Cause and Effect

Teaching on Cause and Effect

Lord Kuthumi through Athene Raefiel



Each of you is made up of many different levels of energetic light and vibrations. In order to understand and participate within all levels of self and consciousness you must allow yourself to be free of physical thought.

If you do not control it, physical thought will dictate who you are and how you see yourself and others. The rational mind is a great asset to all humans when it is used for the right purposes instead of allowing it to use you. To move beyond the rational mind you must be willing to trust that you are not the rational mind. This requires letting go of the need to be in control and allowing yourself to intuit what you are experiencing.

Do you let your mind tell you how you feel? Do you let your emotions determine how you think? To do this is merely being human, yet to observe how you operate in many places at once is beyond the scope of both the mind and the emotions. To move beyond the experience of simple humanness and experience the allness of everything is exhilarating. In this way you expand your awareness and consciousness to take in the breadth and depth of the entire Universe, Cosmos and Divine.

Essence cannot be seen only experienced. Essence and energy are what all things are made up of. When one sits in the essence of energy, they have moved from the world of form to the world of formlessness. This is now moving from the Astral Plane to the Causal and Celestial.

Much has been spoken of and shared with you about the “New Earth” and the fifth Dimensional awareness. Fifth dimension is the Causal Plane; this is where true cause and effect take place as well as an understanding of the term karma. The Causal Plane is the Plane of manifestation. Until you have understood and balanced the awareness of your heart centered service you will not enter the Causal plane. It is a natural progression and one that is recorded and documented throughout the Akashi planes.

The natural progression of conscious human beings is to move through and develop their consciousness though all levels of their Chakra Centers; by doing so they expand their beingness to take in all that surrounds them. This opens them to their empathic nature as well as their spiritual and compassionate nature. It allows you to be naturally who you are.

Contemplation, prayers, invocations and meditation are the disciplines necessary to attain full awareness of self as being God within. Accomplishing this allows you to see into all levels of consciousness and learn to interpret what is being spoken of through the Wind, the Fire, the Water and the Earth as well as through the ages and dimensions of all life. This communing allows you to understand why you are here and what life means on various levels.

This particular span of Earth time is the end of a 25,000 year cycle. Every 25,000 years a new cycle begins as the Earth shifts to achieve a new level of connection and understanding of the Cosmos herself. This is the amount of time that a full revolution takes place in Earth years.

Now as you each stand on this particular precipice of timing you discover it ever easier to tune into the frequencies of the Higher Realms of Consciousness as well as the Physical and Astral. Because all things of form are born from Chaos, what you see around you is a major labor of the Earth as she births into the next state of being.

Many of you have either heard of or seen the Parallel Universe’ as they have come into play this revolution. The so called “New Earth” is simply another dimension of the Earth we call home now. Yes to subscribe to the notion that you will experience the “New Earth” as your home soon is definitely an option that will be discovered by some but not all. Just as when one dies they go to a new dimension to continue their journey so it is with the older souls this lifetime who have created the “New Earth” as a better place to live.

Within the Parallel Universe the “New Earth” has been created and developed during this past 25,000 year cycle. Those who participated in this creation did so through conscious effort and conscious awareness over the course of many lifetimes. The journey of awareness is not an overnight process but can take eons of time.

This particular 20th and 21st century have brought great acceleration of awareness and consciousness to a much greater number and scale, than any other cycles have since before the time of Mu and Atlantis. Your heritage is to remember where you originated from and where you are going. So many teachings help you to remember that the many lifetimes, be they in body or spirit, are recorded in the collective unconscious and accessible to all that find the path of Enlightenment. It is in your origin that you find your destiny.

Though it is true that all paths lead to the “One” it is also true that the Law of Karma must be understood for true expansion into the unseen realms. What is the Law of Karma and what does it mean to the layman of today? The Law of Karma is the Divine law from which all other laws were developed. Karma is the Causal Plane and the Law of Cause and Effect. Until Karma is experienced, lived and understood, one cannot ascend to greater attainment. Much of what your planet and its peoples are currently experiencing is this Law of Karma. Your scientific community calls this a natural law and states that every material effect must have an adequate cause that existed before the effect.

Cause and effect are now often referred to in Metaphysics as manifestation. To manifest anything there needs to be a cause and effect. All things surrounding you in life and the world were manifested. Just as you each manifest your own reality, so do all others. As these realities merge they too have cause and effect and the cycle just simply continues.

Realities are created out of beliefs. What you believe is what is real for you. To change your beliefs’ is to change your reality. When a segment or unit of peoples come together and espouse the same belief’s this creates a powerful energy that then manifests itself in some form. This is often done in Governments and Religions. This energy affects the consciousness of all others holding those same beliefs as truth. Living those truths is how one discovers the underlying principle upon which those particular truths are based. This in turn leads the masses to believe that their truth is the only relevant truth. This in turn causes war and chaos to ensue and the cycle continues.

When a group or single individual decides to break ranks and discover their own inner truth based on the teachings of unseen worlds, it creates a rift in the flow of the others. This rift often becomes an earthquake that can create a tsunami causing a variety of reactions that puts a new chain of events into play. This is how cycles within cycles evolve.

To see the bigger picture you must be able to overcome your need to be in charge. The bigger picture allows you to understand yourself in a manner of being the whole. This in turn allows you to see and participate within the whole with some clarity and awareness. This creates awe and inspiration for new projects and growth spurts. This is how an idea is formed and then put into play. To activate the idea requires trust of the unknown and courage. This is also known as growth.

There are energies upon energies, truths upon truths, vibrations upon vibrations surrounding and interplaying with you daily. To think otherwise is to be unaware. Life is the dance of these myriads of moving energies and vibrations. How you choose to do the dance of life is how you discover yourself and your purpose. You are the sum total of what you believe, if you don’t like what you believe as truth then change it. Be the rift in the flow that needs to create a new way of thinking and being.

Children of the light,

As you begin this new chapter in your life’s journey you will notice more and more the assistance of the Universe in your day to day life. As teachers of light, who are we and what do we do? We are your spiritual family; Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Teachers of light who have been with you in soul since your incarnation as soul.

The biggest question we hear from you is why did I come into this existence, and why now?

Now, in this powerful millennium there is massive and accelerated growth and development for humans and your planetary System. Only the pure of heart shall succeed in achieving their greatest potential during this incarnation. Staying positive and focused is still most challenging for the many. Addressing the energies as they sway and infiltrate as well as illuminate, using discernment to decipher the good from the bad is the task at hand.

Since in truth all is simply development, the greatest challenge you must master is indeed the self. Finding and becoming the Authentic Natural self and pushing forward.

You find fear to be the enemy not because it is bad but simply because it is being used to control and destroy rather than serve the purpose of alerting to danger. Yes fear can be healthy when put into context, yet so few understand how to use it, rather than it using them. So much and so many fear that fears power becomes stronger by the day. What are you afraid of; the future, the past, the present? Perhaps fear itself? To become the strong warrior that you are, you must identify and confront your fear. There is no other way to become free and alive.

Ultimately it is the child within each of you who has learned about and attached to fear that must change its understanding of it. Fear can and does often paralyze through its power to hold you in its arms. Fear is simply a word, energy necessary to forewarn and protect, not encompass and incarcerate the human being that you are.

The greatest tool you have to consume and transmute fear is Love. As St. Germain shares such a wonderful gift of The Violet Flame of Transformation to assist, we find little reason for fear to have its strong potency in your daily lives.

As sentient feeling humans, letting go is the most challenging of tasks you will face in life. Learning to transmute the fear that binds you creates a place for more and more love to dwell, inside and out. This long forgotten use of love to replace all dysfunction in life is the goal.

What is love?  Why each and every one of you are love. It is the expression of love that you are and emanate that transcends all other things. Love is essence and energy of all life, seen or unseen, it is eternal. It is the food of the soul contained within and shared through the spirit and physical essence that you are. Too little love and kindness in the world presents the greatest destruction to the planet and all of her species. Yes love presents potent danger to the darkness as it is in innocence that you find and become love once again.



Invocation to love.

I call the power and essence of Love. I call to my own spirit essence.

I call to the great beings and powers of Love that unite to assist us all.

I anchor love in every way and honor the energy and light it holds.

I share the energy and essence of my love and connect it with all other love.

Mighty beings of love and light hear me now. Align my energies with yours and allow your child to assist in the journey and recognition of the highest love available.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.


You were born of and as love in your original state of spirit, mind, body and soul. It is to this state of origin that your soul adheres, and must return to transcend the various planes of consciousness. Would you be happy to remain in the state of being that dictates depression and fear? Could you enjoy little or no development and growth in life? The way of life must be to move beyond that which is the accepted illusion of living.

This is done by unlocking the mysteries of life that lie within and choosing to remove the layers of pain and sadness that have haunted you for so long.

As physical beings it is necessary to have a balance in life between both the Conditional and Unconditional Love within for true awareness and understanding to take place. The Divine element that you are thrives on the Unconditional love to be the I Am; the physical being thrives on the conditional love of needing to be needed. When we feel needed we glow with delight and bathe in accomplishment. When we accept ourselves unconditionally we begin to accept our flaws as the perfections we are healing into.

You will find that all things in the Universe are paradox. Knowing this will help you discern truth and discover that there is really no right or wrong, in each and every moment all is a matter of perception.

Through this awareness you will begin to understand self and forgive others. Most importantly you will release the need to judge.  Through this realization you will grow and develop on all levels of self.

Finding and sustaining peace in life is attainable only through hard work and dedication to discovery of truth and Love.

Many Blessings of Love,

Archangel Raphael


The Light You Reflect



The emanation of the Seven Rays is the same as the Seven Heavens created by the mind of God. From each ray, emanates another light and then another and so on ad-infinitum. These emanations make up all life upon our planet, including our solar system, cosmos and divine heavens.

The Seven Rays that each of you emanate, comes from your individual chakra system. A chakra is a spinning vortex of light, which extends out to connect with another chakras’ vortex of light and another, to create the aura. If each person could travel in a spacecraft outside the earth’s atmosphere they would see the aura that planet earth emits. Looking up from planet earth, we can see the aura of the universe that surrounds us and we call it the sky. All these things we see are mixtures of light and color that give us variable perceptions of sound and vibration, as well as light and color.

These energies make up all that we see and sense around us. Looking at a bright sun or full moon, we often feel vibrations as we experience the visual intensity. Sometimes we describe these things as instilling a mood. In silence we both hear and see sound. Silence in and of itself is sound. Listening to the silence is how you discover what you are not hearing, while still hearing the sound of silence all at once.

What we see and hear often evokes feelings. When we see something that we find beautiful and pleasing, it may evoke a feeling of peace and pleasure within us. When we hear a child cry, it generally evokes feelings of kindness and caring. Sometimes after these feelings are evoked we the receive images of what a crying baby looks like. This sound has now evoked a vision as well as a feeling. Almost all people unconsciously experience these things I am describing, throughout life. Most have never even considered that by watching how this operation works in their lives, that they could consciously use it to change self and the world around them.

If one were to see oneself as a complex set of operations that can be utilized and fine-tuned to master life and destiny, what type of feelings and pictures would this evoke? Studying ourselves as the complex and unique instruments that we are can be very enlightening. Watching how and why we do things can give us a powerful perspective on who and what we are. Actions and reactions can be changed, along with thought processes and development. Viewpoints can be expanded and a small world turned into a big one. Asking ourselves why we feel, see and hear the way we do starts us thinking in new terms.

Although we advance along our spiritual path of learning and evolution, the same techniques are always applicable for whoever and wherever we are on our spiritual path. We are all ever-expanding, ever-evolving energies that may chose to grow or stagnate at any time. As we open up and expand, we discover that spirit awareness and awakening are perceived realities that bring about conceptual awareness and understanding. This becomes a foundation upon which we build and develop our spirit journey. The tools we use are the same senses and techniques I have just described, only as we advance we begin to see, hear and feel, within many different levels of oneself. Our heightened awareness allows us to begin communing with otherworldly beings and entities. We realize that we can commune with Archetypes such as Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and our own Higher or Spirit Self. We now learn to cleanse and clear soul debris and karma that holds us back. We begin to heal and integrate all aspects of self and discover that the past can be let go of.  By understanding how our senses operate and skillfully re-training ourselves, we use and develop them inwardly as well as outwardly. All this is accomplished by observing and knowing oneself.

What is the sensation of color about? Why do different shades of color evoke different feelings? When I close my eyes can I make myself see colors? Why do I think and believe I can or cannot do certain things? What do I hear in the silence? What does pure silence sound like? What does it feel like to be happy? Can I sit with my eyes closed and evoke these feelings if I want to? Asking yourself these kinds of questions, and then practicing seeing, hearing, and feeling, is how we continually use and develop our extrasensory perception.

When we were children we worked on developing all of our senses. In our innocence we tried to communicate in any manner we could. We were unable to make or understand words so we communicated through our feelings. Most parents are perfectly happy to communicate with their young through loving tenderness and kindness. This love evoked feelings of security and safety within us.  For most individuals there were many times in their growing up childhood’s where these feelings were shattered and temporarily destroyed. Even as adults we find ourselves faced with these exact types of experiences. When this happens we feel betrayed by our own feelings. We feel stupid and pull ourselves inward so that others cannot see the pain that we feel, nor can they do anything to hurt us again. Often in the inward place we find solace and solitude but also isolation. For most of us we have been experiencing ourselves and hurt in this manner since childhood. Generally we have been made to feel that this is just the way life is and you have to learn to deal with it. We have been left to our devices to figure out how to do that and with little or no guidance to go by. It is not our parents’ fault that they too were brought up and taught in this manner. They are simply passing on what they consider to be the realities of life to you. Well now that you are an adult and can search to find the core of the being that you are, you can start to pay attention to how you feel about and react to such situations in your life. If you don’t like feeling the way you do about yourself and the life you are living, then you can change it by observing, paying attention and work at making it happen.

My Spirit Guides, Archangels and other Teachers of Light, that assist me daily, commune with one another and me at all times. At first I was afraid and a bit ashamed to have them present in my life. I didn’t want them to know how hurt, angry and lonely I was. That was a long time ago and after many years of looking at my conditioning, we have worked through my misconceptions of self and have become unified. With Spirit and I, we always feel the loving presence of one another. I am never alone and neither is anyone else. In ones misconceptions, they simply believe and accept themselves to be so.

Aloneness is a good thing. It is a place within ourselves that we have created to re-connect with these wonderful friends and family, our spiritual soul mates for eons of time. Growing up we were taught that things such as spirits and angels do not exist and are imaginary. We were taught to use the left hemisphere of our brain and to eliminate the subconscious as a place of unrelated dream worlds. We were taught to think of and see things this way because that is how our parents were taught, their parents, and so on. Also due to the fact that so many people have isolated their feelings believing them to be a hindrance that creates vulnerability, they wanted to make you tough in order to survive the outside world. So humans have perpetuated this way of life as reality for many centuries now.

There have always been a number of people that were born as very sensitive and intuitive beings. Who, even through such challenging lives as I have described, managed to still find themselves and their sensitivity later in life and restore it. More people than ever are doing it all the time. It’s like they hear a calling inside that drives them to go beyond what they have been taught was reality and the norm. Often they are seen or labeled as rebellious or out of control. Most people who decide to listen to their own inner-self have a period where they have to block out the rest of the world temporarily, to do it. This in a way labels them as non-conformists by those that love them. For sensitive’s, conforming to a world and life with no sensitivity is utter insanity. They cannot feed themselves without sensitivity nor can they feel alive. For them, the awareness that kindness and compassion are major components of healthy living, drives them to explore their own nature and to heal themselves. They generally then take on the challenge of helping others to do the same.

We all know that money holds too much power over survival on this planet. Without money you cannot eat, dress, keep warm or have shelter. Making and having money takes up so much time and energy in ones life that they are too tired to even think or hope for anything else at the end of the day or the week. From the time we are young we are taught to live this way in order to survive. This training is a necessary part of survival but it cannot bring us security. Security can only be felt and experienced. Security is within not without. When we learn that we are not alone in our lives and our soul self, we then learn that we are soul, spirit and energy rather than form and mortal. At this juncture of life’s journey, our understanding of security changes, as does our life and purpose for living. Too many judgments are made by using the left brain and reason alone. These judgments cause a world filled with turmoil, anxiety, stress and insanity. If logic and reason were truly the keys to success and freedom in life, then why haven’t they worked? It is easy to pooh, pooh, the idea or existence of otherworldly beings. It is easy to deny that you are the only true power in your life. It is hard to take responsibility and seek to know that which others have denied as being truth for centuries, simply because you were taught that such things are nonsense by adults in this life. All one needs to do to decide to explore and journey other elements of themselves is to look at the lives of those around them. If what one sees is truly what one wants then they too will deny any truth beyond what they can see, touch, taste or feel with their outer senses. But for those who seek security, peace, love, happiness, joy or bliss, they will begin searching and exploring texts and teachings that are far removed from such a constrictive way of life and thinking.

The journey of life is far beyond the five outer senses; the journey of life for each of us began long before we were born this lifetime. The five outer senses are tools that we use to define what we learn and apply with our extrasensory perception. To see the world as the sounds and colors smells and taste that it truly is, is amazing. To become aware of how you and all other life are connected is awesome, and to see a Spirit Guide, or and Angel for the first time is remembering what it feels like to be at home with your true family.

Color and sound are key elements in our spiritual development. The silence and the sounds therein hold magical insights. Understanding that we have the ability to change how we feel about our life and ourselves is major self-healing. Letting go of what we thought we knew to be so, and discovering what we intuit to be true, is how we begin forming a new foundation.

You are Seven Rays of light that emanate from your Seven Chakra Centers that assist you in remembering the seven levels of consciousness you travel and exist, as well as live within. You were first born of spirit, then soul and lastly body. You contain the mind of God, Goddess, all that is, and are the mind of God, Goddess all that is. You were and always will be an emanating energy in the Universe that assists and connects with all other energies of like vibration. If you do not like the energy of the vibration you have become it can be changed. The rational mind and survival do not determine who you are, you do.






Enlightenment is not a term or a word but an experience. When one is enlightened, they are aware of how they belong within the whole. They become aware that they are spirit within, and they live in an integrated state of higher awareness.

Becoming enlightened is the nature of the journey that was taken on when choosing to be born into the third dimension. Becoming spiritually enlightened is the fulfillment of this journey.

Once spiritually enlightened one begins to see and live the “bigger picture”. This “bigger picture,” allows us to comprehend the true purpose of existence. Without true purpose in life, we go through the motions of life, never understanding its rhyme or reason. This leads us to question forever our purpose in being here.

As we develop and become spiritually enlightened, we realize that there is an order to life. An order that goes far beyond anything we may have learned through our life experiences or academic learning. A divine order with pristine laws based in perception and understanding. These are natural laws, ordering the Universe and the Cosmos and all life beyond.

These laws have motion and movement. These laws have been given names such as “The law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction, The law of Karma, The law of Rebirth, The Law of Science and Mathematics (also known as Sacred Geometry) and others I cannot name.

These laws can only be learned and understood conceptually. To the rational being they make very little if any sense at all. It is the soul consciousness that remembers and uses these laws to live by.

In order to familiarize yourself with these theoretical laws you might explore books on Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. By doing so, perhaps you can use the left part of your brain as a relay to tap the subconscious and super-conscious.

There is no more rewarding or greater journey than that of spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment is the one thing we can accrue this lifetime that we can not only take with us, but can also use as our vehicle to explore the heavenly worlds of evolution when we die.

When we leave this earthly body, many humans believe that we automatically ascend to these heavenly worlds. Realize simply, that one must know God here, before one can know god anywhere else.

We dwell continually within many worlds while alive in the physical, whether we are aware of it or not. Little is different after we cross over. Unawareness carries over to the other side just as awareness does. Our realizations while in the physical, have much, if not all, to do with what our realities will be when we cross over. Life after death is not a reprieve from our life on earth; rather an extension of the journey already created.

Without spiritual enlightenment here, there can be no spiritual enlightenment elsewhere for us. There is no magic wand that God waves when you die to save you from your own dysfunctional perceptions. Truly the realizations that you experience on the other side, can only be used when you are re-incarnated to try to get it right the next time.

If instead we were to take responsibility for our own spiritual enlightenment this lifetime, beginning to realize how we and God are one and the same, imagine the changes we could produce in our own evolutionary paths. Many less dysfunctional beings would be returning to the earth plane each round and a more spiritually advanced culture could begin designing and healing the future of humanity.

Letting Go

Letting go does not mean to push away or suppress. True letting go is a process of integration and healing.

Letting go can be a misleading statement because it gives the impression of separation. By integrating a situation that involves you, another person, or a circumstance in life, means to come to terms with it. We can only come to terms with something when we understand it.

When we understand the purpose of our life experiences, we are able to accept them; thereby releasing our emotional attachment. Learning to embrace our issues in this way allows us to take them within ourselves and integrate them.

Once our emotions are understood and integrated our judgments about ourselves and others begin to dissolve.  Where there is clarity and understanding, problems cannot germinate.

What we see on the outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.  Interacting with others is always a way of interacting with oneself. When interaction brings up feelings within us that we do not like, we should search inside to see why this is occurring. We should view others in our lives as our mirrors.

Many people create emotional isolation by distancing themselves from others. Using the outside as a reflection of the inside, finding ourselves isolated and disoriented shows us how we are feeling on the inside.

Understanding that the only real problem in your life is you, allows you to realize the truth of who you are. Only through thorough self-examination can emotions and feelings be healed. This is true problem solving.

Our accepted beliefs, habits and behaviors¾our inner walls¾all play a part in who we are. Take for example the critical part of self, who loves to run rampant. This part continually judges and criticizes self and others. This kind of behavior is very often quite destructive. This behavior leads to an out-of-balance, superhuman, perfectionist complex.

It seems to have become the norm to single out what is imperfect about another or oneself rather than identifying what is unique and special. This commonly leads to pettiness and competition, disrespect and dishonor.

We can require that others honor us in the same way that we honor our self, only by treating them as we wish to be treated. We find it is much easier to accept others when we like and accept ourselves.  Being critical and judgmental are roadblocks in the path of learning to love.

As we become honest with ourselves and reflect our own attitudes and actions, we see the mirrors that others play in our life.

In understanding why we feel the way we do about our past, we begin to let go. By transmuting pain and sadness into love, we become loving.  By changing how we think and view life, we become open-minded.  Realizing that one can only change his or herself rather than the world around them alleviates the stress of what you cannot do.

Letting go is the process of fully accepting something as it is with no need to change it. Only through a spiritual perception can we understand the issues faced in life and come to terms with them. Openly embracing life and its lessons with an open and loving heart allows this new perception to emerge within us. This is letting go.

We must be able to forgive and accept our mistakes before we can change them. Embracing with love always brings about the desired change. This is the universal paradox upon which all life is based.


Nature’s Order

Nature’s Order
by Athene Raefiel

I shall here try to describe the explosions of energies that are affecting the synapses of life’s spinal column as well as its brain. We have all heard about the great conspiracy theories that are claimed to be controlling the energies and minds of those on this planet.

The pole shifts as well as the Ice melting into the already massive waters of the Earth at this time is occurring so that a natural order may ensue to sustain the survival and evolution of Earth and the species that depend upon her. This is not the first time that the ebb and flow of the waterways, their underground volcanic activity and moving sands have dislodged entire land masses and submerged them while others emerged. A historical study of Geology and water movements will show many times in the past that this has occurred.

Nature is a very complex union of organisms that allow the subsistence of other organisms to self perpetuate thereby feeding and sustaining one another. This is what is referred to as the order of nature. When the order of nature is disrupted by some major energetic cataclysm, such as an earthquake, volcano, bombs and human consciousness, a certain amount of wreckage occurs that affects not only the distance surrounding such an event, but also all other subsequent nature depending upon it.

This is like a mother’s milk going dry and her needing to find another mother with flowing milk to feed and nourish her child. What would be unnatural would be a mother asking another mother to breast feed her child when her own milk was flowing. In this sense the mother seeking another to replace what comes naturally would be defying the natural order.

Things quite similar to this have been taking place on Planet Earth for quite some time now. Humans like to call it trade and sometimes that is how it works, but mostly resources that come from one area, are sold to another, sometimes across oceans, when these same resources can be found, grown and mined where they are being shipped to. Why does this occur, well of course it is about money and commerce. It is sometimes as if progress itself is the seven- headed beast that cannot be satisfied no matter what it feeds upon. Is this a blessing or a curse?

In order for the species of man to survive the great changes the Earth will be experiencing over the next few decades and well into the next century there needs to be a new world order and it doesn’t have anything to do Governments Money or Wall Streets Money. I think, and so do many scientists and philosophers around the world, that progress must somehow find a way of aligning itself with the nature of Mother Earth.

This type of progress can only happen with realization and personal commitment on everyone’s part to expand the consciousness of this planets’ environment.

As Esoteric Teachings and Quantum Physics emphasize, all things are comprised of energy, this then means that energy in and of itself has life and is alive. This also means that there is no such thing as death, only transmutation of energetic particles. This being true then we must take it under advisement that there are probably beings who have deviated minds and choose to develop various energy conduits to manipulate and superimpose thought energies to disrupt and distract the ordinary individuals mind from revealing its true matrix to its carrier or owner.

The true matrix, or core being, is of course ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. We are a world of human beings whose programming has been about sensory deprivation. This has happened through the hardships of survival and the need to always progress. Since the animal part of our human nature is about conquering, we tend to be competitive and power hungry. Our sense perception in this case often lacks love and compassion and becomes all about winning.

True Extra Sensory Perception involves the whole being. Though our lives are filled with obstacles that we must confront and overcome, with true sense perception this is done on many different inner levels of our being allowing us true growth and evolution. Our inner senses need to be as highly developed as our outer senses if we are to understand and change the course of current destruction facing Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

If we know it will be hard and a struggle to overcome the old and very powerful programs that keep us feeling helpless and unmotivated, then we already know that we must seek new disciplines to break the spellbinding mirage of what we have accepted truth to be.

To put it more plainly, each individual must search out the inner core truth and being within them and may have to remove huge boulders of lies and accepted deceit in order to do so. In this particular span of earth time, this seems to be a very necessary yet ongoing process that most tire of and some simply give up.

A major shift in the Universe, the Cosmos, The heavens and Planet Earth happened in November 2008. It was and has been like an entire equation was erased from the chalkboard of life and destiny, as it had been known for a very long period of time. This equation had to do with the perception of reality on a grand scale.

This shift has brought about a great time of reckoning that is completely necessary for a new balance of energies and love to abound in the millenniums to come.

Do not give up on yourself or your core being during this period and do not give up on the Divine Light of emanation that soon will shine

Eclipse Season

Hold on the roller coaster is just starting to move faster.

The first eclipse on April 30 is a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus.  The second eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. The ancients believed that during an eclipse,” the mighty will fall”. They bring endings and beginnings– births and deaths. The energy from an eclipse can last up to six months and can also become active a month before the actual eclipse.

Solar Eclipse on April 30 at 10 degrees of Taurus

This Solar Eclipse will be visible in Antarctica and the Southern Tip of South America.

Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day-to-day functioning; they are crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demands all of our conscious attention and focus. They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses.

A Solar Eclipse is a powerful new moon so make plans for the future. Set your intentions during this eclipse around Taurus themes – your values, banking, property, housing, land, food production, and farming.  The six months following this eclipse is an ideal time to make a fresh start in all of these Taurus areas.

This Solar eclipse is conjunct Uranus the planet of liberation and rebellion at 14 degrees of Taurus.  With Uranus in the picture, we could see disruptions in the food supply and sudden geomagnetic events. Uranus is truth and awakening.  He can bring clarity to a situation. This eclipse also sextiles Mars so we could see battles for personal freedom or a favorable opportunity to take a big bold action.

 The ruler of this eclipse is Venus, the planet of love,

diplomacy, and harmony.  Venus rules money and Taurus craves financial security.  Venus is in Pisces and conjunct to the rare Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.  Venus here will boost the energies of the Jupiter/Neptune energies. We could become indulgent and go over the top with spending or excess of any kind.  Since Neptune rules oil and water among other things, this could mean higher oil prices and flooding.  Also,  Pluto, the planet of corruption, passion, and obsession is stopping in the sky at 28 degrees of Capricorn and turning retrograde. Adding Pluto to the Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune conjunction could lead to the revelation of secrets. 

This Solar Eclipse is opposite Vladimir Putin’s Venus at 11degrees of Scorpio. He will become aware of his financial situation and his popularity because of changes in those areas.

I think the end of the month will be a wild and crazy ride with surprising and sometimes shocking information coming in. And Venus with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in a tight conjunction can create compassion, inspired art, and love of mankind. This triple conjunction in a sextile to Pluto can bring massive creative power and transformation.  Maybe the secrets and the wake-up call that happens during this eclipse will cause a positive response in the collective.

 Lunar Eclipse on May 16 at 25 degrees of Scorpio

This eclipse will be visible In North and South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia.  Check here to see if it will be visible in your part of the world.

On a Lunar Eclipse, something will end and on a Solar Eclipse, something will begin. A Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to break habits or eliminate socially conditioned patterns of thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of self-realization. 

A Lunar Eclipse can make us more aware of our patterns, and our unconscious motivations. This period of time can bring up old memories and feelings.  Full moon eclipses can bring things to completion that you have been working on. The Sun opposite the Moon lights up the Moon and brings previously unexamined areas of your life into awareness. Repressed energies emerge for confrontation and resolution.  Pay attention to your dreams. Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses.  Lunar Eclipses shine a light on things we weren’t aware of.

We will have eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis of the zodiac

for the next year and a half.  So this denotes a cycle of change that relates to our values, our possessions (Taurus) and our ability to regenerate our lives (Scorpio).

A Lunar eclipse is a very unstable energy.  Change is in the air, but don’t start anything new until June.   Mercury is going retrograde from May 10 thru June 3, so wait a few weeks after June 3 to start a new project.  But the lunar eclipse will open you up to accepting new ideas.

This is a very complex Lunar Eclipse because of the many other planets that it is aspecting. It is in a trine to Mars at 23 Pisces, squares Saturn at 24 Aquarius, in a sextile to Pluto at 28 Capricorn, and in a trine to Neptune at 24 Pisces.  I’m going to take a stab at what could result from all of these planets involved with the Lunar Eclipse. Mars could represent taking positive action.  Neptune could mean our direction is confusing or we are being deceived. Pluto means that the Lunar Eclipse is shining a light on news or events that reveal corruption or something that was buried. But some of the aspects are beneficial. The eclipse sextiles Pluto and trines Neptune so what come up could be healing in some way.

Janet Kane

Jupiter Neptune Conjunct In Pisces

“You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?” – Neo (The Matrix)

“Mescaline” – The otherworldly feeling of surrealism, not fully knowing whether we are awake or dreaming – almost like we are out of this world, but yet deep set in it. This is the energy we are going to be feeling right now. One foot in reality and the other in the ethereal.

This indescribable feeling that many of us have noticed lately is due to a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event that is occurring now, as Jupiter and Neptune connect in Pisces for the first time since 1856 – they won’t conjunct again in this sign until 2188.

Therefore, we will never experience this exact mystical energy again in our lifetime.

Although these two planets meet approx every 12-13 years, Neptune travels slower than Jupiter and takes around 165-166 years to complete an entire cycle of the zodiac, whereas Jupiter takes 12 years – making it an extremely rare occurrence for them to both meet in the same constellation.

What makes this encounter even more magical, magnificent and memorable is that both Jupiter and Neptune rule sensitive, intuitive Pisces, with Jupiter being the traditional ruler and Neptune the modern ruler, cosmically boosting their enchanted characteristics. Therefore, the energy of this astrological phenomenon is magnified, as both planets are at home in Pisces, where they will be bringing so much luck, abundance, magic and miracles our way.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are outer planets, and when two outer planets conjunct, the effects are long-lasting, so we can expect to feel the benefits of this energy intensely for at least the next couple of months. The energies started building in January 2022, and have been gradually intensifying, peaking on April 12th, however, we will continue to feel this energy strongly until February 15, 2023. It doesn’t end there, as Jupiter and Neptune transit in a 12-13 year cycle, and celestial meetings mark the beginning of a brand new cycle, so whatever intentions we set during this time will play out as a new chapter in our lives, lasting for at least the the next 13 years.

Jupiter carries master energy and, when connected with Neptune, helps us become the master of our dreams. Whatever we have been trying to manifest will now effortlessly materialise.

All in all, the April 12th planetary rendezvous could possibly be the most magical and mystical day of our entire lifetime, so it is particularly important to set powerful intentions and to get serious about manifesting our dreams and desires.

The Universe has literally aligned the planets perfectly to help our dreams come true.

Neptune & Pisces are both associated with water, spirituality, emotions, healing, transformation, intuition, escapism, dreams, hopes, desires, inspiration and creativity, and this is the exact time to focus on any artistic dreams we have shelved. If possible take time out to write, draw, paint, sing, dance, make music and express ourselves in whatever way we choose, fully and unapologetically. This can be the optimum time to use art to release emotionally energy that we have subconsciously held on to and to release emotional blockages.

If we do not feel called to channel suppressed energy through art, we can instead use water to detox and cleanse our emotions, as Pisces is a water sign. Any activity involving water, including taking a shower or salt bath, spending time near a lake or the ocean, or even letting tears fall, can be highly therapeutic.

Pisces encourages us to stop being afraid to feel into emotions and instead openly communicate them so they can be released from our energetic bodies, where they attach to our ego, and stored repressed emotions cause conflict and stagnation.

Jupiter rules luck, good fortune, adventure, abundance, optimism, escapism, soul-connection and opportunity and whatever it gets close to it expands, so all Pisces and Neptune qualities will be magnified.

This combination can cause us to see through rose-tinted spectacles, with the refusal to set out healthy boundaries. This can create confusion between perceived (and sometimes unrealistic) potential and the cold, hard truth of a situation, and we may have a sudden realisation that we have been caught up in idealisations and carrying false hope about a significant area of our lives – possibly for the past 12-13 years. Particularly as Neptune also rules addiction, deception and fantasies,, therefore, we could come to the realisations that dynamics that we once felt were soul bonds were actual trauma bonds that kept us hooked due to roller coaster emotions.

Although these connections may have recently come to an end, or could have ended anytime during these past 12 years, it is highly possible we are only now coming to full awareness of all that we have been through, and understanding how much manipulation has taken place. We will feel our emotions healing, and finally finding a place of inner peace, recognising that although there are emotional scars from the past, they no longer lower our vibration or self-esteem. We may now start to feel we are returning back to our true selves, and realising that much of our past has been spent focused on other people, always putting others first and neglecting ourselves. That is now changing, quite drastically. This next chapter is all about prioritising our own needs and valuing people who reflect and reciprocate our energy.

Neptune is the planet of spiritual illusions and delusion, so this extremely rare portal is asking us

to use all our energy to make a shift away from old realities that we know no longer resonate with where we are at, or where we want to be. We are going to be asking ourselves, not only what is real in our lives, but also are we truly ready for to experience something deep and real. We will also be questioning what, or who, are illusions and quite simply figments of our imagination that we have created as a form of escapism. It will now be brutally clear what and who we want to be in our lives currently and lasting into the future.

We will be feeling compelled to look deeper into the dynamics around us, and see straight through trickery and delusions. Our entire outlook is now changing, and once we see the hidden truths, we will never be able to return to our old ways of thinking.

Although we are the creator of our dreams, for them to manifest effortlessly they have to be realistic and not purely based on fantasy and fiction. Miracles can happen, however, this is a time to recognise what is true and what is false, so our desires are in full alignment with what is meant for us.

Neptune asks us to visualise our dreams and Jupiter expands anything we focus on, so we can dream big, hold the vision of everything we want, and set this as our new vibration so the Universe can match our energy and present new opportunities and possibilities that are on the same frequency.

It is highly likely that as this energy simmers down over the next few days we will experience a profound awakening, and begin to feel more alert, energised and alive than ever before – noticing realisations and revelations coming in thick and fast. Our senses, intuition and inner knowing will be speaking a language that our spirit energetically understands.

It is likely we could be feeling highly emotional during this transit, as we release attachments to certain people or situations and realise that in some dynamics we became carried away with the fairytale rather than seeing the actual reality.

This can cause us to feel we have taken ‘wrong’ paths or that we have been spinning in circles, repeating the same cycles, however it is essential to remember that everything happens exactly when it is meant to and when circumstances suddenly shift, it is due to divine timing, so trust that we are in exact alignment, and be ready to move forward when the energy moves.

It can take some time to feel the energies have shifted, especially if we have been holding tight to certain belief systems. However there is no rush, the blessings and opportunities are coming and are limitless. There is a higher reason why some of our dreams and intentions take a little longer to manifest and some of our desires don’t seem to want to manifest at all, regardless how much effort we put in.

Sometimes we can become more focused on how or why things didn’t work out rather than spending that energy creating spaces for the new to enter. Ruminating on the past can be a major drain of our energy and resources, particularly if we have been attempting to control outcomes.

We will have heightened sensory perception and higher awareness and be moving from confusion to clarity, unlocking hidden knowledge that we are now ready to receive. Structures that supported false beliefs are crumbling and new belief systems will take their place. We will be releasing old programming and shedding outdated stories, and no longer repeating the same stories, as we let go of the illusions and watch as a new chapter unfolds.

The more we awaken it will become apparent that people living on this planet are living entirely different realities and that some are living in a polar opposite timeline. This means that regardless how compassionately or openly we attempt to communicate to certain people, our words are just not being heard or absorbed, as our realities are vastly different.

We will discover that we can no longer return to old versions of reality that kept us stuck in stagnated energy. We can keep letting go until the old narratives have faded away and new ones emerge.

The combination of these celestial energies will be encouraging us to have the patience to surrender and allow a natural flow, and the importance of letting go of attachments and having faith that all that is meant for us will reach us. Reminding ourselves that what we think we want isn’t always what our spirit needs, and that sometimes the Universe has a far greater plan in place than we can imagine possible.

Whenever we feel unsettled and impatient we can dissolve worries and fears by finding a place of gratitude and openness, trusting that divine source energy has always been there to support us through challenges and difficulties.

To move forward, obstacle-free, we now can try to release fears and feelings of unworthiness and lack, as cosmically we are in a period of breakthroughs, so it is essential to break habits that keep us stuck so there is space for the new to flow in. Replace fear and doubt with gratitude and trust and let go of all the energies that do not belong on our journey.

It is imperative that we don’t overthink the blessings and good fortune coming our way, so that when miracles show up, we embrace and claim them. If we have kept our heart and intentions pure, and for the highest good, despite all the challenges we have been through, we will now be karmically rewarded.

All the positive energy we have been sending out to the Universe is now going to be returned and our lives could totally turn around – in the most unexpected and miraculous way.

When we are excited for the future and we move to a mental and emotional state of receiving and believing with absolute conviction that we deserve all the positive energies flowing toward us, we will notice the most incredible possibilities suddenly start gravitating in our direction.

The intensity of this energy can cause us to feel dehydrated, so this is a gentle reminder to drink plenty of water to stay grounded and if possible try to spend some time alone in meditation.

Alex Myles




By: Athene Raefiel, 2007
The only thing lacking in this world and human nature is love. Love is more than just a word or feeling; love is an experience of energy. Love is an action and beingness. To be love you must first understand how you and everything else are also made up of love.

Love comes in two distinct parts. There is conditional love and unconditional love. Conditional love is a need to be needed, it has to do with expectation and obligation. When we are young we find that we are rewarded with love when we meet the expectations of others. Our good behavior is rewarded as is our academic accomplishments. As babies we receive unconditional love, where we are simply loved for being born and accepted as being helpless.

Unconditional love is an acceptance and allowing with no judgment or conditions involved. Rarely do we find ourselves loving unconditionally, as we generally need something from life and others to feel validated.

In reality it is a balance of the two that we strive to attain. We probably put more expectations on ourselves than anyone else does and so we often feel we fail due to not being able to fulfill those exact conditions. If we also love ourselves unconditionally then we understand that failure does not really exist; rather learning and experience.

We believe that if we can learn enough academically to attain wealth and riches that we can succeed. If the wealth and riches are not balanced with love then it doesn’t matter what we do; we will not feel fulfilled.

We often claim to love God, Goddess, and the Source of all light unconditionally. Yet when we feel that our prayers and requests are not met, we no longer choose to realize that Source is unconditional. We claim to be spiritual yet we have many expectations of the Universe, Spirit Guides, Masters and Teachers that offer to assist our development. Generally this is because we need more on a survival level than we feel we do on a spiritual level. We need to have our needs met.

Spirit is all about unconditional love. As a matter of fact, spirit is unconditional love. What does this mean? This means that spirit does not judge you and accepts and allows you to be whom you choose.

This angers many people because they want there to be a spiritual realm that imposes Divine intervention and changes the cosmic law that involves free will of all human beings. If indeed there were to be Divine intervention on a mass scale it would need to be because the masses choose it to be so, and then it still would only allot for those asking.

What is Divine intervention anyway?

Divine intervention is the unconditional love from the higher purer realms of light, pouring forth their radiance and love into our earth plane. This has been taking place for quite some time now and it is still up to each individual to accept this loving energy and use it to help them and others evolve in love.

The universe cannot and will not provide us with money. They have no need of money and therefore they have no charge over it. Money is a manmade means of exchange here on earth. When we are in spirit there is no money and no need for it. If we spend all of our time asking the Universe to send us money then we spend no time letting them help us evolve.

There are many Universal laws to discover as we spiritually evolve, and all are based in love. If I cannot love others and myself unconditionally then why do I think I can love God, Goddess, and Source of light in this manner? Unconditionally means without condition.

Due to the many incarnations we have walked this earth and experienced the losses and dysfunction it presented to us as real, our DNA and soul program have become very powerful within us. Now, in this lifetime, we hold strongly to the old ways and beliefs of extinct traditions and teachings that hold us back. We accept too much of the untruth as truth and allow too much propaganda to be our reality.

When Lord Raphael began helping me to re-discover love, many years ago, he did so by first helping me discover all that was harbored within me that was not love. This took about three to twenty years of intensive inner and outer work. Upon discovering how to travel within my own soul awareness, I realized that I had not really experienced much in the way of happiness or love for many thousands of lifetimes. In fact it was not until I went all the back to when I first emanated from source that I discovered I was a being of love at all. I tell you this so you may understand how powerful our misconceptions of life and life have become over vast amounts of earth time.

Emotions are the key to healing and restoring the love within us. Emotions and our mind are the gifts and the stairways with which we can undo the wrong feeling and thinking patterns that block out our memory of the unconditionally loving light that we are.

When we understand what purpose emotions serve in our life and we understand that we can use our emotions rather than them using us, we begin to break through the lies we have perpetrated and start over on our path of awareness and love.

Without love there would be no human life. If we look at the world around us and see the massive amount of devastation that is occurring to human beings as well as the atmosphere, earthly animals, plants, minerals and the seas, then we begin to see the devastation caused by the lack of love in this world.

People that love, do not hate and kill one another. They do not destroy the atmosphere unwittingly simply because they need to drive a car or are too tired to recycle. People that love take the time to think and meditate on how to help salvage goodness and light as a way of life. Still, I fear there are not enough doing so to stop the current cycles of destruction from taking a very hard toll on the earth and her many species.

If there is one tool for change that each of us should value it is love. Love is still the greatest healer and transformer that we have readily available to use. Focusing all of out attention on love and how to find and become love is a great intense journey that will bring miraculous awareness. Loving the Earth, one another, the source, ourselves and the light of life that fills, this is the love we need to discover and use to change the tides of hate and destruction.

Do not love out of fear and worry but love out of knowingness and compassion. Do not martyr yourselves in a fashion that you thing Source wants from you, but rather love yourself in a manner that allows you to love everyone else as well. We need not like something or someone to love them, but without love there is no growth or evolution. We need not agree with someone else’s philosophies to love or accept them, and loving unconditionally allows us to agree to disagree and still love.

Only through self- discovery can we uncover the love that is hidden beneath the many facades we have worn and thought to be who and what we are. To take action and change ourselves is the only way we will ever change the world. We are Soul and Spirit first, mind and body second. The body you wear is simply a vehicle for the true self that inhabits it.

I guess in a way humans are robots. From birth everything they are taught and acquire comes from the outer use of the five senses. Later in life this helps them to define their personality. We are not personality, we are the essence of divine love with the ability to put a personality on and wear it. We can have and become as many personalities that we choose, understanding that we are in reality a much purer energy of light that emanates and connects us to the whole of all life. I call this love.

Though so much is spoken of love and so little practiced, the word itself has become a reminder of past pain for many. Though we have endured many hardships and losses in our lifetime we forget to honor the true abundance of miracles and love that have accompanied us throughout time.

Love is about re-remembering who you are as the true Inner Light and glorious awareness of source that you are. Love is what helps us take the risks needed to grow develop and become. Love is the key to healing the pain and suffering of the past the present and the future. Love is what each of us was created from and remain free to re-connect with. You my friend are love.

Prayer for All

Today I pray for the minds of men and women to awaken to their true calling in life. I pray for the healing of human minds that choose to kill and destroy life to get more reasoning. I pray that people understand people and start acting as though they care. I pray for the strength and wisdom necessary to survive the present moment all that lies ahead.

I pray for my children and grandchildren to find a meaningful purpose within their own lives. I pray for our ancestors to help us heal the minds and actions of men everywhere.

I pray for the poor to find food and warmth and jobs if needed. I pray for every single soul upon this planet to realize this is simply one rung of the ladder of lights they will need to progress beyond death.

I pray that we as a people begin to understand we all want and need the same things and that money release its power to take over and hold the world hostage. I pray for equality in life and death.

I ask people to look inward rather than outward and to embrace the true light that sustains all life.

I trust in the higher principals of all life; esoteric as well as exoteric.