Galactic Counsel Channeling

Channeling From The Galactic Brotherhood

Through: Athene Raefiel

We come to you today to share our concerns with all of you who have been stressed about the current energies and worldwide effect they are having. Due to the changing climactic patterns and the earth shifting to adjust herself, the storms will become increasing difficult for those living nearest to the shorelines. Those of you who live inland will find that the weather is either very hot or very cold. Only those near the equator will find a mid- temperature year round but even that will be shifting as the pole shifts continue.

Remember that you chose to be here on Planet Earth for these magnetic shifts and that you are discovering a whole new meaning to the word balance. Why would you do such a thing you may ask? And we say to you; this is a time of transition and transformation for soul evolution like no other in recorded history. In this incarnation you as the soul and spirit of light upon your planet have chosen to advance many degrees and levels of consciousness allowing yourselves to become free of the wheel of karmic law that has held you in bondage to the earthly body for eons of time. You hold now the memories and key experiences necessary to set yourselves free and also the wisdom to leave a legacy of truth and light that will guide others for eons of time to come. So many souls are re-incarnating at this time to assist in the divine plan of light, yet so many unaware souls die upon the planet daily with no hope or light to save them from their own destruction.

If it were indeed possible for all experiences to happen at the same time, then this time is now, this 21st century of earth time. The good, the bad and the unthinkable all have risen to the occasion and battle for the lead and the winners circle. Though many of you remember back when this whole story began, before Atlantis, still it is the culmination of that time period and technology that must either be repaired or split into the many frequencies needed for like to attract like and dwell within it.

For those of you who dwell within the Divine Light frequencies daily and anchor light there will be many alternate realities to choose from for your future existence. For those who do not, the wheel of karmic action will continue until, there is either spiritual evolution or total annihilation of the species you call human. Fear not, you are not the whole or the all that determines such things, you are but a spoke in the wheel and cycles of time, the universe, the cosmos and the divine.

All lightbearers have a role to play this go around and many have already served their time to adjust and balance their own human karma an error. Still they believe it is their duty to save mankind from itself. Yet we say to you, though the species upon your planet wear the same physical armament as you, they indeed are all not from the same planet or star systems. The veil that humankind hides behind as a species, does in no way make them alike. It is not the color of their skins that signifies the differences or even their cultures or religions as some think, but instead it is their very existence and planetary systems from which they herald.

So many feel that they are here to save the planet and her species as a whole. Many species now involved and evolved while on planet earth did not originate there.

Though many of you wish to know more about the various star systems from which life upon your planet originated, you fail to seek the motivation to search out such information and memories within your own soul awareness. Most of you have family and siblings still living and working in other galaxies. The galactic councils of light have worked with the Ascended Masters of your planetary system as well as the Archangels since time immemorial.

Too much has been put upon every one being a human and that all humans are your brothers and sisters of light. Indeed this is an untruth. Few are chosen to evolve to the height that the mystics and lightbearers have strove for all of these eons of time. The true disciple discovers early on that they are distinctly different from the mass of beings surrounding them, and that they have abilities and gifts that they have no explanation of.

True sensitives have always known that they could feel the changes around them both in the people and the earth. It’s not an easy job being a sensitive, as spiritual evolution for those in your lower planes of existence contains a great deal of drama and misfortune. This is not necessarily yours, but that of those you care for and love. This too is a test of faith and love for those of you who know you are to be unattached to outcome, yet you fear for others that you love.

This current cycle for the lightbearers will be about surrendering their need to attach to the outcomes of others. Remember always that what you see others create is just that, their creation. You can no more rescue or save them from that than someone could save you from your learning experiences. Denial is strong among those dwelling in the earth planes and it is easy to justify what is righteous, what is good and what is bad, what is right and wrong. Yet for many of you who have become self realized since the harmonic convergence, the time of surrender and letting go of simulated outcomes is necessary.

Loving, allowing, and trusting is hard for the compassionate warrior, especially when it comes to family. Yet we say to you, your family is must vaster than you remember, and the number of lifetimes you have walked the earth’s surface are many. Because of you, and the others who stayed to see the planet repaired after Mu and Atlantis, there is now science, technology, medicine, soil awareness, air flight, automotive advancements, and even Internet awareness around the globe. You have brought the realities of everyone calling themselves human to a point where they now have the tools and knowledge necessary to save themselves. Though it may not seem apparent by the current stance of world affairs we assure you that it is true. The various species are taking action and helping to heal themselves as they heal one another. This will take a great amount of time and time is something that many of you have already conquered within yourself and no longer need the experience of for your spiritual evolution.

Let us say that what one sees with eyes closed and in a meditative state is much different than what one sees with their eyes open while visiting the drama others call daily life. We know that you love and want to salvage the lives of those you fondly admired in this incarnation. But we say to you; the world you see around you now, the world you helped to save so that they could create, is no longer your world, it is now theirs. Though you could hold their hand and visit their path and reality with them, it will never be your reality. When you try to live in realities that are not yours you become despondent and tired. You feel trapped and isolated and you feel wise in a world of ignorance unfilled by hope. You may choose this destiny if you like but it is no longer your reality and will therefore bring you no joy or happiness.

The greatest and most powerful thing a soul being can do is let go and move forward. Surrendering to your soul and spirit path are the only realities and truth you have to look forward to. All the rest are made up illusions that you believe in to find success and money in your practical existence. Alternately, all that is truly real is the authentic self and spirit essence of life and light that you are. When you can accept this truth and when you have accomplished all the practical feats you have set out to achieve, then you will find peace within and once again dwell within the home inside that you know you are.

Here in this home inside, you will also find all of us and the rest of your family in spirit as well. What we tell you here today is about living, not dying. In order to live, to really live and be alive, you must first disperse with what is real and what is not. You must discover and know how you and the Divine are one and reside continually in the place called home inside yourself. For those of you already doing this we say, take your life now and do what you want and need to be happy and comfortable. Fear not for the safety of others and their well being but come to us and the soul councils to help them if you feel such a desire. You now have reached a level in your progression that allows you to plead the cases of others that you feel deserve such love and honor from you. If you do not yet know how to do this for yourself then you will not be able to do it for another. Know this though. That what we share with you here today is a coming of age for many of the so called old souls upon the planet that have served lifetime after lifetime to re-balance the frequencies within the earth plane, allowing her to align once again with her true evolutionary path. That path housing and harboring many species of beings. The three dimensions of the earth plane allow for a great diversity of beings to not only inhabit your planet called earth but also integrate and share with so many other species. All this will come to pass in Earth’s future. Yet for many of you the future of Earth is no longer your concern for you have brought her and yourselves full cycle for the beings now inhabiting her.

We know that many of you will question what you have read here today and doubt its validity or truth. This is good for all growth comes from stimulation and that we have stimulated your minds and feelings pleases us. We will add in closing, that to identify with what has been said here today, all you need do is ask yourself if you feel that you belong in the world or time that currently surrounds you on your planet Earth? Have you ever felt that you did, and do you truly think the day will come that you will? Be honest with yourself and you will easily identify with what has been spoken of to you here today.

Be of Light

The Galactic Council with St. Germaine, and Red Cloud




About the Writer: Athene Raefiel is honored to be a channel of light for Hierarchy, the Archangels, and The Councils of Light and Galactic Brotherhood. She is a mystic and teacher of The Spiritual Path.

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