Soul Mates


Almost everyone we meet in life is a soulmate on some level. We are all part of a soul group and have known each other from past experience. We discover somehow if we need to finish and complete things with others or if we are to re-unite and stay connected for important periods of time.

There is a misconception that a soulmate is to be a partner in this lifetime. Partners help us recognize who we are and help us develop in a great way of being ourself. Our Spirit Guides and Teachers of Light are also our Soul mates. We are related to them as well as them to us.

Soul has over soul, has over soul and so on. This is how we are all connected. All soulmates are not in our life to bring us joy but also to help us with our lessons this lifetime.

Higher Self or Spirit self is different from soul mate. Higher self is spirit essence and directly connected to the All that is, often called God. As we raise our vibrations we meet various groups of people upon our path. Often we outgrow certain friends and family that we love. This is natural and should be embraced.

We change as well as our lessons within soul. Sometimes we even move into a new soul group. Again this is a natural process. Remember Love and Light are synonymous.

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