Beautiful Souls Of Light

Beautiful Souls Of Light, I need a metaphysical helper for my work and website. I need someone who can brain-storm, motivate, write and edit some and wants to help themselves, me and others.. If you think you meet this criteria e-mail or call to chat. Some money and trade involved. Blessings and Goodness, Athene

Take your power back

It is time your power back in your life. It is time for you to stand up and say no to what no longer works to take for you. When we live our life out of obligation we try to fulfill others lives instead of our own. It is important to take our responsibilities seriously…

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I guess I am a bit testy with reading all the wonderful posts on Facebook. Seems as though nobody has a bad day anymore because they are so positive. Without spirit in our life Without Spirit I our life we just float and wonder why. With spirit in our life we float and kind of…

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Blessings and Love

This year has been very challenging energetically and for many weather wise and physically. I continue with my prayers, invocations and meditations daily and suggest this for everyone to help with balancing. Climate change is on the table as the largest threat we face presently and in the future. I have been recycling for the…

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How You are energy

It is time for everyone to realize that they are energy and understand how that relates. Producing energy is what we do as lightworkers, we produce the light. Light is energy and we are to be that same energy. Understanding the energy that you are, creates your every reality. All realties are created from energy….

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