Enter Lords of Light

We must be aware of these powerful shifting energies and pray as the Divine Mother enters our realm of being.
this cannot be easy for her or the legions of light that assist her, for the pain we feel is extremely amplified for them.
The great sacrifices they are making to attend us is unprecedented and can only be taking place due to the horrible sadness and current injustices by people upon our planet.
Pray and be kind and reverent to the many Lords of Light now entering our plane of existence, for you are privaledged to be here at this time.
Ask to be aligned and awakened to you soul awareness as this is what is necessary to survive such Light.
We are being blessed in ways we never imagined.
Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

Prayer for the Planet


I am the power and the light within all that I am. I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am.

I am earth, I am Air, I am fire, and I am water, I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am.

Mighty beings of Light and Love bring your energies bring your love. Surround our planet with the goodness and grace of the Divine light.

Lighten the load of the downtrodden and help them find love, entice humankind to find kindness and compassion, beloved I am Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

I pray for the grace of divine love to embrace humankind and Earth from above.

The Earth cries out for your grace and help, the winds cry out for more balance and love, The flame of holy sanctity needs to be restored and the waters cry out for help from above.

To our creators we call, we need your wisdom and love.

Free us from the charges of hated and destruction, encompass us with protection and love.

Now see the Earth being surrounded in a globe of light and protection. Call forth the ruby red flame and golden rod. Hold steady to the will of God, Goddess, all that is!

Reaching the higher dimensions of consciousness through meditation and visualization.

The energies have shifted and it is as if we need a new road map to follow to reach the higher and divine levels through our meditation.

We must also become accustomed to anchoring light daily and correctly in order to assist this process.

This will be a three week class 2 hours on Sundays September 22, 29th and October 6, 2019. 1-3PM in Colorado Springs, co. 80918

Space is limited so book now $90 for all three or $35 weekly; Must commit to all three classes.

Bring notebook and pen as well as any snack you may need.

This is not a beginner class, must have some previous experience with meditation and commitment to your Spiritual Path.

Call Athene at 719-598-8158 for more information and to reserve your space.

Good and Evil

Good and Evil

The Astral Plane

By; Athene Raefiel 2018


Everyone has their own awareness and belief about good and evil. I can only share what I have learned since accessing my own Akashic record and the Lower Astral Level to which we are all exposed and experience throughout life.

Within the astral plane are many different levels of existence.  When we remember that the heart chakra is attached to both the upper and lower chakras, exploration of the astral becomes one of a spiritual as well as physical nature. All things being interconnected and part of a whole, whatever people believe to be truth, is created and dwells within the astral plane. The astral body and astral consciousness experientially travel throughout the astral plane continually. In the physical plane, we, our planet and solar system are all within the astral plane.

The astral is a repository of the energies of the Cosmos on their way downwards and it is a receptacle of whatever passes out of the physical sphere on its way upward.

Exploring the astral plane is like going to a library that is filled with an immense variety of categories and experiences. Each person’s book of life as well as all the stories of creation is catalogued within the astral library.

All information and learning in the astral is transmitted and received through a process of osmosis. In this manner, we actually absorb information though our inner awareness and understanding.

In metaphysics, the astral library is often referred to as the Akashic Records. To understand fully the volumes of information we have access to here; we need to become spiritually integrated. The five outer senses are of little use when exploring the astral plane and Akashic records; opening and developing the inner senses is primary.


One of the levels of experience within the astral plane is referred to by some as hell, or purgatory. This dimension is where the so-called demons reside.


Every thought and emotion humankind experiences produce energy. Through our fears and vivid imaginations, we create energies that often produce entities. These thought forms dwell within the astral plane and are seen as demons. Not all demons are bad. Many religions refer to Angels and other beings of light as being demons as well. Yet energies that are created from ignorance and fear are dark energies and feed off the negative emotions of man. Needing negative emotion to survive they often attack humans in their sleeping and waking state producing fear and hatred so as to feed; Hence comes the lore of vampires.


Seemingly, human beings cannot make themselves do what is good unless they have the threat of evil to overcome. This martyr program has been taught as a religious dogma helping humans acquiesce to it as being their nature. The power of evil is great only because of the power we give it.


Energy creates, and beliefs are very potent energies.  When people believe in fear, pain, chaos, and deprivation, these projected energies take on a form and life of their own.


The dwelling place of these vampire energies is known as the lower astral. These are our energies; therefore, they become our demons.  When we die, these entities remain in the lower astral awaiting our return to earth. When we reincarnate, these energies are restored to us because we are their creators and only we have the power to un-create them.

We must see for ourselves what we have initially created, before we can create anew. Because all things are created from energy, all things can be brought back to a pure energy state.  Reacting in fear or ignorance when confronted with these creations blocks our spiritual progression. By continual denial of the existence of these blocks, humans remain stagnate and remain stuck in dysfunction.


When we open our hearts to transmute our creations, “our demons”, they disappear.  This only happens by us bringing them a pure energy state of love. Love is the eternal fire of life that burns within every heart. Love is the greatest healer that we have.




Heavenly worlds of color and geometry also dwell in the astral plane, awaiting exploration. Using astral consciousness, one can see and experience Angels and Teachers of Light. These beings use this plane of consciousness, to make themselves visible to us.


Using our astral consciousness, we can visit other universes, galaxies, and beautiful temples of love. The astral plane was created for us to have direct accessibility to our companions in spirit. These beings are known as spirit guides. These guides and teachers of love are part of our spiritual family. They are always with us in spirit helping us understand the spiritual nature of our earthly journey.


When people first begin consciously journeying within the astral plane, they tend to doubt the reality of their experiences, suggesting to themselves that it’s all imagination. They find it inconceivable that such a glorious and magical life can exist in the midst of our chaotic everyday existence.


It is the outer world senses and learned responses that are at first difficult to override. It takes time and training to experience and accept the different realities that exist, especially when they exist within you. Our perceptions can only change when we open and allow it to happen. When we take the time to explore the astral realm, we can discover a limitless multitude of spirit awareness and personal understanding.


Astral plane

The astral plane, also called the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical (particularly neo-Platonic), medieval, oriental and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. It is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death, and generally said to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings.


Astral plane – Wikipedia



Prayer during Hurricane Season

I do not do well during Hurricane season as I am so connected to the oceans. I have been praying daily for the coastlines that are being hit. I saw what is left of the Bahamas and gave thanks that Puerto Rica was not hit hard again.

Global warming is no joke and so many suffering people and souls are being affected in the US and other countries.
It is time to acknowledge that we too are Earth, Air, Fire and Water and work with these elements to save as much as possible. Do not think for a moment that our food and water supplies will not be affected globally.

We were told by the Arcturians some thirty years ago that this would come to pass if changes were not made, but even with such information humans tend to wait for the disasters to decide to change. Well the disasters are upon us.

I am Earth, I am Air, I am Fire and I am Water. This simple mantra can help.

The spiritual Path

Choosing your spiritual path, becoming the spiritual warrior.

Surrendering to the holy light within that you “are”, choosing to follow your own inner light, the soul awareness and the journey to ascension.

When we finally surrender to the spiritual path and holy light within we kick our intuitive body into play in ways we never imagined. We begin to trust in a higher power that can lead us out of darkness into light. We choose to see the truth on a larger scale and also what “The bigger Picture” is. The results of which are us expanding our consciousness and realizing who we are authentically.

At every degree and level of attainment we must know how and when to surrender and trust in the unknown. It is always best to call forward the four directions of Earth, Air, fire and Water as well as the four Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. These are our protection energies needed to help keep us safe on our journey.
We need safety as the Ocean of inner and outer demons must be conquered as we go. All energy has its own awareness and to strive for the light may be no small task but worth the time to learn about and many times overcome. Remember you are an eternal being with much information stored within soul from previous incarnations, none of us are pure.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

Spiritual Housekeeping

It’s time to do some spiritual housekeeping; out with the old in with the new.

Letting go is a process whereby we come to terms with and integrate our feelings. It is not the same as distancing away from them. Ultimately what we won’t deal with today can find a way of hiding itself from us by manifesting through illness or new situations we don’t want it in.

For example you have heard the phrase “the past rears its ugly head”, this is when we have forgotten about some inner stuffed feelings and secrets we have tried to bury within.
In order to heal on the inside we must be willing to dig deeply into the old stuffed emotions and transmute them through forgiveness and understanding. Embracing the past can seem like a bad love affair at first as we find the parts of self that we may hate the most.

Always visualize the circumstance, parts of self and or others you need to forgive, bring those feelings up to your heart and see a blazing flame of violet, then simply say “ I forgive myself for the feelings surrounding these things and now choose to heal and transmute them. I choose to love myself and understand and— I let them go, I let them go, I let them go.” Put them into the Violet Flame as well as your heart and feel the change to the reality they have held.

“I am open to the holy light of life within that I am. I am that I am, I am that I am.”

There are many in depth exercises in my book “Getting to the Heart” a journey of soul transformation and spiritual enlightenment. By: Athene Raefiel

Divine Mother

Some other names the Divine Mother has been called.

Mother Mary

Phallas Athene

White buffalo Calf woman

Lady Nada

Shakti and Kali

The divine Mother coming in.

The Divine Mother is coming in and what it means.

It would take me pages and pages to share and explore the depth of its meaning and because I am not privy to all the information the universe has to offer. I am simply a messenger of light who can share the information I get.

This is a terrible time for the Amazon forest to be burning the way it is and the fires were all set not by nature but government and forestry services. It is this kind of abuse of power that has had the effect of bringing more energy of the higher levels to intercede on Earth’s behalf. This abuse of power has taken the world stage and become extremely destructive to our planet affecting even the smallest of animals, streams and agriculture.

Mother Earth, Gaia, has called out to the various higher realms in the need of reconstruction and balance to take place. Human’s awareness of these problems has helped bring light to assist the many destructive practices to fellow human beings as well. The angels, spirit guides and ascended ones have carried these messages to the Divine Mother and she has decided to respond.
The Universal Laws have kept most ascended beings from interceding on our behalf as there are certain force fields in place that were put there to allow humans to decide their own destiny, but when they decided to own and destroy Mother Earth that had to change.

Many force fields will have to be broken down for the ascended ones to enter this plane and work with us and the planet. This will be quite uncomfortable for several upcoming months and it can feel as if everything is coming unhinged. Not that this hasn’t been going on for the past several years already but at an even more accelerated pace. Hold on to your boot straps and remember to not lose yourself.

Meditation will be changing as the movement of such energies will feel very unfamiliar for a period of time and grounding into the universal energies will be what is called for even though they will be in great movement. Continue to pray to the divine Light and its intercession.

More Info from The Universe

I wake up every day now with a new hope for life and the future of our planet, knowing that “ The Divine Mother” is entering our plane of existence is precisely what is needed to help bring back balance and harmony to all life upon earth.

I know the poles are shifting and the weather is continuing to deteriorate, yet I also know that “The Divine Mother” is who the entire Hierarchy works for and answers to, including the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. Beings from these etheric and celestial planes have been praying for Earth and us for the past century, hoping to help us reclaim a fruitful and fulfilled life while in body.

The concern for the upcoming generations has been great and the need for Earth to be able to replenish herself even greater. We are part of a Solar System, and a Galaxy within a greater Universe. Our Universe is but one among many and as we struggle, so do other planets and Galaxies. Though I know this is hard to comprehend we are one among many stars and planets that need one another. We are not nor have ever been alone.

The movement of this new influx of blessed energies will need to be received with as much awakening of souls as possible. Ignorance will not be tolerated, not will hate and disease; all life must begin to heal and this will take time and patience but must be so for the preservation of our future.

Do not expect these upcoming miracles to bring goodness and light to every corner of your life for you are the ones that will need to be strong and hold this heavenly light within your being. Be willing to participate and help. This is what is being asked of you currently.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.