Divine Mother Message

Message from The Divine Mother

To Athene Raefiel July 2018

I was truly amazed the day I intuited this message and then The Divine Mother herself came and spoke to me about it.

She told me that this promises to be a tremendous time with The Divine Mother interceding on our behalf, for us and with us.

She told me that so many prayers had been put out by so many beings, including the Archangels, that she herself felt it necessary to bring the Feminine Energy into play in a much greater way for this planet and her people.

She told me that the time of men running this planet needed to end and it is time for women to take a hand at it. The compassion needed will only come from the Feminine principle along with an understanding of long term peace.

The Divine Mother is actually the one that all beings answer to even in the Higher Levels such as the Archangels. We have many creators but all work with the Mother, this is why Earth herself and her Oceans are always referred to as women and Mother.

All Ascended Master women are referred to as Mother such as Mother Mary.

In the Nag Hammadi Library of Gnostic Teachings speaks of the Pistis Sofia; “She who was here with him before creation or the earth was made and her name is Pistis.” She is the Original Divine Mother.


Message from Athene:

What to expect during this upcoming experience of July through Aught 2018;

Energies will be shifting all over the place. Sometimes you will feel up and then down and then up. Topsy- turvy kind of action. On an emotional level you will be dealing with massive energies of sadness, fear, love, compassion and often a sense of hopelessness to change things. Sometimes we just have to let things be what they are for a while.

Children will be challenging as they too will be affected, be aware of those mood swings and try to stay calm. Children want answers, so do your best to explain that the cosmos exist and are at work. Show them a planetary map.

Your physical body energies will be tested causing you to be testy; tired and out of sync much more than usual. Take your vitamins and herbs religiously you need the energy they produce. Stretch your body and find ways of relaxing it. Watch what and when you eat.

Relationships will be tested as communication is key to understanding, yet we are all still subject to our old  self and old programming. Stop before you react and ask yourself what do I really want to say or do in this situation, remember everyone will be a little on edge.

Depression will raise its ugly head more than usual. Pay attention to the types of music you listen to and also programming you watch. Subliminal messages need to be blocked out from advertisers and unwelcome information.

Educate yourself with Metaphysical Principals, do affirmations and read more. Search for Esoteric Meaning in life. Become one with your soul and spirit. Pray often.

Remember the messages from the Divine and hold onto that as what is taking place and upcoming. Remember you chose to be here during this major transformational time on earth and count your blessings daily.

Be kind to yourself and others.


Phrases to be eliminating during this time.                           Affirmations: To Use.


(“What did I do wrong?”)

Replace with

“I am confident and strong.”

(What did I do to deserve this?)

Replace with.

“I deserve goodness and happiness always.”

(“What’s wrong with me?)

Replace with

“I am strong and wise.”

(“I’m sorry, you’re right.)

Replace with

“I listen carefully and appreciate everyone’s opinion.”

July and August 2018 Eclipses and Transits Astrology Update

By Mystic Marguerite


As the days of July come on, we are entering a major phase of eclipse and transit action that will have a profound effect on affairs both within the human psyche and without in our experience of life here on earth. Below are listed key transits at the time of the three eclipses to come and some thoughts on what they represent.


The first important feature is that Mars, ruler of ambition, action and aggression is retrograde in Aquarius and in square to Uranus the disruptor at 2° Taurus for all three eclipses.  Jupiter, ruler of expansion and in Scorpio dedicated to sexual justice and transformation of social sexual rules is in trine to Neptune the dreamer and idealist in Pisces for all three also.  Mars in Aquarius is interested in social interaction; the focus may be on friends, family or communal affairs, or it may be in exploration off the usual path and into strange and unique new ally-ways. Retrograde motion initially means a radical change in direction, or a withdrawal into the past; as the motion continues one can expect an intensity of focus to apply and as Uranus is involved, a drive towards impulsive action based either on a need to impose control or the equal and opposite urge to rebel against restrictions can occur, repeatedly.


The Neptune-Jupiter vibration will amplify the drive to idealism, beauty, glamor and in support of whatever is important as a belief system, whether it be religious, mystic, scientific, sexual, civil, or martial in nature.  It also reinforces the sensation that anything is possible, that other-worldly influences are sharing space with one’s own inner being and that whatever the desire or belief is, it will be supported.  The electronic dream machine is already in overdrive out there, bathing us in a constant stream of images dedicated to constant pleasure, activity and distraction; the attention span is shortened and the stimulation actually leads nowhere, while scattering meaningful engagement.

The first partial solar eclipse is at 20 degrees Cancer on July 12th; the Sun and Moon in Cancer will be opposed by Pluto at same degrees in Capricorn.  The Saros cycle to which this eclipse belongs has a theme of endings in certain long-term relations connected particularly to home, family or close friends.  It also speaks of control imposed by government authority in the name of ideology on the people at large; it is not particularly progressive.  Mars at 7°Aquarius retrograde will be conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 6° Aquarius representing the past; in square to Uranus; the upshot will be financial instability for the purpose of condensing monopoly behind the scenes. Do expect some power players to fall from grace, and by the time the eclipses are over there may be big changes in the usual status-quo of politics. A grand trine in earth will shine in the heavens between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Virgo; good fortune will certainly visit some of us however for now the elite will maintain their privileges, even if at the expense of the rest.

The second lunation will be a total lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius on July 27th, just after Mercury ruler of all things connected to mind, speech and travel stations retrograde. The Moon will be conjunct the South Node of the past on one side and Mars retrograde on the other, all within two degrees; the Sun is opposite the Moon, so the luminaries make a t-square with Uranus at 2-4 degrees of the signs. Personally, expect moments of extreme confusion and disorientation; in the days before the eclipse and just after please take extra care in driving or otherwise engaging in activity as the potential for accident will be greatly increased. Take some time off from work if at all possible and get away from crowds or challenging interactions with others. This is not a good time to start new enterprises or aggressively pursue some goal of achievement.  The usual state of collective consciousness is suspended, allowing all sorts of archetypal energies to come in and commune with the usual state of mind. There likely will be increased effort by higher authority to maintain order as usual but expect people to behave oddly and do let go of any preconceived notions of how things are supposed to proceed for awhile.

A second partial solar eclipse will occur at 18° Leo on August 11.  The lunation is also conjunct Mercury retrograde, quincunx Neptune at 15° Pisces and square Jupiter at 14° Scorpio. Venus in Libra will be in square to Saturn and quincunx to Uranus, showing a lack of trust and an inclination to rebelliousness.  The Merc retrograde is conjunct the Ascendant of a chart set for Washington DC; the electoral base is certainly confused, while difficult changes seem to be afoot in matters connected to the work place and health care, however Jupiter in Scorpio is lighting up the home base and providing energy for adjustment and the transformation of old attitudes and root belief patterns. Wherever in the world you live, do expect disharmony to be easy to find and a revisiting of difficult memories from the past to crowd the mind.  These memories are meant to be reviewed and healed with loving, unconditional acceptance, before being released.


The comments above may seem ominous and unsettling for business as usual. The cosmos and mother Gaia are in collusion at this time, sending in new vibrational patterns that are indeed going to disrupt the global social order as usual. The key is to stay grounded in the heart while  intending the best for yourself and all life around you; the personal work involves taking time to learn to flow with these new energies instead of judging, fighting, resisting or escaping into drugs, electronica or shopping.  Do expect the social and commercial structures around us to react with a greater need for control and restriction; do expect greed, rudeness and violation to continue to happen, as many beings cannot and will not be able to adjust to the new templates of being downloaded into the physical, mental and emotional matrix at all.  Do expect continued attempts to bring back the past and reinforce the restrictions and limitations that entrapped us well for the last few thousand years, but these structures are not compatible with the environmental and psychological changes that are upon us to incorporate into ourselves now.






You find fear to be the enemy not because it is bad but simply because it is being used to control and destroy rather than serve the purpose of alerting to danger. Yes fear can be healthy when put into context, yet so few understand how to use it, rather than it using them. So much and so many fear that fears power becomes stronger by the day. What are you afraid of; the future, the past, the present? Perhaps fear itself? To become the strong warrior that you are, you must identify and confront your fear. There is no other way to become free and alive.

Ultimately it is the child within each of you who has learned about and attached to fear that must change its understanding of it. Fear can and does often paralyze through its power to hold you in its arms. Fear is simply a word, energy necessary to forewarn and protect, not encompass and incarcerate the human being that you are.

The greatest tool you have to consume and transmute fear is Love. As St. Germain shares such a wonderful gift of The Violet Flame of Transformation to assist, we find little reason for fear to have its strong potency in your daily lives.

As sentient feeling humans, letting go is the most challenging of tasks you will face in life. Learning to transmute the fear that binds you creates a place for more and more love to dwell, inside and out. This long forgotten use of love to replace all dysfunction in life is the goal.

Invocation to love.

I call the power and essence of Love. I call to my own spirit essence.

I call to the great beings and powers of Love that unite to assist us all.

I anchor love in every way and honor the energy and light it holds.

I share the energy and essence of my love and connect it with all other love.

Mighty beings of love and light hear me now. Align my energies with yours and allow your child to assist in the journey and recognition of the highest love available.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

Soul Communication

Within us we contain the ability to see in many different dimensions and forms. Within the Etheric and Physical we can see almost anything that can take on form. Most beings in other dimensions often use the astral plane to be seen and heard so that we can actually interplay with them.

Hearing and seeing with your astral eyes and ears is different than with your physical senses. Information is relayed in what you feel and therefore must be interpreted to understand the messages. Not unlike the signs we ask to receive from our universal self and teachers; communicating telepathically is the only form of communication with them.

We often think that there is somewhere to go to communicate with the other realms, all is currently within each of us and we need only to tap the methods.

Telepathy is a sending and receiving of energy in thought form. This is why it doesn’t matter what language you speak in the physical when beings from different realms speak with you they speak your language. Of course love is the universal language and when we meet beings from other dimensions we must discern if they are of love or not.

Spirit, mind, body, soul

You were born of and as love in your original state of spirit, mind, body and soul. It is to this state of origin that your soul adheres, and must return to transcend the various planes of consciousness. Would you be happy to remain in the state of being that dictates depression and fear? Could you enjoy little or no development and growth in life? The way of life must be to move beyond that which is the accepted illusion of living.

This is done by unlocking the mysteries of life that lie within and choosing to remove the layers of pain and sadness that have haunted you for so long.

As physical beings it is necessary to have a balance in life between both the Conditional and Unconditional Love within for true awareness and understanding to take place. The Divine element that you are thrives on the Unconditional love to be the I Am; the physical being thrives on the conditional love of needing to be needed. When we feel needed we glow with delight and bathe in accomplishment. When we accept ourselves unconditionally we begin to accept our flaws as the perfections we are healing into.

You will find that all things in the Universe are paradox. Knowing this will help you discern truth and discover that there is really no right or wrong, in each and every moment all is a matter of perception.

Through this awareness you will begin to understand self and forgive others. Most importantly you will release the need to judge.  Through this realization you will grow and develop on all levels of self.

Message From Athene

Message from Athene:


Want to know what your guides are saying? Then listen! Because most of what they will tell you already knew, just didn’t know you knew.

We all have spirit guides some are just at a higher or more spiritual height of awareness than others; just like people. We need to raise our vibrations and frequencies to relate to Angels and Ascended Masters.

This may not be the lifetime for you to do it; don’t beat yourself up. Spending a lot of time in the higher frequencies where they communicate can be quite draining. In many ways it is unnatural for us. Those of us that do it feel called to do so. It is a mission and part of our healing karma.

You are in tune with your own spirit first and always. If this is not so you are not hearing your guides but perhaps a dead Uncle or Aunt wanting to be of help.

Be Aware; you must always be in a state of truth and light to reach those of truth and loving light. Be unafraid but aware of the difference between what is of love and what is not.

Discernment is a must. Continually develop your intuition!




Hello friends,

My opinion is here stated about the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US of America.

The new Tax Bill that makes the rich richer and poor poorer;

Any law allowing immigrant children to be separated from their parents;

Any law arresting or punishing people for being homeless and poor;

Any blind eye to the fact that there are at least 55,000 people homeless in the USA;

Not providing adequate Social Service to those in need.

Throwing out paper towels to the Puerto Rican people who had Hurricane devastation;

Finding no common ground for the good of the many;

Not providing adequate health insurance for everyone, equating to who lives and who dies.

Making enemies of other countries just because we can;

Not separating church and state.

Allowing guns on the streets;

Teaching prejudice,

I take pride in my being but feel much shame for the US.

My solution; throw out the Government and start over.

Compassion is apparently a learned response, all need to learn it.

Blessings, Athene

People are searching for purpose and reason to go forward in life. When there is no inspiration a type of sadness and tiredness exist, making you feel listful and kind of lost.

We must remember we are in charge of how we feel everyday when we awaken. To plant the seeds of tomorrow in the brain before going to sleep helps us to create. When we awaken we discover that the old thoughts and feelings pervade and we must then immediately take charge of our thought process and feelings. Meditation is one method and changing our thought process is another.

Use Affirmations every morning if need be and also throughout the day .

” I feel energized and ready for the day. ” I accept the joy flowing into my body and mind completely. I choose abundance in everything I say and do. Today is my bright day.”

It isn’t easy to maintain a good attitude all day long, but it is better to catch yourself sliding into the sorrowful mundane life of all those around you.

Listen to others attentively but do not feel their feelings, stop and wait to answer or engage when you feel it will be damaging.

Trusting oneself is not easy, as we are humans, but better to trust yourself than anyone else you meet.

Trusting is one of those important attributes we all need. Acting confident is better than acting like a victim.

Be yourself, but be the self you want to be.

Soltice energies

As we approach the Summer Solstice we are experiencing a wide variety of energies. Sometimes minutes feel like hours and the days just feel a lot longer. (Of course they are.) Hours seem to pass very quickly and other times more slowly. Lots of life revue going and just an impending feeling of big changes ahead.

As mother Earth continues her journey to cleanse and balance herself, so do we feel that same energy. Time to clean up our acts and quit trying to shut out what makes us uncomfortable.

Yes we are so programmed in this life to put our feelings and memories on the back burner due to work, family and other engagements we find more important.

I was wondering the other day why my energies have become so blessed and balanced compared to the world’s current energy. I realized that there is so much work to be done on in inner level that most people feel there is no real reason to do it. It is hard, complicated and time consuming, who wants to take that time out of their daily dysfunctional lives to truly heal themselves?

Believe me there is much to do! Starting with your inner self, past lives, this life and even future lives, where are you going when you leave this body.

Do you truly not see the layers of crap that must be worked through and removed to set you free to become a secure and balanced individual? Or are you so blinded by the modern toys and gadgets of life , thinking these give you self importance? what about the future of your children and the planet? Is this too hard to think about?

Generations have passed since I came into this lifetime and I can say firsthand that becoming a free spirit is worth all the time and effort put in.

I have watched and seen to  much destruction and devastation to not want to change.

Be blessed and get to work.

June 12 2018

We have had a fairly stable year so far as the planets have been a lot kinder than through most of 2017. It has been calmer in many ways yet the anxiety still running very high.

Upcoming on June 21st we will have the Summer Solstice and we will have a set of Eclipses upcoming in July 2018. Don’t forget to light some candles, do some sort of ceremony, and of course prayers for the planet.

” Heavenly Beings of Light and Love bring your energies and your love, help mother Earth to find balance and calm through this time of great transformation and change. Help the enlightened to enlighten others and keep the Eternal flame burning throughout our Great Planet. Help the Oceans heal and cleanse with little damage to other life. Calm the fires and winds this year help the people near them to heal. Gently aid the earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes to find balance and harmony within the Earth and save human life from inhumane experience. Teachers and Angels of light we know you are here and work with us daily. Help up to heal and hear the energies speak with us, help us take time to be real.”

Why do we pray and is anyone listening?

If not for prayer and hope all is listless. Dreamers must dream, creators must create and all of us must learn love in all its aspects.

Love is still the greatest healer that we have, use it.


Soul is like a massive computer that holds all of your memories as well as the collective. Soul is impressive once you log into it and type in your commands there are no questions you cannot find answers to.

Knowing how to tap into soul memory is an awakening like no other. Here you can discover past lives and memories of other heavenly lives and bodies. Within soul you can journey anywhere geographically as well as esoterically.

To tap soul you must be able to meditate, it is within the realms of trance through meditation you can unlock key memories as well as the answers to the Universe you seek.

All beings also can be explored and connected through soul. Is soul and Higher Self the same? Almost.

Soul is the intermediary between physical and spiritual. Soul is the vehicle by which you travel lifetime to lifetime as well as in between lives. This vehicle is connected to all other soul and the Collective.

Some call soul the Christ Consciousness and because we all perceive things in an individual manner often the explanations will vary.

Just as when you see an aura or energy being emitted around a plant or animal, each will vary in the description of what they see.

Soul and spirit being energy, to describe it to another is difficult because you see through your feeling eyes, not your physical eyes. You experience soul through your understanding self and awareness, there is no other way.