The fifth Dimension

Moving into Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

The Etheric Body – Plane of Cause and Effect

First in order to move into a new level of consciousness one must have had the training of the Fourth Dimension well in hand. It is through the learning of Unconditional Love that we ascend the staircase to the higher more spiritual levels of self.

The Etheric planes have to do with more invisible bodies. To clarify further, we can now access true consciousness through greater levels of telepathy and understanding. These have no physicality like the lower centers are tied to. Here we begin to travel the expanse of mind and universe without judgement and need. Our acceptability of non-form can now evolve more readily.

Experiencing our Etheric self allows us to reach into dimensions of consciousness that bring new learning and adjustment in life. Realizations become more important as does new understanding of what we are learning takes place.

We must become aware of how we are Higher Self before we can become aware of the Etheric. Here is where the law of Cause and Effect develop true meaning and awareness. We must become Clairsentient before we become Clairvoyant of Clairaudient.

Clairsentient is where we are working through our inner senses rather than our outer; this is how we develop degrees of understanding through the feeling and intuitive self. Still it takes time to interpret the language of our Spirit Guides and the Universe. This learning and development are necessary before we experience the Etheric Plane.

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