Jupiter Neptune Conjunct In Pisces

“You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?” – Neo (The Matrix)

“Mescaline” – The otherworldly feeling of surrealism, not fully knowing whether we are awake or dreaming – almost like we are out of this world, but yet deep set in it. This is the energy we are going to be feeling right now. One foot in reality and the other in the ethereal.

This indescribable feeling that many of us have noticed lately is due to a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event that is occurring now, as Jupiter and Neptune connect in Pisces for the first time since 1856 – they won’t conjunct again in this sign until 2188.

Therefore, we will never experience this exact mystical energy again in our lifetime.

Although these two planets meet approx every 12-13 years, Neptune travels slower than Jupiter and takes around 165-166 years to complete an entire cycle of the zodiac, whereas Jupiter takes 12 years – making it an extremely rare occurrence for them to both meet in the same constellation.

What makes this encounter even more magical, magnificent and memorable is that both Jupiter and Neptune rule sensitive, intuitive Pisces, with Jupiter being the traditional ruler and Neptune the modern ruler, cosmically boosting their enchanted characteristics. Therefore, the energy of this astrological phenomenon is magnified, as both planets are at home in Pisces, where they will be bringing so much luck, abundance, magic and miracles our way.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are outer planets, and when two outer planets conjunct, the effects are long-lasting, so we can expect to feel the benefits of this energy intensely for at least the next couple of months. The energies started building in January 2022, and have been gradually intensifying, peaking on April 12th, however, we will continue to feel this energy strongly until February 15, 2023. It doesn’t end there, as Jupiter and Neptune transit in a 12-13 year cycle, and celestial meetings mark the beginning of a brand new cycle, so whatever intentions we set during this time will play out as a new chapter in our lives, lasting for at least the the next 13 years.

Jupiter carries master energy and, when connected with Neptune, helps us become the master of our dreams. Whatever we have been trying to manifest will now effortlessly materialise.

All in all, the April 12th planetary rendezvous could possibly be the most magical and mystical day of our entire lifetime, so it is particularly important to set powerful intentions and to get serious about manifesting our dreams and desires.

The Universe has literally aligned the planets perfectly to help our dreams come true.

Neptune & Pisces are both associated with water, spirituality, emotions, healing, transformation, intuition, escapism, dreams, hopes, desires, inspiration and creativity, and this is the exact time to focus on any artistic dreams we have shelved. If possible take time out to write, draw, paint, sing, dance, make music and express ourselves in whatever way we choose, fully and unapologetically. This can be the optimum time to use art to release emotionally energy that we have subconsciously held on to and to release emotional blockages.

If we do not feel called to channel suppressed energy through art, we can instead use water to detox and cleanse our emotions, as Pisces is a water sign. Any activity involving water, including taking a shower or salt bath, spending time near a lake or the ocean, or even letting tears fall, can be highly therapeutic.

Pisces encourages us to stop being afraid to feel into emotions and instead openly communicate them so they can be released from our energetic bodies, where they attach to our ego, and stored repressed emotions cause conflict and stagnation.

Jupiter rules luck, good fortune, adventure, abundance, optimism, escapism, soul-connection and opportunity and whatever it gets close to it expands, so all Pisces and Neptune qualities will be magnified.

This combination can cause us to see through rose-tinted spectacles, with the refusal to set out healthy boundaries. This can create confusion between perceived (and sometimes unrealistic) potential and the cold, hard truth of a situation, and we may have a sudden realisation that we have been caught up in idealisations and carrying false hope about a significant area of our lives – possibly for the past 12-13 years. Particularly as Neptune also rules addiction, deception and fantasies,, therefore, we could come to the realisations that dynamics that we once felt were soul bonds were actual trauma bonds that kept us hooked due to roller coaster emotions.

Although these connections may have recently come to an end, or could have ended anytime during these past 12 years, it is highly possible we are only now coming to full awareness of all that we have been through, and understanding how much manipulation has taken place. We will feel our emotions healing, and finally finding a place of inner peace, recognising that although there are emotional scars from the past, they no longer lower our vibration or self-esteem. We may now start to feel we are returning back to our true selves, and realising that much of our past has been spent focused on other people, always putting others first and neglecting ourselves. That is now changing, quite drastically. This next chapter is all about prioritising our own needs and valuing people who reflect and reciprocate our energy.

Neptune is the planet of spiritual illusions and delusion, so this extremely rare portal is asking us

to use all our energy to make a shift away from old realities that we know no longer resonate with where we are at, or where we want to be. We are going to be asking ourselves, not only what is real in our lives, but also are we truly ready for to experience something deep and real. We will also be questioning what, or who, are illusions and quite simply figments of our imagination that we have created as a form of escapism. It will now be brutally clear what and who we want to be in our lives currently and lasting into the future.

We will be feeling compelled to look deeper into the dynamics around us, and see straight through trickery and delusions. Our entire outlook is now changing, and once we see the hidden truths, we will never be able to return to our old ways of thinking.

Although we are the creator of our dreams, for them to manifest effortlessly they have to be realistic and not purely based on fantasy and fiction. Miracles can happen, however, this is a time to recognise what is true and what is false, so our desires are in full alignment with what is meant for us.

Neptune asks us to visualise our dreams and Jupiter expands anything we focus on, so we can dream big, hold the vision of everything we want, and set this as our new vibration so the Universe can match our energy and present new opportunities and possibilities that are on the same frequency.

It is highly likely that as this energy simmers down over the next few days we will experience a profound awakening, and begin to feel more alert, energised and alive than ever before – noticing realisations and revelations coming in thick and fast. Our senses, intuition and inner knowing will be speaking a language that our spirit energetically understands.

It is likely we could be feeling highly emotional during this transit, as we release attachments to certain people or situations and realise that in some dynamics we became carried away with the fairytale rather than seeing the actual reality.

This can cause us to feel we have taken ‘wrong’ paths or that we have been spinning in circles, repeating the same cycles, however it is essential to remember that everything happens exactly when it is meant to and when circumstances suddenly shift, it is due to divine timing, so trust that we are in exact alignment, and be ready to move forward when the energy moves.

It can take some time to feel the energies have shifted, especially if we have been holding tight to certain belief systems. However there is no rush, the blessings and opportunities are coming and are limitless. There is a higher reason why some of our dreams and intentions take a little longer to manifest and some of our desires don’t seem to want to manifest at all, regardless how much effort we put in.

Sometimes we can become more focused on how or why things didn’t work out rather than spending that energy creating spaces for the new to enter. Ruminating on the past can be a major drain of our energy and resources, particularly if we have been attempting to control outcomes.

We will have heightened sensory perception and higher awareness and be moving from confusion to clarity, unlocking hidden knowledge that we are now ready to receive. Structures that supported false beliefs are crumbling and new belief systems will take their place. We will be releasing old programming and shedding outdated stories, and no longer repeating the same stories, as we let go of the illusions and watch as a new chapter unfolds.

The more we awaken it will become apparent that people living on this planet are living entirely different realities and that some are living in a polar opposite timeline. This means that regardless how compassionately or openly we attempt to communicate to certain people, our words are just not being heard or absorbed, as our realities are vastly different.

We will discover that we can no longer return to old versions of reality that kept us stuck in stagnated energy. We can keep letting go until the old narratives have faded away and new ones emerge.

The combination of these celestial energies will be encouraging us to have the patience to surrender and allow a natural flow, and the importance of letting go of attachments and having faith that all that is meant for us will reach us. Reminding ourselves that what we think we want isn’t always what our spirit needs, and that sometimes the Universe has a far greater plan in place than we can imagine possible.

Whenever we feel unsettled and impatient we can dissolve worries and fears by finding a place of gratitude and openness, trusting that divine source energy has always been there to support us through challenges and difficulties.

To move forward, obstacle-free, we now can try to release fears and feelings of unworthiness and lack, as cosmically we are in a period of breakthroughs, so it is essential to break habits that keep us stuck so there is space for the new to flow in. Replace fear and doubt with gratitude and trust and let go of all the energies that do not belong on our journey.

It is imperative that we don’t overthink the blessings and good fortune coming our way, so that when miracles show up, we embrace and claim them. If we have kept our heart and intentions pure, and for the highest good, despite all the challenges we have been through, we will now be karmically rewarded.

All the positive energy we have been sending out to the Universe is now going to be returned and our lives could totally turn around – in the most unexpected and miraculous way.

When we are excited for the future and we move to a mental and emotional state of receiving and believing with absolute conviction that we deserve all the positive energies flowing toward us, we will notice the most incredible possibilities suddenly start gravitating in our direction.

The intensity of this energy can cause us to feel dehydrated, so this is a gentle reminder to drink plenty of water to stay grounded and if possible try to spend some time alone in meditation.

Alex Myles


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