Happy 2022

Wow it is almost 2022! By the time you read this it probably will be. This year promises to be easier on us than the last two.

All these twos will help to bring about balance with the male and female within. All relationships will find a better harmony and adjustments. Family will need to get their act together while the need for more freedom in ideas will burst forth.

Careful how fast you move on new ideas by doing some research before you leap. Do not add stress to what can be a beautiful transition in life.

2022 ads to a 6, meaning more balance in your spirituality and physical reality world, this helps us understand how we operate as the “God Within” showing more love and kindness to ourselves and others around us.

The year of 2021 was an angry year. Much was misunderstood and misinterpreted by the simplest means. Much of that changes now. I do not mean that there will not be challenges for us but thinking should be clearer and kinder as a whole.

Climate change will still be challenging for human, animal and plant life. We must clean up the Oceans and quit wasting precious resources just because we are too lazy to pay attention to our own bad habits.

Instead of the world seeing Americans as rebellious teens we should grow up and take responsibility for our own short comings. No more excuses please. Understand this is a shared planet.

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