Feeling Lost

The urge to do something new and different contains me today. I miss so many places that I have lived before. I miss Long Island the kinds of people I would meet there and in NYC; such a wide variety of talented and interesting souls.

Everyone was so diverse and vibrant and no matter who they were they had interesting stories and places they were from and going. Even people you would meet in a grocery store were opinionated and themselves and truly living their lives. None of this fear I feel from everyone now.; just living their lives and complaining or happy about it but not afraid to share.

I sometimes feel so alone and constricted by this town and the mentality of people I see here. Even though this is a college town and military surrounded, I find it hard to meet and make friends. I love being social and enjoying the company of others, yet everyone is always so busy in their lives they really don’t have time to look deeper into what friendship means.

I’ve never believed in aging as getting old and boring, I am a changeling and a traveler. If I can’t travel geographically I travel astrally, but to be stuck not going and doing is not my way.  

Though I get sad I never feel sorry for myself as that is a waste of time I cannot endure. Life is for living and I will always love life.

Keeping Alive

Sorry for being absent sometimes, it is usually the arthritis in my hands that holds me back.

Today I wish to share that we have a set of Eclipses coming up in June, 2019 as well as three major Planets retrograde and somewhat in Conjunction. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. I feel as if they have been affecting the mass consciousness in an adverse manner, causing more and more people to do violent and stupid things. Too many senseless bombings and school shootings.

The Earth is in great turmoil presently and we see this in the weather, it doesn’t take a genius to see it is affecting the moods of people as well.

I have been watching Ancient aliens on TV and am happy to announce that the scientists on the show are finally getting at the truth of the Higher Planes and creation. It does my heart good to see this. I also watch a few other programs worth mentioning; “Democracy Now” on PBS and Fereed Zacharia on CNN. These programs bring awareness and Enlightenment to world events.

As we push through the energies this year has and does bring, there is a sense of tiredness for many of us that seems a bit much, kind of like dragging along quite a bit. Majorly important to take care of oneself. Vitamins, minerals exercise and meditation will help.

Please leave me a comment once in awhile so I know you read m blog and all suggestions and questions are welcome as well.

Know that you are never alone in your quest for enlightenment and love is still the greatest healer that we have.

Standing up for oneself

Standing up for yourself.

Standing up for oneself can be very difficult the more aware and compassionate you become. You have gained great understanding and love, so you want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. In so doing others often feel that you are easily manipulated and try to take advantage of you.

I try really hard to find common ground and am even willing to agree to disagree, yet sometimes you simply reach the end of your rope. I especially find this to be true with family members.

When simply saying no is not enough we sometimes must distance ourselves from those we love most. This can be painful and sad but necessary for our own truth and sanity.

The outside world has become a rather cold and dangerous place to reside currently. People anger too quickly and can take it to a place of life or death in an instant. Moderation and Mediation no longer seem to be the patient ways of dealing with disagreements; it feels like an all-in or all out situation anymore, with little or no middle ground. I find this to be sad.

I know many great things are occurring right now and that there are a great many intelligent, open minded souls working hard to make our life a better place, and I also so know many have and are advancing in the face of climate change. These things I stand with in appreciation, love and optimistic joy. I still believe that love can heal in wondrous ways, so I shall continue to love myself in the hopes it will rub off on others.

Self Development

Often people find it hard to slow their own brain down long enough to really listen to what the other person is saying. Because of this they don’t have an opportunity to process what is being said.

Too often we have an answer to a question we never took the time to really hear or understand. Because of this we often jump to conclusions way too quickly.

Listening is an art and should be treated as such, to answer a question before we really realize what is being said is how we accidentally cut people off without meaning to. It is the same when we are trying to hear what spirit is trying to get across and continually find our own mind gets in our way. Listening is done in many ways. Knowing what we are listening for and also how we feel about it takes a few seconds to digest.

Spirit mostly communicates with us though our feeling selves. If we can’t understand our own feelings we will probably miss their message. Learning to discern how and why we feel the way we do is mandatory if we want to develop our intuition and inner knowing. Because we have been taught throughout life to ignore our feelings and suppress them, this can be very challenging at times. Pretending we feel differently than we do can be very self-deceiving.

Self-development is an awesome experience but can be very difficult when we wait till much later in life to bother with it. Life often keeps us so distracted that we may never do it. It is a personal choice. Making such a choice can be difficult to follow through with, but ultimately is so very soul freeing you can truly discover your inner light and live a more fulfilling life.

Inner work and Reflection

Inner work and reflection

Today I want to speak to the importance and power of inner work and reflection. We often feel as if we can’t find the answers to certain problems that can be old and deep rooted. No matter how we try to deny how much those problems bother us they are just waiting for an incident that triggers them and up they come once again.

By learning to go within and actually speaking to the parts of self-holding onto them we can change the conditions and triggers that haunt us. We can use visualization as a tool to help and go deep within our emotional, physical and mental selves to change old patterns from the past.

By using reflection we can identify such conditions within ourselves. Being present can only take place when we have healed the past. Positive thinking can help us change our mindset but not directly help and transmute the essence behind things.

We are multi-faceted individuals with many aspects to self that have been developed over lifetimes. By digging deeper into who we are we can and do discover the many parts that lie within. You are the most interesting journey in your own life.

Child of Light

What an interesting year this has been so far for weather. Take off you t-shirt its snowing again.

” I am a child of love and Light.

I am open and trusting of the Holy Light.

I am worthy to receive the riches of goodness and Light.

I call to the most high teachers of goodness and Light.

I surround myself in the violet light.

I am that I am, I am that I am I am that I am.”

Please surround the world with this violet light. Transform the ugliness into light.

Help those less fortunate to find peace and protection and well being from the holy light of life.

Please let abundance abound throughout the darkness of life.

Illuminate the downtrodden and bring them shelter and food, help all seeking the truth to be guided.

so be it, so be it, So be it amen.

Being Alive

I wish to share how excited I am to be alive.

I remember when I was just observing my life,( for many years) rather than living it; life was very sad and bland during those years. How I was I to know I was simply out of body watching time go by?

Many times we become the observer of life at a young age and do not realize we basically have gotten out of body and into the observer self. Any amount of various traumas and misunderstandings can cause this to happen. Sometimes we come in this way depending on our past life experiences. All the same living life in the real body we are born with helps you realize happiness, freedom and joy.

To know if you are experiencing the true feeling of being alive, rather than observing what you see; ask yourself this question. Is life like a movie I am watching or am I really participating in what is going on?

Life can be pretty tough and chaotic; often it is easier to be the observer rather than the participant. I know this to be true, especially during war times, homeless times, fear of hunger times and loss of life Etc. This world can be an unsavory place to feel safe and protected, but when you face the reality of who you are things get less hard in a way I cannot explain, other than to say understanding helps bring peace.

It seems that everything in life comes with a price and sometimes this is true. When really integrated within your body you will discover the peace of mind and inner being well worth the trials.

Spirit Guides are not here to save you from yourselves but instead help you discover the whole of what and who you are.

Be blessed my friends and find peace, it is worth the cost.

Politically frustrated

I am currently quite frustrated with the Governmental system in the country, the USA.

I am sure I never cared for politics much anyway, but I always assumed a President would be somewhat Presidential and I also thought that no matter the GOP or Democrat that there would be some truth, dignity and etiquette involved.

I do not know why we need such a large Government but I also thought they would have some power to oversee one another and make sure that most things would be for the good of Our Country and its peoples.

As a civilian and simply a citizen trying to get by and survive this lifetime I fear now for the generations coming behind me.

I will say this, if things don’t turn around soon and we quit starting more wars, climate change will take over. It is time to get priorities in order and quit playing global games and wars that will be our undoing.

I hope there are many others that share my view and that we waste no time in waiting for this truth to take effect.

I pray and meditate everyday as I am sure many others do, I only hope we can acquire the leadership necessary to save our planet.



Moving Ahead

I find it hard to be a holier than thou person and I am a realist in so many ways.
The realities and dimensions I dwell within have shown me that positive thinking is only one tool in our awareness and spiritual development.
In order to create change and reach higher to understand our soul and spirit path there are many serious tools we need to learn about and discover in order to develop.
Our conditioning is strong and we are always working to overcome and surpass them.
Trust and love are not easy to get to know and live within; they take great work and effort., which is a lifelong quest.
I have been and continue to ready myself for where I will be going when I leave this current life, this only makes sense to me.
The illusion of life that surrounds us continues the battles of doubt and struggle endlessly and to move to a variety of new realities takes work and lots of effort and time.
This is what most people choose to ignore refuse to learn.
You can only become if you grow, else you will continually repeat the past.

political view

This is somewhat hard for me as I have avoided posting too much about my political views in awhile. Now after watching Democracy Now on PBS for the past many months I must speak out.
There is a great amount of civil discord currently taking place around the world. Much of which is causing peoples to leave their own countries for a better life and hopefully some opportunity.
Many, many, people are without homes , food and medicine, living their lives in fear of survival every day.
Venezuelans are having civil discord daily and have been for many years. They neither want nor need the USA to interfere in their process.
Earth, Air, Fire and Water are in discord, causing great climate disasters along with no balance to ground within.
The USA is interfering in countries lives and values without conscience, this too has been happening for many years.
We stay in our cocoon and hope for the best without backing an keep on hoping for the individuals  with all the power and money to acknowledge equality in all peoples.
We stay in our cocoon and hope for the best without backing and fearing life tomorrow.