Take your power back

It is time your power back in your life. It is time for you to stand up and say no to what no longer works to take for you. When we live our life out of obligation we try to fulfill others lives instead of our own. It is important to take our responsibilities seriously yet we must learn to value our own inner security and peace as well. Too often, we put our hopes and dreams on the back burner to simmer and wait for a better time. Often we begin to feel despondent and depressed because we see no better time ahead. There is only the present moment to enact ones dreams. If your dreams have been on hold, it is now time to re-think what you need to do to implement them. When we tell others that our time is precious to us and that we will make time for their needs later, we begin to feel empowered once again about the future. Many of us believe that we must martyr ourselves in order to be worthy to attain happiness. We believe in misery as a way of life and feel we do not deserve to be secure and loved. We accept life as a punishment rather than the gift of joy it truly is. All this is a way of seeing and believing you can see and believe differently if you so choose. Yes you must work at the re-programming process to attain the desired result and maintain it, but anything worth having is worth working at. See yourself as being a worthwhile investment in your life. See yourself as being the most valuable investment you have. In this way, you will find the strength and insight to change your perceptions and your life.

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