What is Initiation ?

What is Initiation?
Archangel Raphael through Athene Raefiel

Initiation is brought about by the cyclic process of karma. Karma, the plane of cause and effect, says there must be balance in the body, mind and soul to ascend your current plane of existence and continue your spirit journey.

Everything and everyone must adhere to the laws of each plane of existence; in order to do so they must experience what these laws are. These laws must be realized in order to be known and only through the experience of living can this be done.

Initiation is known to be testing experiences to help us expand beyond our current perception and understand a greater part of the whole. Our experiences have happened over many cyclic lifetimes both out of body as well as in physical.

When you understand that basically everything you experience in life is some sort of initiation you soften yourself to allow the changes and opportunities initiation brings. At this time a major initiation encompassing the planets and their teachers is occurring. Initiation on one plane of existence must be realized on as many planes of self that are identifiable through the many levels of consciousness you each possess.

Let us speak of past life initiation as an example. For many incarnations there have been many discoveries that you now take for granted as always being there. For now they are. But these have been developments over many eons of time and the opportunity for you to adjust your own karma is now accelerated into this one or two lifetimes.

So many say to us that they are doing their spiritual work and therefore cannot understand an illness or handicap they find they must endure currently. Few take into consideration that this life can be a culmination of various experiences they were unable to heal at another time.

Knowing as we do that soul is the record keeper of all experience allows you each to travel within soul and remember what past lives were about. Let us give you an example.

Perhaps you see a lifetime where you were a soldier and had to have your legs amputated due to your wounds. In this life time you may have the opportunity to heal and make peace with this experience by losing your leg and wearing a prosthetic leg.
To make peace with yourself on all levels you must forgive the experience of losing a body limb and stop seeing the experience as being bad or punishment of some kind. Instead the loss of a limb in this incarnation can allow you not only to walk again but also to heal the soul feelings from the previous incarnation.

Another example is to find an imbalance in the body such as cancer or diabetes. Looking to other lifetimes you will find that you died from such things, yet in this incarnation there are a variety of measures you can take to still live a fulfilling life. Though you go through the initiation of the same experiences as before, this time is an opportunity to make peace with the fact of being handicapped medically, yet saved from the fate of dying.

Now to elaborate on the tools and knowledge that can be used on a soul and spirit level this incarnation, the awareness and development of awareness can aid you in becoming your own healer and balancer in life.
To bring forth balance there needs be adjustments, not only in the body but also the emotions and the mind. A full initiation can require many tools you have garnered along your path. Meditation, yoga, automatic writing and the ability to forgive are very powerful.

To bring your whole self into balance when you lose a limb or have a chronic disease you must be willing to understand that like any vehicle this may take an entire life of adjustments to maintain that peace.

You are each a growing and flowering plant in life. When you do not receive the right nutrients to keep you healthy you will suffer low immunity which in and by itself can bring many other problems.

The mind in and of itself can be an asset or detriment depending on how you utilize it. Feeling depression is a given this lifetime because you are subject to the mass consciousness. Only by identifying your own individual consciousness can you find the power within to assert your awareness to your lower or rational mind.

You have been given and taught the basics of survival through the mass consciousness, but not happiness nor contentment. These tools are found in the emotional and intuitive bodies. Healing and balancing the emotions are necessary to evolve and learn on a spiritual level. To be stuck in the same old feeling or resentment will hold you back from progressing most powerfully.

Due to the fact that you insist and require security in all things, you stop yourself from allowing and taking chances. You cannot look into the unknown if you shield yourself like a child from it; this brings about too many missed opportunities.
Learning, developing and growing take great resolve and dedication. It is only through your trials of initiations that you develop and hone such skills.

“Search and you shall find”; initiation is a journey you must take alone and hope you have the tools to sustain you through these growth spurts.

Yes many of you will say that you already know this to be the path yet few have become the path that they endorse. All roads lead to the center so it is therefore necessary to center daily.

When you call forth your higher self and soul as well as all the parts of self and spirit, you are centering. When you sit in the quiet and listen to the still small voice within, you are centering. When you heed your intuition and follow it you are in the center of the path. When you become the path you center with all the universes, teachers, guides and god self that helps you balance the many levels of consciousness you are experiencing.

The greatest opposition to truth and peace lies within your fears. Facing your fear is initiation.

To move beyond all that you think, or have thought, is evolution and consciousness.

To fear the inevitable is self-sabotage. To bravely stand in the strong winds of time and heal within them is finding peace. The more you learn about yourselves as consciousness the freer you become.

You were not created to be confined, controlled nor manipulated by life and circumstance. You were created to achieve awareness through god consciousness. Though it appears that the suffering never ends, why not let it end for you and teach this valuable lesson to others.

When you die you will be free of physical vehicle but soul memory does continue. There is no escaping the karmic path and death does not relieve you of your own mistakes and pains in life. To fear death is to fear change and to believe death to be an escape from the truth is just nonsense.

So often we hear that when a loved one dies they have finally found peace. When in the loss of loved ones they receive more love and prayers at one time than perhaps ever before, this is a proper send off and very helpful to the soul as if takes its next steps in evolving.

Without initiation there would be no evolution and without evolution there would be no need to live. The soul gives us life, hope and determination. By denying you are soul beings is equivalent to being programmed robots.

Initiation is perpetual growth and expansion. To experience the many degrees of self that are consciousness you must be willing to go through the initiations that will bring you there.
Initiation= progressive transformation.

Each of you are unique aspects within the light of life.

Nature’s Order

Nature’s Order
by Athene Raefiel

I shall here try to describe the explosions of energies that are affecting the synapses of life’s spinal column as well as its brain. We have all heard about the great conspiracy theories that are claimed to be controlling the energies and minds of those on this planet.

The pole shifts as well as the Ice melting into the already massive waters of the Earth at this time is occurring so that a natural order may ensue to sustain the survival and evolution of Earth and the species that depend upon her. This is not the first time that the ebb and flow of the waterways, their underground volcanic activity and moving sands have dislodged entire land masses and submerged them while others emerged. A historical study of Geology and water movements will show many times in the past that this has occurred.

Nature is a very complex union of organisms that allow the subsistence of other organisms to self perpetuate thereby feeding and sustaining one another. This is what is referred to as the order of nature. When the order of nature is disrupted by some major energetic cataclysm, such as an earthquake, volcano, bombs and human consciousness, a certain amount of wreckage occurs that affects not only the distance surrounding such an event, but also all other subsequent nature depending upon it.

This is like a mother’s milk going dry and her needing to find another mother with flowing milk to feed and nourish her child. What would be unnatural would be a mother asking another mother to breast feed her child when her own milk was flowing. In this sense the mother seeking another to replace what comes naturally would be defying the natural order.

Things quite similar to this have been taking place on Planet Earth for quite some time now. Humans like to call it trade and sometimes that is how it works, but mostly resources that come from one area, are sold to another, sometimes across oceans, when these same resources can be found, grown and mined where they are being shipped to. Why does this occur, well of course it is about money and commerce. It is sometimes as if progress itself is the seven- headed beast that cannot be satisfied no matter what it feeds upon. Is this a blessing or a curse?

In order for the species of man to survive the great changes the Earth will be experiencing over the next few decades and well into the next century there needs to be a new world order and it doesn’t have anything to do Governments Money or Wall Streets Money. I think, and so do many scientists and philosophers around the world, that progress must somehow find a way of aligning itself with the nature of Mother Earth.

This type of progress can only happen with realization and personal commitment on everyone’s part to expand the consciousness of this planets’ environment.

As Esoteric Teachings and Quantum Physics emphasize, all things are comprised of energy, this then means that energy in and of itself has life and is alive. This also means that there is no such thing as death, only transmutation of energetic particles. This being true then we must take it under advisement that there are probably beings who have deviated minds and choose to develop various energy conduits to manipulate and superimpose thought energies to disrupt and distract the ordinary individuals mind from revealing its true matrix to its carrier or owner.

The true matrix, or core being, is of course ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. We are a world of human beings whose programming has been about sensory deprivation. This has happened through the hardships of survival and the need to always progress. Since the animal part of our human nature is about conquering, we tend to be competitive and power hungry. Our sense perception in this case often lacks love and compassion and becomes all about winning.

True Extra Sensory Perception involves the whole being. Though our lives are filled with obstacles that we must confront and overcome, with true sense perception this is done on many different inner levels of our being allowing us true growth and evolution. Our inner senses need to be as highly developed as our outer senses if we are to understand and change the course of current destruction facing Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

If we know it will be hard and a struggle to overcome the old and very powerful programs that keep us feeling helpless and unmotivated, then we already know that we must seek new disciplines to break the spellbinding mirage of what we have accepted truth to be.

To put it more plainly, each individual must search out the inner core truth and being within them and may have to remove huge boulders of lies and accepted deceit in order to do so. In this particular span of earth time, this seems to be a very necessary yet ongoing process that most tire of and some simply give up.

A major shift in the Universe, the Cosmos, The heavens and Planet Earth happened in November 2008. It was and has been like an entire equation was erased from the chalkboard of life and destiny, as it had been known for a very long period of time. This equation had to do with the perception of reality on a grand scale.

This shift has brought about a great time of reckoning that is completely necessary for a new balance of energies and love to abound in the millenniums to come.

Do not give up on yourself or your core being during this period and do not give up on the Divine Light of emanation that soon will shine

Eclipse Season

Hold on the roller coaster is just starting to move faster.

The first eclipse on April 30 is a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus.  The second eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. The ancients believed that during an eclipse,” the mighty will fall”. They bring endings and beginnings– births and deaths. The energy from an eclipse can last up to six months and can also become active a month before the actual eclipse.

Solar Eclipse on April 30 at 10 degrees of Taurus

This Solar Eclipse will be visible in Antarctica and the Southern Tip of South America.

Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day-to-day functioning; they are crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demands all of our conscious attention and focus. They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses.

A Solar Eclipse is a powerful new moon so make plans for the future. Set your intentions during this eclipse around Taurus themes – your values, banking, property, housing, land, food production, and farming.  The six months following this eclipse is an ideal time to make a fresh start in all of these Taurus areas.

This Solar eclipse is conjunct Uranus the planet of liberation and rebellion at 14 degrees of Taurus.  With Uranus in the picture, we could see disruptions in the food supply and sudden geomagnetic events. Uranus is truth and awakening.  He can bring clarity to a situation. This eclipse also sextiles Mars so we could see battles for personal freedom or a favorable opportunity to take a big bold action.

 The ruler of this eclipse is Venus, the planet of love,

diplomacy, and harmony.  Venus rules money and Taurus craves financial security.  Venus is in Pisces and conjunct to the rare Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.  Venus here will boost the energies of the Jupiter/Neptune energies. We could become indulgent and go over the top with spending or excess of any kind.  Since Neptune rules oil and water among other things, this could mean higher oil prices and flooding.  Also,  Pluto, the planet of corruption, passion, and obsession is stopping in the sky at 28 degrees of Capricorn and turning retrograde. Adding Pluto to the Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune conjunction could lead to the revelation of secrets. 

This Solar Eclipse is opposite Vladimir Putin’s Venus at 11degrees of Scorpio. He will become aware of his financial situation and his popularity because of changes in those areas.

I think the end of the month will be a wild and crazy ride with surprising and sometimes shocking information coming in. And Venus with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in a tight conjunction can create compassion, inspired art, and love of mankind. This triple conjunction in a sextile to Pluto can bring massive creative power and transformation.  Maybe the secrets and the wake-up call that happens during this eclipse will cause a positive response in the collective.

 Lunar Eclipse on May 16 at 25 degrees of Scorpio

This eclipse will be visible In North and South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia.  Check here to see if it will be visible in your part of the world.

On a Lunar Eclipse, something will end and on a Solar Eclipse, something will begin. A Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to break habits or eliminate socially conditioned patterns of thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of self-realization. 

A Lunar Eclipse can make us more aware of our patterns, and our unconscious motivations. This period of time can bring up old memories and feelings.  Full moon eclipses can bring things to completion that you have been working on. The Sun opposite the Moon lights up the Moon and brings previously unexamined areas of your life into awareness. Repressed energies emerge for confrontation and resolution.  Pay attention to your dreams. Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses.  Lunar Eclipses shine a light on things we weren’t aware of.

We will have eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis of the zodiac

for the next year and a half.  So this denotes a cycle of change that relates to our values, our possessions (Taurus) and our ability to regenerate our lives (Scorpio).

A Lunar eclipse is a very unstable energy.  Change is in the air, but don’t start anything new until June.   Mercury is going retrograde from May 10 thru June 3, so wait a few weeks after June 3 to start a new project.  But the lunar eclipse will open you up to accepting new ideas.

This is a very complex Lunar Eclipse because of the many other planets that it is aspecting. It is in a trine to Mars at 23 Pisces, squares Saturn at 24 Aquarius, in a sextile to Pluto at 28 Capricorn, and in a trine to Neptune at 24 Pisces.  I’m going to take a stab at what could result from all of these planets involved with the Lunar Eclipse. Mars could represent taking positive action.  Neptune could mean our direction is confusing or we are being deceived. Pluto means that the Lunar Eclipse is shining a light on news or events that reveal corruption or something that was buried. But some of the aspects are beneficial. The eclipse sextiles Pluto and trines Neptune so what come up could be healing in some way.

Janet Kane


Jupiter Neptune Conjunct In Pisces

“You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?” – Neo (The Matrix)

“Mescaline” – The otherworldly feeling of surrealism, not fully knowing whether we are awake or dreaming – almost like we are out of this world, but yet deep set in it. This is the energy we are going to be feeling right now. One foot in reality and the other in the ethereal.

This indescribable feeling that many of us have noticed lately is due to a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event that is occurring now, as Jupiter and Neptune connect in Pisces for the first time since 1856 – they won’t conjunct again in this sign until 2188.

Therefore, we will never experience this exact mystical energy again in our lifetime.

Although these two planets meet approx every 12-13 years, Neptune travels slower than Jupiter and takes around 165-166 years to complete an entire cycle of the zodiac, whereas Jupiter takes 12 years – making it an extremely rare occurrence for them to both meet in the same constellation.

What makes this encounter even more magical, magnificent and memorable is that both Jupiter and Neptune rule sensitive, intuitive Pisces, with Jupiter being the traditional ruler and Neptune the modern ruler, cosmically boosting their enchanted characteristics. Therefore, the energy of this astrological phenomenon is magnified, as both planets are at home in Pisces, where they will be bringing so much luck, abundance, magic and miracles our way.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are outer planets, and when two outer planets conjunct, the effects are long-lasting, so we can expect to feel the benefits of this energy intensely for at least the next couple of months. The energies started building in January 2022, and have been gradually intensifying, peaking on April 12th, however, we will continue to feel this energy strongly until February 15, 2023. It doesn’t end there, as Jupiter and Neptune transit in a 12-13 year cycle, and celestial meetings mark the beginning of a brand new cycle, so whatever intentions we set during this time will play out as a new chapter in our lives, lasting for at least the the next 13 years.

Jupiter carries master energy and, when connected with Neptune, helps us become the master of our dreams. Whatever we have been trying to manifest will now effortlessly materialise.

All in all, the April 12th planetary rendezvous could possibly be the most magical and mystical day of our entire lifetime, so it is particularly important to set powerful intentions and to get serious about manifesting our dreams and desires.

The Universe has literally aligned the planets perfectly to help our dreams come true.

Neptune & Pisces are both associated with water, spirituality, emotions, healing, transformation, intuition, escapism, dreams, hopes, desires, inspiration and creativity, and this is the exact time to focus on any artistic dreams we have shelved. If possible take time out to write, draw, paint, sing, dance, make music and express ourselves in whatever way we choose, fully and unapologetically. This can be the optimum time to use art to release emotionally energy that we have subconsciously held on to and to release emotional blockages.

If we do not feel called to channel suppressed energy through art, we can instead use water to detox and cleanse our emotions, as Pisces is a water sign. Any activity involving water, including taking a shower or salt bath, spending time near a lake or the ocean, or even letting tears fall, can be highly therapeutic.

Pisces encourages us to stop being afraid to feel into emotions and instead openly communicate them so they can be released from our energetic bodies, where they attach to our ego, and stored repressed emotions cause conflict and stagnation.

Jupiter rules luck, good fortune, adventure, abundance, optimism, escapism, soul-connection and opportunity and whatever it gets close to it expands, so all Pisces and Neptune qualities will be magnified.

This combination can cause us to see through rose-tinted spectacles, with the refusal to set out healthy boundaries. This can create confusion between perceived (and sometimes unrealistic) potential and the cold, hard truth of a situation, and we may have a sudden realisation that we have been caught up in idealisations and carrying false hope about a significant area of our lives – possibly for the past 12-13 years. Particularly as Neptune also rules addiction, deception and fantasies,, therefore, we could come to the realisations that dynamics that we once felt were soul bonds were actual trauma bonds that kept us hooked due to roller coaster emotions.

Although these connections may have recently come to an end, or could have ended anytime during these past 12 years, it is highly possible we are only now coming to full awareness of all that we have been through, and understanding how much manipulation has taken place. We will feel our emotions healing, and finally finding a place of inner peace, recognising that although there are emotional scars from the past, they no longer lower our vibration or self-esteem. We may now start to feel we are returning back to our true selves, and realising that much of our past has been spent focused on other people, always putting others first and neglecting ourselves. That is now changing, quite drastically. This next chapter is all about prioritising our own needs and valuing people who reflect and reciprocate our energy.

Neptune is the planet of spiritual illusions and delusion, so this extremely rare portal is asking us

to use all our energy to make a shift away from old realities that we know no longer resonate with where we are at, or where we want to be. We are going to be asking ourselves, not only what is real in our lives, but also are we truly ready for to experience something deep and real. We will also be questioning what, or who, are illusions and quite simply figments of our imagination that we have created as a form of escapism. It will now be brutally clear what and who we want to be in our lives currently and lasting into the future.

We will be feeling compelled to look deeper into the dynamics around us, and see straight through trickery and delusions. Our entire outlook is now changing, and once we see the hidden truths, we will never be able to return to our old ways of thinking.

Although we are the creator of our dreams, for them to manifest effortlessly they have to be realistic and not purely based on fantasy and fiction. Miracles can happen, however, this is a time to recognise what is true and what is false, so our desires are in full alignment with what is meant for us.

Neptune asks us to visualise our dreams and Jupiter expands anything we focus on, so we can dream big, hold the vision of everything we want, and set this as our new vibration so the Universe can match our energy and present new opportunities and possibilities that are on the same frequency.

It is highly likely that as this energy simmers down over the next few days we will experience a profound awakening, and begin to feel more alert, energised and alive than ever before – noticing realisations and revelations coming in thick and fast. Our senses, intuition and inner knowing will be speaking a language that our spirit energetically understands.

It is likely we could be feeling highly emotional during this transit, as we release attachments to certain people or situations and realise that in some dynamics we became carried away with the fairytale rather than seeing the actual reality.

This can cause us to feel we have taken ‘wrong’ paths or that we have been spinning in circles, repeating the same cycles, however it is essential to remember that everything happens exactly when it is meant to and when circumstances suddenly shift, it is due to divine timing, so trust that we are in exact alignment, and be ready to move forward when the energy moves.

It can take some time to feel the energies have shifted, especially if we have been holding tight to certain belief systems. However there is no rush, the blessings and opportunities are coming and are limitless. There is a higher reason why some of our dreams and intentions take a little longer to manifest and some of our desires don’t seem to want to manifest at all, regardless how much effort we put in.

Sometimes we can become more focused on how or why things didn’t work out rather than spending that energy creating spaces for the new to enter. Ruminating on the past can be a major drain of our energy and resources, particularly if we have been attempting to control outcomes.

We will have heightened sensory perception and higher awareness and be moving from confusion to clarity, unlocking hidden knowledge that we are now ready to receive. Structures that supported false beliefs are crumbling and new belief systems will take their place. We will be releasing old programming and shedding outdated stories, and no longer repeating the same stories, as we let go of the illusions and watch as a new chapter unfolds.

The more we awaken it will become apparent that people living on this planet are living entirely different realities and that some are living in a polar opposite timeline. This means that regardless how compassionately or openly we attempt to communicate to certain people, our words are just not being heard or absorbed, as our realities are vastly different.

We will discover that we can no longer return to old versions of reality that kept us stuck in stagnated energy. We can keep letting go until the old narratives have faded away and new ones emerge.

The combination of these celestial energies will be encouraging us to have the patience to surrender and allow a natural flow, and the importance of letting go of attachments and having faith that all that is meant for us will reach us. Reminding ourselves that what we think we want isn’t always what our spirit needs, and that sometimes the Universe has a far greater plan in place than we can imagine possible.

Whenever we feel unsettled and impatient we can dissolve worries and fears by finding a place of gratitude and openness, trusting that divine source energy has always been there to support us through challenges and difficulties.

To move forward, obstacle-free, we now can try to release fears and feelings of unworthiness and lack, as cosmically we are in a period of breakthroughs, so it is essential to break habits that keep us stuck so there is space for the new to flow in. Replace fear and doubt with gratitude and trust and let go of all the energies that do not belong on our journey.

It is imperative that we don’t overthink the blessings and good fortune coming our way, so that when miracles show up, we embrace and claim them. If we have kept our heart and intentions pure, and for the highest good, despite all the challenges we have been through, we will now be karmically rewarded.

All the positive energy we have been sending out to the Universe is now going to be returned and our lives could totally turn around – in the most unexpected and miraculous way.

When we are excited for the future and we move to a mental and emotional state of receiving and believing with absolute conviction that we deserve all the positive energies flowing toward us, we will notice the most incredible possibilities suddenly start gravitating in our direction.

The intensity of this energy can cause us to feel dehydrated, so this is a gentle reminder to drink plenty of water to stay grounded and if possible try to spend some time alone in meditation.

Alex Myles




By: Athene Raefiel, 2007
The only thing lacking in this world and human nature is love. Love is more than just a word or feeling; love is an experience of energy. Love is an action and beingness. To be love you must first understand how you and everything else are also made up of love.

Love comes in two distinct parts. There is conditional love and unconditional love. Conditional love is a need to be needed, it has to do with expectation and obligation. When we are young we find that we are rewarded with love when we meet the expectations of others. Our good behavior is rewarded as is our academic accomplishments. As babies we receive unconditional love, where we are simply loved for being born and accepted as being helpless.

Unconditional love is an acceptance and allowing with no judgment or conditions involved. Rarely do we find ourselves loving unconditionally, as we generally need something from life and others to feel validated.

In reality it is a balance of the two that we strive to attain. We probably put more expectations on ourselves than anyone else does and so we often feel we fail due to not being able to fulfill those exact conditions. If we also love ourselves unconditionally then we understand that failure does not really exist; rather learning and experience.

We believe that if we can learn enough academically to attain wealth and riches that we can succeed. If the wealth and riches are not balanced with love then it doesn’t matter what we do; we will not feel fulfilled.

We often claim to love God, Goddess, and the Source of all light unconditionally. Yet when we feel that our prayers and requests are not met, we no longer choose to realize that Source is unconditional. We claim to be spiritual yet we have many expectations of the Universe, Spirit Guides, Masters and Teachers that offer to assist our development. Generally this is because we need more on a survival level than we feel we do on a spiritual level. We need to have our needs met.

Spirit is all about unconditional love. As a matter of fact, spirit is unconditional love. What does this mean? This means that spirit does not judge you and accepts and allows you to be whom you choose.

This angers many people because they want there to be a spiritual realm that imposes Divine intervention and changes the cosmic law that involves free will of all human beings. If indeed there were to be Divine intervention on a mass scale it would need to be because the masses choose it to be so, and then it still would only allot for those asking.

What is Divine intervention anyway?

Divine intervention is the unconditional love from the higher purer realms of light, pouring forth their radiance and love into our earth plane. This has been taking place for quite some time now and it is still up to each individual to accept this loving energy and use it to help them and others evolve in love.

The universe cannot and will not provide us with money. They have no need of money and therefore they have no charge over it. Money is a manmade means of exchange here on earth. When we are in spirit there is no money and no need for it. If we spend all of our time asking the Universe to send us money then we spend no time letting them help us evolve.

There are many Universal laws to discover as we spiritually evolve, and all are based in love. If I cannot love others and myself unconditionally then why do I think I can love God, Goddess, and Source of light in this manner? Unconditionally means without condition.

Due to the many incarnations we have walked this earth and experienced the losses and dysfunction it presented to us as real, our DNA and soul program have become very powerful within us. Now, in this lifetime, we hold strongly to the old ways and beliefs of extinct traditions and teachings that hold us back. We accept too much of the untruth as truth and allow too much propaganda to be our reality.

When Lord Raphael began helping me to re-discover love, many years ago, he did so by first helping me discover all that was harbored within me that was not love. This took about three to twenty years of intensive inner and outer work. Upon discovering how to travel within my own soul awareness, I realized that I had not really experienced much in the way of happiness or love for many thousands of lifetimes. In fact it was not until I went all the back to when I first emanated from source that I discovered I was a being of love at all. I tell you this so you may understand how powerful our misconceptions of life and life have become over vast amounts of earth time.

Emotions are the key to healing and restoring the love within us. Emotions and our mind are the gifts and the stairways with which we can undo the wrong feeling and thinking patterns that block out our memory of the unconditionally loving light that we are.

When we understand what purpose emotions serve in our life and we understand that we can use our emotions rather than them using us, we begin to break through the lies we have perpetrated and start over on our path of awareness and love.

Without love there would be no human life. If we look at the world around us and see the massive amount of devastation that is occurring to human beings as well as the atmosphere, earthly animals, plants, minerals and the seas, then we begin to see the devastation caused by the lack of love in this world.

People that love, do not hate and kill one another. They do not destroy the atmosphere unwittingly simply because they need to drive a car or are too tired to recycle. People that love take the time to think and meditate on how to help salvage goodness and light as a way of life. Still, I fear there are not enough doing so to stop the current cycles of destruction from taking a very hard toll on the earth and her many species.

If there is one tool for change that each of us should value it is love. Love is still the greatest healer and transformer that we have readily available to use. Focusing all of out attention on love and how to find and become love is a great intense journey that will bring miraculous awareness. Loving the Earth, one another, the source, ourselves and the light of life that fills, this is the love we need to discover and use to change the tides of hate and destruction.

Do not love out of fear and worry but love out of knowingness and compassion. Do not martyr yourselves in a fashion that you thing Source wants from you, but rather love yourself in a manner that allows you to love everyone else as well. We need not like something or someone to love them, but without love there is no growth or evolution. We need not agree with someone else’s philosophies to love or accept them, and loving unconditionally allows us to agree to disagree and still love.

Only through self- discovery can we uncover the love that is hidden beneath the many facades we have worn and thought to be who and what we are. To take action and change ourselves is the only way we will ever change the world. We are Soul and Spirit first, mind and body second. The body you wear is simply a vehicle for the true self that inhabits it.

I guess in a way humans are robots. From birth everything they are taught and acquire comes from the outer use of the five senses. Later in life this helps them to define their personality. We are not personality, we are the essence of divine love with the ability to put a personality on and wear it. We can have and become as many personalities that we choose, understanding that we are in reality a much purer energy of light that emanates and connects us to the whole of all life. I call this love.

Though so much is spoken of love and so little practiced, the word itself has become a reminder of past pain for many. Though we have endured many hardships and losses in our lifetime we forget to honor the true abundance of miracles and love that have accompanied us throughout time.

Love is about re-remembering who you are as the true Inner Light and glorious awareness of source that you are. Love is what helps us take the risks needed to grow develop and become. Love is the key to healing the pain and suffering of the past the present and the future. Love is what each of us was created from and remain free to re-connect with. You my friend are love.

The Inner Child

The Child Within

We are multi-aspected beings. What this means is that we are always an adult as well as a child, a teacher, a student, a spirit, a soul, a body and so on.  If we were stunted emotionally by childhood experiences, we find ourselves re-living those experiences continually throughout life. Most families are comprised of adults whose reality is an,” accepted fear for survival”. When raised in such an environment children experience a life filled with fear and attachment as a way of surviving.

When a person is brought up in an environment of denial and pain, they stuff their child-like emotions into the deep inner recesses of their being. These things often happen at very early ages and stages of life without us ever even knowing it took place.

Freeing these repressed child-like emotions is key to the soul’s journey. As it says in the Bible, “Ye may not enter into the Kingdom of My Father lest ye come as a child”, refers to this emotional internal freedom. This child within us is our unconditional loving part.  Like a child who has been abandoned by a parent, the child within anxiously awaits our return.

Because the child within has been damaged through its life experiences involving family and environment, our first memories and responses to it may be painful. Emotions of anger, resentment, hurt, even rage, can be covering the deep love within.

Sometimes when these emotions re-surface the instinct to re-stuff the child within may be strong, yet the child within holds the key to emotional freedom.  All the pain that has been held inside must be released. Once you have reintroduced yourself to your child within, the true healing of self can begin.

Prayer for All

Today I pray for the minds of men and women to awaken to their true calling in life. I pray for the healing of human minds that choose to kill and destroy life to get more reasoning. I pray that people understand people and start acting as though they care. I pray for the strength and wisdom necessary to survive the present moment all that lies ahead.

I pray for my children and grandchildren to find a meaningful purpose within their own lives. I pray for our ancestors to help us heal the minds and actions of men everywhere.

I pray for the poor to find food and warmth and jobs if needed. I pray for every single soul upon this planet to realize this is simply one rung of the ladder of lights they will need to progress beyond death.

I pray that we as a people begin to understand we all want and need the same things and that money release its power to take over and hold the world hostage. I pray for equality in life and death.

I ask people to look inward rather than outward and to embrace the true light that sustains all life.

I trust in the higher principals of all life; esoteric as well as exoteric.

Listening and Hearing

Often people find it hard to slow their own brain down long enough to really listen to what the other person is saying. Because of this they don’t have an opportunity to process what is being said.

Too often we have an answer to a question we never took the time to really hear or understand. Because of this we often jump to conclusions way too quickly.

Listening is an art and should be treated as such, to answer a question before we really realize what is being said is how we accidentally cut people off without meaning to. It is the same when we are trying to hear what spirit is trying to get across and continually find our own mind gets in our way. Listening is done in many ways. Knowing what we are listening for and also how we feel about it takes a few seconds to digest.

Spirit mostly communicates with us though our feeling selves. If we can’t understand our own feelings, we will probably miss their message. Learning to discern how and why we feel the way we do is mandatory if we want to develop our intuition and inner knowing. Because we have been taught throughout life to ignore our feelings and suppress them, this can be very challenging at times. Pretending we feel differently than we do can be very self-deceiving.

Self-development is an awesome experience but can be very difficult when we wait till much later in life to bother with it. Life often keeps us so distracted that we may never do it. It is a personal choice. Making such a choice can be difficult to follow through with, but ultimately is so very soul freeing allowing you to truly discover your inner light and live a more fulfilling life.

More about Soul

Humans are easily sublimated by their surroundings. Television ads, educational learning, family and religion are parts of our sublimation. When we hear or are taught something over and over again we begin to accept it as part of our reality. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, famine, homelessness, politics and Jesus, all are part of our consciousness because we have seen and heard about them constantly. Had we not seen and heard about them, they would not exist in our consciousness, nor would they be part of our reality.

The many things we have not seen nor heard about, play little if any role in our daily awareness. Because this is true, it is up to us to educate and sublimate ourselves with thoughts and ideas that promote happiness, joy and peace.

To believe that there is an unseen force of energy that pervades all life is to believe in Spirit. It matters not what name you give to spirit, what matters is that you understand that you are spirit.

In order to identify how all life contains spirit, you must first study about soul. All things of life in this world contain soul. As long as we refer to the soul as being unconscious then that sublimation will remain intact. The fact that all life contains soul, should make it obvious enough, that the only thing that is unconscious of soul is the seeker. If the mysteries of the Universe and the Divine are actually natural soul awareness, then it is only natural to seek them out for your own revelation.

Your soul is actively participating in your life everyday. The more you learn to hear and see it, the more help it can offer you in understanding your individual purpose in being alive. It is time for human beings to re-sublimate themselves and turn to the soul for its memories and awareness of the truth and light within. With soul, light, and spirit all things are possible. Without them, more of the same will perpetuate itself. Call to your soul daily and let it know that you acknowledge it. Discover the world of soul that you are.

You are a beautiful energy of light. Your emanations make up the whole, just as the whole makes up the emanations that you are!

Our Conditioning

We are all products of our environments, our ancestry, our society, and of history. All these things have created the program within us that determines how we live our lives.

When we begin to examine the accepted programs that our personality has accepted as self, we find that little if any of it makes sense. We recognize how we too are the same as our mothers and fathers, our jobs, our children, etc. We realize that we have very little individual identity apart from these things. The current identity we are experiencing was developed to survive our daily life in a very basic manner.

As we seek to understand the deeper meaning of  life and ourselves, we peel off the layers of our survival conditioning to discover what lies beneath the surface. Our conditional self is the surface layer of who we are. The “tip of the iceberg” if you will.

By peeling away the outer conditions of ourselves, we can begin a new quest for knowledge and awareness. Here is where we begin the journey of discovering our spiritual essence. Many people find the “peeling away” process difficult at first; however, to move forward, we first must be able to first identify what holds us in place.

Human conditioning is powerful and we have accepted certain beliefs as being truth for centuries, perhaps even eons of time. We have lived our lives for the elements of pleasure and pain, continually unaware of any other way; when it is suggested that a truer self lies somewhere within us, our conditioning rebels.

Our rational minds and emotional bodies impose doubt and fear of the unknown.

We are taught and believe that it is natural to be afraid of learning more about ourselves.

Is it natural to live only in the experiences of the past, trapped by fear, guilt, anger, and shame?  Our conditioning would have us believe this is the way because it knows of no other.  It is in this way that the conditioned self becomes stubborn, set in its ways, and stuck in ignorance.

When we seek to know ourselves as spirit, we do so by removing our outer covering and finding what lies underneath. By exploring our hidden depths, we begin to loosen the bonds that have trapped us in the past.

We now see that our personality conditions, our patterns, have to do with gaining the acceptance and approval of others. The good girl or boy our parents wanted us to be, the well-behaved student who got good grades, the wife or husband who lives to make their spouse happy, the employee who is loyal and works overtime without complaint.  These are only a few of the many facades and roles we play in life.  These facades are the layers through which we must process to find the jewel that lies hidden within—the unconditional spirit self.

When we begin peeling the layers away, it is often difficult to understand how to move beyond our current belief structure. Unconditionally accepting ourself is no small feat. If you want to believe in yourself as spirit and love, you can consciously choose to do so. By acquiring and using the proper tools and with application you will succeed. Nothing less than

Perseverance and dedication are required. To change belief patterns is a continual task. You need be willing to make the effort and take the time.

To begin believing differently, we must open ourselves to our feelings of vulnerability. This allows us to trust in love and to explore the pain that lies within. This initial step is difficult and challenging at first, yet to achieve want we want in life we must take risks.  Fear is simply an instinct to survive. If we permit fear to determine who we are then we will never know ourselves as spirit.

The greatest conditioned fear within, is the fear of change.  If we are afraid that we are not whom we think we are, then we have no identity to attach to.  This fear is so paralyzing that we do not chance to embrace change.  Yet change is and always has been the only constant in life.  We are all designed to be changelings.  Believing any other way is illusionary.  When we live in the illusion we have created, calling it life, without knowing the eternal essence within; we do not really live, we merely exist.

Learned responses are powerful because we believe in them.  When we begin to detach from the energy we have given to our conditioned responses as being truth, they fade.

Our personal reality is completely based on what we believe; when we discover that truth is ever expansive and undeniable, our reality changes. When this transpires, we embark upon the profound and limitless journey within.