Crossing Over Archangel Raphael

Crossing Over Through Athene Raefiel   Ever wonder what happens after you leave this world and enter the next? Wonder no more; Archangel Raphael has offered some important information for the future of your being. When someone dies there is a process to which they must adhere before entering into a state of blissful consciousness…

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Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention A discussion between Athene Raefiel and Sanat Kumara Athene:  Dear Universe what is Divine Intervention and how does it work? Sanat Kumara: For the human race as well as other beings of form, Divine intervention is an idea or a concept, something that can only be understood through the experience of it. This…

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Child of the Universe

You are a child of the Universe. You are wonderful. Each day when you awaken a beautiful essence is emanated by your being. You touch the hearts and minds of all those you come in contact with. You are a flower in a garden of seeds and are developing more color and uniqueness as you…

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Soul Discernment

Soul Discernment By: Athene Raefiel   Within us we contain the ability to see in many different dimensions and forms. Within the Etheric and Physical we can see almost anything that can take on form. Most beings in other dimensions often use the astral plane to be seen and heard so that we can actually…

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What is Initiation?

What is Initiation ? Archangel Raphael through Athene Raefiel Initiation is brought about by the cyclic process of karma. Karma, the plane of cause and effect, says there must be balance in the body, mind and soul to ascend your current plane of existence and continue your spirit journey. Everything and everyone must adhere to…

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Divine Mother Channeling

Message from the Divine Mother Children of the Light, I come to you today to give an update on how I am working with Mother Earth and her Children. The changes now happening to Earth Children are vast and many. Many hybrid children are currently awakening and assisting with the consciousness of the planet. These…

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Youtube athene raefiel

There are several guided visualizations up on my YouTube page. You can watch my two radio interviews. And journey to, “The Sacred Garden”, “Stairway of Angels”, “Chakra Alignment and Re-patterning’’ and more. “Initiation”, “The Halls of Learning” and so much more.

Being Present

I live and dwell in the present, all time is now. Each and every day is its own adventure and creation. Feeing sad today is its own reality and I shall embrace and honor it as such. I embrace and honor all my feelings and thoughts as they are mine alone. I do not compare…

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Seven Layers of Mankind

  There are: Seven Planes of Existence Seven Heavens Beyond Seven Strains of Man Seven Levels of Consciousness Seven Root Races Seven Solar Systems These are the areas of learning and education that every individual on their spiritual path need to learn about in order to ascend the physical in this lifetime.

The power of Prayer

Praying is our direct link to the higher realms and teachers and angels who dwell there. When we pray to God, Goddess all that IS we reach new heights of love and caring. All beings of light can help us find ways of caring for ourselves and others that are powerful and enlightening. When I…

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