How to understand that energy is what moves mountains.

What mountains are you trying to move in your life at this time? Maybe they are just hurdles and appear to be as big as a mountain. We are all dealing with major pattern removal at this time. We are all looking at facets of self and emotions that we have tried to change and overcome for long periods of time. When we understand that we are energy and that the pattern is an energy we are holding onto as well, we discover that it is the energy surrounding the emotion we are working on. So much is involved with this process. Not only do we have to change the way we think about our feelings but we have to change the energy about how we feel.

Our attachments to how we feel about things and people in life has been recorded in our soul and DNA for a long time. This often leads us to believe that we have no choice in how we feel about certain things. In reality we always have choice. Without the proper tools for change and re-programming, we feel frustrated with trying. Feelings have to be understood before they can be changed. Why I feel the way I do, is as important as why I want to change that feeling. Loving attachments are natural. Love of family, siblings, and children.

Love of self is rarely included in our attachments. We have been taught that loving self is selfish and narcissistic. Loving self, needs to be an inner journey, not an outer. Who am I on the inside and how that corresponds to the roles I play in life on the outside? Do they blend and harmonize or are these two always battling? Is there balance between the inner and outer life or are they separate?

If indeed we are all energy first, then physical, why do we allow our physical perceptions to trap us in a web of self-deceit? Energy by and of itself not only can, but has moved mountains for hundreds of thousands of years. If energy can change landmasses and move the waters of life so can it heal the sick and change the saddened. We must all learn to move beyond our perceptions and allow our spirit essence and energy to guide us in our clearing and cleansing work upon self. Affirmations work wonders.

I am an energy of light and love.

I am centered and balanced in the energy of light and love that I am.

As energy I move effortlessly and easily within the emotional and mental bodies of self.

I choose to be a motion in my life that moves and restores the light and love within that I am.

I consciously change the synapse within my physical body to work to change and clear all unwanted patterns within the emotional and mental bodies, as well as regenerate me.

I am a child of the Light and I choose to remember all that I am, have been and will be, from this day forward. Amen.


Looking to the Light



Looking to the Light

There are times when everything seems to go wrong as well as the opposite. We are currently living in a time of polarization on so many levels that finding and keeping balance is very tricky.

It is easy to say you stand in the Light and quite another to become that Light. We are all human beings first and spiritual beings second. This is due to the many pressures and struggles we each endure while living a practical life of bills and family.

While living the Life of a Spiritual Warrior it often seems we are tested regularly. Many things seem so up and down currently that without centering techniques and meditation we are missing some very important coping mechanisms.

No matter how hard we try, monetary substance is a powerful part of existence. It is easy to say “let go and trust” but easier if you have the money you need. I believe that a new balance is coming regarding the sharing of wealth among the many. I cannot yet say how this will manifest but I will say the war between the powers of life and materialism must change if we are to have a future we wish to look forward to for ourselves and children.


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The Astral Plane

Within the Astral are many different levels of existence. When we remember that the heart chakra is attached to both the upper and lower chakras, exploration of the astral becomes one of a spiritual as well as physical nature. All things being interconnected and part of a whole, whatever people believe to be truth, is created and dwells within the astral plane. The astral body and astral consciousness experientially travel throughout the astral plane continually. In the physical plane, we, our planet and solar system are all within the astral plane. The astral is a repository of the energies of the Cosmos on their way downwards and it is a receptacle of whatever passes out of the physical sphere on its way upward. Exploring the astral plane is like going to a library that is filled with an immense variety of categories and experiences. Each person’s book of life as well as all the stories of creation is catalogued within the astral library. All information and learning in the astral is transmitted and received through a process of osmosis. In this manner, we actually absorb information though our inner awareness and understanding. In metaphysics, the astral library is often referred to as the Akashic Records. To understand fully the volumes of information we have access to here; we need to become spiritually integrated. The five outer senses are of little use when exploring the astral plane and Akashic records; opening and developing the inner senses is primary. One of the levels of experience within the astral plane is referred to by some as hell, or purgatory. This dimension is where the so-called demons reside. Every thought and emotion humankind experiences produce energy. Through our fears and vivid imaginations, we create energies that often produce entities. These thought forms dwell within the astral plane and are seen as demons. Not all demons are bad. Many religions refer to Angels and other beings of light as being demons as well. Yet energies that are created from ignorance and fear are dark energies and feed off the negative emotions of man. Needing negative emotion to survive they often attack humans in their sleeping and waking state producing fear and hatred so as to feed. Hence came the lore of vampires. Seemingly, human beings cannot make themselves do what is good unless they have the threat of evil to overcome. This martyr program has been taught as a religious dogma helping humans acquiesce to it as being their nature. The power of evil is great only because of the power we give it. Energy creates, and beliefs are very potent energies. When people believe in fear, pain, chaos, and deprivation, these projected energies take on a form and life of their own. The dwelling place of these vampire energies is known as the lower astral. These are our energies; therefore, they become our demons. When we die, these entities remain in the lower astral awaiting our return to earth. When we reincarnate, these energies are restored to us because we are their creators and only we have the power to un-create them. We must see for our self what we have initially created, before we can create anew. Because all things are created from energy, all things can be brought back to a pure energy state. Reacting in fear or ignorance when confronted with these creations blocks our spiritual progression. By continual denial of the existence of these blocks humans remain stagnate and remain stuck in dysfunction. When we open our hearts to transmute our creations, “our demons”, they disappear. This only happens by us bringing them a pure energy state of love. Love is the eternal fire of life that burns within every heart. Love is the greatest healer that we have.
Heavenly worlds of color and geometry also dwell in the astral plane, awaiting exploration. Using astral consciousness, one can see and experience Angels and Teachers of Light. These beings use this plane of consciousness, to make themselves visible to us. Using our astral consciousness, we can visit other universes, galaxies, and beautiful temples of love. The astral plane was created for us to have direct accessibility to our companions in spirit. These beings are known as spirit guides. These guides and teachers of love are part of our spiritual family. They are always with us in spirit helping us understand the spiritual nature of our earthly journey. When people first begin consciously journeying within the astral plane, they tend to doubt the reality of their experiences, suggesting to themselves that it’s all imagination. They find it inconceivable that such a glorious and magical life can exist in the midst of our chaotic everyday existence. It is the outer world senses and learned responses that are at first difficult to override. It takes time and training to experience and accept the different realities that exist, especially when they exist within you. Our perceptions can only change when we open and allow it to happen. When we take the time to explore the astral realm, we can discover a limitless multitude of spirit awareness and personal understanding.


Do you believe in reincarnation?

What would be the point in simply living one life or lifetime? With everything we learn and still need to learn, why would we think we would have only this one opportunity to learn all there is to learn? All things in life seem to come as lessons and knowledge; awareness and realization. We are forever discovering ourselves and the realities of life, this is our nature.

All things we learn in life are through repetition. Just as we learned to read and write so it is with life lessons. The more repetitive something becomes the easier it should be to comprehend, but I look at wars and destruction and wonder why we have not yet learned they bring no positive results.

I also wonder why we have so many different religions yet most have the very same premise. How many centuries have we studied history only to keep repeating the same scenarios when we have so many lifetimes to learn to change ourselves? This is very confusing as if we still cannot write any letter correctly like ABC after practicing doing it over and over again.

To me we are odd creatures who have all the information and intelligence imaginable yet continuing the same self-sabotage practices over and over again?

Even with reincarnation and so many opportunities to learn we still choose to use ignorance over awareness.

We all have access to soul awareness and understanding this needs to become our primary mission in each lifetime to expand our consciousness and live lives filled with compassion, love and understanding.



Letting Go

Overcoming fear is our greatest conquest this lifetime. Fear creates and it is currently abundant everywhere.
Spiritual growth is about confronting and healing the fear. Love is the asset we need to overcome fear. Fear cannot reside within love, it simply disseminates when it is brought into the love contained within each and every one of us.

We can transmute nearly all of our problems when we strengthen our love within as well as without. Forgiveness is a key element in doing this. Here is an exercise that can help.

“I forgive myself for accepting the pattern and condition of pain within me, I release and let go of the memory of pain and I replace it with love and acceptance.
I forgive myself for accepting the pattern and condition of sadness within myself and I release and let go of the deep levels within my body and minds memory. I replace it with joy and love daily.
I forgive myself for accepting the pattern and condition of fear within myself and I release it and let it go. I replace it with confidence and trust daily.
I forgive myself for the pattern and condition of hate within myself and I let it go, I let it go, I let it go and now replace with feelings of joy and acceptance.”
You can use this as a format anytime you wish to work on yourself. See how powerful you really are.

Also you can visualize an angel standing in front of you holding a large flame of light and you packing all of the things are letting go of into a suitcase, now throw it into the fire light and say I transmute and let go of the past, I transmute and let go of the past, I transmute and let go of the past. Feel your energy change as you do this. Honor the holy light within that you are and the holy light of god.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

Wobbling Earth

The Earth is wobbling right now and that is why so many people are feeling dizzy , especially when they get up in the morning.
The energies are very ungrounded and it as if there is a whole new meaning to making sense of things.

Unknown planets are showing up as well as incoming signals, yet unidentified from the Universe. All these things show the coming in of the divine mother and her entourages in December.
Why is she coming?? ; to bring some semblance of sanity and balance to a world spinning out of control on so many levels. The status quo must be broken down to allow the creation of kindness and concern to take its place. Money can no longer be the power source of all life when it starves and strands its many peoples for the sake of greed and power.

Life on this Earth was meant to be shared by the many different species that live here, there was an original order to this and humans have distorted that order. It must be restored or all life on this planet may well disappear, as it has done so before.

Be aware that it will be a crumbling of governments and money markets that are set to fail. Know who you are and why you are here in this time and you will be cared and provided for. Be kind to one another.

Angelic Learning

I remember when I first met and started working with Archangel Raphael. He told me that everything I had learned up to this point would be useless in my spiritual learning. My journey was like beginning all over in Kindergarten. I needed to release and overcome my judgements and learn to see the bigger picture. That the only things that would ever let me down in life were my expectations. I began to realize the importance of humility.

He, Lord Michael, Lord Sananda and St. Germaine were my major teachers helping me with the clearing inner work and outer for the following 3 years of intensive work. While meditating I would be taken into the Astral and Etheric Planes where I would receive hour long dissertations from several different master teachers. I was afraid I would not remember them all and was told my mind had its own storage containers and when the information was needed it could then be remembered.

I have always wondered why I was chosen to receive such information and was told I am a fallen angel; I believe there are many of us.

Be blessed and continue to search for truth, It is so very much needed for us all.

Self Development


Skills You Need to Succeed in the Path of Self Development!

Self-development is a lesson that lasts a lifetime. It is a struggle to develop ourselves and skills. Acquiring these skills need internal courage and urge to become your better self and remain willing to learn new things, no matter how hard it seems.

There are few skills that a person should acquire in order to build a strong personality, and succeed in life:

  • Listen More; Speak Less:

Speaking less and listening more helps you in becoming a better listener. A good listener understands other people more and better. Not only this, but they will also find it comfortable in talking to you.

  • Be Patient:

Being patient and learning to wait is one of the biggest challenges to success in the course of self-development. It is essential to learn how to handle time. Let’s accept one fact: everything takes time. It takes time to make life-changes, to grow, develop, to learn and produce. So, it is important to give yourself some time to learn and achieve.

  • Leave Your Comfort Zone:

This may be the most important skill to learn before learning anything! Unless you leave the comfort zone and prepare yourself to meet the challenges, success is not guaranteed. To encounter the hardships on your way, you have to go through the tough times and learn how to deal with life challenges.

  • Be Social:

Everyone faces problems in life. That does not mean one should remain within the four walls of the home. Your first interaction is your family. Build strong relations with them to have a healthy and strong family life. If you are dealing with family problems like divorce or death of a loved one, get counseling. In addition to this, network and socialize with other people. Find good people who can help you in your weak areas or guide you to get through the tough times.

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude:

Without a positive attitude, it becomes very difficult to achieve your goals. Moreover, a negative outlook hinders your way to self-development. The more you have a positive attitude, the more people will find you attractive and would love to spend time with you.

In order to hone self-development skills, you must have patience, courage, and persistence. So, never stop the journey of learning and making others’ as well as your life better.

Fear the Great Motivater

Fear the great motivator.
Everything in our physical life seems to be driven by fear. Time is always of the essence. Little or no time is dedicated to the quiet and thoughtful inner dialog. Most people can’t even stand to talk with themselves.

I on the other hand have discovered how to be my own best friend. There is almost no one else I would rather spend time with. Of course I have many voices that live within me; just as does everyone else, but I have learned to identify each of them and brought them to a new evolution in time and space. We, the “I Am the I Am, is now integrated with all of me. Therefore the “one” of me is also the many. This makes life not only tolerable but blessed and worth living.

To confront ones fears is to actually come to terms with it. Understanding that fear only holds the power you and others give it makes it easier to put in its place. Fear is a natural component of the physical and emotional self. We need to know how and when to value it.

We need learn fears uses such as not standing in front of moving vehicles or when to hide if being per sued. Yet to fear not having, is much ado about nothing. When we need we tend to fear the lack thereof. This seems natural to us as we have been programmed to fear what we do not know or have.

Being present for a few moments each day can put fear into perspective.
“What am I afraid of? Why am I afraid?

At least in asking myself these two things I can come up with answers that I may not have originally considered.
Fear is an interesting task master. It often brings many to their knees as they fail to believe in themselves. Feeling unworthy or inadequate keeps us from attaining the very things we desire. Our fear of being wrong stops us from doing and trying. Rejection is often proof that we are wrong and aids us in deciding we have failed.

Trial and error are the way of life through which we learn. When we stagnate out of fear we become morose and judgmental. Not doing can become the greatest danger in your life.
To face fear in life is the greatest challenge we can present for ourselves and it is also the greatest gift we give to ourselves.