faith and trust

Of course the initial step to conscious awareness is faith and trust. These are also the greatest obstacles we face as a collective whole.

If all would simply have faith in the fact that they are eternal and trust in unconditional love to guide them; the collective soul could be healed in an instant. Think about that—-in an instant.

So in a way that could be called a shortcut but who will realize and use it this lifetime?

I remember when I was trying to learn to meditate thinking “it was just too hard”. Through my determination and perseverance I finally discovered how. It took me a few years, but I finally learned how to move beyond the rational into the conceptual. You see greater understanding takes conceptual thinking and awareness; also known as “ getting out of one’s own way”.

Spiritual awakening and expansion takes guts. It becomes your whole life and existence. I recently went to u tube and found an enormous amount of information on this subject. Also what to expect as you develop. It is not easy to go through some of the changes necessary but it is definitely worth it if you seek understanding and fulfillment this incarnation.

I know for some of you, you will say you already know all this; I hope someday you will realize it’s magnificence. For knowing and becoming the Divine is the answer to why we are here.

Soul Reality

Within the soul dwell darkness and light, ignorance and enlightenment, pain and joy. The ignorant or dark part of the soul has no awareness of the unconditional life that awaits. It has no remembrance of unconditional love. Everything within the dark part of the soul feeds itself from the conditional being. Beliefs that are anchored in the dark part of the soul have been handed down from generation to generation and accepted as truth. These beliefs are powerful and are rooted in ignorance. People who live by and teach such beliefs have allowed the veil between the dark and light of the soul to become a wall, a barrier that separates them from their spiritual awareness of self. People dwelling in this darkness have accepted despair, hatred, pain, and ignorance to be their life. They have created a reality for themselves that is a living hell and they continually share and teach this reality to others. On the wheel of karma, one experiences what one believes until a new reality is created. Hence, one can experience many lifetimes within this reality, before awakening to the light within their soul.

Energies Amass

As the energies amass during this most intense time of radical change we find ourselves hard pressed to stay grounded. Grounding used to be much easier as we just connected with earth energy and her stability; now that is no longer true. The earth herself is making major shifts and the poles are also shifting, this is turn causes us disruption and sometimes dismay.
Yes Global warming does indeed exist and we see it wreaking havoc upon the planet as we speak. It is too late to turn Global warming around as we have already come too far with the new earth energy and now must adapt to her shifts and turns.
Yes there are many good people and organizations working to save the oceans and forests and plant life that sustain human life, but still we are falling short. New generations are being born into a world filled with disdain, hate and ugliness. We must become a world society we are are to survive in any manner that is kind and good.
I still believe that meditation and yoga as well as self-restoration and change can help us immensely in saving the world. There are many groups who pray and meditate daily as a means of self-sustainability and Earth healing. Just as we do the earth has a soul and that soul cries out for healing. We must recognize how we are a part of the destructive and healing process. We cannot be too busy to do so nor too distracted to participate.
Go to my self-help page and do some exercises please.

change and development

We are in a time of unprecedented change and development. It is not uncommon to get physically ill as we must be aware that we sometimes will not get out of our own way of thinking and being, any other way.

When we surrender to the process of growth and light we discover there are many rungs to the stairway we climb. We often become so engrossed in what must be done, that we forget to let go and absorb.

Currently the intensity of the planetary movements are highly affecting all of us. Thinking a thought and forgetting it a second later is not uncommon right now. Thinking you are crazy because of this experience brings its own insanity.

As human beings we have been taught and believe that we have control over our own minds and feelings, we certainly do not want to believe that something outside ourselves could and does change the course of the feeling and mental self. This is because we fear too much of everything and for everyone else.

Fear can be a teacher or a dictator it is your person choice. Living life to the fullest means understanding the ups and downs that come with it. Studying the planetary effects can prove prudent in understanding the energies affecting each of us.

You don’t need to be an astrologer to learn and pay attention to such things; you just need to care about yourself and others.

Love Invocation

What is love?  Why each and every one of you are love. It is the expression of love that you are and emanate that transcends all other things. Love is essence and energy of all life, seen or unseen, it is eternal. It is the food of the soul contained within and shared through the spirit and physical essence that you are. Too little love and kindness in the world presents the greatest destruction to the planet and all of her species. Yes love presents potent danger to the darkness as it is in innocence that you find and become love once again.



Invocation to love.

I call the power and essence of Love. I call to my own spirit essence.

I call to the great beings and powers of Love that unite to assist us all.

I anchor love in every way and honor the energy and light it holds.

I share the energy and essence of my love and connect it with all other love.

Mighty beings of love and light hear me now. Align my energies with yours and allow your child to assist in the journey and recognition of the highest love available.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.


You were born of and as love in your original state of spirit, mind, body and soul. It is to this state of origin that your soul adheres, and must return to transcend the various planes of consciousness. Would you be happy to remain in the state of being that dictates depression and fear? Could you enjoy little or no development and growth in life? The way of life must be to move beyond that which is the accepted illusion of living.

2018 Eclipse energies

Things to be aware of during these Eclipse energies.

Weather patterns will be massive globally.                  

Things will seem magnified and problems can become much bigger than they are.

Depression; those who are struggling usually do worse during these energies.

Be aware of your thoughts and replace of re-adjust them; remember your thoughts create energy and can boomerang on you.

Compliment others often; this will help offset nasty moods and communications.

Do affirmations; I am happy. I am fulfilled. I am a star light in the sky.

I deserve and I choose are good to start any affirmations you desire.

Find your own God, Goddess, All that is and stay focused on the truth within you.

Realize tempers are flaring for no reason at all.

Know that in a few weeks it will settle down.

Help your children understand what they are feeling and experiencing.

Take time to rejuvenate and put off any new plans for a bit.

Remember everybody feels the energy whether they know it or not.

Be kind to others and yourself.

Pray often and invoke the names of the highest and holiest beings you know.

Light a candle.

Question to the Universe

In 1999 I had a vision of the parallel Universe merging with our Universe. The words I heard at the time were that we were entering “The Ring Pass Not”. I would like you to expand on this for those seeking to find the answers in their spiritual journey.

Certainly we would love to assist.

The “Ring Pass Not “, has to do with the Karma and limitations individuals have put upon themselves. In order for them to reach their higher self, they must overcome the lower personality and break free of old belief structures that hold them in ignorance. This will be an arduous task that could take decade’s even lifetimes.

Enlightenment and evolution take time in the physical plane, as time has its own power in that plane.

Being subject to time means that who so ever chooses to accelerate their own growth can do so by understanding their personal power in various levels of consciousness. Most individuals choose to slowly evolve and the changes already in their lives cause them to fear making more radical changes themselves. (Individually)

As a collective whole of mass consciousness upon Earth many things must change to bring about peace and love on a large scale; beginning with Governments and Religions. These institutions have their basis in a belief that must open up to new and innovative ideas. This will be challenging.

Foundations are strong and to tell people they need to change or expand their foundation is pretty frightening and intense. We as the Universe of love will be assisting, yet without an open mind and heart, many will choose to stay stuck.

Time must become your friend and you must move yourself into different dimension of thought and progress. One person of light, love and understanding, emanates so much beauty in the world off setting many people who hold themselves in negativity.

We know that that it will take many disasters upon the Earth to bring people to a meeting of the minds and we wish this could be different. Humans as well as the puppet masters they serve are the only ones that can change minds.

July, August 2018 Eclipses

July and August 2018 Eclipses and Transits Astrology Update

By Mystic Marguerite


As the days of July come on, we are entering a major phase of eclipse and transit action that will have a profound effect on affairs both within the human psyche and without in our experience of life here on earth. Below are listed key transits at the time of the three eclipses to come and some thoughts on what they represent.


The first important feature is that Mars, ruler of ambition, action and aggression is retrograde in Aquarius and in square to Uranus the disruptor at 2° Taurus for all three eclipses.  Jupiter, ruler of expansion and in Scorpio dedicated to sexual justice and transformation of social sexual rules is in trine to Neptune the dreamer and idealist in Pisces for all three also.  Mars in Aquarius is interested in social interaction; the focus may be on friends, family or communal affairs, or it may be in exploration off the usual path and into strange and unique new ally-ways. Retrograde motion initially means a radical change in direction, or a withdrawal into the past; as the motion continues one can expect an intensity of focus to apply and as Uranus is involved, a drive towards impulsive action based either on a need to impose control or the equal and opposite urge to rebel against restrictions can occur, repeatedly.


The Neptune-Jupiter vibration will amplify the drive to idealism, beauty, glamor and in support of whatever is important as a belief system, whether it be religious, mystic, scientific, sexual, civil, or martial in nature.  It also reinforces the sensation that anything is possible, that other-worldly influences are sharing space with one’s own inner being and that whatever the desire or belief is, it will be supported.  The electronic dream machine is already in overdrive out there, bathing us in a constant stream of images dedicated to constant pleasure, activity and distraction; the attention span is shortened and the stimulation actually leads nowhere, while scattering meaningful engagement.

The first partial solar eclipse is at 20 degrees Cancer on July 12th; the Sun and Moon in Cancer will be opposed by Pluto at same degrees in Capricorn.  The Saros cycle to which this eclipse belongs has a theme of endings in certain long-term relations connected particularly to home, family or close friends.  It also speaks of control imposed by government authority in the name of ideology on the people at large; it is not particularly progressive.  Mars at 7°Aquarius retrograde will be conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 6° Aquarius representing the past; in square to Uranus; the upshot will be financial instability for the purpose of condensing monopoly behind the scenes. Do expect some power players to fall from grace, and by the time the eclipses are over there may be big changes in the usual status-quo of politics. A grand trine in earth will shine in the heavens between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Virgo; good fortune will certainly visit some of us however for now the elite will maintain their privileges, even if at the expense of the rest.

The second lunation will be a total lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius on July 27th, just after Mercury ruler of all things connected to mind, speech and travel stations retrograde. The Moon will be conjunct the South Node of the past on one side and Mars retrograde on the other, all within two degrees; the Sun is opposite the Moon, so the luminaries make a t-square with Uranus at 2-4 degrees of the signs. Personally, expect moments of extreme confusion and disorientation; in the days before the eclipse and just after please take extra care in driving or otherwise engaging in activity as the potential for accident will be greatly increased. Take some time off from work if at all possible and get away from crowds or challenging interactions with others. This is not a good time to start new enterprises or aggressively pursue some goal of achievement.  The usual state of collective consciousness is suspended, allowing all sorts of archetypal energies to come in and commune with the usual state of mind. There likely will be increased effort by higher authority to maintain order as usual but expect people to behave oddly and do let go of any preconceived notions of how things are supposed to proceed for awhile.

A second partial solar eclipse will occur at 18° Leo on August 11.  The lunation is also conjunct Mercury retrograde, quincunx Neptune at 15° Pisces and square Jupiter at 14° Scorpio. Venus in Libra will be in square to Saturn and quincunx to Uranus, showing a lack of trust and an inclination to rebelliousness.  The Merc retrograde is conjunct the Ascendant of a chart set for Washington DC; the electoral base is certainly confused, while difficult changes seem to be afoot in matters connected to the work place and health care, however Jupiter in Scorpio is lighting up the home base and providing energy for adjustment and the transformation of old attitudes and root belief patterns. Wherever in the world you live, do expect disharmony to be easy to find and a revisiting of difficult memories from the past to crowd the mind.  These memories are meant to be reviewed and healed with loving, unconditional acceptance, before being released.


The comments above may seem ominous and unsettling for business as usual. The cosmos and mother Gaia are in collusion at this time, sending in new vibrational patterns that are indeed going to disrupt the global social order as usual. The key is to stay grounded in the heart while  intending the best for yourself and all life around you; the personal work involves taking time to learn to flow with these new energies instead of judging, fighting, resisting or escaping into drugs, electronica or shopping.  Do expect the social and commercial structures around us to react with a greater need for control and restriction; do expect greed, rudeness and violation to continue to happen, as many beings cannot and will not be able to adjust to the new templates of being downloaded into the physical, mental and emotional matrix at all.  Do expect continued attempts to bring back the past and reinforce the restrictions and limitations that entrapped us well for the last few thousand years, but these structures are not compatible with the environmental and psychological changes that are upon us to incorporate into ourselves now.




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A bit frustrating but considering the energies I must be patient.

You are Spirit Love

You were born of and as love in your original state of spirit, mind, body and soul. It is to this state of origin that your soul adheres, and must return to transcend the various planes of consciousness. Would you be happy to remain in the state of being that dictates depression and fear? Could you enjoy little or no development and growth in life? The way of life must be to move beyond that which is the accepted illusion of living.

This is done by unlocking the mysteries of life that lie within and choosing to remove the layers of pain and sadness that have haunted you for so long.

As physical beings it is necessary to have a balance in life between both the Conditional and Unconditional Love within for true awareness and understanding to take place. The Divine element that you are thrives on the Unconditional love to be the I Am; the physical being thrives on the conditional love of needing to be needed. When we feel needed we glow with delight and bathe in accomplishment. When we accept ourselves unconditionally we begin to accept our flaws as the perfections we are healing into.

You will find that all things in the Universe are paradox. Knowing this will help you discern truth and discover that there is really no right or wrong, in each and every moment all is a matter of perception.

Through this awareness you will begin to understand self and forgive others. Most importantly you will release the need to judge.  Through this realization you will grow and develop on all levels of self.