The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra also known as the Fourth Dimension is the balancer between the lower three chakras and the upper three. Until one fully knows how to operate in the fourth Dimension they cannot move to the Fifth.

The Heart Chakra is definitely the Yin Yang symbol and holds the balance between Conditional and Unconditional Love. As we grow up we learn about Conditional love which is a need to be needed. We seek the attention and approval of others to find our worth. When we move into the Unconditional part of the Heart we learn how to love without attachment. We learn how to accept and allow rather than judge and react.

When we can love ourselves and others unconditionally, we reach deep into our understanding self where kindness fills us with a desire to serve rather than be served. We begin the quest as healers and teachers of Love.

We must learn to love unconditionally before we can move to the Fifth Dimension of Cause and Effect, also known as manifestation.

As we grow and develop spiritually we cannot jump past any dimension without fully understanding its purpose in our life. Just as we go through the various grades in school, so must we learn at each new dimension, grade, before skipping ahead.

Learning at the Fourth Dimensional vibration is the key to understanding how the Universe operates and how we are that same Universe. This is where we learn balance between the physical and spiritual realities.

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