New world order

Did you feel the recent shift in energy? Are you attuned now to the new frequencies? Everything energy wise has shifted. If you are having problems then close your eyes, take five deep breaths, center your energies within your heart, and ask that your chakra system be aligned to the new frequencies. It is that simple. The awakening of souls to their spirit consciousness will be tremendous now. Thousands upon thousands will awaken in the next few months. You must be ready now to be of service and assist these souls through your compassion and understanding. You have already gone through what they are entering, they need your patience and insight. Open your heart and make your commitment to the soul energies of light that you represent. Create a new contract with your higher- self, telling it what role you wish to play in the grand scheme of things now. Manifest your abundance and resources through your awareness and understanding. Know that you are worthy and deserving to have and obtain all that you need and want. Visualize yourself within the New World filled with joy, abundance, love, wealth, contentment, and well being. Hold that picture within you everyday. See also your brothers and sisters of light standing with you. Acknowledge the light of Universe added to that and stay focused. Don’t forget to laugh, relax, and have fun.

Major Transformation

This past year has been a major and transformative process for all of you. Let yourselves now reflect on the vast amount of change that has ensued in your life, and acknowledge the growth you have attained from it. Realize how much you have lived your life out of obligation and guilt and renew your commitment to change that behavior within yourself. Life is for the living and we do not live life by sticking our head in the dreary mistakes of the past and wallowing there. No matter what the challenges, life experience is meant to be lived to its highest potential. Pat yourself on the back a little and approve of the challenges that you have already met and worked through this lifetime. See what a special and wonderful person of wisdom and knowledge you’ve become because of them. Release all the bitterness you can find within, and surrender to the new and uncharted territory your life now holds.  Here are some affirmations to use:

“I am confident.” “I am happy.” “I am deserving.”” I am loved.” “I am worthy.”” I am Light.”” I am abundance.” “ I am special” “ I am successful.”

Find Peace Within

The energies are very intense and pressing. This is time for seeing and achieving new and better individual realities.

So many times, we talk about what we want to do, and so many times, we take no action upon it. Fear blocks us at every turn, as we fear outcomes, never trying or enjoying the risk. Adventure is all we have! Why deny yourself the small pleasures life holds? When we sit on the fence-post we feel stagnant. We look to the past for our answers but there are none. We look to the future for a premonition or a sign but we do not see. We are blocked. Blocked by our own inactivity and caution, we are afraid to make a move fearing it could be a mistake.

Humans only learn through experience. They see their experiences as either good or bad, right or wrong. If they would simply see them as the steps leading them to their temple of life, goodness, and freedom, the experiences would always be for the best. All things in ones life can be healed and understood. All things in ones life can be good.

First one must surrender to the truth that lies within and create a partnership with God. One must recognize the many aspects one has become and integrate. Then one must honor the process known as ones life, and begin to honor all other life as well. Take some time this week and go out in nature and listen with all your heart and soul to what is being said. Do a sacred bath and pray for purification of the mind, body, and soul self. Do centering mantras and still yourself while relaxing and enjoying the inner silence. Be at peace.

Soul discernment

Soul Discernment

By: Athene Raefiel


Within us we contain the ability to see in many different dimensions and forms. Within the Etheric and Physical we can see almost anything that can take on form. Most beings in other dimensions often use the astral plane to be seen and heard so that we can actually interplay with them.

Hearing and seeing with your astral eyes and ears is different than with your physical senses. Information is relayed in what you feel and therefore must interpret to understand the messages. Not unlike the signs we ask to receive from our universal self and teachers; communicating telepathically is the only form of communication.

We often think that there is somewhere to go to communicate with the other realms, all is currently within each of us and we need only to tap the methods.

Telepathy is a sending and receiving of energy in thought form. This is why it doesn’t matter what language you speak in the physical when beings from different realms speak with you they speak your language. Of course love is the universal language and when we meet beings from other dimensions we must discern if they are of love or not.

It is easy for somebody’s uncle Bob to contact you from the other side and tell you things that are of no value. But if you think they are a spirit guide or angelic teacher you will soon find the information stagnant and useless.

When we communicate with our spirit Guides and Teachers we do so through thought. Most often we call it praying. We take the time to form our thoughts in a manner that we believe to be precious to the Divine, therefore setting those thoughts aside from our other self- thinking.

When we begin to examine our thought process we realize that there is an order to them; or should be). Before praying or meditating we try to clear our thoughts of the everyday mundane world and focus on the nothingness of the “I am”. Coming to center we find that there is little static on the line and we can hear and imagine much more clearly.

Discernment is necessary if we are to identify true Divine Teachings from traditional thinking. It is the divine mind within us that we wish to attain the greatest awareness and truth that is held within the Universal Mind. This we tap through our soul consciousness.

Why is it so hard to find and assimilate soul consciousness, you may ask? It isn’t! We simply believe that traditional consciousness is all we are, therefore denying ourselves the right to enter into soul and discover the information and treasures therein.

Though soul works like a computer, and is always receiving and downloading and storing information, it contains the truth about memory and what purpose’s it can serve. Soul contains all information on who I am, what I’ve seen and experienced, and why I think and feel the way I do unconsciously. Travelling with soul allows you to and connects with the memories of collective soul expanding your horizons most profoundly.

Sounds pretty vast does it not; yet soul is your playground of learning about life after life, after life. Life between lives and all the stories of creation are stored within soul archives as well as learning other languages and deciphering the mysteries of the Universes themselves.

Religion teaches us to ignore soul and jump right to Divine Spirit. Some religions even teach that there is no soul. But experience will show you what exists, and is as real as anything you can see or touch. Soul is the vehicle through which we learn, grow and develop. Many believe soul to be the god self and teach us such “it is the way the truth and light” they say often identifying it with different figures throughout time.

Called the Christ consciousness, soul is the intermediary between us and the Divine.

Just as higher self, has higher- self, has higher- self; so soul has over soul, and over soul, and so forth.

We do not have individual identifiable souls, other than the Book of Life registered within our soul memory, currently known as the Akashic Record of self. In order to understand how we are soul and spirit we must first understand the why of the single identity we have chosen to experience in the physical form. This individual and single identity brings us to the awareness that we are part of a soul group that is all working together to attain and become aware of the one- self as being part of the whole self.

Traversing soul allows us to discriminate, change, repair and newly create certain aspects of self. Because physical incarnations are based on patterns of perception, within soul we can renew our perception and heal the past and selves within.

What we perceive to be real is only reality until we understand and perceive differently. Going within soul allows us to change and remove unwanted behaviors by transmutation and reformation. This is how we create new realities as well as open ourselves to existential realities we never knew existed.

For instance; as we use the gift of going within as our tool for learning and advancement, we discover entire new worlds of Angelic beings and spiritual teachers that we have heard of but never understood how to commune with. In this communion we become aware of the fact that we are not in fact individual but multiplicity. We realize that we are “God”, as is all of life. Of course we have been blessed with rationale and conscious awareness of this fact while plant animal and rock and other forms have not.

Do all things living have consciousness? Well of course they do or they would not have life; it is consciousness that gives life.

The first things we discover upon entering soul are the memories of this life as well as others. Too we encounter the awareness of how we are spirit and therefore how all spirit is one. Because of the painful memories that we need to face and transmute, many avoid soul memory at all costs. What they do not know is that to avoid the reality of eternity is to destroy its viability and eventually all memory that lies within. Taking this path can lead to de-evolution and a forgetfulness that closes off memory to the soul thereby throwing people into innumerable cycles of existence without hope of ascending.

We do this by our own power of free will and choice. Free will and choice were given to humans beings of earth, and no other forms of life that evolve, so that we could create and protect all other life forms around us. It does not make us our brother’s keeper but allows us to teach and share the path of Divine Evolution and ascension to all who question and choose to learn.

Within soul we are able to move beyond self and into “The All”. Here we can suddenly see what was known to be un-seeable and unknown. We can see, breath and touch the reality of what is alive and we move from simple existence into being alive. Participating in all that surrounds us in every different dimension we are capable of absorbing.

Now all life has energy and color. Energies we can feel and touch as well as ever changing variety of colors within the different planes of existence and life as we know it. The beauty is awesome and it as if we could see love itself. This changes us and we realize that what we now experience is the reality of transcending and ascension. We also realize that what is being taught as a reality only after death is in fact the only reality of spiritual evolution that we have. Therefore it does not come to us automatically upon us dying but only through the true journey of soul and spirit consciousness.

If it came to all simply because of physical death there would be an immense number of divinely evolved beings physically walking the Earth daily, not so many beings here determined to kill and be killed. Death is an experience of renewal not the answer to prayer. Since all life continues to evolve and de-evolve, renewal in no way corresponds to ascension.

People on this planet take the creator and creation for granted, by and through religion and wrong belief. Never understanding here on Earth how they are the Creator, they seek freedom and peace from an unknown deity spoken about in a variety of texts, but never identified except after death or the baptism thereof.

In this physical life there are many baptisms we experience daily, baptism of earth, air, fire and water. These four baptisms are eternal and ad to the veracity of soul. Never must we forget that we are eternal.


Emanations of light



By Athene Raefiel

The emanation of the Seven Rays is the same as the Seven Heavens created by the mind of God. From each ray, emanates another light and then another and so on ad-infinitum. These emanations make up all life upon our planet, along with our Solar System, Cosmos and Divine heavens. The Seven Rays that each of you emanate, comes from your individual chakra system.

A chakra is a spinning vortex of light, which extends out to connect with another chakras’ vortex of light and another and creates the aura. If each person could travel in a spacecraft outside the earth’s atmosphere they would see the aura that planet earth emits. Looking up from planet earth, we can see the aura of the universe that surrounds us and we call it the sky. All these things we see are mixtures of light and color that give us variable perceptions of sound and vibration as well as light and color.

These energies make up all that we see and sense around us. Looking at a bright sun or full moon, we often feel vibrations as we experience the visual intensity. Sometimes we describe these things as instilling a mood. In silence we both hear and see sound. Silence in and of itself is sound. Listening to the silence is how you discover what you are not hearing, while still hearing the sound of silence all at once.

What we see and hear often evokes feelings. When we see something that we find beautiful and pleasing, it may evoke a feeling of peace and pleasure within us. When we hear a child cry, it generally evokes feelings of kindness and caring. Sometimes after these feelings are evoked we receive images of what a crying baby looks like. This sound has now evoked a vision as well as a feeling. Almost all people unconsciously experience these things I am describing throughout life. By watching how this operation works in their lives, most have never even considered that they could consciously use it to change self and the world around them.

What type of feelings and pictures could we evoke if we were to see ourselves as a complex set of operations that can be utilized and fine-tuned to master life and destiny? Studying ourselves as the complex and unique instruments that we are can be very enlightening. Watching how and why we do things can give us a powerful perspective on who and what we are. Actions and reactions can be changed, along with thought processes and development. Viewpoints can be expanded and a small world turned into a big one. Asking ourselves why we feel, see and hear the way we do starts us thinking in new terms.

The same techniques are always applicable for whoever and wherever we are on our spiritual path of learning and evolution. We are all ever-expanding, ever-evolving energies that may choose to grow or stagnate at any time. As we open up and expand, we discover that spirit awareness and awakening are perceived realities that bring about conceptual awareness and understanding. This becomes a foundation upon which we build and develop our spirit journey. The tools we use are the same senses and techniques I have just described; as we advance we begin to see, hear and feel, within many different levels of ourselves. Our heightened awareness allows us to begin communing with otherworldly beings and entities. We realize that we can commune with Archetypes such as Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and our own Higher or Spirit Self. We now learn to cleanse and clear soul debris and karma that holds us back. We begin to heal and integrate all aspects of self and discover that the past can be let go of. By understanding how our senses operate and skillfully re-training ourselves, we use and develop them inwardly as well as outwardly. All this is accomplished by observing and knowing oneself.

What is the sensation of color about? Why do different shades of color evoke different feelings? When I close my eyes can I make myself see colors? Why do I think and believe I can or cannot do certain things? What do I hear in the silence? What does pure silence sound like? What does it feel like to be happy? Can I sit with my eyes closed and evoke these feelings if I want to? Asking yourself these kinds of questions, and then practicing seeing, hearing, and feeling, is how we continually use and develop our extrasensory perception.

When we were children we worked on developing all of our senses. In our innocence we tried to communicate in any manner we could. We were unable to make or understand words so we communicated through our feelings. Most parents are perfectly happy to communicate with their young through loving tenderness and kindness. This love evokes feelings of security and safety within us.

For most individuals there were many times in their growing up childhood’s where these feelings were shattered and temporarily destroyed. Even as adults we find ourselves faced with these exact types of experiences. When this happens we feel betrayed by our own feelings. We feel stupid and pull ourselves inward so that others cannot see the pain that we feel, nor can they do anything to hurt us again. Often in the inward place we find solace and solitude but also isolation. For most of us we have been experiencing ourselves and hurt in this manner since childhood. Generally we have been made to feel that this is just the way life is and you have to learn to deal with it. And with little or no guidance we have been left to our devices to figure out how to do this. It is not our parents’ fault that they too were brought up and taught in this manner. They are simply passing on what they consider to be the realities of life to you and now that you are an adult and can search to find the core of the being that you are. By paying attention to how you feel about and react to such situations in your life, you notice the frayed essence you have developed. If you don’t like feeling the way you do about yourself and the life you are living, then you can change it by observing, paying attention and work at making it happen.

My Spirit Guides, Archangels and other Teachers of Light, that assist me daily, commune with one another and me at all times. At first I was afraid and a bit ashamed to have them present in my life. I didn’t want them to know how hurt, angry and lonely I was but that was a long time ago and after many years of looking at my conditioning, I  worked through my misconceptions of self and have become unified.

With Spirit and I, we always feel the loving presence of one another. I am never alone and neither is anyone else. In ones misconceptions, they simply believe and accept themselves to be so.

Aloneness is a good thing. It is a place within ourselves that we have created to re-connect with these wonderful friends and family, our spiritual soul mates for eons of time. Growing up we were taught that things such as spirits and angels do not exist and are imaginary. We were taught to use the left hemisphere of our brain and to eliminate the subconscious as a place of unrelated dream worlds. We were taught to think of and see things this way because that is how our parents were taught, their parents, and so on. Also due to the fact that so many people have isolated their feelings believing them to be a hindrance that creates vulnerability, they wanted to make you tough in order to survive the outside world thereby assisting humans to perpetuate this way of life as reality for many centuries now.

There have always been a number of people that were born as very sensitive and intuitive beings. Who, even though such challenging lives as I have described, managed to still find themselves and their sensitivity later in life and restore it. More people than ever are doing it all the time. It’s like they hear a calling inside that drives them to go beyond what they have been taught was reality and the norm. Often they are seen or labeled as rebellious or out of control. Most people who decide to listen to their own inner-self have a period where they have to block out the rest of the world temporarily. This often labels them as non-conformists by those that love them.

For sensitives to conform to a world and life with no sensitivity is utter insanity. They cannot feed themselves without sensitivity nor can they feel alive. For them, the awareness that kindness and compassion are major components of healthy living drives them to explore their own nature and to heal themselves; they generally then take on the challenge of helping others to do the same.

We all know that money holds too much power over survival on this planet. Without money you cannot eat, dress, keep warm or have shelter. Making and having money takes up so much time and energy in your life that you are too tired to even think or hope for anything else at the end of the day or the week. From the time we are young we are taught to live this way in order to survive. This training is a necessary part of survival but it cannot bring us security. Security can only be felt and experienced. Security is within not without.

When learning that we are not alone in our lives and our soul self, we then learn that we are soul, spirit and energy rather than form and mortal. At this juncture of life’s journey our understanding of security changes, as does our life and purpose for living. Too many judgments are made by using the left brain and reason alone. These judgments cause a world filled with turmoil, anxiety, stress and insanity. If logic and reason were truly the keys to success and freedom in life, then why haven’t they worked? It is easy to pooh, pooh, the idea or existence of otherworldly beings. It is easy to deny that you are the only true power in your life. It is hard to take responsibility and seek to know that which others have denied as being truth for centuries. All you need to do to decide to explore and journey other elements of yourselves is to look at the lives of those around you.

If what you see is truly what you want then you too will deny any truth beyond what you can see, touch, taste or feel with their outer senses. But for those who seek security, peace, love, happiness, joy or bliss, you will begin searching and exploring texts and teachings that are far removed from such a restrictive way of life and thinking.

The journey of life is far beyond the five outer senses; the journey of life for each of us began long before we were born this lifetime. The five outer senses are tools that we use to define what we learn and apply with our extrasensory perception. To see the world as the sounds and colors smells and taste truly is amazing. To become aware of how you and all other life are connected is awesome; to see a Spirit Guide, or an Angel for the first time is remembering what it feels like to be at home with your true family.

Color and sound are key elements in our spiritual development. The silence and the sounds therein hold magical insights. Understanding that we have the ability to change how we feel about our life and ourselves is major self-healing. Letting go of what we thought we knew to be so, and discovering what we intuit to be true, is how we begin forming a new foundation.

You are Seven Rays of light that emanate from your Seven Chakra Centers that assist you in remembering the seven levels of consciousness you travel and exist within, as well as live within. You were first born of spirit, then soul and lastly body. You contain the mind of God, Goddess, all that is, and are the mind of God, Goddess all that is. You were and always will be an emanating energy in the Universe that assists and connects with all other energies of like vibration. If you do not like the energy of the vibration you have become it can be changed. The rational mind and survival do not determine who you are, you do.

Bio: Athene Raefiel is a teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment. She has been helping people find direction on their spiritual path since 1985. She is the Author of a book called, “Getting to the Heart, A Journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment”. She has taught many people to connect and work with their Spirit Guides and Angels. She also does one on one Spiritual Readings and Channelings. Visit her web site at:



human and spiritual self

Being Human and being Spiritual is a balancing act that takes practice and perseverance. In our spiritual beingness we are content and all knowing, in our human beingness we are impatient and insecure.

We use our spiritual awareness to soothe the fears of the human self; we use the human self to experience the spiritual self.

Often it may seem that these two selves are at very different ends of the spectrum, like the Yin Yang. Indeed if we taste life in one way, we should balance it and taste it the other way as well.

Both are parts of consciousness, both are what make us who we are.

Humans need to become flexible and open to new opportunities and visions of the future. The dream is the most important part of living, not because of the outcome but because of the journey made to attain it. When the dream is for the Highest and Best good of all and everything, then the journey shall most positively be divinely guided, no matter what the outcome.





Shifting into new energies

The next three months promise to bring changes into our realm of being that is unprecedented. Through my spiritual teachings and studies I have found that many times we need to be open to the newness of life.

Many of us older souls are awaiting this grand change to illuminate more souls before this year of 2020 ends. It is a past due awakening and many of us thought this would happen in 1999. These powerful energies at years end will truly bump up and change the entire face of this planet. We need this.

Mother Earth has been crying out for help with strong vibrations dating back to 1986. The Divine Mother being here now will challenge the hatred and anger of disgruntled souls while changing the face of destructive energies that have brought about chaos on a world scale.

Power changes will be happening worldwide as we gladly watch love and kindness replace that of pain and ugliness. It is past due and we all need to check our egos at the door and open to the true love and compassion within.

I will write and send out newsletter helping you to understand the planetary aspects upcoming this week. If you are not on my mailing list please sign up at

I am honored to be alive and participating in the upcoming shifts bringing light to overcome the darkness that lies within souls.

Love and Light

We have massive energies of light hitting us now through January 2020.

The major shifts have been occurring all year long but the December 21th, 2020 will be a massive conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter aligning bringing in Celestial Light to assist in the alignment of Mother Earth and her inhabitants in a manner never seen before.

Align yourself and be at peace. This will never in your life happen again.


Excerpt from “Getting to the Heart: Journey of Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment” Written by: by Athene Raefiel  Trafford Publishing, 2003

In your search for understanding, meditation is the stage where you begin to move from the outer realms of consciousness to the inner realms. Remember everything you are searching for lies hidden inside you.  By accepting this truth, you become the greatest mystery available for your progression and exploration.  Reaching this step allows you to shift from the visible to the invisible, the tangible to the intangible and from a solid state to fluid. Here motion becomes energy and flow, rather than mass and matter.

When working to truly understand the universe that we are, our perceptions begin change. We expand our thinking to include the awareness of how everything is really energy before it is anything else. Here we discover how energy itself is the creative principle in all life and how we ourselves are that ever moving, always-changing self- same energy.

It is to meditation that we look to experience this understanding and awareness of being our true self.  While in a meditative state one can learn to detach and observe the workings of their rational mind. This reasoning part of the brain is often the greatest deterrent to finding the inner self.  In meditation we transition to find that space within ourselves that allows us to observe our own thoughts. In this manner, we discover the difference between who we think we are and who we truly are.

When you can sit in the quiet and observe how you think and feel, you are within consciousness. Now able to observe yourself, you begin ignoring the minds idle chatter. This allows you to move beyond your rationale and into the deeper dimensions of your being. In this altered state of consciousness, one feels and senses what is occurring rather than thinking about it.   Experiencing yourself in this manner allows you to connect easily with your inner awareness and understanding.

It is quite common when returning from a meditative state, to a physical state of consciousness, to be unable to recall ones experiences. Even upon remembering, finding the proper words to describe what took place may be difficult. The meditative experience awakens us to the inner dimensions of the self that we long ago forgot. It may at first take time to consciously remember and decipher these journeys, be patient.

Exploring the inner dimensions of the self is always an exciting adventure.  Quite often, beginning experiences are filled with colors and light. The colors experienced contain fascinating prisms and refractors, much like a light show at a planetarium. When we open our feeling senses and bask in the glow of multitudinous color we are enveloped by their essence. Try not to control this experience for doing so will end it. The meditative experience simply requires allowing and feeling. This is an exercise in trust.

The human body is reactionary and steeped in the instinct to survive.  It automatically produces a sense of fear when entering the unfamiliar. In meditation, we are able move beyond this guardedness and into a sense of trust and allowing.  This takes time and practice. Anything worth attaining is worth working at. Do not become discouraged or give up, keep trying.

Beginning meditation is like meeting a new friend.  When it enters your life, you need to make a time and a place to spend with it. You must welcome meditation with an open heart and open arms. By doing so, you will find that meditation is the best friend you have ever had.

Meditative trance is unexplainable because there are no physical experiences with which to compare it.  Experiencing the different meditative states of awareness becomes awesome. The more you practice the more proficient you become.

Beginning meditators, often describe similar experiences. The most frequently described are visions of geometric design and awe inspiring colors of light. This is the third eye or brow chakra beginning to open. This new way of seeing, through the feeling-self, allows us to experience movement of energy.

In a meditative state, one experiences a sense of no time and also a feeling of having gone somewhere.  A feeling of warmth and lightness occur and we often feel aglow.  Our everyday problems are put into new and different perspectives as our whole self, our whole being now perceives for us. A sense of peace pervades our very core and we feel connected with all other life. We can finally get above it all and relax our bodies and our minds.

Creating the time necessary to practice meditative disciplines seems to be reported by many as more difficult than the act itself. To achieve results, it is best in the beginning to sit and practice meditating at least three to five times a week for fifteen to twenty minutes each sitting. Once you set the time aside you can use it to listen to some calm meditative music if you choose. Here you can practice by letting the music envelop and carry you along. You can also take this time to create a sacred space for yourself while experiencing the energy of the light around you. Candles and incense, along with the music, can create a certain ambiance that will aid you in relaxing and meditating.

Reaching and attaining a God state of consciousness is the ultimate goal of meditation.  Once we restore ourselves to our God consciousness, we realize how we are interconnected with all life; how all life is actually one thing, and how we are all one with that life.  This awareness being activated, our life in the third dimensional world begins to change.

Once realizing that consciousness has always and will always exist, we can explore alternative ways of perceiving and living life. This new experience of ourselves as consciousness puts us in communion with our spirit essence. It is through our spirit self that we tap our inner wisdom and understanding and acceptance of our true destiny.

Through the development of this new communion, our spiritual nature will also help us to see the truth and reality of those others we care about in life. With this newfound clarity, we begin to see a different picture of life, a much grander picture that allows life to become a wondrous and exciting journey to behold and explore.





Divine Mother

Message from “The Divine Mother” Through Athene Raefiel, March 19, 2020

Children of Light, We understand your fear and frustration of this Virus that surrounds your planet and seems to threaten the very existence of monetary means worldwide.

This is what was asked for and needed to help balance peoples judgements and equalize all peoples around the world. To those of you who are suffering we ask you pray to “The Holy Light of Life” to assist, stating your individual needs at this time of hardship.

You must keep yourself well and strong to help the weaker and more vulnerable amongst you and help where you can to share with one another when needed.

Though governments are calling this a pandemic, they are also digging deeply into their own pockets to assist.

So much was spoken of the world’s climate change as the great disasters, as fires rage, tsunami’s kill and destroy homes and large swatches of lands; yet until something affected all peoples with the same individual virus, certain peoples would not embrace the whole. 

This virus will reach its peak in the next 4 to 8 weeks as an inoculation will be developed to stop its spread. Yet a whole new way of thinking and understanding will have developed teaching people more compassion with realizations of just how fragile life for humans can be.

There needs to be a greater awareness and understanding of just how quickly life can change for all of you.

Now that the Artic is melting at unpreceded speed, it is still unknown what other ills will be shown. Indeed this is a time to awake, do not let it go unheeded. As you can now see, the whole world can change overnight for everyone.

December Energies

I have been experiencing the cosmic energies as they shift and turn, wow what a ride.

Staying focused daily is a bit challenging (to say the least); of course I am an extreme sensitive.

This energy is a bit obsessive as well as intuitive. Much information of the Divine Hierarchy is continually being downloaded into the Unconscious and subconscious mind as we go about our daily business.

The Month of December will be quite challenging for all of us; some more than others depending on your birth chart and planet placement. You can put it off as being the Christmas month but it will be much more than that.

Entering the Aquarian Age presents major shifts in consciousness along with physical challenges. Business as usual will not survive these shifts. Take care of your body and your mind to assist you during the upcoming Months of December and January 2020 and 2021.

Be blessed my friends and walk in love and light.