Blessings and Love

This year has been very challenging energetically and for many weather wise and physically.

I continue with my prayers, invocations and meditations daily and suggest this for everyone to help with balancing.

Climate change is on the table as the largest threat we face presently and in the future. I have been recycling for the past 32 years, if you are not please start doing it.

The ocean temperatures are heating and killing Dolphins as well as other sea life. Just as we are trying to adjust to the warming so is all plant and animal life.

We are in a crises and we need to pay attention to how we can help and do it.

The US is far behind other parts of the world in working on this crises as well as the public education of children in school and paying a decent wage to teachers as well as other workers in many industries.

We all need to use our awareness and assets to help out. I know you want someone to tell you how and what to do but you each must discover and work for the greater whole of this planet.

I will be updating my website soon and adding many more invocations and prayers to my self-help section. In the meantime research and learning can help you find them. Ask Your guides to hep and direct you. the will do it.

Blessings and Love to each of you we are the spiritual army that unites in prayer and love for the planet and her life.

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