2021 Last set of Eclipses

We are headed into a set of eclipses this month November 18th and 19th, 2021, A Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and Next month December 4th, 2021, Full Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

What can I say? Hold onto your hats as the winds of change blow this cycle of changes in before the new year of 2022.

It is worth reading about how these powerful changes affect your Zodiac Sign. But I can tell you this…we are moving into a new and expanded consciousness where we can make a commitment to ourselves and soul progression to long awaited new and expansive learning and awareness many of you have been working and waiting for.

To be fair, after hearing about the major portions of souls that have awakened the past few years, I am impressed with the extent of knowledge being spread to as many of souls possible. Though I hear many espousing how they are already beyond any need to follow the 22 steps of Initiation needed to learn and ascend, I wish them only the best. But from the knowledge of the ancient teachings that require the initiations of growth and spirit development, those of us who have travelled many dimensions to learn and become the I Am, will be blessed indeed by the energies needed to overcome the ego self, more astutely than ever.

For those who have worked so long and hard, life after life, preparing to ascend, this period of time shows us the bridge that leads us away for the past and into the freedom of the Light self. We surrender the ego and accept the purity of our spirit essence in a whole new way of being.

The choice is always ours of course to decide whether or not to cross this amazing bridge, because once you do there is no going back.

Look back now my friends and decide if there is any reason to stay stuck in your past. This door is only opened perhaps once each lifetime and you cannot take your old ego with you. You will now enter the progressive spiritual life that you have worked so hard to attain.

You will be able to see more clearly “The Bigger Picture” and how it operates in life. This can be daunting at first but as they say “Roll with the Punches”, the truth will set you free.

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