have a much different viewpoint as to what is relevant and important than any could have imagined. They will possess not only the will to succeed and progress but also the understanding and compassion necessary to bring life forward in an unconventional but healthy manner.
The Young Crystalline children have come to assist and make sure that the Arts as well as Science of the planet and the past are revived and relegated to the true areas of power that they need to subsist within. These children have full memory of former incarnations and they truly love to share and educate.
To our beloved Light workers of today, we say: You have laid the foundation and groundwork for New Realities to come forward and exist in planes of existence that were stifled and losing momentum. You have with your steadfastness and honor stood true within the changes and held on to the truths that have sustained great substance throughout the ages.

Though you have been pulled by competiveness at times, you still came back to yourself and honored the tradition of Light that you discovered as your true path of light.

You are to be commended for the fight and essence of Light that you have presented to all future generations. Your work has laid out the ground rules for the future and this will be seen by all before 2020.
We are blessed to be part of your experience and awareness this lifetime.

We are the Arcturians

2012 Predictions

Predictions for 2012 and beyond

Published December 2011 in The Sedona Journal

By Athene Raefiel and “The Spiritual Councils of Light”

Open yourselves to the Light.

The time of transformation is upon the Planet and her peoples.

What is coming up is nothing less exhilarating than what has already shown itself to be the new order and flow of time and energy.

What will 2012 bring?

Governments all over the world will be going through a re-alignment of what Government means.
1. In the United States: Your President Barack Obama will have to fight hard to hold onto his Presidency and will. It will be a struggle and there will be a race like none other in the History of the United States, but the altruism of this President will sustain another four years. US forces will have to stay in Afghanistan well beyond the deadline hoped for. Until at least 2014.
2. In Libya, there will be a period of descent by more than one faction of the peoples, yet in the interim they will find a Governing Body. Much like the situation in Iraq it will take time for the many diversified beings of the culture to determine how to work together and bring democracy. This will begin in 2012 and continue until 2013. In the year 2014 there will a new better established Governing System that will allow a new healing process to take place.
Libya’s people are tired of fighting and being poor, they seek the same opportunities as the rest of developed nations. 3. Japans governing bodies will find themselves in the worst upheaval they have experienced since Hiroshima. Since they believed nothing could compare with the devastation of that time, they have discovered that Nature is a bold taskmaster. Unfortunately since they are an Island they are in a geographical position to be hit by the Oceanic changes on all coastlines. Their very survival will depend on their technological advances and their co-operation with other nations.
4. Africa: One of the oldest continents on Earth, once again will become a larger than life focus for the rest of the world’s peoples. Everyone has been so busy trying to figure out how to hold onto their money and means that they have deserted the greatest humanitarian crises your planet is experiencing.

The Genocide and starvation as well as the animal population of Africa (Along with Insect and mineral) are primary to the workings of the entire world of land mass. Being one of the earliest land masses known to hold human life it is imperative to preserve what is established in the area. (Currently 78 Million malnourished beings. Not including animals)
5. China: With a population of 1.3 billion people, seeks to create another Empire just as they have in that region of the world for centuries. A communist regime, the Government believes that it can control its peoples and their thoughts. When this didn’t work they decided to program people to work continually at mind dreary jobs to accommodate their needs and families.

China is certain to re-discover itself in 2012. The power it has gained will see major losses in the World Markets and they will decide to move into new areas of industry, (just as they have always done). The exception now is, as a country they are not alone. India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, all have opened themselves up to greater prosperity as nations and want to be free as individuals to live a life of surplus and contentment.
6. Closer to the US is Mexico. This Country is in for big challenges and changes governmentally in 2012. The people of this country want to live and feel safe in their own homes and environment. This Government has a lot of re-organizing to do to eliminate the power of the drug cartels who have recently taken over entire towns.

The Country of Mexico is an ecological wonder and needs to focus on maintaining a balanced state with Nature. Mexico, as well as Central and South America, aide the planet through their great ecological thinking and awareness. For North America it would behoove them to help these countries with sustainable products to help bring the balance back to North America that is needed for Plant, Animal, Mineral and Human Life.
7. Canada: Though this country seems far from Europe they will experience the same Governmental and Diplomatic problems this year of 2012. There seems to be a decisive energy that is bringing citizens to new heights of awareness of what they want and need from their governments, and this Country Canada, will also have to yield, with new strategies.
8. Europe will see an economic meltdown and massive government upheaval. The UK is searching for the same resolutions as the United States to its economic woes.
9. Russia will allow itself to move backwards on the Governing Scale in hopes it can once again prosper as a world leader and economy. This does not bode well for Democracy.

(Note from Athene: It is the Ecology of the Planet that nations need to be focusing on and time is short. All this Government and Economic bull will be the undoing of an entire planet if things do not swiftly move into this arena of what Earth needs in 2012.)
Earth Changes 2012:
Inner earth tectonic plates are moving rapidly. Since they are beneath the ocean floors they affect all things. When there is an earthquake under the sea then there is a disruption to the sea itself and all land masses near it.

So long as the plates are being disrupted by ecological influences so will all life on land. It is not unusual for tectonic plate movement as it is a natural process, yet to have the massive amount of movement currently occurring well into the next few years, there will be massive storm occurrences.

The ecological balance of nature has been disrupted in large part to human’s misunderstanding of its order. This has forced nature to try and re-balance as well as re-create itself.

Animals have been found to be losing their sense of direction and homing instincts. Insects are moving to areas that are warmer or cooler depending on their natural environment, and bird populations are diminishing as well as aquatic animals.

Food shortages will continue through 2012 as more genetic foods will be produced. This leads all the way back to cloning and food enhancement.

All of this also affects all types of crops, therefore clothing will be more expensive and in greater shortage as well.

Many plants are beginning to morph and not yielding the same materials in the same way they did before. This will cause a type of genetic mutation on its own. This mutation also affects the inside and outside of human bodies.

Ecologically speaking, 2012 spells disaster plus, as nature works to restore some semblance of balance to herself.
Pole Shifts:
How do the pole shifts affect the Earth and her axis?

The earth has a magnetic core that is made up of a ball of elements mostly decided by scientists to be of Iron and Nickel Alloy. The temperature is thought to be much the same as that of our Sun.

The outer core of the earth is known as the liquid core. Each of these has its own revolution of speed. The inner cores speed is believed to be 2/3 faster than the outer core.

Earth belonging to the solar system with the sun actually being the sole supplier of electricity and light upon the planet, anything to do with solar activity has a major impact on everything from weather to health of plant, animal, human etc. The sun plays a major role in what the earth does as a natural being.

The whole of 2012 predictions and the great cataclysm that will claim the destruction of life on earth has to do with the magnetic pole shifts that are already occurring. The common belief is that other civilizations that are now extinct such as the Mayan and Egyptian societies left us coded messages explaining what happened to other civilizations at the time of such pole shifts.

If and when the poles shifts happen, creating; North to South and South to North, it will first impact the core of the Earth. This will cause the core of the Earth to begin rotating in the opposite direction. This action will cause the speed of Earth’s rotation to slow but cannot, in and of itself, spin the Earth in the opposite direction. Only the core of the earth and other solar and planetary factors can do this, and only over billions of years.

The shifting of the Earth’s axis, in and by itself, will have an effect that no one can predict, but can definitely help to bring the outer core into a newness of life and growth. When the pole shifts occur and the center of the Earth begins to spin in the opposite direction the outer rotation will slow. Since the Earth has always has a wobble effect, its wobble will also be affected. When the core finds its new balance and rhythm, so will the outer core again stabilize its rotation.
Author Note: Over the past 10 years the Magnetic North Pole has shifted nearly half of the distance as that of the past 50 years.

This acceleration is what is driving many to believe that a disaster of major cataclysmic proportions will happen in 2012. It is also what it makes time feel as if it has accelerated.
Financial Markets:
In 2012 the world financial markets will continue to be unstable. Just as we have said many times before, the monetary system of your world needs to be changed. The system of markets was a good idea, yet it has become the ruling factor for countries all through your world. It is its own empire and runs by its own rules. It is a massive entity that operates off of the fears of others. It destroys lives and hope, with the promise of wealth. It has taken the power away from the common individual.
Again we will re-iterate our perception of what life on your earth needs to be.
Bring back a balance with the natural order of life.
Stay as centered in the true Light of Love as possible.
Surrender to your soul and spirit essence.
Teach others the truth of the whole being.
Radiate the loving light of light within that you are.
Meditate on being free and what that actually is.
Continually commune with all the Higher Realms of Love and Light.
Confront your fears and move through them.
May you each find the true joy of Love within your being and may you live the true essence of light you were designed to be.
The Spiritual Councils of Light