People are searching for purpose and reason to go forward in life. When there is no inspiration a type of sadness and tiredness exist, making you feel listful and kind of lost.

We must remember we are in charge of how we feel everyday when we awaken. To plant the seeds of tomorrow in the brain before going to sleep helps us to create. When we awaken we discover that the old thoughts and feelings pervade and we must then immediately take charge of our thought process and feelings. Meditation is one method and changing our thought process is another.

Use Affirmations every morning if need be and also throughout the day .

” I feel energized and ready for the day. ” I accept the joy flowing into my body and mind completely. I choose abundance in everything I say and do. Today is my bright day.”

It isn’t easy to maintain a good attitude all day long, but it is better to catch yourself sliding into the sorrowful mundane life of all those around you.

Listen to others attentively but do not feel their feelings, stop and wait to answer or engage when you feel it will be damaging.

Trusting oneself is not easy, as we are humans, but better to trust yourself than anyone else you meet.

Trusting is one of those important attributes we all need. Acting confident is better than acting like a victim.

Be yourself, but be the self you want to be.

Tarot from Poland
Description: Otylia Wrzos – She has been practicing Tarot card reading for over 20 years, although her journey with cards began with working with classical cards, which she eventually abandoned in favor of Tarot, realizing that these cards cooperate much better with her. Over time, she also became interested in numerology, recognizing its potential for gaining deeper insights into people’s lives and futures as she reads the cards for them.



The past, present, and future each exist within one another. They are the makeup that creates our picture of life and ourselves. Our past cannot be put behind us by us not thinking about it. Our training has been that by stuffing our emotions we can put things out of our mind.

Stuffing ones emotions year after year causes one to feel alienated and distant. It is all right to put our feelings on the back burner for a little while, but too often, we forget to bring them back to the foreground. This can cause us to lose perspective of self and others around us.

How well we process and understand our feelings determines our emotional health. Due to the emotional distress most individuals have suffered in life, they believe themselves unable to trust their feeling self.

When we push the emotions deep into the recesses of our being we isolate and insulate, losing our ability to deal with the intimate emotional situations in our personal lives. This in turn causes us loss in our ability to use logic and reason to resolve emotional situations in our lives.

In order to achieve good health or peace of mind it is necessary for us to bring our emotions into balance with our reason. Denying how we feel about different situations in our lives can be very self-destructive.  We think that by stuffing our emotions they will go away.


Unexpressed emotions simply lie beneath the surface smoldering, waiting for an opportunity to emerge. Repressed emotions will eventually find a way of showing themselves. They are often released unexpectedly in a fit of anger, along with crying or yelling for no apparent reason. They can create mood swings and suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Depression, anxiety, stress, uncontrollable laughter, and crying are all symptoms of pent up emotions. We label this as mental illness and doctors prescribe drugs and other treatments. Nevertheless, no matter what we call it, the fact remains it is repressed emotion.

Often repressed emotions also manifest themselves through physical illness. Heart disease, arthritis, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and many other illnesses are more connected to the emotions than we think. Sometimes the result of repressed emotions can be terminal.

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool we have for dealing with repressed emotions. We all feel victimized by the seeming injustices that take place in our lives.  Few of us know how to react to or process these feelings.

By learning to forgive yourself, other people, and the circumstances that have occurred in life, your experience of life becomes transformed. This transformation takes place not by us paying lip service to forgiving but by seriously delving within ourselves to admit that we are the one who has been repressing our emotions. We must each make a conscious effort to do whatever it takes to make peace with ourselves and the past.



If you carry a feeling of hatred around inside of yourself for twenty years or so, it eats away at you daily; not those you believe you hate. By harboring an intense feeling of hatred, you begin to attract others into your life that are harboring the same feeling.  Together, you now feed off each other’s hatred and begin finding fault with one another. This happens because like energy attracts, and likely, you will soon find a reason to hate everyone you try getting close to.

When humans feel victimized by life and hold onto this emotional energy, they then attract other people into their lives who also are victims. By feeding off each other’s emotional energy, they eventually become one another’s victims. This is the law of universal attraction in action.

Some people feel it is easier to forgive another person for a wrongdoing than it is to forgive their self.  Others find it easier to forgive their self. True emotional healing can take place only when we are willing to forgive both the other and ourselves. We must not simply tell ourselves that we forgive; we must know that we have forgiven through the balance in our feelings.

True forgiveness does not come easily and may take time. You will know when you have truly forgiven. When you can search your heart and your mind and no longer experience ill feelings toward a situation or another person, you have reached the pinnacle of true forgiving.

Following are exercises to aid you with forgiveness processing. You may do these exercises while sitting in a chair or lying in bed at night before going to sleep.  These exercises should be used daily if possible.



Exercise I: Life Revue


While lying in bed at night, begin to revue your life.  Start at the age you are now and continue back one year at a time. Say your age as you do this (such as 49) and simply see what memories come. When you come to a memory about yourself that does not feel good, it is time to process with forgiving. Simply allow yourself to receive clearly the image of what the situation was about and begin to forgive yourself for the feelings in the situation. Then see if you can understand how to forgive the other person or people involved.

When no more memories come for that year, go back one more year (e.g., age 48), and so forth. You do not have to do your entire life in one sitting. You can stop and pick up later where you left off.  When you stop the first session, write down the age at which you stopped. When you do the Life Revue exercise again, begin at the age where you previously stopped. This exercise may take many nights or days to work with.  So, be patient.



Exercise II: The Sacred Path


Put on some soothing, relaxing music and start letting go of all your daily stress. Feel the stress moving down your body, starting at the top of your head and moving down out through your arms and hands, then down your torso and legs, and out through your feet. Begin to drift.

Breathing comfortably, let yourself float to a peaceful place somewhere in nature. This spot is filled with greenery and earth’s beauty. Spend a few moments enjoying your new surroundings, and see a traveler guiding you to a pathway. Travel this pathway and meet yourself as a child. Be gentle with yourself and the child. Let the child part of yourself express its feelings to you. Get the child to forgive you and you him/her. Forgive yourself as well. Together, recall the memories of the past that need to be resolved and work to resolve them together.


This exercise should be done many, many times. You will find that forgiveness is not an easy task to accomplish. Keep at it until you feel you are making headway and understand the process. Do not be afraid to pray or ask for help as you work on yourself.



How Spirit speaks with you

We are always using out intuition in a variety of ways. Often I hear “I don’t know why I simply feel this is best.” Or I can’t explain it I just know this is the better thing to do or not.

Our intuition is always turned on yet we fear that what we think we feel might not be right. Developing your intuition is key to sensing spirit vibrations and trusting yourself.

Using a heightened sense of awareness is key to channeling spirit and attuning to these higher frequencies. Spirit often speaks to us though our intuition and awareness, this is different than emotion, yet similar. Intuition is achieved by tapping the silence within and understanding various frequencies; also being able to separate emotion from feeling understanding. To do this it is said “you must get out of your own way,” simply speaking you must not let your thinking  mind and emotional self interfere with the messages received.

Sounds a bit complicated and silly, yet it is the only way to clarity of inner self. Inner self being the refined senses on an inner level. Just as we have the five outer senses so do we have these in an inner level. Just as there are many vibrations throughout the universe and the heavens, so have we such attunements within ourselves that must be developed in order to be used.

Asking spirit to send us a sign is the most popular use of this inner energy. signs come in different forms to different people. A popular sign has become a totem animal as well as signals in sky and clouds. We must all begin with yes and no questions to begin practicing.

Spirits are numerous and often those who have died become disincarnate spirits, we do not want to speaking with “Uncle Bob” and thinking this is an angel or other spirit guide of a more spiritual order.

Practicing automatic writing is an easy and simple way to identify whom you are speaking with.


Dear Athene Raefiel:

“Although I have never actually, physically “met” you, I do feel I’ve known you for the past few years. Sometime ago you had unexpectedly sent me some kind words about my own website (Astro Chakras). That event, along with the coinciding passing of my best friend, also a very gifted psychic, helped me to realize that I, too, am very gifted. In fact, since that time – which I think was about 2 years ago, or more – I’ve met several other psychics, and they all say that I am very gifted, and capable of channeling. You did not say anything that was profound, but the sincerity of your words was very obvious. They touched my heart, and even from a distance, I could feel the honest Love that you emanate. Not only did you make a difference in my life, but I’ve also learned how to pass on that same loving energy to others in need. Keep up the great work in helping to Light the World.”
Love, Ron

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Athene for over 15 years. She is the true embodiment of light, love, mother, sister and friend. Her gifts and abilities enable all that seek her out to begin their journey towards true enlightenment. Athene has guided me and kept me on my true path throughout the years in numerous ways, beginning with a rebirthing session 15 years ago. She is truly my lighthouse during the storms that life brings. Through Spirit, and with her guidance, I have been able to hone my healing abilities and become a lightworker. I thank Spirit for bringing Angel Athene into my life and hope those that are seeking enlightenment and a true path allow her into theirs.”
Terri Masterson

“Hi Athene! How are you? It’s been some time since I last checked my e-mails, but boy… is it good to hear from you! Like the rest of your readers, I feel privileged to be drawn into the information you provide and share with us; believe me, it makes a great deal of difference in this puzzle we are in called life. Reading your articles and channelings is always like a balm for me and my never-ending search for my own truth. Thank you so much!”
Tons of love from Venezuela, a place of light!

“I’d also like to mention a past project I helped with for clairvoyant counselor and author, Athene Raefiel, I designed the cover for her latest book: “Getting To the Heart”, and did the art and graphics for her new guided meditation CDs: Stairway of Angels, The Sacred Garden, and Prayers and Invocations. If you’re not familiar with Athene’s intuitive work, become so. She’s VERY uplifting. Reading her book and receiving spiritual counseling from her has helped me tremendously.”
Sharon George, Gorgeous George Graphics
Has worked with Doreen Virtue and Hay House etc.

“Religion, metaphysics and parapsychology tend to spawn three kinds of teachers: scholars who study in depth, the great thinkers and the Bible; psychics who connect with Spirit and channel that healing and wisdom; and sprites who glow with playfulness, who see the innocent game in our earthly drama. Athene is all these healers and teachers–wise, gifted and light.”
Anne Kalicki – “Melantha”, Colorado Springs, CO

“To Whom It May Concern: I would like to share with you a wonderful light in my life, her name is Athene and she is my mentor. I started taking Athene’s classes fifteen years ago, which was one of the first major steps of my wonderful journey of self-empowerment. Athene, thank you for all your love and patience, you are my spiritual mother.”
Kathy “White Dove”, Colorado Springs, CO

“Athene assisted me in a successful transition through one of the most difficult periods of my life through her healing, emotional release and regression therapies. She always seems to know what is needed to take me through the next step in my journey. I have known Athene for almost a decade and I trust her completely – in the most vulnerable of times. You know she cares about you and understands you and your path – past, present and future. I find that Athene has a clarity, a wisdom, and a depth of knowledge that few on earth have and I admire her ability to articulate that knowledge in a most exceptional and meaningful way.”
Barbara Taylor, Colorado Springs, CO
Breakthrough Consulting and Seminars
(Barb is a former Corporate Director of Human Resources and currently coaches and trains in the area of personal leadership, self-esteem and communication.)

“I am happy to write a character reference for Athene Raefiel. I’ve known Athene for almost 15 years, as a teacher, friend, personal psychic, and mentor. Without Athene’s encouragement, belief, and spiritual classes, I’d never be the great spiritual psychic and counselor I am today. I’ve taken many classes from Athene. As a teacher, she encourages, supports, clarifies, and shares her truth. She excites the students that are just beginning, and supports the older students. I’ve taken a variety of psychic and personal empowerment courses from Athene and have used the information on a daily basis. I also had the pleasure of teaching a children’s workshop with Athene. She has the patience to teach the young and the old.

As a personal psychic, Athene has been honest, to the point, and very accurate with my life changes. Athene has encouraged me to channel and tune into my own guides to get my answers. She believed in me and shared her truth. What more would one want in a friend and psychic?

I highly recommend Athene as a teacher and spiritual counselor. She is a natural teacher and it shows in all she does. Athene truly “walks her talk.” Athene is still my mentor. She is like a mother bird that constantly encourages her young to fly. Well, I soared, and still I return to thank her for all she has done for me. I’m now a full time psychic and spiritual counselor and teacher. Thanks to Athene Raefiel.”
Kris Gibbs, Colorado Springs, CO

“Athene has been a good friend and teacher for the past eight years offering new awakening time and time again. She always seems to have a higher perspective for insight and understanding. In addition she has been a major catalyst for the development of my work and for a shift in awareness of my personal growth as well! It is my privilege to recommend her to anyone who is sincerely interested in expanding their awareness!”
John E. Pollack, Sedona AZ
Spiritual Healer, Group Facilitator

“Athene is a gift of a person who’s expertise has touched many lives. Athene has been my teacher for the past ten years in dream interpretation, which has helped me with everyday problems and my spiritual growth. Regression sessions in which I’ve been able to let go of some very painful burdens in my past. Meditation classes have taught me how to be more in touch with my self and is a great stress reliever. Through Athene’s personal growth classes my self esteem has truly been enhanced, my self worth restored. I’m a happy lady!”
Moana Selinger, Salon Owner

“I am writing to let you know what a powerful teacher you are in helping others with your emotional release techniques. Your wisdom is light-heartening and is an asset to all the lives you touch. You are truly a gifted healer and it is a blessing to know you and have received your wisdom and your healing techniques.
Gabrielle, Denver CO
Gabrielle Productions, Inc.

“Every once in a while someone really special comes into your life. If you’re fortunate, that person is multi-dimensional, and the relationships you share cross the boundaries between “personal” and “professional”. So it is with Athene Raefiel, and I consider her to be a blessing in my life on both a personal and a professional basis.

An integrated individual who applies her insight and wisdom to her own life on a daily basis. Athene has proven to be a friend on the highest level and a client who works from a position of self-directed spiritual purpose in her life. On all levels, she conducts herself with a sense of “professional realness” that is very rare, indeed.

My experience with Athene has been that she is focused, innovative, and creative in all that she does, without ever losing touch with the physical realities and responsibilities of life. She is wonderful in every sense of the word.”
Lois Grant, Denver CO
Mainstream Metaphysics

Please feel free to update or add your own. blessings, Athene

Anchoring the Light

Anchoring the Light

By: Athene Raefiel, 2008


Heavenly Father Divine Mother, I call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around me, so what is needed for my highest and best good take place.

I call to the power of light that I am.

I call to the Angels and spirit teachers of light.

I call to my spirit essence.

I call to the, I am that I am.


I call to all those of light that assist, guide, guard and protect me in my journey of life and ask that they align their energies within me.

I ask that the Light surround me with its love, strength and empowerment and assist me daily.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am. Aum, Aum, Aum.


I am, I am, I am, A child of love and light.

I am, I am, I am, special in my own right.

I am, I am, I am, the power of love and light.


Holy mighty teachers of love and light, bring your energy, bring your light, Fill my heart with your wisdom and might, strengthen my energy and help me understand and assimilate my own light.


I am, I am, I am, The power of love and light.

I am, I am, I am , A wonder of spirits light.

I am, I am, I am, Created of Love and Light.




The Astral Plane

Within the Astral are many different levels of existence. When we remember that the heart chakra is attached to both the upper and lower chakras, exploration of the astral becomes one of a spiritual as well as physical nature. All things being interconnected and part of a whole, whatever people believe to be truth, is created and dwells within the astral plane. The astral body and astral consciousness experientially travel throughout the astral plane continually. In the physical plane, we, our planet and solar system are all within the astral plane. The astral is a repository of the energies of the Cosmos on their way downwards and it is a receptacle of whatever passes out of the physical sphere on its way upward. Exploring the astral plane is like going to a library that is filled with an immense variety of categories and experiences. Each person’s book of life as well as all the stories of creation is catalogued within the astral library. All information and learning in the astral is transmitted and received through a process of osmosis. In this manner, we actually absorb information though our inner awareness and understanding. In metaphysics, the astral library is often referred to as the Akashic Records. To understand fully the volumes of information we have access to here; we need to become spiritually integrated. The five outer senses are of little use when exploring the astral plane and Akashic records; opening and developing the inner senses is primary. One of the levels of experience within the astral plane is referred to by some as hell, or purgatory. This dimension is where the so-called demons reside. Every thought and emotion humankind experiences produce energy. Through our fears and vivid imaginations, we create energies that often produce entities. These thought forms dwell within the astral plane and are seen as demons. Not all demons are bad. Many religions refer to Angels and other beings of light as being demons as well. Yet energies that are created from ignorance and fear are dark energies and feed off the negative emotions of man. Needing negative emotion to survive they often attack humans in their sleeping and waking state producing fear and hatred so as to feed. Hence came the lore of vampires. Seemingly, human beings cannot make themselves do what is good unless they have the threat of evil to overcome. This martyr program has been taught as a religious dogma helping humans acquiesce to it as being their nature. The power of evil is great only because of the power we give it. Energy creates, and beliefs are very potent energies. When people believe in fear, pain, chaos, and deprivation, these projected energies take on a form and life of their own. The dwelling place of these vampire energies is known as the lower astral. These are our energies; therefore, they become our demons. When we die, these entities remain in the lower astral awaiting our return to earth. When we reincarnate, these energies are restored to us because we are their creators and only we have the power to un-create them. We must see for our self what we have initially created, before we can create anew. Because all things are created from energy, all things can be brought back to a pure energy state. Reacting in fear or ignorance when confronted with these creations blocks our spiritual progression. By continual denial of the existence of these blocks humans remain stagnate and remain stuck in dysfunction. When we open our hearts to transmute our creations, “our demons”, they disappear. This only happens by us bringing them a pure energy state of love. Love is the eternal fire of life that burns within every heart. Love is the greatest healer that we have.
Heavenly worlds of color and geometry also dwell in the astral plane, awaiting exploration. Using astral consciousness, one can see and experience Angels and Teachers of Light. These beings use this plane of consciousness, to make themselves visible to us. Using our astral consciousness, we can visit other universes, galaxies, and beautiful temples of love. The astral plane was created for us to have direct accessibility to our companions in spirit. These beings are known as spirit guides. These guides and teachers of love are part of our spiritual family. They are always with us in spirit helping us understand the spiritual nature of our earthly journey. When people first begin consciously journeying within the astral plane, they tend to doubt the reality of their experiences, suggesting to themselves that it’s all imagination. They find it inconceivable that such a glorious and magical life can exist in the midst of our chaotic everyday existence. It is the outer world senses and learned responses that are at first difficult to override. It takes time and training to experience and accept the different realities that exist, especially when they exist within you. Our perceptions can only change when we open and allow it to happen. When we take the time to explore the astral realm, we can discover a limitless multitude of spirit awareness and personal understanding.

Soul Memory

Soul Memory

by Athene Raefiel

Since the fall of man or the time of Atlantis human beings have been trying to restore their connection with the divinity that once was a natural part of their being. If earth was colonized by star beings from other galaxies as Archangel Michael shared with me over 20 years ago; then it would make sense that we have different races, cultures and beliefs among the masses. We must also remember that life of course already existed on earth at the time of such colonization. Though much of it was in and from the seas, nature was evolving.
Many of the teachings and writings of ancient societies were destroyed during those early times but much was saved and hidden as well. Egypt was the place where all that survived Atlantis ended up being for a short time.

As we know Egypt is the Home to the Great Pyramid of Giza as well as many other structures whose origins and information is still being debated by scientists, archeologists, geologists and theologians. We have become aware that Egypt was not the only place these pyramid and stone structures were constructed over time, as they have now been discovered to be in many different locations spanning the world.

From the pictographs and hieroglyphics found upon and within these structures we often see what appears to beings from outer space. We know that many of these cultures went to great pains to return somewhere after death and all of them did some formal ceremonies on a regular basis.

We know they were extremely intelligent cultures by their architecture, inventions and monitoring of the planetary movements, as well as the specific directions and mathematics used in every construct of their buildings and cities.

I give you this information as it important to know and understand the journey we have all been on since those early times.

If we understand that soul was not created for humankind until the time of Atlantis we understand that the purpose of soul was to allow each being to have a medium with which to return home. Soul became the vessel that was designed to allow us all to do this. Not knowing where all these beings came from, we also need to understand that they have their own perception and memories of what home is.

Since the many different beings and cultures who live upon the earth as humans now may be from different star systems and galaxies they are awaiting their brethren and Starships from those places to return and get them.

We must consider at this point there may well be many different creators of many different things as well. Just as each of us is a creator, can we actually think that one and the same creator created the duckbilled platypus, the alligators and the beautiful underwater living organisms that we have so little knowledge of? So many different species exist upon this planet that is hard to conceive of them all coming from one creators mind. Perhaps when these star beings came to our planet they also brought many of their own animal species and vegetation with them?

What if ascension is not the same for all beings living on earth at this time? What if each strongly held belief comes from a particular soul group memory belonging to where each originated from and whom their creators are?

I simply raise these questions to help you think outside what you consider to be the only natural process of spiritual evolution. What may be natural to one may be completely unnatural to others.

When we talk about the one true source of all life in metaphysics we are actually speaking of Emanationism. Emanationism teaches us that there is an original intelligence from which all life has sprung. It also teaches us that each emanation is intricately connected with another. What it does not address is that any one of those emanations and perhaps all of them are creators. It also does not address belief, individuality or personal realities.

Let us take the Hierarchy of Light also often referred to as The Brotherhood of Light for example. We as Metaphysicians believe that the Galactic Councils and well as the Native Indian Councils along with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Seven Rays of Wisdom and Light all work together to assist us in our Divine awakening and Ascension from the earthly embodiment.

We believe that there is a grand divine plan that we signed up for on a soul level many century’s perhaps even eons ago of time past. We believe that this truth of salvation and ascension has to be restored to all of mankind in order for the “God, Goddess, All that Is”, to be restored to the pristine place of glory that we think it should be. We believe this because we have tapped soul memory of what occurred to create the division between human and its divine counterpart and for some reason, we also believe that we as humankind are all of the same soul group and memory.

Yet as you look at your travels in this life as well as journeys of others, you will find that we definitely do not all belong to the same soul group. Though all soul is interconnected with all other soul that in no way implies all have the same lessons, experiences, origins, or homes as others. Therefore why would we all expect to have the same soul memories?

This is one of the problems we deal with in mysticism.

Mysticism deals with visioning and the reception of information directly from the Akashic or Soul record. When one is referred to as prophet it is because they have tapped and interpreted some part of what they saw or heard while in an altered state of consciousness. The big word here is interpretation.

When we are within soul consciousness or receiving a vision, it must be interpreted by the one seeing it into a language such as what they are accustomed to using in every day life. When one has a vision of a spiritual nature there are so many things that there are no words to describe in any language, and also no intensity to truly share what has been experienced. Though etched upon the soul and the mind of the one seeing such, so is it etched within the Akashic Realm or collective soul within which it is being seen.

Hence from such experiences come great books and teachings of the mystics. Books like “Thrice Greatest Hermes”, By G.R.S. Mead, ” The Secret Doctrine” channeled through Madame Helena Blavatsky, ” The Bible” channeled through oh so many mystics and scholars alike, ” The Qur’an” channeled by Muhammad, and other wonderful works such as the ‘The Nag Hammadi Library”, a translation of The Gnostic Scriptures, and let us not forget Plato and Neoplationism as well as the great Jewish literature, law and teaching called the Torah, which contains the Hebrew teaching of the tree of life. These are merely to name but a few of the great books and information brought forth by channels, prophets, scholars and mystics alike over the centuries past.

Though myself I like the Hindu Vedic teachings as well as the teachings of Sufism and that of Tao, I find that all documented material of mystical truths are written and interpreted by someone in human form.

These individuals seem to have little in common with one another. They come from different cultures, backgrounds, time frames, accepted schools of thought or teachings and different parts of the globe. Yet all their mystical interpretations of the truth have been shared and revered my many over the course of time.

Though many humans still wish to believe that there is a dominate force known as “god” who speaks to or writes these truths through an emissary, the original source of life, has no needs, and therefore no desire to do so. If indeed source of all life is beyond all need and desire then why would it have created other emanations to do its bidding?

Since we believe that there is an “ALL”, ” The one True Source of Life” Then why must we believe it has an agenda? Haven’t you ever created anything just to see how it would come out? And if so did you quit creating because it wasn’t what you thought it would end up like? Or did you simply move on to a different creation in order to try something new?

If all things were originally created from the seed of love, then why is loving such a minute detail in the lives of humankind? Why is love the most strongly sought after and most bitterly hated desire all at once? Why does love create so much fear and animosity as well as heartache, if it is the one thing that brings us closer to ourselves and the one true light of all life?

Here are my thoughts. We fear that which we need the most and know the least about. We fear the unknown. We think we believe in the Divine yet we fear the love that it can bring us in our life. We are trained and programmed to believe that we are not worth being loved by either God nor ourselves and we have so many secrets, guilt and shame about our humanness that we afraid the “Almighty” will judge us as being evil or bad when all we are is afraid.

Remember when you began reading this dissertation and I started off with Atlantis and the “Fall of Man”? Remember when I went into saying that many here upon the Earth are not even human but from different Constellations and Star Systems? Remember how you felt about all that?

Well just as that is probably the closest thing to truth you will ever hear there is also another truth about many beings here inhabiting bodies of humans. They are the many fragments of us that have broken off over the sequence of lifetimes and started an evolutionary path of their own. Most were unwanted and discarded fragments of ourselves that we hated and detested. So rather than loving and healing and integrating them we discarded them.

Well they are still alive and they have become a powerful adversary to the harmonious, loving and balanced humans now righteously trying to be more godlike. These beings have become the criminal element in societies, countries and neighborhoods alike, and no matter how hard we try to separate ourselves from the destruction they reap, we are still subject to it. They neither believe in love or of its existence as they have become devoid and robotic in their cause of destruction and hate.

Through my journey of learning and meditation I have discovered that seeing the bigger picture is not always a pretty thing. We spend way to much time justifying our path as the true enlightenment and salvation, while spending way too little time working to integrate the past exploitation’s of what our ignorance brought about. We are way too judgmental and quick to find fault with others and their trials while we ourselves believe we can rise above our human denial.

What we need to save at this point in time is not planet earth, but the home we live upon and what is within us that has given us an opportunity to reintegrate what was ignored in the past. We must bring ourselves restoration on a soul level before we can realign with our spirit and it’s spirit and so on.

There is no right or wrong, good or evil, there is only discernment and love. As we head for the year 2012 what we will find is that we have the opportunity to reintegrate the many facets of the ugly truth into the beauty of truth. We have the opportunity to live the truth we espouse and make our lives a better place. We are also having the opportunity to stop our judgments of others upon their paths as being better or lesser beings than ourselves.

There is nothing in life that will let you down or stop you from evolving spiritually except your own expectations and judgments. Do not determine for another or yourself what is the right path. Always be the example and always remember you are not in charge of the future. How you live your life today will create what your future will be about. You have all the power and access to the soul memory you need. Quit being afraid to use it.

The vital, immaterial, life principle generally conceived as existing within humans and sometimes within all living things, inanimate objects, and the universe as a whole. Religion and philosophy have long been concerned with the nature of the soul in their attempts to understand existence and the meaning of life. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe that soul is the vessel through we experience the Divine Spark of Life within that we are. I believe that we were all spirit born as emanations of the Divine and have proceeded to work our way further and further away from the central intelligence. This we did out of a need to explore, discover, and create for ourselves. Through our exploration we have discovered that the need to bring all life back to the original source of intelligence is imminent for future development. Without memory and awareness of original intelligence all things die and dissipate: in order for life to be eternal the awareness of the connection to the central source of emanation is necessary.

From, The One, The Absolute, The Source of All Life, The One Prime Principle, flows the Divine Substance. This substance never lessens. As the flow proceeds farther from The Core Emanation, its divinity steadily decreases. Just as when a stone is dropped into the water and the ripples or emanations are the circles ever widening out from where the stone was dropped

Emanation in Philosophy:
Emanation is a cosmological concept that explains the creation of the world by a series of radiation’s, or emanations, originating in the Godhead. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I firmly believe in emanation as factual and true. I explain emanation to individuals by drawing a picture of the sun and seeing that sun as the central intelligence from which all life radiates. Each being is an emanation of the central sun. Each emanation springs from the original intelligence and each intelligence is intricately connected and interwoven with one another. This connection process is called soul.

A branch of philosophy concerned with the ultimate nature of existence. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe Metaphysics to be the science of the soul. I feel that all knowledge is contained within soul and it is the very quest and study of origins that leads one to that knowledge. Philosophical theology and cosmology are also usually considered to be branches of Metaphysics. Most scholarly teachings on Metaphysics are based on Aristotle’s metaphysical system.
(The practice of those who are initiated into the mysteries.) The practice of putting oneself into, and remaining in, direct relation with the One, The Absolute, or any unifying principle of life. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe in mysticism as an art. Mysticism is the art of experiencing for oneself, alternate realities, as well the realities of the Divine life within.

Mysticism is moving beyond that which is experienced with the five outer senses and experiencing through all of the senses available to the individual. These senses are often referred to as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Intuition, Mediumship and so on. Meditation is the only true means available, that I know of, along with hypnosis to do such experiencing. A good mystic can interpret visions and messages that are received strictly as energy and find words for them. Such people are often referred to as prophets.



By: Athene Raefiel
The only thing lacking in this world and human nature is love. Love is more than just a word or feeling; love is an experience of energy. Love is an action and beingness. To be love you must first understand how you and everything else are also made up of love.

Love comes in two distinct parts. There is conditional love and unconditional love. Conditional love is a need to be needed, it has to do with expectation and obligation. When we are young we find that we are rewarded with love when we meet the expectations of others. Our good behavior is rewarded as is our academic accomplishments. As babies we receive unconditional love, where we are simply loved for being born and accepted as being helpless.

Unconditional love is an acceptance and allowing with no judgment or conditions involved. Rarely do we find ourselves loving unconditionally, as we generally need something from life and others to feel validated.

In reality it is a balance of the two that we strive to attain. We probably put more expectations on ourselves than anyone else does and so we often feel we fail due to not being able to fulfill those exact conditions. If we also love ourselves unconditionally then we understand that failure does not really exist; rather learning and experience.

We believe that if we can learn enough academically to attain wealth and riches that we can succeed. If the wealth and riches are not balanced with love then it doesn’t matter what we do; we will not feel fulfilled.

We often claim to love God, Goddess, and the Source of all light unconditionally. Yet when we feel that our prayers and requests are not met, we no longer choose to realize that Source is unconditional. We claim to be spiritual yet we have many expectations of the Universe, Spirit Guides, Masters and Teachers that offer to assist our development. Generally this is because we need more on a survival level than we feel we do on a spiritual level. We need to have our needs met.

Spirit is all about unconditional love. As a matter of fact, spirit is unconditional love. What does this mean? This means that spirit does not judge you and accepts and allows you to be whom you choose.

This angers many people because they want there to be a spiritual realm that imposes Divine intervention and changes the cosmic law that involves free will of all human beings. If indeed there were to be Divine intervention on a mass scale it would need to be because the masses choose it to be so, and then it still would only allot for those asking.

What is Divine intervention anyway?

Divine intervention is the unconditional love from the higher purer realms of light, pouring forth their radiance and love into our earth plane. This has been taking place for quite some time now and it is still up to each individual to accept this loving energy and use it to help them and others evolve in love.

The universe cannot and will not provide us with money. They have no need of money and therefore they have no charge over it. Money is a manmade means of exchange here on earth. When we are in spirit there is no money and no need for it. If we spend all of our time asking the Universe to send us money then we spend no time letting them help us evolve.

There are many Universal laws to discover as we spiritually evolve, and all are based in love. If I cannot love others and myself unconditionally then why do I think I can love God, Goddess, and Source of light in this manner? Unconditionally means without condition.

Due to the many incarnations we have walked this earth and experienced the losses and dysfunction it presented to us as real, our DNA and soul program have become very powerful within us. Now, in this lifetime, we hold strongly to the old ways and beliefs of extinct traditions and teachings that hold us back. We accept too much of the untruth as truth and allow too much propaganda to be our reality.

When Lord Raphael began helping me to re-discover love, many years ago, he did so by first helping me discover all that was harbored within me that was not love. This took about three to twenty years of intensive inner and outer work. Upon discovering how to travel within my own soul awareness, I realized that I had not really experienced much in the way of happiness or love for many thousands of lifetimes. In fact it was not until I went all the back to when I first emanated from source that I discovered I was a being of love at all. I tell you this so you may understand how powerful our misconceptions of life and life have become over vast amounts of earth time.

Emotions are the key to healing and restoring the love within us. Emotions and our mind are the gifts and the stairways with which we can undo the wrong feeling and thinking patterns that block out our memory of the unconditionally loving light that we are.

When we understand what purpose emotions serve in our life and we understand that we can use our emotions rather than them using us, we begin to break through the lies we have perpetrated and start over on our path of awareness and love.

Without love there would be no human life. If we look at the world around us and see the massive amount of devastation that is occurring to human beings as well as the atmosphere, earthly animals, plants, minerals and the seas, then we begin to see the devastation caused by the lack of love in this world.

People that love, do not hate and kill one another. They do not destroy the atmosphere unwittingly simply because they need to drive a car or are too tired to recycle. People that love take the time to think and meditate on how to help salvage goodness and light as a way of life. Still, I fear there are not enough doing so to stop the current cycles of destruction from taking a very hard toll on the earth and her many species.

If there is one tool for change that each of us should value it is love. Love is still the greatest healer and transformer that we have readily available to use. Focusing all of out attention on love and how to find and become love is a great intense journey that will bring miraculous awareness. Loving the Earth, one another, the source, ourselves and the light of life that fills, this is the love we need to discover and use to change the tides of hate and destruction.

Do not love out of fear and worry but love out of knowingness and compassion. Do not martyr yourselves in a fashion that you thing Source wants from you, but rather love yourself in a manner that allows you to love everyone else as well. We need not like something or someone to love them, but without love there is no growth or evolution. We need not agree with someone else’s philosophies to love or accept them, and loving unconditionally allows us to agree to disagree and still love.

Only through self- discovery can we uncover the love that is hidden beneath the many facades we have worn and thought to be who and what we are. To take action and change ourselves is the only way we will ever change the world. We are Soul and Spirit first, mind and body second. The body you wear is simply a vehicle for the true self that inhabits it.

I guess in a way humans are robots. From birth everything they are taught and acquire comes from the outer use of the five senses. Later in life this helps them to define their personality. We are not personality, we are the essence of divine love with the ability to put a personality on and wear it. We can have and become as many personalities that we choose, understanding that we are in reality a much purer energy of light that emanates and connects us to the whole of all life. I call this love.

Though so much is spoken of love and so little practiced, the word itself has become a reminder of past pain for many. Though we have endured many hardships and losses in our lifetime we forget to honor the true abundance of miracles and love that have accompanied us throughout time.

Love is about re-remembering who you are as the true Inner Light and glorious awareness of source that you are. Love is what helps us take the risks needed to grow develop and become. Love is the key to healing the pain and suffering of the past the present and the future. Love is what each of us was created from and remain free to re-connect with. You my friend are love.

Anchoring the Light


Anchoring the Light

By Athene Raefiel

Heavenly Father Divine Mother, I call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around me, so what is needed for my highest and best good take place.
I call to the power of light that I am.
I call to the Angels and spirit teachers of light.
I call to my spirit essence.
I call to the, I am that I am.
I call to all those of light that assist, guide, guard and protect me in my journey of life and ask that they align their energies within me.

I ask that the Light surround me with its love, strength and empowerment and assist me daily.
I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am. Aum, Aum, Aum.

I am, I am, I am, A child of love and light.
I am, I am, I am, special in my own right.
I am, I am, I am, the power of love and light.

Holy mighty teachers of love and light, bring your energy, bring your light, Fill my heart with your wisdom and might, strengthen my energy and help me understand and assimilate my own light.
I am, I am, I am, The power of love and light.
I am, I am, I am , A wonder of spirits light.
I am, I am, I am, Created of Love and Light.