Enlightenment is not a term or a word but an experience. When one is enlightened, they are aware of how they belong within the whole. They become aware that they are spirit within, and they live in an integrated state of higher awareness.

Becoming enlightened is the nature of the journey that was taken on when choosing to be born into the third dimension. Becoming spiritually enlightened is the fulfillment of this journey.

Once spiritually enlightened one begins to see and live the “bigger picture”. This “bigger picture,” allows us to comprehend the true purpose of existence. Without true purpose in life, we go through the motions of life, never understanding its rhyme or reason. This leads us to question forever our purpose in being here.

As we develop and become spiritually enlightened, we realize that there is an order to life. An order that goes far beyond anything we may have learned through our life experiences or academic learning. A divine order with pristine laws based in perception and understanding. These are natural laws, ordering the Universe and the Cosmos and all life beyond.

These laws have motion and movement. These laws have been given names such as “The law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction, The law of Karma, The law of Rebirth, The Law of Science and Mathematics (also known as Sacred Geometry) and others I cannot name.

These laws can only be learned and understood conceptually. To the rational being they make very little if any sense at all. It is the soul consciousness that remembers and uses these laws to live by.

In order to familiarize yourself with these theoretical laws you might explore books on Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. By doing so, perhaps you can use the left part of your brain as a relay to tap the subconscious and super-conscious.

There is no more rewarding or greater journey than that of spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment is the one thing we can accrue this lifetime that we can not only take with us, but can also use as our vehicle to explore the heavenly worlds of evolution when we die.

When we leave this earthly body, many humans believe that we automatically ascend to these heavenly worlds. Realize simply, that one must know God here, before one can know god anywhere else.

We dwell continually within many worlds while alive in the physical, whether we are aware of it or not. Little is different after we cross over. Unawareness carries over to the other side just as awareness does. Our realizations while in the physical, have much, if not all, to do with what our realities will be when we cross over. Life after death is not a reprieve from our life on earth; rather an extension of the journey already created.

Without spiritual enlightenment here, there can be no spiritual enlightenment elsewhere for us. There is no magic wand that God waves when you die to save you from your own dysfunctional perceptions. Truly the realizations that you experience on the other side, can only be used when you are re-incarnated to try to get it right the next time.

If instead we were to take responsibility for our own spiritual enlightenment this lifetime, beginning to realize how we and God are one and the same, imagine the changes we could produce in our own evolutionary paths. Many less dysfunctional beings would be returning to the earth plane each round and a more spiritually advanced culture could begin designing and healing the future of humanity.



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