New Realities


We as a whole are moving into greater connection and awareness of our Divinity as a people. More and more children are being born with full blown gifts of music and evolvement. Pianists as young as four years old playing Mozart and full throated singers as young as eight and nine singing as well as star singers from today and the past.

Genius children, going to college at very young ages, becoming scientists and collegiate teachers. Young people choosing to take a stand about Global Warming and leading the way to save the Oceans and Rain Forests. Children so overwhelmed by what they feel taking their own lives. Two ends of the spectrum we need to see and understand.

As adults we are still trying to survive materially and balance that with our spirituality.

Right now this time is not about answers but questions. We must question everything and discern what is good and best for us. This is not being selfish but growing and learning. Be blessed and love yourself as well as Mother Earth. She needs your love, compassion and understanding.

Honor the four Elements of which all things of form are made of, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

I Am Earth, I am Air, I Am fire and I am Water.



Dear Friends and Fellow Light Workers,

I know you have not heard from me in a while as I have been happily resting and working in the yard on flowers and such. Moving into our new home has been awesome, we love it.

Moving on I wanted to let everyone know that we are moving into a Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021, 5 degrees 26 Minutes Sagittarius, Right in the middle of Saturn Square Uranus while Mercury and Venus both Square Neptune. These types of energies bring great fluctuation in mind and body so it is good to stay as centered and healthy as possible. Though it seems most of consciousness surrounding you is currently insane, remember you don’t need to follow suit.

These planetary energies also bring awareness to many hidden things within the deep reservoirs of self and life, demanding that we purge and heal. Much self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others and circumstances in life can assist us in moving closer to the next level in our development.

Oh wow, later on June 10th 2021, we will be experiencing an Annular Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Gemini, Saturn square Uranus, Mars in Cancer in opposition to Pluto, once again wow.

Sagittarius the sign of the Archer leading to new horizons and Gemini sign of the twins, finding balance and perspective through seeing things from both angles of mind and emotion. This particular set of eclipses will carry a wallop of transformation on so many levels that it may be best to just lie low if at all possible and watch the fireworks.


Be Aware, tempers easily flare during energies such as these.

Understand you are not alone, spirit is always with you.

Let go of your need to control as you are not in charge of everything.

Meditate and pray even though it feels odd.

We only judge others because we judge ourselves.

Look before you leap, tomorrow things may look much different.

Be patient with your children, they are people to.

Mental Illness

Depression is the silent killer. It eats at the soul while hiding behind a smile. Depression feels as if there is no hope, no dreams no purpose. It is filled with shame and despondency. We do not talk about it as others call it victim consciousness but depression is a deep inner sadness that feels like a gaping wound that will never heal.

PTSD is depression that is a part of life for many people. The fear and sadness come alive and bring deep sadness that physically hurts

Nobody wants to be judged by others because of their differences. It is easier to hide when we appear to fit in. That sense of belonging is within all of us, yet it is our differences that make us a singularity.

Depression and loneliness are severe deficiencies within the soul and spirit that eat away at us wanting to feel content and wanted. It can cause agoraphobia and often appears as a chip on the shoulder. It can make us feel as if we are under a microscope and want to hide from others.

After all these many years it is still treated with medications that help people block out their feelings. Medications for severe depression can have major side effects creating a whole new set of problems.

Learning coping skills assists an individual in handling their depression as can meditation, yoga and regression therapy. Feeling loved and giving love is most helpful.

Mental illness is no laughing matter and shame certainly doesn’t help.

Seaside Journey

Please take a journey with me my friends. Let us walk together.

We now come to open fresh salt air and this beautiful white sparkling sand. We must stop to feel the sand beneath our feet and toes. The lapping of the Ocean waves and the misty air we breathe deeply, remembering how the awe of her majesty the Ocean renews our souls and bodies, taking in deep and renewing breath into every particle of our bodies.

We sit down and close our eyes experiencing a type of trance that carries us into the mysteries of life. We feel ourselves floating in the water and becoming weightless until we feel the warmth of the sunshine above.

In this radiance of gold and yellow light we realize how perfect all life really is while gently floating safely out into this massive body of water.

Soon we realize that we have become one with the water. The expanse is vivid as we allow ourselves to simply move with the waves and the lapping sounds, now allowing ourselves to float into a world of harmony and peace.


Spiritual understanding can only happen when inner divine truth is realized. At times, opening to our inner truth may seem painful, but it does free us to become fulfilled. With the understanding of spiritual truth in our life, our perceptions expand allowing us to see ourselves as the universe that we are.

In order to achieve spiritual understanding we must examine ourselves thoroughly to discover how we are the reflection of life. With this accomplished, we no longer allow the outer world to determine our fate and our destiny. It is in this way of inner truth, that we discover and understand our divine nature.

Self-realization in essence is divine in nature. True understanding of ones divinity can only be understood through self-awareness. One can achieve inner self-realization by experiencing the truth and light that dwell within.

Once in the perception of spiritual understanding, we are free to conceptualize rather than rationalize.  Conceptualization allows us to realize that what we believed reality to be, is merely one aspect of truth. Spiritual understanding is our key to awareness and truth. Like the strands of a tapestry, beautifully woven together, spiritual understanding, awareness, and truth are synonymous. Their weave, color, and beauty bring us a much greater perspective of life.  A picture, if you will, filled with beauty, movement, resonance and love of life.

We can only understand how reality is multidimensional through the experience of being multidimensional. This we do through our process of realization. If we choose to live in a limited awareness that is constricted and shallow, we experience realizations about ourselves that are limiting. When our multidimensional growth is stifled, little if any true love or joy can be experienced. When we dwell in such a restrictive state, as hard as we try to discover the means for true happiness, we fall short. With human nature being insatiable, all joyous events become short lived.

When dwelling within spiritual wisdom we attain long-standing satisfaction with our self and life that is sustained eternally. Here within the spiritual self, we discover how to manifest our desires in a sustainable way.

It is through the realization of our three lower chakras that we have learned to survive.

Feeding ourselves, learning to walk and realizing we could read or write are all lower chakra accomplishments needed for physical survival.  Through survival, we have developed the ability to think for ourselves, to overcome crises, and tackle new challenges. These things we accomplished by realizing how to do them.  Without the acceptance that we can accomplish a specific task, we will never realize our ability to do so.

Now that we have realized we can survive physically, it is time to realize how to survive spiritually. Just as the body and mind require nourishment, so does the soul and spirit. If any aspect of our self is deprived nourishment, the other aspects also suffer malnutrition. If we do not feed the body, it will die.  If we do not feed the mind, it will be ignorant.  If we do not feed the soul, it stagnates.

The soul requires acknowledgment and care, just as the mind and body does. By opening to the realization of this fact we connect with our soul’s energy and begin to acknowledge its purpose in our life. This is how we begin to feed the soul.

Recognizing your soul as the energy that transports you from incarnation to incarnation is primary. This recognition ignites the interaction between you and your soul-self. Acknowledging the soul, re-opens us to the inner awareness that soul contains all of the memory of who we are, have been, and will be. Soul was designed to be this vehicle. This acknowledgment allows direct communion with the soul self.  This is the beginning of self-realization.

We cannot accomplish self-realization if we deny the true essence of ourselves as eternal beings. It is only through communion with the eternal Self that we can become self-realized.

In seeing ourselves as eternal rather than temporal, we begin to understand the true scope of what life is. It is within this spiritual understanding that we experience the sacredness of life and realize the flow of energy to which all life belongs.

Denial of the eternal Self has been accepted as a norm for many centuries. When humans lose their connection to their eternal awareness and understanding, they suffer continuously lifetime after lifetime, wondering why life is filled with desperation and destitution.  They feel void of any true feelings of love and compassion and become severely depressed.

People who are aware of their souls, are calling to the energies of these lost souls and constantly asking them to return and help humans remember their eternal selves.  Helping people acknowledge their eternal essence by becoming self-realized will help restore harmony to earth.

Self-realization is the process necessary for the continuation of true spiritual evolution. Without it, the species of humankind will not be fulfilled; our spiritual destiny will wither into destruction and devastation. Being the gods that we essentially are, every individual has choice, and each of us makes a difference as to the checks and balances of the whole. Through just one awareness, the balance can be swayed for the many.  It is your turn now to choose the path of enlightenment.

Only through choice, commitment, and spiritual discipline can we attain true spiritual understanding and love. Self-realization is the key to successful, happy living. We must all learn to be free to create in harmony with the life that surrounds us. We must learn to restore balance where there is chaos and give love where this is none. Loving self is what we discover through realization. When we understand how we are love then we understand how all things are love. It is in this way that the balance shall be restored.




We are all part of the natural order within life. The universe is ordered, nature is ordered and the divine is ordered.

When we are in union with our divine essence we easily understand the divine order of life. Armed with this awareness, we can use the operation of divine order for the well being of the planet as well as for our selves. This we accomplish by observing the natural order of the life around us and by how we interact with it.

When we go outdoors and away from the city, we discover a whole order of nature that works together in harmony. Each river and stream, each tree, plant and stone, seem to be strategically placed to work in harmony with one another. All of the animals serve a purpose through their nature as do insects, wind, fire, and rain. All these things work together to preserve the natural order of our planet. Humans are the only species upon the planet that do not naturally harmonize.

Through a process of discovery, we learn that growth and development take time. We discover we must learn how to walk before we can run.  We must learn our letters and numbers before we can put them together to read and write, add and subtract. We discover that a tree or flower must be seeded before it can grow.  Ideally and necessarily, a parent teaches a child to survive and fend for itself before he or she goes out into the world. We are continually learning that there are elements in life to be overcome. These experiential lessons are our tests of inner strength that affect us both physically and spiritually. This is the order of life to which we adhere daily, living on this planet.

Opening to our divine nature is simply a beginning in our spiritual process of learning. We think that in realizing our divinity, we will be able to stop or change our soul karma; we deeply desire a magical experience that can change destiny. Getting in touch with our divine nature does not save us from ourselves, but puts us into the awareness of our true work. Within our divine nature lie the necessary tools for the understanding and patience needed to discover ourselves as a spirit being.


To change our destiny, we become the masters of it.


Human nature always seems to get in the way of us developing and using our spiritual tools accurately.  Our rational and emotional conditioning continuously try to regiment our lives and destinies. Our human nature inclines us to be dissatisfied with ourselves and leads us to believe that by being someone other than ourselves will solve our problems. This makes it difficult for us to accept ourselves as who we are in the moment.

All things simultaneously exist in the present moment. We are able to experience all things at all times in a proper state of meditation. This is called multidimensional awareness. It is within this pure experiential state that we no longer think, but simply experience.  In this experiential state, we learn entirely through a process of osmosis; here we are able to absorb the information needed to understand the dimensions of life. Spiritual enlightenment is achieved by using patience and allowing.  When we learn to be detached and objective about ourselves, we learn to allow, in this way the answers we want and need easily come to us.

Our maturity spurts in life often appear as tests or initiations to us. These growth spurts occur in our spiritual development just as they do in our physical development. In order for us to remain integrated when our consciousness expands, all aspects of self must grow as well. All aspects of self are rooted within our chakra system. Each chakra emits a frequency and vibration known as a dimensional body; each of these bodies is consciousness and serves a specific role in our life.

The subtle body emitted from the root chakra is called the etheric body. The sacral chakra emits our emotional body; the solar plexus, the lower mental; the heart chakra, the astral body; the throat chakra, the causal body; the third eye chakra, the celestial body; and the crown emits the ketheric body or divine mind.

When our consciousness expands, all of the subtle bodies in our auric field are affected. It is when the soul memory within these bodies becomes activated that they realize their hunger for the spiritual food being offered them.

This is very similar to the changes we went through with the physical body when growing up. As our physical body grew larger, so did its capacity for food.  Our taste buds changed as did our thinking and behaviors. It is the same with our newfound spiritual consciousness. The only difference is that now changes occur within all dimensions of self rather than just the physical.

Consciousness expansion may be likened to a volcanic eruption. Everything inside of you has to make way for whatever was trapped at the bottom.  Sometimes when experiencing this great eruption we find that our life also erupts. To reiterate it is very much like growing up. When the physical body spurts, we get larger clothes and shoes. The bedroom becomes too small and we require more space. We even outgrow our parents’ environment and learn to define our own. It is the same with spiritual growth.

As we grow spiritually, we often find out tastes in life begin to change. We outgrow the need for various people and places in life. We require more serenity and space for quiet contemplation.

Often we encounter resistance from those around us who do not understand or relate to the changes that we are experiencing. This feels like a test of strength.

Initiation is likened to a test when it is simply an expansion of self.  This expansion is how we bring about the desired changes within our self as well as our life.

When energy expands in one place, it displaces energy in another. The displaced energy can only compensate by reorienting itself to become comfortable with the change. When an expansion of energy is continual, energy is unable to settle into a new comfort zone.  When this happens we feel displaced. This means that we have already become too settled in a given comfort zone and do not know how to react when outside of it. Feeling unsettled and uncomfortable pushes us to grow and develop. Comfort zones are important but can hinder our progression when we become too attached to them.

True security can only be attained within. When we follow the inner journey toward our divinity, we realize that whatever we previously believed to be important probably was not. Many of the ideals not previously embraced, now become paramount as we break free from old concepts and ideas that locked us in an “ivory tower” of assumed security and comfort. Suddenly we want to break free of the passive thinking and actions that imprisoned our true character and potential. Breaking free becomes the goal and the challenge. This is initiation.

With initiation now in stride, we challenge our beliefs on every level. Our subtle bodies have been asleep¾numb¾for a very long time. As we hurl ourselves forward into expansion, our habits and beliefs pull strongly to hold us in place. Like a frightened child, we cling to the fear of change, often finding ourselves tired and dismayed, wanting only to break free of the struggle.

Our struggle comes from those aspects of ourselves that are afraid to learn and grow. Aspects of us that have never been taught, nor given the opportunity, to understand there was something beyond the complacent acceptance of what we thought life should be.  These frightened aspects of self are terrified of the unknown path we now wish to explore, and so resist. Thus, now is the time to be still and go within.

It is within the stillness that we commune with these aspects of self and appease their fears.

As spiritual beings, we can teach our frightened aspects to overcome and trust in the new progression.  We need to be patient with this process as it is important for these aspects to believe they are heard, loved and wanted so they can feel safe and heal. They may have felt alienated or inadequate for much of life and now need to find a place of understanding within you.  Healing takes time. By giving yourself permission to go through the process, you will make the time to overcome any difficulty involved.

To achieve a state of blissful happiness, all the vibrational bodies in your energy field must be activated and developed. Until now, you have merely existed.  Now you strive to be alive, REALLY ALIVE!  You strive for interconnectedness and the spiritual nourishment that sustains all life.


Learn and Grow

We now enter into a new life experience filled with newness and depth. Learning and growth should be your key phrases and using affirmations regularly. If we are not continually growing, changing and learning, then we stagnate. Though some lessons in life are not pleasant still we need them to accelerate our process and goals. Simply because we cannot always see how our life is a winning version of time, does not mean we should not live it to the fullest.  If I could not learn I would die. Be it inside or out, I would just stop trying. Those who attain enlightenment, success and fulfillment, make bold choices in life and deal with the results. These individuals know that change is the key to their future.

Back to square one is a common misconception that leads us to think we are not accomplishing our ends. Ultimately all things are born from square one, all ideas, all creativity, all desire to live and advance, all life. We are not lost because we return to the start, only re-visiting it to bear a new fruit. The only resolution a person needs make in their life is to become the person that they admire most in life, themselves. Always becoming is key. Never settling for unhappiness as the truth of who you are, and always striving for the next freeing realization you can attain.

May you all be the success story you know you are.

Meditational CD’s

I am so happy to announce that my CD’s are now featured on my you tube channel, thaks to Tara for helping me get this accomplished.

Each inner journey is about 20 minutes long and are free to use. These visualizations will help all seeking to meditate and do their inner work.

I am so excited to share these with you. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


Awakening Consciousness

Awakening consciousness and expanding it is an unending process. This process is filled with wonderment and much of the Ah Ha realities. This expansive understanding and awareness helps discover the inner you and the creative self.

The Higher self, also called the authentic self, has been covered up by centuries of strange but necessary conditioning and patterning necessary for basic survival. As we work to remove these layers, what we find underneath gives us a whole new meaning and understanding in life. Our moods change as well as our thinking. A great deal of distortion falls away as we feel the veil covering our sight being lifted.

As eternal beings it is necessary to discover the whole self, Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit, and their operation with one another; thereby allowing us to eventually ascend each plane and dimension of consciousness that determines our spiritual evolution.

In human life and existence too many have forgotten the importance of such awareness, continually causing more and more disruption to truth of reality. This distortion has become a way of life and reality for many, many lost souls.

Hoping to be rescued by God after death is an illusion as we are responsible for our own life now as well as after death.

Reflection Time

We are in a time of reflection. We are looking back and examining just what our lives and experiences of the past were. Visiting places and people from the past may be imminent now, as we may need to review who we have become as well as who or what they have become.

It is very hard for us to take the time to live our lives, as we are always working to pay the bills and survive. We ask ourselves, “When will the time come that I can just LIVE my life?” I have discovered that there is no such time! We must instead of waiting for it to happen, initiate it. “If I do not take the time to live my life now then when shall I?”

The answer is simple. You must make the choice to live your life and make it balance and fit in with your survival. You must quit allowing survival to supersede living life. You must realize that you are the only one responsible for how much peace and happiness you experience this lifetime.

When you are old and dying, will you ask yourself “Why I did not get more out of my life?” Within each person is a “soul calling” a purpose, a journey already begun, long before your birth this lifetime. Within this soul calling is memory, memory of who you truly are and always have been on a spirit level; Memory of all that you have been and seen in each incarnation.

Your journey my friends started long before now, and even though there is a war going on within many of your souls at this time, somewhere in the center of all that chaos is this memory I speak of. You are each a Child of the Universe, You are each Love and Loved.