What is Initiation ?

Archangel Raphael through Athene Raefiel



Initiation is brought about by the cyclic process of karma. Karma, the plane of cause and effect, says there must be balanced in the body, mind and soul to ascend your current plane of existence and continue your spirit journey.

Everything and everyone must adhere to the laws of each plane of existence; in order to do so they must experience what these laws are. These laws must be realized in order to be known and only through the experience of living can this be done.

Initiation is known to be testing experiences to help us expand beyond our current perception and understand a greater part of the whole. Our experiences have happened over many cyclic lifetimes both out of body as well as in physical.

When you understand that basically everything you experience in life is some sort of initiation you soften yourself to allow the changes and opportunities initiation brings. At this time a major initiation encompassing the planets and their teachers is occurring. Initiation on one plane of existence must be realized on as many planes of self that are identifiable through the many levels of consciousness you each possess.

Let us speak of past life initiation as an example. For many incarnations there have been many discoveries that you now take for granted as always being there. For now they are. But these have been developments over many eons of time and the opportunity for you to adjust your own karma is now accelerated into this one or two lifetimes.

So many say to us that they are doing their spiritual work and therefore cannot understand an illness or handicap they find they must endure currently. Few take into consideration that this life can be a culmination of various experiences they were unable to heal at another time.

Knowing as we do that soul is the record keeper of all experience allows you each to travel within soul and remember what past lives were about. Let us give you an example.

Perhaps you see a lifetime where you were a soldier and had to have your legs amputated due to your wounds. In this life time you may have the opportunity to heal and make peace with this experience by losing your leg and wearing a prosthetic leg.

To make peace with yourself on all levels you must forgive the experience of losing a body limb and stop seeing the experience as being bad or punishment of some kind. Instead the loss of a limb in this incarnation can allow you not only to walk again but also to heal the soul feelings from the previous incarnation.

Another example is to find an imbalance in the body such as cancer or diabetes. Looking to other lifetimes you will find that you died from such things, yet in this incarnation there are a variety of measures you can take to still live a fulfilling life. Though you go through the initiation of the same experiences as before, this time is an opportunity to make peace with the fact of being handicapped medically, yet saved from the fate of dying.

Now to elaborate on the tools and knowledge that can be used on a soul and spirit level this incarnation, the awareness and development of awareness can aid you in becoming your own healer and balancer in life.

To bring forth balance there needs be adjustments, not only in the body but also the emotions and the mind. A full initiation can require many tools you have garnered along your path. Meditation, yoga, automatic writing and the ability to forgive are very powerful.

To bring your whole self into balance when you lose a limb or have a chronic disease you must be willing to understand that like any vehicle this may take an entire life of adjustments to maintain that peace.

You are each a growing and flowering plant in life. When you do not receive the right nutrients to keep you healthy you will suffer low immunity which in and by itself can bring many other problems.

The mind in and of itself can be an asset or detriment depending on how you utilize it. Feeling depression is a given this lifetime because you are subject to the mass consciousness. Only by identifying your own individual consciousness can you find the power within to assert your awareness to your lower or rational mind.

You have been given and taught the basics of survival through the mass consciousness, but not happiness nor contentment.  These tools are found in the emotional and intuitive bodies. Healing and balancing the emotions are necessary to evolve and learn on a spiritual level. To be stuck in the same old feeling or resentment will hold you back from progressing most powerfully.

Due to the fact that you insist and require security in all things, you stop yourself from allowing and taking chances. You cannot look into the unknown if you shield yourself like a child from it; this brings about too many missed opportunities.

Learning, developing and growing take great resolve and dedication. It is only through your trials of initiations that you develop and hone such skills.

“Search and you shall find”; initiation is a journey you must take alone and hope you have the tools to sustain you through these growth spurts.

Yes many of you will say that you already know this to be the path yet few have become the path that they endorse. All roads lead to the center so it is therefore necessary to center daily.

When you call forth your higher self and soul as well as all the parts of self and spirit, you are centering. When you sit in the quiet and listen to the still small voice within, you are centering. When you heed your intuition and follow it you are in the center of the path. When you become the path you center with all the universes, teachers, guides and god self that helps you balance the many levels of consciousness you are experiencing.

The greatest opposition to truth and peace lies within your fears. Facing your fear is initiation.

To move beyond all that you think, or have thought, is evolution and consciousness.

To fear the inevitable is self-sabotage. To bravely stand in the strong winds of time and heal within them is finding peace. The more you learn about yourselves as consciousness the freer you become.

You were not created to be confined, controlled nor manipulated by life and circumstance. You were created to achieve awareness through god consciousness. Though it appears that the suffering never ends, why not let it end for you and teach this valuable lesson to others.

When you die you will be free of physical vehicle but soul memory does continue. There is no escaping the karmic path and death does not relieve you of your own mistakes and pains in life. To fear death is to fear change and to believe death to be an escape from the truth is just nonsense.

So often we hear that when a loved one dies they have finally found peace. When in the loss of loved ones they receive more love and prayers at one time than perhaps ever before, this is a proper send off and very helpful to the soul as if takes its next steps in evolving.

Without initiation there would be no evolution and without evolution there would be no need to live. The soul gives us life, hope and determination. By denying you are soul beings is equivalent to being programmed robots.

Initiation is perpetual growth and expansion. To experience the many degrees of self that are consciousness you must be willing to go through the initiations that will bring you there.

Initiation= progressive transformation.

Each of you are unique aspects within the light of life.

The Spiritual Quest Begins




Our three lower chakras represent all the conditioning and attachments developed in life. While developing through the lower chakras we experience only through the carnal nature which is our need to survive. At this stage, the acceptance and approval of others is how we determine our successes and failures in life. The love we learn about through the lower chakras is a need to be needed.

Pain and suffering bring about growth and development making them major components of survival. Because like attracts like, we are continually attracting others to ourselves who feel and believe the same way we do. It is only through such experiences that we learn how to change and overcome the past. When stuck in a conditional state of awareness life lessons are experienced continuously. It may be a different time, a different place, or individuals with different faces, yet the lessons are the same. This type of cyclical experience often brings about feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, depression and despondency.

When we begin using and developing the upper chakras, we awaken spiritually. We now discover there is more to life than simply going through the day to day motions. Removing the invisible blindfold from our eyes, though hazy at first, a new picture begins to unfold.  Feelings now emerge, signaling us that something very important has been missing in our life. We feel as if we have been under a spell that has now been broken and we are free to explore life in a new way. A new day dawns as we realize that the inner self has been asleep for a very long time. As we stretch and yawn, we may begin to notice a feeling of emptiness inside. Often an intense inner feeling of “wanting to go home” surfaces and we realize that it is the home inside that we are seeking, the center of life and light within that we are.

At first, these stirrings seem a bit foreign. We may feel like strangers in a strange land. A feeling of vulnerability creeps in as our instinct to survive struggles to control, always warning of dangers lurking in the unknown.

Because our conditional self is entering uncharted territory, the awakening self and the survival self suddenly seem to be at odds.  The newly awakened spiritual part of us has not had a chance to develop, where as the conditional self already has very strong ingrained beliefs.  The new self is fragile and volatile, while the more established instinct to survive insists on dominating.

For some, the battle already is over. The memory of the past, of how hard it is to change, dominates and they immediately succumb to their old ways of being.  The change necessary to explore the new self seems too costly so they surrender to the dominant¾their old dysfunctional comfort zone.

For others, self-realization has been long awaited and no matter what obstacles change may hold, they know it is time to explore the new dimensional reality within. Gathering all the inner strength they can muster, they forge ahead with great determination and perseverance.

The self contains all the answers and awareness of the inner enlightenment we seek. The journey of enlightenment is always about the Self. All one needs do, is find and develop the tools necessary to tap the inner self and discover the spiritual being within.

It is easiest to begin by seeking out self-help books and learning techniques of concentration and contemplation. Reading everything you can get your hands on that interests you spiritually will open many doors.


All time is now

I live and dwell in the present, all time is now. Each and every day is its own adventure and creation.

Feeing sad today is its own reality and I shall embrace and honor it as such. I embrace and honor all my feelings and thoughts as they are mine alone.

I do not compare myself to another as my life is not theirs nor theirs mine. I understand that all fear is unfounded and useless.

I spend many hours a day in my own thoughts and deeds as my inner voice has become my best friend. I am human thereby subject to trial and error for growth.

My truth cannot be subject to others opinions though I listen intently so as to identify reality.

Everything and all to me is vibration and frequency; these I identify by sound and silence.

I hear the quiet in the silence and move with its rhythm. I am grateful and blessed every day in every way.

I am that I am.

Galactic Counsel Channeling

Channeling From The Galactic Brotherhood

Through: Athene Raefiel

We come to you today to share our concerns with all of you who have been stressed about the current energies and worldwide effect they are having. Due to the changing climactic patterns and the earth shifting to adjust herself, the storms will become increasing difficult for those living nearest to the shorelines. Those of you who live inland will find that the weather is either very hot or very cold. Only those near the equator will find a mid- temperature year round but even that will be shifting as the pole shifts continue.

Remember that you chose to be here on Planet Earth for these magnetic shifts and that you are discovering a whole new meaning to the word balance. Why would you do such a thing you may ask? And we say to you; this is a time of transition and transformation for soul evolution like no other in recorded history. In this incarnation you as the soul and spirit of light upon your planet have chosen to advance many degrees and levels of consciousness allowing yourselves to become free of the wheel of karmic law that has held you in bondage to the earthly body for eons of time. You hold now the memories and key experiences necessary to set yourselves free and also the wisdom to leave a legacy of truth and light that will guide others for eons of time to come. So many souls are re-incarnating at this time to assist in the divine plan of light, yet so many unaware souls die upon the planet daily with no hope or light to save them from their own destruction.

If it were indeed possible for all experiences to happen at the same time, then this time is now, this 21st century of earth time. The good, the bad and the unthinkable all have risen to the occasion and battle for the lead and the winners circle. Though many of you remember back when this whole story began, before Atlantis, still it is the culmination of that time period and technology that must either be repaired or split into the many frequencies needed for like to attract like and dwell within it.

For those of you who dwell within the Divine Light frequencies daily and anchor light there will be many alternate realities to choose from for your future existence. For those who do not, the wheel of karmic action will continue until, there is either spiritual evolution or total annihilation of the species you call human. Fear not, you are not the whole or the all that determines such things, you are but a spoke in the wheel and cycles of time, the universe, the cosmos and the divine.

All lightbearers have a role to play this go around and many have already served their time to adjust and balance their own human karma an error. Still they believe it is their duty to save mankind from itself. Yet we say to you, though the species upon your planet wear the same physical armament as you, they indeed are all not from the same planet or star systems. The veil that humankind hides behind as a species, does in no way make them alike. It is not the color of their skins that signifies the differences or even their cultures or religions as some think, but instead it is their very existence and planetary systems from which they herald.

So many feel that they are here to save the planet and her species as a whole. Many species now involved and evolved while on planet earth did not originate there.

Though many of you wish to know more about the various star systems from which life upon your planet originated, you fail to seek the motivation to search out such information and memories within your own soul awareness. Most of you have family and siblings still living and working in other galaxies. The galactic councils of light have worked with the Ascended Masters of your planetary system as well as the Archangels since time immemorial.

Too much has been put upon every one being a human and that all humans are your brothers and sisters of light. Indeed this is an untruth. Few are chosen to evolve to the height that the mystics and lightbearers have strove for all of these eons of time. The true disciple discovers early on that they are distinctly different from the mass of beings surrounding them, and that they have abilities and gifts that they have no explanation of.

True sensitives have always known that they could feel the changes around them both in the people and the earth. It’s not an easy job being a sensitive, as spiritual evolution for those in your lower planes of existence contains a great deal of drama and misfortune. This is not necessarily yours, but that of those you care for and love. This too is a test of faith and love for those of you who know you are to be unattached to outcome, yet you fear for others that you love.

This current cycle for the lightbearers will be about surrendering their need to attach to the outcomes of others. Remember always that what you see others create is just that, their creation. You can no more rescue or save them from that than someone could save you from your learning experiences. Denial is strong among those dwelling in the earth planes and it is easy to justify what is righteous, what is good and what is bad, what is right and wrong. Yet for many of you who have become self realized since the harmonic convergence, the time of surrender and letting go of simulated outcomes is necessary.

Loving, allowing, and trusting is hard for the compassionate warrior, especially when it comes to family. Yet we say to you, your family is must vaster than you remember, and the number of lifetimes you have walked the earth’s surface are many. Because of you, and the others who stayed to see the planet repaired after Mu and Atlantis, there is now science, technology, medicine, soil awareness, air flight, automotive advancements, and even Internet awareness around the globe. You have brought the realities of everyone calling themselves human to a point where they now have the tools and knowledge necessary to save themselves. Though it may not seem apparent by the current stance of world affairs we assure you that it is true. The various species are taking action and helping to heal themselves as they heal one another. This will take a great amount of time and time is something that many of you have already conquered within yourself and no longer need the experience of for your spiritual evolution.

Let us say that what one sees with eyes closed and in a meditative state is much different than what one sees with their eyes open while visiting the drama others call daily life. We know that you love and want to salvage the lives of those you fondly admired in this incarnation. But we say to you; the world you see around you now, the world you helped to save so that they could create, is no longer your world, it is now theirs. Though you could hold their hand and visit their path and reality with them, it will never be your reality. When you try to live in realities that are not yours you become despondent and tired. You feel trapped and isolated and you feel wise in a world of ignorance unfilled by hope. You may choose this destiny if you like but it is no longer your reality and will therefore bring you no joy or happiness.

The greatest and most powerful thing a soul being can do is let go and move forward. Surrendering to your soul and spirit path are the only realities and truth you have to look forward to. All the rest are made up illusions that you believe in to find success and money in your practical existence. Alternately, all that is truly real is the authentic self and spirit essence of life and light that you are. When you can accept this truth and when you have accomplished all the practical feats you have set out to achieve, then you will find peace within and once again dwell within the home inside that you know you are.

Here in this home inside, you will also find all of us and the rest of your family in spirit as well. What we tell you here today is about living, not dying. In order to live, to really live and be alive, you must first disperse with what is real and what is not. You must discover and know how you and the Divine are one and reside continually in the place called home inside yourself. For those of you already doing this we say, take your life now and do what you want and need to be happy and comfortable. Fear not for the safety of others and their well being but come to us and the soul councils to help them if you feel such a desire. You now have reached a level in your progression that allows you to plead the cases of others that you feel deserve such love and honor from you. If you do not yet know how to do this for yourself then you will not be able to do it for another. Know this though. That what we share with you here today is a coming of age for many of the so called old souls upon the planet that have served lifetime after lifetime to re-balance the frequencies within the earth plane, allowing her to align once again with her true evolutionary path. That path housing and harboring many species of beings. The three dimensions of the earth plane allow for a great diversity of beings to not only inhabit your planet called earth but also integrate and share with so many other species. All this will come to pass in Earth’s future. Yet for many of you the future of Earth is no longer your concern for you have brought her and yourselves full cycle for the beings now inhabiting her.

We know that many of you will question what you have read here today and doubt its validity or truth. This is good for all growth comes from stimulation and that we have stimulated your minds and feelings pleases us. We will add in closing, that to identify with what has been said here today, all you need do is ask yourself if you feel that you belong in the world or time that currently surrounds you on your planet Earth? Have you ever felt that you did, and do you truly think the day will come that you will? Be honest with yourself and you will easily identify with what has been spoken of to you here today.

Be of Light

The Galactic Council with St. Germaine, and Red Cloud




About the Writer: Athene Raefiel is honored to be a channel of light for Hierarchy, the Archangels, and The Councils of Light and Galactic Brotherhood. She is a mystic and teacher of The Spiritual Path.

Letting go

Letting go does not mean to push away or suppress. True letting go is a process of integration and healing.

Letting go can be a misleading statement because it gives the impression of separation. By integrating a situation that involves you, another person, or a circumstance in life, means to come to terms with it. We can only come to terms with something when we understand it.

When we understand the purpose of our life experiences, we are able to accept them; thereby releasing our emotional attachment. Learning to embrace our issues in this way allows us to take them within ourselves and integrate them.

Once our emotions are understood and integrated our judgments about ourselves and others begin to dissolve.  Where there is clarity and understanding, problems cannot germinate.

What we see on the outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.  Interacting with others is always a way of interacting with oneself. When interaction brings up feelings within us that we do not like, we should search inside to see why this is occurring. We should view others in our lives as our mirrors.

Many people create emotional isolation by distancing themselves from others. Using the outside as a reflection of the inside, finding ourselves isolated and disoriented shows us how we are feeling on the inside.

Understanding that the only real problem in your life is you, allows you to realize the truth of who you are. Only through thorough self-examination can emotions and feelings be healed. This is true problem solving.

Our accepted beliefs, habits and behaviors¾our inner walls¾all play a part in who we are. Take for example the critical part of self, who loves to run rampant. This part continually judges and criticizes self and others. This kind of behavior is very often quite destructive. This behavior leads to an out-of-balance, superhuman, perfectionist complex.

It seems to have become the norm to single out what is imperfect about another or oneself rather than identifying what is unique and special. This commonly leads to pettiness and competition, disrespect and dishonor.

We can require that others honor us in the same way that we honor our self, only by treating them as we wish to be treated. We find it is much easier to accept others when we like and accept ourselves.  Being critical and judgmental are roadblocks in the path of learning to love.

As we become honest with ourselves and reflect our own attitudes and actions, we see the mirrors that others play in our life.

In understanding why we feel the way we do about our past, we begin to let go. By transmuting pain and sadness into love, we become loving.  By changing how we think and view life, we become open-minded.  Realizing that one can only change his or herself rather than the world around them alleviates the stress of what you cannot do.

Letting go is the process of fully accepting something as it is with no need to change it. Only through a spiritual perception can we understand the issues faced in life and come to terms with them. Openly embracing life and its lessons with an open and loving heart allows this new perception to emerge within us. This is letting go.

We must be able to forgive and accept our mistakes before we can change them. Embracing with love always brings about the desired change. This is the universal paradox upon which all life is based.



Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

By: Athene Raefiel


In order to have spirit guide you in your life you have to know how to get out of the way and allow them to do so. When I say get out of the way I mean your own thinking process will undo everything they are trying to help you with when you try too hard.

Spirit operates on frequencies and also communicates with us through frequencies. They do not communicate with us through our rational mind. Some believe that they put thoughts into our mind, but I believe we interpret what they are relaying and put it into thought form ourselves. Spirit always speaks to me through the right hemisphere of my brain, never through the left. I communicate with others and myself through the left hemisphere of my mind. Spirit communicates with me through my heart, through telepathy and through vibration, the only spirits that seem to speak with me directly are the Archangels and some of the Ascended Masters.

Our spirit guides and us have been together for long periods of time. They are not beings that we do not know well nor are they strangers. After all who could be stranger than you can? Seeking to hear and commune with your spirit guides is as easy as visualizing yourself in a Sacred Garden with trees and waterfall, finding serenity there and reflecting on who you truly are.

We have many spirit guides to work with. When we first learn to go within the Sacred Garden, and find our safe place, we may meet a variety of guides. There will be one whom I call inner teacher or “The Wise Kind Being”. Generally we will also meet with an Indian Guide, an animal guide and perhaps earth beings such as fairies of elves. All of whom love and acknowledge you and wish to be remembered by you.

Sometimes when we go within we find children waiting to teach and show us things about ourselves; sometimes we see memories from other lives or other worlds. The deeper you go within yourself to find the inner dimensional doorways of consciousness the more you will discover.

Do spirit guides have personality? Yes of course they do and they are not “the all that is” so therefore they do not know everything, but they know you. When working with spirit guides, you will discover that they show you many things, and that the experience of seeing also has an emotional response. Upon first meeting with spirit, the unconditional love is so encompassing that it can cause you to weep. The sense of security and love that spirit brings you is generally very unexpected and can be overwhelming, especially if you feel that you have never experienced such love before.

Spirits unconditional love for you is your safety net in this lifetime. Love is the experience you need to help you find the portals to the inner security and healing that you’ve been searching for. Opening yourself to such a pure energy of love and light may cause you to take a long hard look at who you are, and how to return to a place of peace and love within. Journeying to such places as the Sacred Garden may throw you into great introspection and contemplation. When we come face to face with unconditional love it is as if we are naked and all can be seen. We sometimes find ourselves ashamed at what we see and discover that we were hiding from the light. But the light means us no harm and is only here to show us the way to our own healing and integration so we too may return to the wonderful state of grace by being the light.

Spirit guides are often regulated by their own spirit guides and so on up the ladder. This is why we learn of things like ascension and transcension. Just as we are growing, evolving and learning, so are they. All things being connected, what we do or do not develop can also effect what they do or do not develop.

Spirit guides come in all shapes and sizes just as we as humans do. They have different functions in the universe and different relationships with mankind. In transpersonal psychology, spirit guides are referred to as archetypes. In some ways this implies that they are part of your own mind or psyche. In metaphysics many believe that spirit guides are simply aspects of oneself. The definition of an archetype is “an original pattern of model from which all things of the same kind are copied, or on which they are based; prototype.” ( This is from Random House Websters Dictionary, second edition.)<

If we were to see spirit guides as being a prototype of the Divine Light then this would help us to understand how they exist within our psyche as well as some one else’s too.

The psyche of humankind is a device or tool by which all of life is truly designed. So it is with the aid and guidance of spirit guides. In other words you are in some manner a refection of them and they of you. They represent all that is good and important to you and they help you to discover how they are simply reflecting this back to you. Your spirit guides always represent the most loving and beautiful parts of self. There are individual aspects of just only us but the divine itself.

We as humans want to believe that such beings exist, yet we afraid that we are deluding ourselves and making it up. We do this out of a fear of the unknown and a fear of other peoples judgments about us. Oddly enough almost everyone really believes in spirit, though they all chose to call it different names, and many also claim to know what spirit wants for everyone, instead just for himself or herself.

Contrary to popular belief, spirit has no agenda for humankind. Spirit works within an order defined by its own truths and beliefs through its many incarnations, be they in physical embodiment or not, and has their own order and direction to which they adhere. This is why describing spirit guides is so complex, because people want to conveniently categorize them and find a common placement for them in their small world of thought.

Spirit gives us an order of the Hierarchy and its workings to assist us in our quest to discover them. There is of course the group called the Oversoul, also know as The Ascended Masters or Karmic Board. This wonderful unit of beings is pretty much in charge of the spirit guides that help humankind. Then there are the various Councils of Light with whom the Oversoul works and communes for advice in various matters concerning the cosmos and universe. There are also our Galactic brotherhoods and councils that work with different star systems as well as ours. And there are the Angels who have never been numbered due their multitude in presence in all maters of things physical and divine.

There are the Native Indian Councils of Light as well as the many Gods and Goddesses worshipped by many cultures. There is Buddah and the Bodisattvas and the lists go on. But for the individual like you and I there are specific energies within spirit that we find and work with to learn about all others.

All spirit is one, and yet it is the refractive light and mind of the one that creates the many realities that all such spiritual beings live within. If we were to say that spirit were a creation of the one mind, “Source,” then we could quantify that by saying each thought we have is also a creation of energy and light.

Each human being is receptacle for its own spirit. Only through awareness of this fact can the human being create the memory and open the receptacle within themselves that holds and relates to their own spirit. It is the innocence and child being that we each are that has in some way retained the memory of the unconditional love from which it originally emanated.

Spirit guides are multitudinous and plentiful. One individual may have a limitless number of spirit guides. All people that die in the physical do not become spirit guides, actually very few do. This is because to know yourself as spirit is required by you and your soul in order for you to ascend one plane of knowledge and move to another. Though many think this is an automatic function in death, it is not. All have the ability to experience the light after death but they also have the ability to experience it in physical embodiment. That is why we have spirit here helping us.

If you are seeking to meet and speak with your spirit guides you should begin discovering how to journey within and discover your soul. Your soul is your memory keeper and also the vehicle through which the spirit inters the body. Soul consciousness, sometimes referred to as the Akashic Records, holds all memories and records them. The study of soul is what spirit helps us to discover and evolve through.

Remember that spirit is light and it is important to anchor the light daily in your life through your mantras and meditations. Though many believe that spirit is here to make your life all right that is untrue. Spirit is here to help you make your own life all right and also to have the companionship, mentoring and appropriate teachings for you to evolve spiritually. Unfortunately, they did not bring sacks of money with them; Though they can help you to learn to manifest in many different ways yourself.

Only our own free will holds us back from communing with spirit. Only our expectations and needs keep us from listening to our own inner, small yet powerful voice. The angels and spirits of light want each of you to know that they await the opportunity to reconnect and share with you.



Invocation to the Light:


I call to the power of light that I am. I call to the Angels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. I call to my teachers and guides; All those that assist guide guard and protect and I ask that they come forward at this time and align their energies within me.

I call to holy light of life within that I am, to the Sacred Holy Ones of Light and to the Councils of Light. I call to crystalline grid lines and the Twelve power Points of Light that create the energy of Light upon the Earth and I ask that I be connected within the cycle of cycles and the circle of circles.

I call to the Violet Flame of St. Germaine, the Emerald Flame of Archangel Raphael and The Fiery Sword of Archangel Michael and bring these energies in to surround myself, my life and my abode now and every day.


I now visualize these powerful energies of light and I create a gigantic beam of light to fill my home and myself. I now share and connect my light with all other Divine light.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.


Archangel Raphael

Message from Archangel Raphael


I come today to speak with you all about the cleansing currently happening all over your Planet Earth and throughout your Solar System. Through the various rotations of Each Planet many vibrations are shifting energetically, much like screwing in light bulb, and thereby bringing more and more light to shine into being throughout. This grand awakening of souls that has brought more beings into the awareness of their individual gifts and work, opening them to the awareness of their divinity and great need to help others become aware as well.

What one sees with their own eyes they cannot easily dismiss; as interplanetary travel is showing up in the skies even to the uninitiated? The galactic brotherhood is moving ever so swiftly to assist their brethren and sisters, with and through the current massive awakening.

This past set of eclipses will bring many breakthroughs that have been prayed and asked for since 1986, when your new President stated he wanted to help save and restore the soul of a country and her people he was acknowledging the Divinity that belongs to all life. We immediately answered that call and are now working with and through your government leaders as well as those in other countries who listen to their conscience.

This entire year of 2022 will be about restoring a sense of love and balance to the World you live upon.

The Divine Mother is working closely with Mother Earth to assist in bringing a new sense of stability, allowing there to be food and shelter to all nature. Due to the extinction of various plants, animals and insects and the destruction of rain forests, the Earth is trying to re-stabilize itself, shall we say as if it has one arm being held behind her back.

The carelessness of those with power and money are now wiping out various tribes of indigenous peoples. People are not disposable entities but parts of creation that made up a whole. Now all is becoming shattered due to the misunderstanding that life is disposable.

Bees pollinate so many things and keep life growing and becoming yet the amount destroyed by ignorance nearly killed them off. Humans are pollinators as well. As the understanding of kindness and caring spreads from one human to another, more and more goodness becomes available to all.

When money determines one’s fall from grace it is the same as wearing blinders and headsets to block out reality.

I will challenge you each to spend 4 days with no outside stimuli. No Television, Radio, Games etc. During which time you will spend as much time as possible out in nature in meditation and reading of spiritual or self-help books. Not judging yourself, others or circumstances and spreading love and kindness to all those you see and meet.

Keep a journal every day and review it one week after you started this mini journey. What did you learn? What did you experience? Has this heightened your senses in any way? What did you discover about yourself and life? How much more clearly has your thought process become and what value did you discover by abstaining from the daily chatter called life.

It is by developing your inner senses that you connect with Higher self and all other life. So long as you bombard your selves with the outer senses you cannot find the pathway of your inner awareness and life giving Light.

What I ask of you is a type of fasting away from outside influences. Please make the time to do the 4 day exercise and let go of excuses as to why you cannot.

Blessings to you All


Seven Layers of Mankind


There are:

Seven Planes of Existence

Seven Heavens Beyond

Seven Strains of Man

Seven Levels of Consciousness

Seven Root Races

Seven Solar Systems

These are the areas of learning and education that every individual on their spiritual path need to learn about in order to ascend the physical in this lifetime.

Reach Higher


Words to learn and experience.