Forgiveness The past, present, and future each exist within one another. They are the makeup that creates our picture of life and ourselves. Our past cannot be put behind us by us not thinking about it. Our training has been that by stuffing our emotions we can put things out of our mind. Stuffing ones…

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How life becomes a state of grace rather than a state of reason Thinking is a way of seeing and reasoning out what we experience in the 3D around us. Becoming is a state of being that allows us to open ourselves to more development to become. Often my spirit guides will say to me,…

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Seven Layers of Mankind

  There are: Seven Planes of Existence Seven Heavens Beyond Seven Strains of Man Seven Levels of Consciousness Seven Root Races Seven Solar Systems These are the areas of learning and education that every individual on their spiritual path need to learn about in order to ascend the physical in this lifetime.

All time is now

I live and dwell in the present, all time is now. Each and every day is its own adventure and creation. Feeing sad today is its own reality and I shall embrace and honor it as such. I embrace and honor all my feelings and thoughts as they are mine alone. I do not compare…

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How Spirit speaks with you

We are always using out intuition in a variety of ways. Often I hear “I don’t know why I simply feel this is best.” Or I can’t explain it I just know this is the better thing to do or not. Our intuition is always turned on yet we fear that what we think we…

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Anchoring Light

Anchoring Light Setting Space and Anchoring of Light By: Athene Raefiel When we want to understand the energy self, and the energy beings we call spirit guides, we need to practice putting ourselves in a purified sacred energy space. This is what I call setting the space. Needing to keep our energy fields clear is…

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