Archangel Raphael

Message from Archangel Raphael


I come today to speak with you all about the cleansing currently happening all over your Planet Earth and throughout your Solar System. Through the various rotations of Each Planet many vibrations are shifting energetically, much like screwing in light bulb, and thereby bringing more and more light to shine into being throughout. This grand awakening of souls that has brought more beings into the awareness of their individual gifts and work, opening them to the awareness of their divinity and great need to help others become aware as well.

What one sees with their own eyes they cannot easily dismiss; as interplanetary travel is showing up in the skies even to the uninitiated? The galactic brotherhood is moving ever so swiftly to assist their brethren and sisters, with and through the current massive awakening.

This past set of eclipses will bring many breakthroughs that have been prayed and asked for since 1986, when your new President stated he wanted to help save and restore the soul of a country and her people he was acknowledging the Divinity that belongs to all life. We immediately answered that call and are now working with and through your government leaders as well as those in other countries who listen to their conscience.

This entire year of 2022 will be about restoring a sense of love and balance to the World you live upon.

The Divine Mother is working closely with Mother Earth to assist in bringing a new sense of stability, allowing there to be food and shelter to all nature. Due to the extinction of various plants, animals and insects and the destruction of rain forests, the Earth is trying to re-stabilize itself, shall we say as if it has one arm being held behind her back.

The carelessness of those with power and money are now wiping out various tribes of indigenous peoples. People are not disposable entities but parts of creation that made up a whole. Now all is becoming shattered due to the misunderstanding that life is disposable.

Bees pollinate so many things and keep life growing and becoming yet the amount destroyed by ignorance nearly killed them off. Humans are pollinators as well. As the understanding of kindness and caring spreads from one human to another, more and more goodness becomes available to all.

When money determines one’s fall from grace it is the same as wearing blinders and headsets to block out reality.

I will challenge you each to spend 4 days with no outside stimuli. No Television, Radio, Games etc. During which time you will spend as much time as possible out in nature in meditation and reading of spiritual or self-help books. Not judging yourself, others or circumstances and spreading love and kindness to all those you see and meet.

Keep a journal every day and review it one week after you started this mini journey. What did you learn? What did you experience? Has this heightened your senses in any way? What did you discover about yourself and life? How much more clearly has your thought process become and what value did you discover by abstaining from the daily chatter called life.

It is by developing your inner senses that you connect with Higher self and all other life. So long as you bombard your selves with the outer senses you cannot find the pathway of your inner awareness and life giving Light.

What I ask of you is a type of fasting away from outside influences. Please make the time to do the 4 day exercise and let go of excuses as to why you cannot.

Blessings to you All


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