Planet Update

Planet Update 2008

Athene Raefiel
Dear Friends and Fellow Lightworkers,
I have much to report on since my last communication with all of you. In late February 2008 I experienced a shift in the energies that showed me that the parallel universe has now begun to separate from the one we have always experienced before. When the parallel Universe merged in August of 1999 it was undecided as to whether it would stay merged or would be forced to separate due to the devastating frequencies of the so-called human Universe.

The call went out many years ago for the Earth and its inhabitants to raise its consciousness to avoid devastation throughout this very intense cycle of change. The Earth and the Solar system responded but unfortunately enough humans did not.

The frequencies of the parallel universe that merged are those of extreme love, harmony, understanding, compromise and compassion. Those energies brought great angst to lie upon the war mongrels and others of greed, gluttony and power. Unfortunately some of the results we have experienced from this merge of energies has caused more violence against the innocent and pure of heart as well as continued dismissal of poor countries and medical needs.

The two Universes separating at this time heralds the teachings of many prophecies that foretold of a change where “some will remain and others will be taken”. These prophecies and stories are old and varied but the same theme runs through all of them. That theme is that evolved consciousness shall have its own dwelling place where it is able to grow and develop unhindered by those that have chosen a much longer and more arduous journey before attaining enlightenment and spiritually evolving.

Though I see everything more conceptually than in 3 D, I realize that appearances are very deceiving. Seeing and participating in a life of energy is very different than seeing and experiencing a life of the five outer senses.

The illusions that have been created and categorized as life, have been, and will be always be made up. We call these illusions reality because we are subjected to them daily, as our survival needs to sustain life upon this planet. Since we are the creators of our own realities then we are not stuck with life in the same way as we have led to believe.

Third dimensional life is just that, third dimensional. The more dimensions we become aware of while living here in this lifetime the more expansive our view of the worlds and life become.

Since the parallel Universe merged in 1999, astronomers have discovered new universes, stars, planets and galaxies that they never before knew existed. This was not due to new equipment and has been just as mystifying to them as any sudden change in the heavens would be to anyone. They do not know what to call this phenomenon so they are thinking of calling their findings “The Parallel Universe”. Interesting how that happens.

Scientists too are discovering an amazing amount of metaphysical findings that correlate with the massive climate and earth changes now occurring. They too have begun expanding their minds and concepts to open to new awareness and information streaming into the long time closed process known as “Science”. Science has always viewed itself as the fact finders and now understands that fact can only come from theory. What a concept.

Theory of course is ideas along with calculations that are then tested to find results, just as Metaphysics is.

I find it quite ironic and yet very appealing that so many judgments have been and will be changed over the brief period of just a decade.

We have all had our struggles with self about what is important and valuable to us in this life. We have all sacrificed for the betterment of others as well as lost those people and things we cared about most. We have grown, developed and changed to become more aware as spirit only to find us further set apart from the masses. Yet for those who have found inner peace and realization they would not trade it in for the mundane ever again.

This year of 2008 promises to be the most interesting time the Earth and its peoples have ever experienced. The uprising and upheaval of Governing Systems will continue to be at forefront as the battle for fairness and balance become more primary than money and greed.

It is hard to topple a system of lies that have perpetrated and penetrated the consciousness of so many for so long, but what we see happening now, right before our very eyes, will tell us if that truly can be accomplished in this go round.

I anchor light daily and send light out to the world as well. I truly believe that this is the work lightworkers do. I feel there is no greater power than that of the light and I know that when you shine light in the darkness all things can finally be seen and addressed.

Light and Love are synonymous to me, and Love is still the greatest healer that we have. So please, call forth the light everyday and surround yourself and your loved ones as well as the planet with it. The greater the frequencies of evolving love the greater the transition into balance and light.

I call forth the power of Light that I am. I call forth my teachers and my guides, all those that assist guide guard and protect.

I call for the Angels of Holy Light of Life and to The Divine Mother of us all. I call to all the energies and agents of love and ask them to surround and anchor that love here and now in me and into the Earth.

I accept Love as the one true essence and power of change needed by this planet and her inhabitants and recognize myself to be the catalyst for that love.

I am, I am, I am, a child of love and light.
I am, I am, I am, bonded to the light.
I am, I am, I am, heralding spiritual wisdom and insight.

Holy Sacred Spirits and Angels of Love, Holy Flames of the Glorious Source, Know that I now align myself to highest principals of light and love available and surrender my power and love to be merged with yours.

Let me always be the chalice of love that permeates within all life.
So be it, So be it, So be it, Amen.

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