July 31, 2019 Eclipse

Well I missed this next lunar eclipse coming up on the 31st. I think I was hoping we made it through the Month but not quite yet. Many of us are still feeling dizzy and out of sorts, wishing the universal energies would calm down. What a ride July has been.

Feeling more tired than usual and sort of out of body? Yep lots of that going on. Meditated yesterday and spoke with Archangel Raphael. He helped me realize how blessed I am and also that I want to teach more and more people to find and work with their guides. It has been such a help and blessing in mine.

I feel strongly that we are bringing in the Divine Mother energy right now. She is ready to intervene and assist us personally for the upcoming future. This is an amazing honor and such a special gift for us all.

It is a time for women to move this planet into a better and more solvent place. Out with the old men and in with younger and female blood. This world needs more compassion brought about by those who have always nurtured and cared for others. It is time for more goodness and kindness to engage with the ugly realities we have been experiencing.

Time for the Divine Mothers love!

Healing Life

Healing your life is a continual experience. Though we wish to believe there will come a time when the healing is complete yet something else up shows up. Healing is done in degrees and levels, this is due to the fact that we are multi-faceted and forever changing. I’ve heard that the only constant in the Universe is change and I know I am a changeling.
Because we grow and get older so do our problems and their impact upon us. Forgiveness is still the greatest tool we have in our toolbox to keep up, yet getting older sometimes makes people more stubborn and set in their ways. We really have to check ourselves to make sure we are not caught in a rut while pretending things don’t matter to us.

I remember when I was questing so hard to find answers to the mysteries of the Universe. Being an avid reader I devoured books like others do food, I came to realize learning and information was my food. I began to eat differently, sleep differently, insisted on changing my obsessions and judgements and seeing myself through different eyes.
Something I found really important at the time was to look for doorways and openings into the unknown and always searching for the keys to open those doorways and portals of enlightenment. I would find a pearl of wisdom here and there as I went along.

Meditation was the greatest key of all as well as learning how I was my own saboteur.
We have many eyes to open within us and learning about the inner being is key; sensing and interpretation help us understand and realize who and what we are as a universe unto ourselves.

Our whole life should be about learning and preparing for the afterlife because indeed we will be going there at some point.

Our Country tis of thee

As the fog lifts from the past month of major confusion I will share with you my take on what is happening. For the past few weeks I could hear a major move of the spaceships that assist humans on this planet. I think things are being moved to the Middle East and the area of Iran. We have a president in office that honors no treaties with those overseas that this country has worked so hard to negotiate deals with over time. A sitting president does not simply come in and undo decades of agreements with foreign dignitaries who have taken countries at their word as they have devised plans to keep peace worldwide.

This time we are in reminds me of all the broken treaties with Indians of all nations. No one person should have such power, even within his own inner circle, to do so. There is no honor in this White House American administration but simply a group of renegades opposed to peace and prosperity. How did we allow this happen? ; When we the so called people put them in office.
I believe this administration has done more damage on The World Stage than any other in history. We do not live on this planet in isolation and a global hand shaking and economic structure tie us together, yet that bond is unraveling. I know that the power of money has to shift and we are in the midst of what will be an extremely hard time of adjustments planetary.

Hang on because these changes will take time and bring a different kind of hardship than we have been up against in the past.

Please vote in the next elections and know that no matter who gets in office they will have tangled web of deception to undo.


All levels of awareness and consciousness are bound by certain rules. We have 7 planes of awareness contained within our own aura known as the Chakra Centers; Root, Spleen, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown chakras. Each of these chakra Centers has a vast array of information that we can discover and I call soul Awareness.

We are in a time on this planet when we cannot ignore or dismiss the importance of our soul awareness. To do so will only bring more sadness and unhappiness to the consciousness of mankind. Loneliness is already a killer affecting more and more people, are we truly so afraid of others judgements that we cannot find common ground and ways of connecting?

Yes we are a various levels of perception thereby making it difficult to find common ground yet love must transcend even in the most dire of times. Acceptance and allowing is the perfect space to found some even ground.

Yes we must love and be kind to ourselves but not to expense of alienating all others around us. To share what we know with another is a gift and to reciprocate as well. All that truly divides us are our fears, our differences should make us stronger not weaker.



A prayer

We must realize that we have the power to help adjust these climatic energies.


I am the power and the light within all that I am. I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am.

I am earth, I am Air, I am fire, and I am water, I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am.

Mighty beings of Light and Love bring your energies bring your love. Surround our planet with the goodness and grace of the Divine light.

Lighten the load of the downtrodden and help them find love, entice humankind to find kindness and compassion, beloved I am Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

I pray for the grace of divine love to embrace humankind and Earth from above.

The Earth cries out for your grace and help, the winds cry out for more balance and love, The flame of holy sanctity needs to be restored and the waters cry out for help from above.

To our creators we call, we need your wisdom and love.

Free us from the charges of hated and destruction, encompass us with protection and love.

Now see the Earth being surrounded in a globe of light and protection. Call forth the ruby red flame and golden rod. Hold steady to the will of God, Goddess, all that is!

Lunar July Eclipse 2019

As we get closer to the Lunar Eclipse on July 16, 2019 we sometimes feel more tired than usual. It may be hard to hold concentration and it is easy to fly off the handle. Lunar energies tend to make emotions run high and you might be sad or weepy for things that seem small. All of this is normal at this time.

A look at the future says that what is changed and challenged currently will bring long standing results. We are already seeing massive changes within governments around the world. The peoples of various nations are expressing their dissatisfaction and angst with the so called status quo. People no longer want to live in poverty and hunger so that others can live in riches.

The system of monetary inequality worldwide must change if we are to survive as a species and a planet.
Wars must become a thing of the past as more and more people want peace and harmony.

I know what I speak of here seems nearly impossible to accomplish in any one lifetime yet indeed it is happening. Just as the awakening of souls around the planet. We are in a time of empowerment and must hold the energies strong for all those seeking balance and love currently. These are the true riches of life and they need be realized on a grand basis.

Challenging Times

These times are very challenging on many levels. As we watch the trash pile up on the beaches and in the oceans we realize how sad and disgusting things have actually become.
I used to travel down to the bottom or the Oceans in my early visualizations. What I found was astonishing to me. There were pyramids, volcanoes, caves galore and I met my father Poseidon and many of my Mer family. This was back in 1986 and 1987; the magic and mystery of it all was eye opening and educational like nothing else I could have imagined.
In 1999 as I went to visit the Ocean floors there was great chaos being perpetrated by human beings and my Mer family was forced to leave their home and go into the caves of inner-dimensional worlds. It was no longer safe for them here in the 3 D. they showed me how to get to the new dimensional places they were moving into and told me to be careful when traveling the Ocean floors from then on.
In 1999 I also saw the Parallel universe merge with the current one and have since seen so many different worlds interplay with one another. Not all the interplay was to be positive and I was shown that there would be great chaos in the future. Here since 2005 through 2019 I have watched so much anger and hostility surrounding ourselves and the planet that it hurts my heart.
Many star brothers and sisters came through the many star gates during those years that we are currently in a war of sorts for our own souls. The saddest thing that I have found is the ignorance of soul and spirit in everyday living. Survival has taken precedence in ways that secure the fact that people must exist in what they see around themselves as existence, thereby deafening themselves to the afterlife and eternal essence.
This is great time of awakening yet we have allowed monetary sustenance to break our spirit and keep us in fear. So long as we allow ourselves to be held by the bounds of fear we will not accelerate and grow.
I am a pacifist yet I will fight to keep life alive. Remember you are multi-faceted and have much more power than you realize. Just because you cannot see, touch, feel or hear things with your outer senses does not mean they do not exist.
Demand of your soul and spirit daily that they be there with you and assist you in your many awareness’s.
You Are Earth, Air, Fire and Water, stay connected.

July 6, 2019

With the Eclipses also come major earth changes, such as the California Earthquakes. I didn’t mention this before as we have experienced so much weather damage already this year and last that to some it just seems more of the same.
Many people have been displaced from their homes due to flooding and hurricanes the past few years that more Earth disruption is never good news. Global warming is not only real but we are in it to a very great degree currently.
Eclipses also bring many emotions to the surface for seemingly no real reason at all. You may be weepy and sad at unusual times. Staying close to safety is important as the weather can drastically change from moment to moment in some places.

Feelings being so close to the surface you must take care what you say as little can start an argument right now. Feeling alone and lost will also come into play so beware that is more a symptom than actualization. You may need more me time than usual so try to make the time to relax and get away for short trips.

Spirit is reassessing what roles they will and can play with upcoming changes, so honor and acknowledge them daily. Use your prayers and invocations as well as rituals and meditations to keep them close.

The Divine needs our light to work here with us, they must be acknowledged to do so.

Currently working with the planet are Archangel, Michael, Raphael, St. Germain, Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar.
The Arcturians are closely related to us as are our soul families and essence. This is simply to name a few. Jophiel the angel has been showing up quite a bit as well as others. I will put out a channeling soon.

Be kind to yourselves and one another as this is a rough time for many. Many blessings, Athene

July Solar Eclipse

Today Is the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Two weeks from now the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.
The Eclipses bring a time of revue and can often be emotional for little or no reason. Lots of vacillation and the “what if’s” can come up regularly and we may be forced to re-live things from the past that we thought were totally behind us. Take heart this is simply revue and need not take up all of your energy.
Cancer is the sign of Mother so this can also bring up more feelings around mother than usual. Remembering our mothers and all the mothers in the world is a good thing. Of course the divine mother, the Mother of us all has and is playing a most important role at this time. Women are on the move in ways that are bringing about the greatest changes currently on the planet.
Sadness can sometimes be a reaction to the past but we must remember the past is how we move forward in the future. Emotions are meant to be stairways leading us higher and higher in our understanding of life and self. Healing the Heart and its past pain can be prominent now, so do the self and other forgiveness necessary to move ahead.
Do not try to hide from yourself during this month as you will be the greatest quest to experience currently. Wait till august to make of change plans if possible; plans already made should be followed through.
Continue to be loving and kind to yourself as you will be in the foreground right now.
Blessings and Goodness to all!