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I wake up every day now with a new hope for life and the future of our planet, knowing that “ The Divine Mother” is entering our plane of existence is precisely what is needed to help bring back balance and harmony to all life upon earth.

I know the poles are shifting and the weather is continuing to deteriorate, yet I also know that “The Divine Mother” is who the entire Hierarchy works for and answers to, including the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. Beings from these etheric and celestial planes have been praying for Earth and us for the past century, hoping to help us reclaim a fruitful and fulfilled life while in body.

The concern for the upcoming generations has been great and the need for Earth to be able to replenish herself even greater. We are part of a Solar System, and a Galaxy within a greater Universe. Our Universe is but one among many and as we struggle, so do other planets and Galaxies. Though I know this is hard to comprehend we are one among many stars and planets that need one another. We are not nor have ever been alone.

The movement of this new influx of blessed energies will need to be received with as much awakening of souls as possible. Ignorance will not be tolerated, not will hate and disease; all life must begin to heal and this will take time and patience but must be so for the preservation of our future.

Do not expect these upcoming miracles to bring goodness and light to every corner of your life for you are the ones that will need to be strong and hold this heavenly light within your being. Be willing to participate and help. This is what is being asked of you currently.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.         

Life after Death

Crossing Over


Ever wonder what happens after you leave this world and enter the next? Wonder no more; Archangel Raphael has offered some important information for the future of your being.

When someone dies there is a process to which they must adhere before entering into a state of blissful consciousness and peace. This process involves the Soul and the Astral Self.

When hearing someone speak of seeing the soul leave another’s’ body, what they are actually seeing is the Astral body of that individual. Few make the distinction between the astral and soul, as few really seek to enlighten themselves to these teachings. Death often referred to as a great Mystery of the Universe, yet there is no greater mystery than life itself. I say this as Death is part of life and so life part of death, or the great transitions within soul.

When leaving the physical world due to dying, you immediately enter the Astral body. This vehicle of time and travel is extensive and whether you choose to be aware of it or not and has been actively participating throughout your lifetime. The astral is a vast plane of reality and consciousness that is always connected to and part of your soul.

The astral plane is not now nor ever has been separate from the physical for it indeed is a transmission plane through which all out of body experiences are lived and experienced before moving beyond.

Often meditation and an altered state of consciousness allow the individual to enter and explore the many dimensions of the astral plane. In this awesome plane of existence beings and teachers of light such as the Angels and Spirit guides can be met with and utilized within your own individual consciousness.

Other things such as the heavenly colors and passages of illumination can be found here. When exploring such awesome beauty and light many assume this to be heaven. I may say that it is one of the many heavens you can experience after death and while still in the physical, but only one.

Upon entering the astral plane many become quite frightened and try to flee back to the physical. In doing so they only prolong the after death process, but the rules for dimensional travel still allow the free will to choose its behavior. Oh yes, as in all life, death also has its rules of travel and experience.

The more one has meditated and studied the art of trance the greater the possibilities of faster promotion once they have died the physical death. For them, traveling the realms of awareness and illumination are already the discipline they have placed upon themselves, helping to guarantee a vast and harmonious transition into the life awaiting them.

For those who have had no formal training in the correct art of prayer and meditation it is unlike anything they could have imagined. The first step for all is the acceptance of the fact they are no longer in the physical. For the unenlightened this seems to be the hardest step of all as they fear being out of body to begin with. For these souls it will take longer to reach the heavenly planes of the Astral to experience and learn what they are as soul.

Since time no longer exists the same way on the other side as it does here, these beings can linger for centuries before deciding to take an alternative route to the life that lies ahead. They are known to you as disincarnate beings or ghosts. Their fear or shame is blocking them much the same way it did in the physical.

The tunnel of the Astral light still awaits them but will not interfere with their choice.

For those who have been extremely religious and choose immediately to enter the Light, whatever teacher or being they have believed in will be there to greet them on the other end of the tunnel. It will be a fabulous experience and the beginning of the true journey into the afterlife.

For the enlightened many, the experience will be similar yet different, as they will be ushered to entire different places to explore the journey and purpose of the afterlife. So you see indeed, death has as many doorways of life once entered into and no two individuals will experience it the same way.

Let me speak now of the most common of those. Once through the tunnel and united with the Archetype most familiar to them they will then immediately see all others that are familiar to them that have crossed. It is not exactly like a homecoming as many on the other side have still not resolved their differences. All of this will come to light one second of your time here, seeing it all at once can be quite shocking to the individual; as it is like a life review in fast forward. The emotions and attachments here will determine where the individual will go next.

This experience is often referred to as the dream time or dream tunnel experience. Seeing your entire life flash before your eyes can be quite disconcerting when realizing how much has been left undone. After this experience you and the Spirit Helpers with you will sit down and plot a plan of action.

It is at this juncture that the individual and they’re soul choosing a journey of restitution to right the wrongs left between themselves and others. Lots of forgiveness lay ahead and some will not wish to enter such a journey. Their reasoning being that they don’t need nor deserve such action now that the physical is over.

Others will be so attached to those they love in the physical that they will choose to wait for other family members to join them before making any kind of decision to move on; and still others will insist on getting to work as soon as possible.

The misconceptions that once you die you automatically are forgiven for all errors are erroneous. You as the creator have chosen to have these attachments and agreements therefore only you can heal and transmute what are your creations.

Too often physical beings assume that they have a godhead greater than themselves that will magically fix everything one they are deceased. This is nonsense. As you live so shall you die, and how you die so shall you live, no matter what plane of existence you inhabit.

Though humans prescribe too many deities as their salvation there is but one journey and one journey alone to other side after death.

What of Heaven and Hell you may ask. Well I am getting to that, as what you choose after travelling through the great chamber of life will determine the type of consciousness you will dwell within for some time. It will be your own need to torture yourself or others that will determine your penance.

Once the choices have been made at this juncture many choose to dwell in settings much the same as they did in the physical realm, often only waiting to return to the physical once again. Some choose to sleep for an eternity and they too have a place and sleep with the millions. Here there are an assigned number of Spirit Helpers who care for them in case they choose to awaken. And others will have to experience the lower astral level of demons and ugliness.

Those brave souls that choose to move forward will begin a great journey of enlightenment and soul memory, leading them to the freedom of love and bliss. Of this journey I will not expound as it is as individual, as it is powerfully special. Here the climb to true attainment begins and will become eternal, even when and if they return to physical.

What happens to the more enlightened when they too cross over? The beginning process of entering in the tunnel of the astral light is the same for all when leaving this dimension, yet what occurs after they arrive is somewhat different.

All are subject to laws of karma whether in life of afterlife. When they are met by their Spirit Guides on the other side they are taken to the same dream state as the others and decisions will be made about any needed adjustments within the Karmic Realm. Once these have been adjusted there are many planes of consciousness within which the soul can dwell and operate.

Most of these beings have already left this world understanding themselves to be in service of the higher orders. Therefore it will be decided where the best fit is for them to help. The hierarchy is a vast expanse far beyond human comprehension therefore there are many different positions open to those already aware on their path of eternity.

Just as the sands of the Earth, so are the many places to explore and experience in the lives between lives. The vastness of this journey cannot be put into physical words, nor definition, as no such experiences can be had in the physical. The causal plane, celestial plane, and all other heavenly planes are merely the existence of and understanding of a variety of energies. This is the closest I can get to an explanation.

We the angels dwell in what is known as the Angelic Realm. This realm has such a massive number of dimensions that they cannot be counted, just as the many other realms of light and intelligence.

Peoples rational have held them prisoner in the physical for eons of time. This is a choice made out of ignorance and denial of the realities that lie beyond.

Though so many proclaim this to be their last physical lifetime, the work needed to accomplish this is massive and few dare to challenge themselves enough to stay the course.

The thought of dying and ascending in the light with all God’s forgiveness is a wonderful thought, but even more wonderful is presently living heaven on earth.

The Great Hack

Watched the documentary on Netflix yesterday call “The Great Hack” Everyone needs to check it out if possible!

Finding Balance

Ask the Universe.

Through Athene Raefiel

Mighty beings of light assisting us in our journey of life, won’t you please tell me why there is so much suffering and sadness in life upon this planet?

Dear children of Love,

This is a very important question that we find great promise in answering.

Life goes in cycles, you live many lifetimes in the physical plane to gain awareness of the soul and light being that you are. The separation of love and life began long ago. Believing themselves to be separate from the eternal, humans determined it their right to rule the elements surrounding them. This of course is the nature of the beast within that strives to survive.

Existence unto itself is simply form; therefore all life having form must ascend each plane and dimension of being they are capable of in order to move beyond the limits imposed by those dimensions. Limitations are the key to growth in all dimensions of form. Sadness and suffering are caused by an imbalance of one’s flow.

Flow is the movement of all energies combined. When the flow of the earth is endangered so is the flow of all life upon her. To find balance in the flow one must move into various dimensions of consciousness continually rise from tangible to intangible, from outer senses to inner perception and continue in developing the understanding of themselves.

The earth polarities constantly shifting causes the tides of oceans to be at unrest affecting all things of life upon her; be it human, animal, plant or vegetable or mineral. By now you have realized the very foods you eat, air you breathe, and water you drink all have been contaminated in some form or another. Your bodies and the body of earth are all connected.

Due to many of developments of modern times the very tough processes of individuals have been affected. The conditions you call thinking and feeling centers are sensory perceptions and though some may ignore such sensations they are truly magnificent unto themselves but can also be a burden when contaminated.

There are many areas of sensory perception that need to be cleared up in the human race in order for a balance on a feeling and thinking level to occur. This is a job all of you should be currently participating in.

To bring balance to the many you must first establish balance within yourselves.

Finding Balance

Only in the higher realms of consciousness can one find balance and harmony, this being the one place that attunes within to soul such frequencies. Some people are born in this frequency simply because they have evolved to this realm of vibration and conscious thought before coming into body. This is often a rarity rather than the norm, due to the lessons that must be learned and experienced to overcome the lower and sadder vibrations known in life.

Let us look at plant animal and mineral life. Each of these is susceptible to the sensations they feel around them and each of them responds. All need sustenance, light and love. When denied any of these things they wither and decay; so it is with all life.

In your dimension the human psyche must be fed as well as the emotions and physical being. When deprived of the necessary nutrients parts simply wither, affecting the other parts.

Because you chose to live in the dimension of cause and effect you also chose to evolve or not. Evolution is the one food everything upon your planet needs to sustain life. The part that humans play is grandiose indeed as you have the ability to think and know. Yet the misuse of such abilities works to deterrent of all other life upon the planet. You are gods to many species of life around you, yet humans have too often chosen to be ruled by other humans rather than themselves.

They believe they must have guidelines to exist upon the planet and they have given this power to others to decide for them. They have built towers and governments, roadways and automation, telescopes and theories, all to the result of their imaginations, yet they have forgotten to develop their soul awareness and consciousness. Without these it is as if a plant were plastic rather than live. Yes too many humans have become plastic ignoring their origination and own power.

The sadness in the world is due to the ruling factions of the world who have decided to hoard and covet all things considered to be of value except human life. When human life became expendable so did soul awareness. So long as people believed themselves to be helpless and powerless so did they choose to ignore the eternal self.

When humans decided they no longer believed in life eternal they created death. The soul is the everlasting life that all were designed to dwell within but free will and choice played havoc with this awareness. Many forgot the power of belief and simply began accepting that life was out of their hands so existence became to norm.

The human Condition

This brings us to the human condition in life. People are taught and learn through one another and their environment. When in a loving and nurturing environment the opportunity exists to exhibit these same traits, the personality of a person is guided by their thinking and seeing selves. To understand that the various conditions in the world and one another help to determine the personality one learns to survive its environment.

The thinking process of people aids them in their everyday life but does not necessarily fill their soul with beauty. Beauty can only be found within each person and thing. True beauty is pure love. Finding this beauty in life is key to understanding the different dimensions of self. When anything is born into and lives within chaos and destruction, love is left outside and they believe it is only meant for some, not them. Take for instance a plant, when the soil is rich and fertile and there is plenty of sunshine it will flourish. So it is with all life when in the proper environment. When deprived of the proper nutrients life withers and dies.

Mankind was created to feast upon the love of the unconditional yet found ways to destroy this very important element of life. Love became a conditional element to life and they have accepted that love as the true light. The true light only exists within the unconditional life and must be sought to be found.

Though a natural aspect of life, the distortion brought to unconditional love was done by power hungry animals wishing do dominate the whole of earth and the life upon her. This domination and condition of life has all but sucked the true light out of living, breathing things.

Think of your pet animals and how they learn to be trained and experience love. Human life has become quite the same; thereby bringing sadness and grief to all corners of life. This has been occurring since the beginning of time as you know it, and even though there are variances within the flow of each person, still what one believes still hold true their perception and reality. This is the conditioning and training that life has accepted itself to be dominated by.

It does not have to remain so, but as long as the many outweigh the few it is often easier to give up and join the crowd. Usually a feeling of desperation and dissolution brings life to its knees and into subservience of what appears to be the norm.

The many awakened and enlightened beings upon your planet strive to raise the consciousness of the unaware and teach them to use their individual power and work within soul and spirit. This is the only purpose there currently is for those working within and seeking truth at this time.

Death is but a transition, but transition to what is determined by the awareness gained each life.

If no awakening takes place beings simply continue the same self- serving cycles they have already accepted as reality and continue war, hatred, devastation and denial of everlasting life.

Awakening is a choice that few too many make thereby allowing these self- serving souls to continually re-incarnate and spread their disease and disarray they believe to be life all over again.

So conditioned are the current players upon your planet, that even eons of time have not left them wanting a higher more beautiful existence; this is where the sadness and suffering lies.

Only through the reconditioning of man and complete program change can peace and love be restored as the imminent truth among the many.

Fighting for truth is not the answer, only the understanding of truth can free the mind, the body and the soul.

Each and every one of you is the true essence of life and being. Realizing this is freedom and joy.




Message from Gaia


Children of Earth,

Your planet cries out to you, do you not hear me?

“Stop the senseless destruction and devastation to me. Every bomb that is set off reverberates though massive layers of earths ground and displaces more and more of my energy. Every bullet that is fired has its own reverberation. Every person, animal or plant that is killed for no reason leaves a gap in the whole of what I am. The complete dismissal of my feeling body is another wound to my being and my heart. The natural order of life no longer exists and as I struggle to repair the damage, more and more is piled upon me. It is as if I do not count at all to your human species of life.’

“Have you forgotten where your food and shelter come from? Have you forgotten the Law of replenishment? Take what you need but give back and restore.”

My oceans are not your dumping grounds nor are they there to test your weaponry. The rubble you create through your wars and hatred cannot be eaten by me. I hunger not for these things. I am a living organism who has been around for many a millennium, I have dealt with Asteroids, Comets, Dinosaurs and other worlds weaponry; but never imagined that which I spawned would seek to destroy me.

Yes much of your kind walked out of the Oceans to be the protectors of Earth not the destroyers.

As you feed your materialism and need to rule, you overlook your most important and valuable asset: me. So many honor me and ask for my help, yet ignore what I need to maintain and restore some semblance of balance, always looking to another planet or star system to live upon in the future.

What you sow shall you also reap. Pretending my message is not of real importance shows your ability to ignore your own smelly waste.

Yes I could send you a wonderful message of hope and encouragement, yet these are the things I need from you right now. Make haste, time is of the essence.


Prayer and Honor to Planet Earth:

Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, I come to you today in humility, trust and love. I beg your forgiveness for the blinders I have put on and choose from this day forward to awaken to your call of need and sustenance. I honor you, I love you, I appreciate all that you bring to me in life.

I am sorry for the destruction of what others have done to you and pray for the strength to assist and replenish you and the life upon you, with everything I have within me. I ask my spirit to assist me in this and honor the spirit of life that you and I are.

Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, please restore and replenish yourself and become strong and whole once again. I ask the other planetary bodies and star systems you are connected with, to come to your aid in this trying time and assist you.

Beloved I am, beloved I am, beloved I am.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

A discussion between Athene Raefiel and Sanat Kumara

Athene: Dear Universe what is Divine Intervention and how does it work?

Sanat Kumara: For the human race as well as other beings of form, Divine intervention is an idea or a concept, something that can only be understood through the experience of it. This is to say the Divine must be experienced to understand what it is as well as how intervention may play into life.

You are beings of thought and therefore must conceive of something to make it real. Divinity is only realized by human beings through their own individual conception and can exist only when realized or experienced. In fact the Divine plays no rule in intervening in your lower four dimensional lives unless it is expressly asked to do so, and this is how prayer came about. Prayer is the form of asking the Divine to hear your questions and answer them.

Athene: How do we know when a prayer is answered?

Sanat Kumara: All prayers are answered simply because of the energy put forth by the prayer. The divine is always listening. Yet the expectations of how the Divine should respond often seems to delineate the response given. In order to understand what the Divine is saying or doing you must first understand your own Divinity and proceed with trust and love in your heart. When one has transcended the lower planes of survival they determine that all life is a miracle, as is its ups and downs. They themselves begin to realize that they are a miracle who creates miracles all of the time.

Athene: If I pray and ask for world peace and senseless dying to end, why can I not create this?

Sanat Kumara: But indeed you are creating this all of the time. Unfortunately you are a part of mass consciousness that has yet to reach this simple reality. The animal instinct in humans is strong and they still believe in eat or be eaten. The paradox of the Divine is too confusing for them to take seriously unless it too has animal instinct. Pure love and understanding, kindness and compassion are too often viewed as weaknesses’ and therefore easily discarded in the face of adversity. For one to transcend the human consciousness and identify their divinity is often too time consuming and just too much work. Since what one believes is their reality, to believe differently than before is simply too strenuous.

Athene: there a various groups of pious people around the world that use constant prayer and meditation everyday as a way of life. I have discovered large numbers of them, they live their lives in trust and prayer, living as simple and self-sustaining life they can. Still wars rage and people starve and live destitute.

Sanat Kumara: Yes it is a quandary indeed. How can so many understand the Light and so many more not? Form is a part of creation that is based on light and dark. One cannot exist without the other, though one is simply a shadow of the other, still there is a force within human beings that causes them to battle this reality within themselves and all other life. People see these two as opposites rather that the two sides of the same coin. Yet one cannot exist without the other, for the light dwells within the darkness just as the darkness dwells within the light. Neither is good nor evil; only human conception sees one or the other.

The reason Divinity is so mysterious to human mind is due to judgement, or lack thereof, in so many. Each soul has the awareness needed to blend these seemingly two forces into the true balance within all life, but once again it requires soul recognition and study to find such peace.

Athene: But human consciousness is not taught to search for and discover soul awareness, why? Was there a heavenly fall from grace that predisposed our creators to devise ourselves to be this way?

Sanat Kumara: You indeed were created in the image of Divinity yet too many souls chose to forget their own eternal selves and tried to create a world in which they themselves would be kings and queens, rulers of others by any means possible. This is a human expression of what they thought God or the Divine to be. Yes indeed the heavenly worlds are hierarchal, yet ruled by laws to sustain order and love. All and any beings in form or formlessness have the right to follow these laws or not. What kind of Universe would it be without challenges for growth and opportunity on all levels? As you well know without the dream of a better tomorrow there would be no tomorrow. For many in form they do not believe in a better tomorrow nor do they see a need to work towards it. Having money and power is what currently drives the human consciousness, as well as development of technology and the stars. Even human science is discovering that the mystery of life is always discovering and exploring the origins to explain the present and take them into the future.

The greatest mystery of human life is still life itself and the unveiling of the many levels and dimensions it explores. Understanding how you are all part of a greater whole is the first step in recognition of “what is”. When this question has been answered the unfolding of awareness becomes limitless and the excitement of the journey ahead unfolds.

To allow oneself to remain trapped in an unfeeling world of royal acceptance and power is how you encase yourself in the confusion you call life. That life then becomes your prison rather than your freedom.



Message from Athene Raefiel

I have found that getting a definitive answer from one of these ascended masters is highly unlikely; thought provoking always. We get more definitive information from our own personal guides and teachers and our Galactic brothers and sisters. The Ashtar Command is a good source to learn with as well as The Arcturians. They all work closely with our known divine hierarchy

I have found prayer and invocation to be invaluable tools when looking to connect with Higher-Self and spiritual guidance. To honor spirit is to honor the spirit within you.

When trying to comprehend the Universe we discover just how confused and confusing we must be. This is normal. Confusion and chaos are what all life as we know it is born of, to think otherwise is silly.

Divine Mother

Great Divine Mother Energy of light, we welcome you into our world of chaos in hopes of a righting all that has been dismissed. It is time to reassemble the ancient teachings of light and open new doorways that will keep us alight.

Mighty Mother of us all bring your legions of light, help us balance this planet and bring men’s minds to peace and all that’s right. Shift this displaced anger and hatred now having its way. Bring back harmony and love as the truth and the way. Teach us the proper way to think once again and help us remember the proper way to pray.

The course of men’s minds must be brought back this day to the kindness and understanding that allows us to care. Bring compassion and awareness into alignment this day, force back all dysfunctional thoughts all the way.

Radiant lady of light help us break the bonds of the outer world and mind that have held sway, share with us your radiance and love all the way.
Lords Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel assist us this day, to bring in the great radiance of love every day. Radiant mother of light we welcome your essence and lights of your ray.

July 31, 2019 Eclipse

Well I missed this next lunar eclipse coming up on the 31st. I think I was hoping we made it through the Month but not quite yet. Many of us are still feeling dizzy and out of sorts, wishing the universal energies would calm down. What a ride July has been.

Feeling more tired than usual and sort of out of body? Yep lots of that going on. Meditated yesterday and spoke with Archangel Raphael. He helped me realize how blessed I am and also that I want to teach more and more people to find and work with their guides. It has been such a help and blessing in mine.

I feel strongly that we are bringing in the Divine Mother energy right now. She is ready to intervene and assist us personally for the upcoming future. This is an amazing honor and such a special gift for us all.

It is a time for women to move this planet into a better and more solvent place. Out with the old men and in with younger and female blood. This world needs more compassion brought about by those who have always nurtured and cared for others. It is time for more goodness and kindness to engage with the ugly realities we have been experiencing.

Time for the Divine Mothers love!

Healing Life

Healing your life is a continual experience. Though we wish to believe there will come a time when the healing is complete yet something else up shows up. Healing is done in degrees and levels, this is due to the fact that we are multi-faceted and forever changing. I’ve heard that the only constant in the Universe is change and I know I am a changeling.
Because we grow and get older so do our problems and their impact upon us. Forgiveness is still the greatest tool we have in our toolbox to keep up, yet getting older sometimes makes people more stubborn and set in their ways. We really have to check ourselves to make sure we are not caught in a rut while pretending things don’t matter to us.

I remember when I was questing so hard to find answers to the mysteries of the Universe. Being an avid reader I devoured books like others do food, I came to realize learning and information was my food. I began to eat differently, sleep differently, insisted on changing my obsessions and judgements and seeing myself through different eyes.
Something I found really important at the time was to look for doorways and openings into the unknown and always searching for the keys to open those doorways and portals of enlightenment. I would find a pearl of wisdom here and there as I went along.

Meditation was the greatest key of all as well as learning how I was my own saboteur.
We have many eyes to open within us and learning about the inner being is key; sensing and interpretation help us understand and realize who and what we are as a universe unto ourselves.

Our whole life should be about learning and preparing for the afterlife because indeed we will be going there at some point.

Our Country tis of thee

As the fog lifts from the past month of major confusion I will share with you my take on what is happening. For the past few weeks I could hear a major move of the spaceships that assist humans on this planet. I think things are being moved to the Middle East and the area of Iran. We have a president in office that honors no treaties with those overseas that this country has worked so hard to negotiate deals with over time. A sitting president does not simply come in and undo decades of agreements with foreign dignitaries who have taken countries at their word as they have devised plans to keep peace worldwide.

This time we are in reminds me of all the broken treaties with Indians of all nations. No one person should have such power, even within his own inner circle, to do so. There is no honor in this White House American administration but simply a group of renegades opposed to peace and prosperity. How did we allow this happen? ; When we the so called people put them in office.
I believe this administration has done more damage on The World Stage than any other in history. We do not live on this planet in isolation and a global hand shaking and economic structure tie us together, yet that bond is unraveling. I know that the power of money has to shift and we are in the midst of what will be an extremely hard time of adjustments planetary.

Hang on because these changes will take time and bring a different kind of hardship than we have been up against in the past.

Please vote in the next elections and know that no matter who gets in office they will have tangled web of deception to undo.