The age of Aquarius

We enter the age of Aquarius, December 21st, 2020.

It is imperative that you cleanse and clear all of the energies that no longer serve you and the Universe.

By coming to terms with your past you will be able to forgive and love more readily.

Forgive yourself for being a human with all the emotions you’ve had to learn about and deal with.

You are a direct emanation of the Holy Divine within each and everyone of us.


You are a child of the Universe.

You are wonderful.

Each day when you awaken a beautiful essence is emanated by your being.

You touch the hearts and minds of all those you come in contact with.

You are a flower in a garden of seeds and are developing more color and uniqueness as you grow.


You are an inspiration for others to have vision.

You are the divine and you are light.

Be all that you are each and every moment you breathe.

Be true to yourself and honor the life that you lead.


” Know Thyself.”

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Blessings, Athene

Maitreya channeling


Through, Athene Raefiel



Some of you have heard of me and others have met with me. My name is Maitreya and I am often referred to as Ascended Master. Please understand that I title myself only as Maitreya.

I have been here since the inception of humankind as a guide and a teacher; many of the souls now inhabiting the Earth Plane knew me in the beginning as “God made Human”. Some refer to me as the brother of Hermes and Aphrodite. Hermes is and was a great friend and teacher of mine. You might say we are colleagues. As most of you have ascertained there were many beings coming and going within the various planes of existence and consciousness while taking on human and other forms at will. There was even a time that many of you did the same.

My sister Aphrodite also known to be the Goddess of Love actually formed from the Sea. She and her family have lived in the waters of your world since the Seas came to be. She is very close with Poseidon and the mermaid sisters that accompany him; they often take the form of Dolphins to teach humans about unconditional love and acceptance.

The Mysteries of the depths are great and even though you’re the species that calls itself man there is still a vast science of knowledge here and many unseen things hidden in, and under the Ocean floors. Many of the Portals that are utilized by the Ashtar Command and other Brotherhoods of Light from other Galaxies lie hidden in such places.

A portal of energy surrounds each and every one of you, allowing us to interact with you through your own spirit awareness and essence. Too often you have failed to truly journey into the interior of the Earth and the Sky to understand their vastness and find the Great Mysteries of time. As time proceeds, it is also time to unearth some of the greatest mysteries and potential mankind has ever witnessed.

Now that Earth’s Astronomers have discovered many new Star Systems, Galaxies and Universes surrounding them, the expectance that other life lives among the stars is finally acceptable. Though many beings live within the Etheric Realms and Some the Astral and Causal, still too there are other brothers and sisters of form much like you. Just as no two beings are alike, so no two stars or planets either. Yet I must stay on track with the message I have come to deliver today.

I am here for my Earthling Brothers and Sisters today as the time has come for transition and transformation to take place on so many levels of themselves and their home planet. There is nothing less on our plate right now than establishing peace and harmony to a world of deceit and anger. The Earth changes you are currently experiencing are helping you to prepare for the future. All are realizing that a more simple existence is best to conserve, as well as live more lightly.

There is so much that Your Governments are not telling you about the resources, water and depletion of soils, that I would ask you to look into these arenas yourself. Educating yourselves is not only intelligent but useful.

Mankind is ultimately getting back to the basics when they are not distracted by the new electronics toys that assist them daily. Too many humans now have found modes and means of distractions that delay their growth process in so many ways and also many levels. Put down your gadgets and pick up your mind. Your mind is greater and full of more depth than any mechanical object. You contain the mind of God within each and every cell of your being; this is a memory necessary for you to find the codes within yourself necessary to transcend and ascend in the future.

When you leave the physical world there will be no electronic gadgets guiding you on your journey. No GPS, no cellphone, no remote control device. If you do not learn how to utilize and structure your own energies and minds you will be left in the dark, struggling to find your way. This in turn will lead you back to a life in the Physical as you will be unable to navigate the upper planes of consciousness.

Your life in that vehicle you call a body is a blessing and an opportunity to move beyond the need for things. Within each of you there is a knowingness that you have lived before and will live again. Your evolutionary path will be what decides where and how you live after each incarnation to the Earth Plane. Though you do not realize it, your attachments to your things will continue to bring you back time and time again.

I know some of you think that God has a cellphone or needs one. When “All that Is,” is Telepathy, then Telepathy is how a cellphone was created. You are each a vessel that can tune into so many realms of sound and beauty by simply using the skills developed through your spiritual disciplines.

I am not adverse to technology for without it you would not be reading my message now. Yet once again using technology to advance yourself in many different directions when you are fully aware of whom you are can become an important aid. Realize that technology is simply here to aid you, not rule you.

Many seeds of love and development are being planted into the hardest hit areas of the world at this time. Too often beings do not pray or ask for help until things reach a tragedy. Since it is Religion that has separated so many, it is acceptance or likeness that will heal and make whole the many.

If you believe yourself to be a being of love then please live that truth. No matter how unloving the world may seem around you, your truth must become relevant on many levels for others to become associated with it.

I will be bringing many new messages forward this year and next as my presence is being called to help in so many areas of human growth and development. You may read and learn about me to discover me and also call to me and my Friends the Ascended Masters, Angels and Also Gods and Goddesses. We are in union and will come with our power and love to assist in this lifetime in all ways.




New Energies

The energies the past few days have been hard to explain. We are in a major time of initiation and growth. Feeling more tired than usual and out of sorts as we chart our way into the future. Please be kind to yourself and realize that we are living within many dimensions all at once.

This year of 2020 has been filled with much consternation for many of us. This year is not over and November, December and January will hold stress and patience to see you through. Remember you are not alone, many have the same feelings and fears that you have.

We are moving into a greater phase of understanding and enlightenment. Know that we cannot remain positive all of the time. We are emotional beings and our emotions are the stepping stones of true feeling and awareness.


New Attunment

Did you feel the recent shift in energy? Are you attuned now to the new frequencies? Everything energy wise has shifted.

If you are having problems then close your eyes, take five deep breaths, center your energies within your heart, and ask that your chakra system be aligned to the new frequencies. It is that simple.

The awakening of souls to their spirit consciousness will be tremendous now. Thousands upon thousands will awaken in the next few months. You must be ready now to be of service and assist these souls through your compassion and understanding. You have already gone through what they are entering, they need your patience and insight.

Open your heart and make your commitment to the soul energies of light that you represent. Create a new contract with your higher- self, telling it what role you wish to play in the grand scheme of things now. Manifest your abundance and resources through your awareness and understanding. Know that you are worthy and deserving to have and obtain all that you need and want.

Visualize yourself within the New World filled with joy, abundance, love, wealth, contentment, and well being. Hold that picture within you everyday. See also your brothers and sisters of light standing with you. Acknowledge the light of Universe added to that and stay focused. Don’t forget to laugh, relax, and have fun.


When attempting to change your perception, beliefs, and mind sets, you are challenging yourself on all levels of self. Realize that we all feel drained sometimes. Take the time needed to look after yourself, honor your body. Your body is always the last part of you to receive the healing energies needed for the complete transformation into the physical. When you were born your DNA recorded all of your past karma and experiences into itself. As you transmute, your DNA changes its recording.

Is it time, to reprogram the old outdated personas you have chosen to lead you before? Is it time to dig deeper into the heart of your own self and see what mysteries lie hidden? Is it time to find yourself and rekindle the joy of life that you know you are? Each and every one of these is a worthwhile venture and can help make you  see many individuals making very positive changes in their lives and themselves. It is not an easy time for any of them. The pain of addressing the old conditioning one carries is often heart wrenching as well as tedious.

Dreams come true. It may even help you to create new and better dreams than before.

Time of Reflection

We are in a time of reflection. We are looking back and examining just what our lives and experiences of the past were.

Visiting places and people from the past may be imminent now, as we may need to review who we have become as well as who or what they have become. It is very hard for us to take the time to live our lives, as we are always working to pay the bills and survive.

We ask ourselves, “When will the time come that I can just LIVE my life?” I have discovered that there is no such time! We must instead of waiting for it to happen, initiate it. “If I do not take the time to live my life now than when shall I?” The answer is simple. You must make the choice to live your life and make it balance and fit in with your survival. You must quit allowing survival to supersede living life.

You must realize that you are the only one responsible for how much peace and happiness you experience this lifetime. When you are old and dying, will you ask yourself “Why I did not get more out of my life?” Within each person is a ” soul calling” a purpose, a journey already begun, long before your birth this lifetime. Within this soul calling is memory, memory of who you truly are and always have been on a spirit level. Memory of all that you have been and seen in each incarnation. Your journey my friends started long before now, and even though there is a war going on within many of your souls at this time, somewhere in the center of all that chaos is this memory I speak of.

You are each a Child of the Universe, You are each Love and Loved.

Push through

The energies are very intense and pressing. This is time for seeing and achieving new and better individual realities. So many times, we talk about what we want to do, and so many times, we take no action upon it. Fear blocks us at every turn, as we fear outcomes, never trying or enjoying the risk. Adventure is all we have! Why deny yourself the small pleasures life holds? When we sit on the fence-post we feel stagnant. We look to the past for our answers but there are none. We look to the future for a premonition or a sign but we do not see. We are blocked. Blocked by our own inactivity and caution, we are afraid to make a move fearing it could be a mistake. Humans only learn through experience. They see their experiences as either good or bad, right or wrong. If they would simply see them as the steps leading them to their temple of life, goodness, and freedom, the experiences would always be for the best. All things in ones life can be healed and understood. All things in ones life can be good. First one must surrender to the truth that lies within and create a partnership with God. One must recognize the many aspects one has become and integrate. Then one must honor the process known as ones life, and begin to honor all other life as well. Take some time this week and go out in nature and listen with all your heart and soul to what is being said. Do a sacred bath and pray for purification of the mind, body, and soul self. Do centering mantras and still yourself while relaxing and enjoying the inner silence. Be at peace.


Let Go a Little

Are you finding it hard to stay centered and on task in this energy? Just want to throw caution to the wind and have a good time for a while? Then perhaps you need to do that!

We too often take life and ourselves too seriously; at times we even make playing a chore. Relaxation is not a state of doing nothing. Relaxation is a state of truly enjoying whatever you are doing, including nothing.

I know very few people who can truly enjoy the moment and allow it to be all that they need or want. There is no trick involved with this, just good old fashioned know how. Remember when you were young and whatever you were doing at that exact moment was all that you needed to be doing? Well try being that way again and see if you like it. We all get in a hurry for tomorrow and forget to live today.

In the Zen teachings, the key of a joyous tomorrow is the fulfillment of the life we live today. When we get ahead of ourselves we do nothing but try to catch up. When we are stuck in the past we don’t even relate to the present, we are always separate. When we experience the moment, we live presently and without worry, or concern. This inner peace experience is worth all the time in the world. There is nothing for you to do in your life but live each moment fully.

Survival is a fact of third dimensional reality that we have already accepted and integrated into our daily living. Do not let it determine who you are or how to define yourself. Be true only to the center of love and light that you are. Be the child of light you were designed to be, and trust that, that is all there truly is. Enlightenment, love, and playfulness, these are the experiences you need in the moment. Become one with them.