Listening and Hearing

Often people find it hard to slow their own brain down long enough to really listen to what the other person is saying. Because of this they don’t have an opportunity to process what is being said.

Too often we have an answer to a question we never took the time to really hear or understand. Because of this we often jump to conclusions way too quickly.

Listening is an art and should be treated as such, to answer a question before we really realize what is being said is how we accidentally cut people off without meaning to. It is the same when we are trying to hear what spirit is trying to get across and continually find our own mind gets in our way. Listening is done in many ways. Knowing what we are listening for and also how we feel about it takes a few seconds to digest.

Spirit mostly communicates with us though our feeling selves. If we can’t understand our own feelings, we will probably miss their message. Learning to discern how and why we feel the way we do is mandatory if we want to develop our intuition and inner knowing. Because we have been taught throughout life to ignore our feelings and suppress them, this can be very challenging at times. Pretending we feel differently than we do can be very self-deceiving.

Self-development is an awesome experience but can be very difficult when we wait till much later in life to bother with it. Life often keeps us so distracted that we may never do it. It is a personal choice. Making such a choice can be difficult to follow through with, but ultimately is so very soul freeing allowing you to truly discover your inner light and live a more fulfilling life.

More about Soul

Humans are easily sublimated by their surroundings. Television ads, educational learning, family and religion are parts of our sublimation. When we hear or are taught something over and over again we begin to accept it as part of our reality. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, famine, homelessness, politics and Jesus, all are part of our consciousness because we have seen and heard about them constantly. Had we not seen and heard about them, they would not exist in our consciousness, nor would they be part of our reality.

The many things we have not seen nor heard about, play little if any role in our daily awareness. Because this is true, it is up to us to educate and sublimate ourselves with thoughts and ideas that promote happiness, joy and peace.

To believe that there is an unseen force of energy that pervades all life is to believe in Spirit. It matters not what name you give to spirit, what matters is that you understand that you are spirit.

In order to identify how all life contains spirit, you must first study about soul. All things of life in this world contain soul. As long as we refer to the soul as being unconscious then that sublimation will remain intact. The fact that all life contains soul, should make it obvious enough, that the only thing that is unconscious of soul is the seeker. If the mysteries of the Universe and the Divine are actually natural soul awareness, then it is only natural to seek them out for your own revelation.

Your soul is actively participating in your life everyday. The more you learn to hear and see it, the more help it can offer you in understanding your individual purpose in being alive. It is time for human beings to re-sublimate themselves and turn to the soul for its memories and awareness of the truth and light within. With soul, light, and spirit all things are possible. Without them, more of the same will perpetuate itself. Call to your soul daily and let it know that you acknowledge it. Discover the world of soul that you are.

You are a beautiful energy of light. Your emanations make up the whole, just as the whole makes up the emanations that you are!

Our Conditioning

We are all products of our environments, our ancestry, our society, and of history. All these things have created the program within us that determines how we live our lives.

When we begin to examine the accepted programs that our personality has accepted as self, we find that little if any of it makes sense. We recognize how we too are the same as our mothers and fathers, our jobs, our children, etc. We realize that we have very little individual identity apart from these things. The current identity we are experiencing was developed to survive our daily life in a very basic manner.

As we seek to understand the deeper meaning of  life and ourselves, we peel off the layers of our survival conditioning to discover what lies beneath the surface. Our conditional self is the surface layer of who we are. The “tip of the iceberg” if you will.

By peeling away the outer conditions of ourselves, we can begin a new quest for knowledge and awareness. Here is where we begin the journey of discovering our spiritual essence. Many people find the “peeling away” process difficult at first; however, to move forward, we first must be able to first identify what holds us in place.

Human conditioning is powerful and we have accepted certain beliefs as being truth for centuries, perhaps even eons of time. We have lived our lives for the elements of pleasure and pain, continually unaware of any other way; when it is suggested that a truer self lies somewhere within us, our conditioning rebels.

Our rational minds and emotional bodies impose doubt and fear of the unknown.

We are taught and believe that it is natural to be afraid of learning more about ourselves.

Is it natural to live only in the experiences of the past, trapped by fear, guilt, anger, and shame?  Our conditioning would have us believe this is the way because it knows of no other.  It is in this way that the conditioned self becomes stubborn, set in its ways, and stuck in ignorance.

When we seek to know ourselves as spirit, we do so by removing our outer covering and finding what lies underneath. By exploring our hidden depths, we begin to loosen the bonds that have trapped us in the past.

We now see that our personality conditions, our patterns, have to do with gaining the acceptance and approval of others. The good girl or boy our parents wanted us to be, the well-behaved student who got good grades, the wife or husband who lives to make their spouse happy, the employee who is loyal and works overtime without complaint.  These are only a few of the many facades and roles we play in life.  These facades are the layers through which we must process to find the jewel that lies hidden within—the unconditional spirit self.

When we begin peeling the layers away, it is often difficult to understand how to move beyond our current belief structure. Unconditionally accepting ourself is no small feat. If you want to believe in yourself as spirit and love, you can consciously choose to do so. By acquiring and using the proper tools and with application you will succeed. Nothing less than

Perseverance and dedication are required. To change belief patterns is a continual task. You need be willing to make the effort and take the time.

To begin believing differently, we must open ourselves to our feelings of vulnerability. This allows us to trust in love and to explore the pain that lies within. This initial step is difficult and challenging at first, yet to achieve want we want in life we must take risks.  Fear is simply an instinct to survive. If we permit fear to determine who we are then we will never know ourselves as spirit.

The greatest conditioned fear within, is the fear of change.  If we are afraid that we are not whom we think we are, then we have no identity to attach to.  This fear is so paralyzing that we do not chance to embrace change.  Yet change is and always has been the only constant in life.  We are all designed to be changelings.  Believing any other way is illusionary.  When we live in the illusion we have created, calling it life, without knowing the eternal essence within; we do not really live, we merely exist.

Learned responses are powerful because we believe in them.  When we begin to detach from the energy we have given to our conditioned responses as being truth, they fade.

Our personal reality is completely based on what we believe; when we discover that truth is ever expansive and undeniable, our reality changes. When this transpires, we embark upon the profound and limitless journey within.




Enlightenment is not a term or a word but an experience. When one is enlightened, they are aware of how they belong within the whole. They become aware that they are spirit within, and they live in an integrated state of higher awareness.

Becoming enlightened is the nature of the journey that was taken on when choosing to be born into the third dimension. Becoming spiritually enlightened is the fulfillment of this journey.

Once spiritually enlightened one begins to see and live the “bigger picture”. This “bigger picture,” allows us to comprehend the true purpose of existence. Without true purpose in life, we go through the motions of life, never understanding its rhyme or reason. This leads us to question forever our purpose in being here.

As we develop and become spiritually enlightened, we realize that there is an order to life. An order that goes far beyond anything we may have learned through our life experiences or academic learning. A divine order with pristine laws based in perception and understanding. These are natural laws, ordering the Universe and the Cosmos and all life beyond.

These laws have motion and movement. These laws have been given names such as “The law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction, The law of Karma, The law of Rebirth, The Law of Science and Mathematics (also known as Sacred Geometry) and others I cannot name.

These laws can only be learned and understood conceptually. To the rational being they make very little if any sense at all. It is the soul consciousness that remembers and uses these laws to live by.

In order to familiarize yourself with these theoretical laws you might explore books on Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. By doing so, perhaps you can use the left part of your brain as a relay to tap the subconscious and super-conscious.

There is no more rewarding or greater journey than that of spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment is the one thing we can accrue this lifetime that we can not only take with us, but can also use as our vehicle to explore the heavenly worlds of evolution when we die.

When we leave this earthly body, many humans believe that we automatically ascend to these heavenly worlds. Realize simply, that one must know God here, before one can know god anywhere else.

We dwell continually within many worlds while alive in the physical, whether we are aware of it or not. Little is different after we cross over. Unawareness carries over to the other side just as awareness does. Our realizations while in the physical, have much, if not all, to do with what our realities will be when we cross over. Life after death is not a reprieve from our life on earth; rather an extension of the journey already created.

Without spiritual enlightenment here, there can be no spiritual enlightenment elsewhere for us. There is no magic wand that God waves when you die to save you from your own dysfunctional perceptions. Truly the realizations that you experience on the other side, can only be used when you are re-incarnated to try to get it right the next time.

If instead we were to take responsibility for our own spiritual enlightenment this lifetime, beginning to realize how we and God are one and the same, imagine the changes we could produce in our own evolutionary paths. Many less dysfunctional beings would be returning to the earth plane each round and a more spiritually advanced culture could begin designing and healing the future of humanity.





The past, present, and future each exist within one another. They are the makeup that creates our picture of life and ourselves. Our past cannot be put behind us by us not thinking about it. Our training has been that by stuffing our emotions we can put things out of our mind.

Stuffing ones emotions year after year causes one to feel alienated and distant. It is all right to put our feelings on the back burner for a little while, but too often, we forget to bring them back to the foreground. This can cause us to lose perspective of self and others around us.

How well we process and understand our feelings determines our emotional health. Due to the emotional distress most individuals have suffered in life, they believe themselves unable to trust their feeling self.

When we push the emotions deep into the recesses of our being we isolate and insulate, losing our ability to deal with the intimate emotional situations in our personal lives. This in turn causes us loss in our ability to use logic and reason to resolve emotional situations in our lives.

In order to achieve good health or peace of mind it is necessary for us to bring our emotions into balance with our reason. Denying how we feel about different situations in our lives can be very self-destructive.  We think that by stuffing our emotions they will go away.


Unexpressed emotions simply lie beneath the surface smoldering, waiting for an opportunity to emerge. Repressed emotions will eventually find a way of showing themselves. They are often released unexpectedly in a fit of anger, along with crying or yelling for no apparent reason. They can create mood swings and suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Depression, anxiety, stress, uncontrollable laughter, and crying are all symptoms of pent up emotions. We label this as mental illness and doctors prescribe drugs and other treatments. Nevertheless, no matter what we call it, the fact remains it is repressed emotion.

Often repressed emotions also manifest themselves through physical illness. Heart disease, arthritis, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and many other illnesses are more connected to the emotions than we think. Sometimes the result of repressed emotions can be terminal.

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool we have for dealing with repressed emotions. We all feel victimized by the seeming injustices that take place in our lives.  Few of us know how to react to or process these feelings.

By learning to forgive yourself, other people, and the circumstances that have occurred in life, your experience of life becomes transformed. This transformation takes place not by us paying lip service to forgiving but by seriously delving within ourselves to admit that we are the one who has been repressing our emotions. We must each make a conscious effort to do whatever it takes to make peace with ourselves and the past.



If you carry a feeling of hatred around inside of yourself for twenty years or so, it eats away at you daily; not those you believe you hate. By harboring an intense feeling of hatred, you begin to attract others into your life that are harboring the same feeling.  Together, you now feed off each other’s hatred and begin finding fault with one another. This happens because like energy attracts, and likely, you will soon find a reason to hate everyone you try getting close to.

When humans feel victimized by life and hold onto this emotional energy, they then attract other people into their lives who also are victims. By feeding off each other’s emotional energy, they eventually become one another’s victims. This is the law of universal attraction in action.

Some people feel it is easier to forgive another person for a wrongdoing than it is to forgive their self.  Others find it easier to forgive their self. True emotional healing can take place only when we are willing to forgive both the other and ourselves. We must not simply tell ourselves that we forgive; we must know that we have forgiven through the balance in our feelings.

True forgiveness does not come easily and may take time. You will know when you have truly forgiven. When you can search your heart and your mind and no longer experience ill feelings toward a situation or another person, you have reached the pinnacle of true forgiving.

Following are exercises to aid you with forgiveness processing. You may do these exercises while sitting in a chair or lying in bed at night before going to sleep.  These exercises should be used daily if possible.



Exercise I: Life Revue


While lying in bed at night, begin to revue your life.  Start at the age you are now and continue back one year at a time. Say your age as you do this (such as 49) and simply see what memories come. When you come to a memory about yourself that does not feel good, it is time to process with forgiving. Simply allow yourself to receive clearly the image of what the situation was about and begin to forgive yourself for the feelings in the situation. Then see if you can understand how to forgive the other person or people involved.

When no more memories come for that year, go back one more year (e.g., age 48), and so forth. You do not have to do your entire life in one sitting. You can stop and pick up later where you left off.  When you stop the first session, write down the age at which you stopped. When you do the Life Revue exercise again, begin at the age where you previously stopped. This exercise may take many nights or days to work with.  So, be patient.



Exercise II: The Sacred Path


Put on some soothing, relaxing music and start letting go of all your daily stress. Feel the stress moving down your body, starting at the top of your head and moving down out through your arms and hands, then down your torso and legs, and out through your feet. Begin to drift.

Breathing comfortably, let yourself float to a peaceful place somewhere in nature. This spot is filled with greenery and earth’s beauty. Spend a few moments enjoying your new surroundings, and see a traveler guiding you to a pathway. Travel this pathway and meet yourself as a child. Be gentle with yourself and the child. Let the child part of yourself express its feelings to you. Get the child to forgive you and you him/her. Forgive yourself as well. Together, recall the memories of the past that need to be resolved and work to resolve them together.


This exercise should be done many, many times. You will find that forgiveness is not an easy task to accomplish. Keep at it until you feel you are making headway and understand the process. Do not be afraid to pray or ask for help as you work on yourself.




How life becomes a state of grace rather than a state of reason

Thinking is a way of seeing and reasoning out what we experience in the 3D around us. Becoming is a state of being that allows us to open ourselves to more development to become.

Often my spirit guides will say to me, “You’ve been thinking again, haven’t you?”

What this means to me is that my thinking has once again clouded my judgement about reality. The mind is what creates the illusions we see as life in the 3D. When we move beyond reasoning, we become aware of our soul and spirit self. This now becomes the reality of the present moment without judgement.

Judging holds us back from experiencing our Soul and Spirit self. We cannot identify our true self through reason or logic; instead we must learn to decipher how we and all else is energy. To realize oneself as energy is to acquaint ourselves with the language of vibration.

If indeed you are to communicate with spirit, you must resonate with their energies by attaining the self- same energy yourself. This is most generally accomplished through meditation; as meditation is the process of going within to see and interact through your inner senses rather than the outer ones. This is where you learn to identify with your soul and spirit self.

People can become adept at hearing and understanding how they themselves are spirit thereby discovering the language of resonation and development in frequencies. The greatest pitfalls we encounter come from the Ego self, sometimes desire itself can cause us to fool ourselves.

Our ego and personality can play tricks on us as the human needs to compete and be right, this can be our greatest deception that holds us in place as we race to discover and holding ourselves back as we do this.

We must learn humility and humbleness if we are to develop our gifts of awareness of Higher Self.

We must learn to identify our own spirit within if we wish to know and commune with other spirits. The language of Angels has to do with the essence of love on a very pure level of innocence and awe. The simplest of things can now answer what we believed to be so complex in our thinking.

Meditation is a developed art that keeps our consciousness and understanding expanding. Also by putting yourself in a space of light and love creates a welcoming space for them to be with you.












































How Spirit speaks with you

We are always using out intuition in a variety of ways. Often I hear “I don’t know why I simply feel this is best.” Or I can’t explain it I just know this is the better thing to do or not.

Our intuition is always turned on yet we fear that what we think we feel might not be right. Developing your intuition is key to sensing spirit vibrations and trusting yourself.

Using a heightened sense of awareness is key to channeling spirit and attuning to these higher frequencies. Spirit often speaks to us though our intuition and awareness, this is different than emotion, yet similar. Intuition is achieved by tapping the silence within and understanding various frequencies; also being able to separate emotion from feeling understanding. To do this it is said “you must get out of your own way,” simply speaking you must not let your thinking  mind and emotional self interfere with the messages received.

Sounds a bit complicated and silly, yet it is the only way to clarity of inner self. Inner self being the refined senses on an inner level. Just as we have the five outer senses so do we have these in an inner level. Just as there are many vibrations throughout the universe and the heavens, so have we such attunements within ourselves that must be developed in order to be used.

Asking spirit to send us a sign is the most popular use of this inner energy. signs come in different forms to different people. A popular sign has become a totem animal as well as signals in sky and clouds. We must all begin with yes and no questions to begin practicing.

Spirits are numerous and often those who have died become disincarnate spirits, we do not want to speaking with “Uncle Bob” and thinking this is an angel or other spirit guide of a more spiritual order.

Practicing automatic writing is an easy and simple way to identify whom you are speaking with.

Anchoring Light

Anchoring Light

Setting Space and Anchoring of Light
By: Athene Raefiel

When we want to understand the energy self, and the energy beings we call spirit guides, we need to practice putting ourselves in a purified sacred energy space. This is what I call setting the space. Needing to keep our energy fields clear is important for us to feel safe and also be in tune with our intuition and divine counterpart.

To begin, it is good to smudge your sacred space with some white sage or a stick of incense. When you are creating a sacred space within which to meditate, relax or even just contemplate, you will want to make it feel sacred and personal. Some people like to light candles seeing them as representing the flame or light of life within that they, and all other life is. Other spiritual tools you may want to use to set your spiritual space are rocks and crystals, statues and altars, special books and divination cards, runes and pendulums.

Don’t forget a notebook and pen, you never know what you may want to write down.

Doing this kind of exercise puts you in the right mood and helps you set your intent for the desired results.

When it is time to sit down and anchor the Light, Simply take some very deep breaths and relax your body, your mind and emotions.
Then State:
I call to the power of light that I am.

I call to my angels and spirit guides of light.

I call to my soul and spirit self.

I call to all those that assist, guide, guard and protect me.

I ask that they align their energies in and around me so that I may feel and experience my connection to the holy light within that I am.
Again take a few deep breaths and state:
I am a child of light and love.

I am loving light.

I am goodness and beauty.

I am the reflection of the holy light within.
Now simply visualize the sun shining directly over your head as you feel the warmth of the rays coming down around you. Fill your entire being and space with this light.

Now feel as if there are roots coming out through the bottom of your feet and let them move deeply into the earth. Now begin feeling the roots being filled with the nutrients from the earth.
Let a temple of light be created around you and bathe yourself in this light. Merge with the light, become one with it and experience the colors within the light as fully as possible.

Become the different colors you see, one at a time; the blue, the red, the pink, the emerald, the white, the gold and purple. Now let all the colors just simply move through you. See yourself as this wonderful clear crystal emanating all these beautiful colors.

Realize how awesome it feels to be able to be these beautiful energies, sit within them and notice how angelic you feel.

Become a beam of light, expand yourself out in every different direction imaginable and allow yourself to come back to the outside world.

Now sit quietly for a few minutes while you assimilate the experience.

Now that you are centered within your light you may want to write down what you are feeling. You may want to use your tools of divination and see how clear your intuition has become. Or you may simply want to bask in the energy experience.

This is an exercise that should be done as often as possible for those wanting to learn to go within and connect to your spirit essence.

As lightworkers it is our calling to anchor the Universal light into our lives daily. The universe asks nothing of us but to become attuned to ourselves as light beings and assist them in the creation of light within the physical plane of existence. This we do by anchoring light.

Happy 2022

Wow it is almost 2022! By the time you read this it probably will be. This year promises to be easier on us than the last two.

All these twos will help to bring about balance with the male and female within. All relationships will find a better harmony and adjustments. Family will need to get their act together while the need for more freedom in ideas will burst forth.

Careful how fast you move on new ideas by doing some research before you leap. Do not add stress to what can be a beautiful transition in life.

2022 ads to a 6, meaning more balance in your spirituality and physical reality world, this helps us understand how we operate as the “God Within” showing more love and kindness to ourselves and others around us.

The year of 2021 was an angry year. Much was misunderstood and misinterpreted by the simplest means. Much of that changes now. I do not mean that there will not be challenges for us but thinking should be clearer and kinder as a whole.

Climate change will still be challenging for human, animal and plant life. We must clean up the Oceans and quit wasting precious resources just because we are too lazy to pay attention to our own bad habits.

Instead of the world seeing Americans as rebellious teens we should grow up and take responsibility for our own short comings. No more excuses please. Understand this is a shared planet.