I truly don’t know how we did it but we managed to buy a house and move in during this Covid 19 virus.

With so many new people moving to Colorado Springs, my husband and I decided we better buy a house now that we could afford, rather than later; as the housing market is growing by leaps and bounds right now.

The current planetary influences are stranger than I ever remember them being, though we are currently in the middle of a Lunar, June 5 and Solar Eclipse, June 21, and another Lunar July 5, emotions are running high, yes we see this in all the protests surfacing

I do believe the world is having a very important uprising at this time. It almost looks like a civil war across the globe. People are angry and struggling to pay bills as this Covid 19 has taken the wind from below their sails.

Life feels as if it is tricky and overwhelming as the world goes through a much needed change and overhaul. Countries need to care about immigrants and helping them relocate as well as the homeless living in the street. Let’s pray for these protests to bring about positive change.

All levels of awareness and consciousness are bound by certain rules. We have 7 planes of awareness contained within our own aura known as the Chakra Centers; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown chakras. Each of these chakra Centers has a vast array of information that we can discover to utilize our own soul Awareness.

We are in a time on this planet when we cannot ignore or dismiss the importance of our soul awareness. To do so will only bring more sadness and unhappiness to the consciousness of mankind. Loneliness is already a killer affecting more and more people, are we truly so afraid of others judgements that we cannot find common ground and ways of connecting?

Yes we have various levels of perception, thereby making it difficult to find common ground, yet love must transcend even in the most-dire of times. Acceptance and allowing helps change the atmosphere and care for Mother Earth.

Yes we must love and be kind to ourselves but not of expense of alienating all others around us. To share what we know with another is a gift and to reciprocate as well. All that truly divides us are our fears, our differences should make us stronger not weaker.

I call to the divine mother and father god to emanate all the blessings and love to the many migrants, through no fault of their own; are stuck in a state of limbo and need help to restore themselves in the very essence of truth and love.

Please show us how to help this most wrong situation to bring safety and kindness; I ask now for the leaders of each country to check the compassion and love that dwells within.




New Divine Mother message

We are here in the 4thdimension to assist and guide Earth and her children to a greater path of loving stability. Feeding one another is one way of showing abundance rather than showering the planet with money. You are each finding the love and kindness within yourself that brings about the deep truth within each of you, to participate within the awareness and expansion of love that causes perpetual growth will soon reap rewards for all.

This current alignment of planets is here to help with a great awakening of souls bringing memories of immortality. There is currently so much selfishness and monopoly of wealth that many feel safety in their monies and stubbornly hoard the pleasures of the physical life forgetting completely about their own souls needs and some are and will lose the ability to ascend to the higher planes of light. Doubting ones eternal self can cause one to lose the pleasure and understanding of an afterlife.

The disparity of beings due to their pay scales is astonishing as it does and has created a false sense of security; they believe they have the world at their fingertips and no longer wish to participate or understand the struggles of others.

Humans were designed and taught to be stewards of the land; instead too many humans believe they are entitled to destroy and disregard the very presence that gives them life and sustenance. Due to these selfish acts Gaia was dying at an unprecedented pace and her prayers are what bring us here now; us, being myself, Jesus, and our principalities of light, to help bring a much needed adjustment to the Earth plane.

Some wish to believe this current virus was created by humans to hurt one another. This is untrue; the earth’s greatest enemy is the people residing thereon. It takes but a moment to stop and think about this blessed Earth and stop littering or demeaning the Oceans. The oceans are not the dumping grounds for human life to sink ships and other unwanted trash.

What is currently befalling people is not to punish but help with the realization that Earth Mother needs some peace and love to restore her. Kindness and love do not cost money but consideration seems to be a problem for the unenlightened.

So I say, consider this, feeding one another is a consideration that takes place on many levels of your being. Food for thought, food for the soul, food for the body and spirit, all these things need help.


Message from “The Divine Mother” Through Athene Raefiel, March 19, 2020

Children of Light, We understand your fear and frustration of this Virus that surrounds your planet and seems to threaten the very existence of monetary means worldwide.

This is what was asked for and needed to help balance peoples judgements and equalize all peoples around the world. To those of you who are suffering we ask you pray to “The Holy Light of Life” to assist stating your individual needs at this time of hardship.

You must keep yourself well and strong to help the weaker and more vulnerable amongst you and help where you can to share with one another when needed.

Though governments are calling this a pandemic, they are also digging deeply into their own pockets to assist.

So much was spoken of the worlds climate change as the great disasters, as fires rage, tsunami’s kill and destroy homes and large swatches of lands; yet until something affected all peoples with the same individual virus, certain peoples would not embrace the whole.

This virus will reach its peak in the next 4 to 8 weeks as an inoculation will be developed to stop its spread. Yet a whole new way of thinking and understanding will have developed teaching people more compassion with realizations of just how fragile life for humans can be.

There needs to be a greater awareness and understanding of just how quickly life can change for all of you.

Now that the Artic is melting at unpreceded speed, it is still unknown what other ills will be shown. Indeed this is a time to awake, do not let it go unheeded. As you can now see, the whole world can change overnight for everyone.

Divine Intervention


Divine Intervention

A discussion between Athene Raefiel and Sanat Kumara

Athene: Dear Universe what is Divine Intervention and how does it work?

Sanat Kumara: For the human race as well as other beings of form, Divine intervention is an idea or a concept, something that can only be understood through the experience of it. This is to say the Divine must be experienced to understand what it is as well as how intervention may play into life.

You are beings of thought and therefore must conceive of something to make it real. Divinity is only realized by human beings through their own individual conception and can exist only when realized or experienced. In fact the Divine plays no rule in intervening in your lower four dimensional lives unless it is expressly asked to do so, and this is how prayer came about. Prayer is the form of asking the Divine to hear your questions and answer them.

Athene: How do we know when a prayer is answered?

Sanat Kumara: All prayers are answered simply because of the energy put forth by the prayer. The divine is always listening. Yet the expectations of how the Divine should respond often seems to delineate the response given. In order to understand what the Divine is saying or doing you must first understand your own Divinity and proceed with trust and love in your heart. When one has transcended the lower planes of survival they determine that all life is a miracle, as is its ups and downs. They themselves begin to realize that they are a miracle who creates miracles all of the time.

Athene: If I pray and ask for world peace and senseless dying to end, why can I not create this?

Sanat Kumara: But indeed you are creating this all of the time. Unfortunately you are a part of mass consciousness that has yet to reach this simple reality. The animal instinct in humans is strong and they still believe in eat or be eaten. The paradox of the Divine is too confusing for them to take seriously unless it too has animal instinct. Pure love and understanding, kindness and compassion are too often viewed as weaknesses’ and therefore easily discarded in the face of adversity. For one to transcend the human consciousness and identify their divinity is often too time consuming and just too much work. Since what one believes is their reality, to believe differently than before is simply too strenuous.

Athene: there a various groups of pious people around the world that use constant prayer and meditation everyday as a way of life. I have discovered large numbers of them, they live their lives in trust and prayer, living as simple and self-sustaining life they can. Still wars rage and people starve and live destitute.

Sanat Kumara: Yes it is a quandary indeed. How can so many understand the Light and so many more not? Form is a part of creation that is based on light and dark. One cannot exist without the other, though one is simply a shadow of the other, still there is a force within human beings that causes them to battle this reality within themselves and all other life. People see these two as opposites rather that the two sides of the same coin. Yet one cannot exist without the other, for the light dwells within the darkness just as the darkness dwells within the light. Neither is good nor evil; only human conception sees one or the other.

The reason Divinity is so mysterious to human mind is due to judgement, or lack thereof, in so many. Each soul has the awareness needed to blend these seemingly two forces into the true balance within all life, but once again it requires soul recognition and study to find such peace.

Athene: But human consciousness is not taught to search for and discover soul awareness, why? Was there a heavenly fall from grace that predisposed our creators to devise ourselves to be this way?

Sanat Kumara: You indeed were created in the image of Divinity yet too many souls chose to forget their own eternal selves and tried to create a world in which they themselves would be kings and queens, rulers of others by any means possible. This is a human expression of what they thought God or the Divine to be. Yes indeed the heavenly worlds are hierarchal, yet ruled by laws to sustain order and love. All and any beings in form or formlessness have the right to follow these laws or not. What kind of Universe would it be without challenges for growth and opportunity on all levels? As you well know without the dream of a better tomorrow there would be no tomorrow. For many in form they do not believe in a better tomorrow nor do they see a need to work towards it. Having money and power is what currently drives the human consciousness, as well as development of technology and the stars. Even human science is discovering that the mystery of life is always discovering and exploring the origins to explain the present and take them into the future.

The greatest mystery of human life is still life itself and the unveiling of the many levels and dimensions it explores. Understanding how you are all part of a greater whole is the first step in recognition of “what is”. When this question has been answered the unfolding of awareness becomes limitless and the excitement of the journey ahead unfolds.

To allow oneself to remain trapped in an unfeeling world of royal acceptance and power is how you encase yourself in the confusion you call life. That life then becomes your prison rather than your freedom.





Dear friends,

I have wanted to post but am choosing my words carefully as to not confuse or frighten anyone.

I know this virus has taken us all down to our skivvies and for many we have seen helping hands around the world; so many have ascertained that the thinking of what makes the world turn has been totally obliterated.

Truly I wish it could have been easier but this change and initiation was the only way everyone would get the point. The point being that we as physical beings are being moved into the Aquarian age.

I remember being in San Francisco years ago when songs of the Aquarian age were being sung helping people to listen and pay attention to the future. It is easy to see these things in hind sight.

Aquarius is one of the Air Signs, and the water bearer seems to depict the waters of life being poured out to the world. It is also a sign of balance, thereby streaming enlightenment to the world while holding the bar higher to create an imminence of purity and innocence.

I wish that mankind would not have to learn through pain and sadness but somehow mankind themselves manifested this reality since working to understand the polarities and their function to do so in human life.

I am quite sure they have already found a vaccine but say it will take time because of testing. Those in places of power will indeed receive it before the masses do.

This breakdown of the monetary systems of this world needs to change; unfortunately everyone suffers till the changes needed are in full force.

Invocation to The Holy Light


I am the power and the light within all that I am. I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am.

I am earth, I am Air, I am fire, and I am water, I am that I am I am that I am I am that I am.

Mighty beings of Light and Love bring your energies bring your love. Surround our planet with the goodness and grace of the Divine light.

Lighten the load of the downtrodden and help them find love, entice humankind to find kindness and compassion, beloved I am Beloved I am, Beloved I am.

I pray for the grace of divine love to embrace humankind and Earth from above.

The Earth cries out for your grace and help, the winds cry out for more balance and love, The flame of holy sanctity needs to be restored and the waters cry out for help from above.

To our creators we call, we need your wisdom and love.

Free us from the charges of hated and destruction, encompass us with protection and love.

Now see the Earth being surrounded in a globe of light and protection. Call forth the ruby red flame and golden rod. Hold steady to the will of God, Goddess, all that is!


Please take a journey with me my friends. Let us walk together.

Now we come to open fresh salt air and this beautiful white sparkling sand. We must stop to feel the sand beneath our feet and toes. The lapping of the Ocean waves and the misty air we breathe deeply, remembering how the awe of her majesty the Ocean renews our souls and bodies; Taking in deep and renewing breath into every particle of our bodies.

We sit down and close our eyes experiencing a type of trance that carries us into the mysteries of life. We feel ourselves floating in the water and becoming weightless until we feel the warmth of the sunshine above. In this radiance of gold and yellow light we realize how perfect all life really is, while we gently float safely out into this massive body of water. And soon we realize that we have become one with the water. The expanse is vivid as we allow ourselves to simply move with the waves and the lapping sounds; Now allowing ourselves to float into a world of harmony and peace.

Invocation and Prayer

I call forth the power of light that I am. I call forth my higher self, my guides, my teachers and all who assist me in my greater understanding of the light within that I am. I ask that these energies of light align within me to aid in the process of self-understanding. By the power of light within that I Am, I decree this be so in the name of the Father, the Mother, The Son and The Holy Spirit, Amen.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, I call you forth and ask that you anchor your light in and around me, so that what is needed for my highest and best purpose be mine today. I honor the Father and Mother energy of all life and align myself to the balance of male female within. May your blessings be powerful and kind. May you assist all humanity. I am that I am… I am that I am…. I am that I am.

(The” I Am”, is the resonation of yourself within God.)

I call to the Mighty Archangels of Light. Lord Raphael, Lord Michael, Lord Gabriel and Lord Ariel. Most holy angels and teachers of light hear my call. Know that I am a humble servant of god who serves the cause of humankind. Help me to remember and re-align to my soul purpose and destiny this lifetime. Open my awareness to rekindle the eternal flame that burns within. Show me the way to become a knowing participant in the wondrous events taking place on the earth at this time.

I am, I am, I am a beautiful child of light,
I am, I am, I am, the most Holy Spirit of light.
I am, I am, I am eternal in my light.
I ask now for my eternal divine essence to make itself known to me today and always.
Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.