We all need tools for growth spiritually as well as emotionally and mentally.

Here is an exercise that can be helpful for getting in touch with your feelings and integrating them as well as healing them.

Get a pad of blank paper like a drawing pad. You can also just use computer blank paper.

Buy a box of crayons.

Dump all the crayons out into a dish and then begin to draw and simply color on the paper.  This is not an art class so simply scribbling colors onto a page is fine.

Notice how you feel as you do this and allow the feelings inside you to simply surface. When you feel you must study your feelings more deeply, stop and take a moment to remember when you have had these feelings before. What was going on in your life at that time? What were the different ages you remember and what circumstances and people were involved?

Write down what you remember and forgive and let go of holding onto these memories if they no longer serve you. Allow yourself to visualize putting some salve on an old wound and feel the healing taking place throughout your being.

Look at the colors you chose to use and see what meaning they hold for you as well.

Now take a new piece of paper and use colors to heal and love yourself into good health and well-being

It is not a picture that matters but the flow of the colors and how fluid they become for you. Enjoy!

Joy is what you need and seek for you well-being. Allow yourself to simply be in the silence, and moment and alone. Then you can create a new beginning and adventure for yourself. Write down what this is and acknowledge the creator that you are.

Beauty and color can be simple tools to heal with.





We are in a time of reflection. We are looking back and examining just what our lives and experiences of the past were. Visiting places and people from the past may be imminent now, as we may need to review who we have become as well as who or what they have become. It is very hard for us to take the time to live our lives, as we are always working to pay the bills and survive. We ask ourselves, “When will the time come that I can just LIVE my life?” I have discovered that there is no such time! We must instead of waiting for it to happen, initiate it. “If I do not take the time to live my life now than when shall I?” The answer is simple. You must make the choice to live your life and make it balance and fit in with your survival. You must quit allowing survival to supersede living life. You must realize that you are the only one responsible for how much peace and happiness you experience this lifetime. When you are old and dying, will you ask yourself “Why I did not get more out of my life?” Within each person is a ” soul calling” a purpose, a journey already begun, long before your birth this lifetime. Within this soul calling is memory, memory of who you truly are and have always been on a spirit level; memory of all that you have been and seen in each incarnation. Your journey my friends started long before now, and even though there is a war going on within many of your souls at this time, somewhere in the center of all that chaos is this memory I speak of. You are each a Child of the Universe, You are each Love and Loved.

Changing Tides

The tides are changing, as are the seasons. We too are feeling a certain eeriness and discontentment. A realization is emerging for many that, most of what they thought to be true in life may have been a lie. People are wondering what happened to their dreams. Is it truly necessary to live an existence of no joy and happiness? Struggling to survive with little hope of having time and inner peace to look forward to? As always, great change brings new awareness and perception of what reality is. Too often, we accept the ravages of humankind as our reality. Too often, the few decide for the many, what is right, and what is wrong. Be not deceived any more by what you see and read. Know always, that what you instinctively know to be true is just as right as anyone else is. Being dissatisfied with a system of life that no longer works is okay, you are not alone. Changing yourself and your perception is imminently needed to hold a balance not just in your life but also in the lives of those you love most. These daily mantras will help. I am that I am. I am that I am. I am that I am. I am a child of love and light. I am earth, I am air, I am fire, and I am water. I am the central force of life from which all things come. I am love. I am loved. I am that I am. I am that I am. I am that I am. Remember that the only constant in the universe is change, be not afraid to change. Honor yourself and the earth during this transition. Make an offering to her daily and bless the nature she protects.


I write about the chakras in my book “Getting to the Heart.”  Your chakra system and auric field are your life giving energy force, without them you would die. Just as you detox your body so must you detox your energy field. There are several exercises in my self-help section to assist you. I am always willing to assist those that are willing to assist themselves. This I can do by allowing your divine guidance to speak with you directly using me as the channel. Allowing yourself to receive the help that you need is honoring who you are. Do not put yourself and your wants and desires on the back burner. More than ever we have entered a time of the greatest healing known to earth and her inhabitants. Don’t miss it by procrastinating. Love Thyself! 

Positive Changes

I see many individuals making very positive changes in their lives and themselves. It is not an easy time for any of them. The pain of addressing the old conditioning one carries is often heart wrenching as well as tedious.

When attempting to change your perception, beliefs, and mind sets, you are challenging yourself on all levels of self. Realize that we all feel drained sometimes. Take the time needed to look after yourself, honor your body. Your body is always the last part of you to receive the healing energies needed for the complete transformation into the physical. When you were born your DNA recorded all of your past karma and experiences into itself. As you transmute, your DNA changes its recording.

Is it time, to reprogram the old outdated personas you have chosen to lead you before? Is it time to dig deeper into the heart of your own self and see what mysteries lie hidden? Is it time to find yourself and rekindle the joy of life that you know you are? Each and every one of these is a worthwhile venture and can help make your dreams come true. It may even help you to create new and better dreams than before.

Planetary Shifts

As the shifts continue to unfold bringing intense energies, we open to the spirit within to receive insight and guidance. At night in bed, we ask for the strength and wisdom to arise to all the challenges each of us currently face. Like the ocean, the universe, and its energy is based on ebb and flow.  Sometimes we feel the waves rise to heights that frighten us, and other times there is a soft lapping that relaxes us. Always though we are aware of the vastness and hidden secrets that lie within. Our life’s journey of exploration is like that of pebble dropped into the sea of life. Each ripple is part of the whole and each is different from one another, yet alike. This too is the universal ebb and flow of life’s cycles. Each of us being a universe unto ourselves the ripples we make can and does change the tide of the whole. By opening and connecting to the energy of the divine self we become co-creators of the universe within and without. Change is the only constant there is. Why not accept and use change to open the universal awareness for all that are ready to expand and extend. This you do by simply realizing and accepting that you are that self-same universal and divine energy. Be of light and love.

Affirmations:  I am the Light Within. I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am. I am all things to all people at all times. I am the god within. I am the light of all life. I am love. I am love. I am love. I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.


Opening to Spirit

Opening to spirit is an awesome experience. As we travel our pathway called life, we are besieged with problems and hardships. With spirit as our partner we find inner strength and hope for the future. Never allow yourself to believe you are alone. Never succumb to the energy that all is lost. Know always, that the illusion called life in the third dimension is orchestrated and may always seed a new conductor. Life has many dimensions and petals yet to unfold. As we sleep and wake so does the new life awaken among our friends and enemies. Be ever vigilant of truth and light. Surround yourself daily in the raiment of universal love that is at your disposal. Know that change is the key and only good can prevail. Trust that a perfect order does exist and you are a part of that order always.

Learning and Growth


We now enter into a new life experience filled with newness and depth. Learning and growth should be your key phrases and affirmations used regularly. If we are not continually growing, changing and learning, then we stagnate. Even though some lessons in life are not pleasant still we need them to accelerate our process and goals. Simply because we cannot always see how our life is a winning version of time, does not mean we should not live it to the fullest.  If I could not learn I would die. Be it inside or out, I would just stop trying. People who attain enlightenment, success and fulfillment, make bold choices in life and deal with the results. These individuals know that change is the key to their future. Back to square one is a common misconception that leads us to think we are not accomplishing our ends. Ultimately all things are born from square one, all ideas, all creativity, all desire to live and advance, all life. We are not lost because we return to the start, only re-visiting it to bear a new fruit. The only resolution a person needs make in their life is to become the person that they admire most in life, themselves. Always becoming is key. Never settling for unhappiness as the truth of who you are, and always striving for the next freeing realization you can attain.

May you all be the success story you know you are!

Self sublimation

Humans are easily sublimated by their surroundings. Television ads, educational learning, family and religion are parts of our sublimation. When we hear or are taught something over and over again we begin to accept it as part of our reality. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, famine, homelessness, politics and Jesus, all are part of our consciousness because we have seen and heard about them constantly. Had we not seen and heard about them, they would not exist in our consciousness, nor would they be part of our reality.

The many things we have not seen nor heard about, play little if any role in our daily awareness. Because this is true, it is up to us to educate and sublimate ourselves with thoughts and ideas that promote happiness, joy and peace.


To believe that there is an unseen force of energy that pervades all life is to believe in Spirit. It matters not what name you give to spirit, what matters is that you understand that you are spirit.


In order to identify how all life contains spirit, you must first study about soul. All things of life in this world contain soul. As long as we refer to the soul as being unconscious then that sublimation will remain intact. The fact that all life contains soul, should make it obvious enough, that the only thing that is unconscious of soul is the seeker. If the mysteries of the Universe and the Divine are actually natural soul awareness, then it is only natural to seek them out for your own revelation.


Your soul is actively participating in your life everyday. The more you learn to hear and see it, the more help it can offer you in understanding your individual purpose in being alive. It is time for human beings to re-sublimate themselves and turn to the soul for its memories and awareness of the truth and light within. With soul, light, and spirit all things are possible. Without them, more of the same will perpetuate itself. Call to your soul daily and let it know that you acknowledge it. Discover the world of soul that you are.


You are a beautiful energy of light. Your emanations make up the whole, just as the whole makes up the emanations that you are!

Welcome 2019

Upcoming Events


Athene’s plans for the New Year are to go back to work and teach as many people as possible about the Universe and its operation. Finding and working with your spirit guides is my primary goal for all of you ready and willing to experience such passage.

She will be offering these new classes through a meeting program called Zoom on computer. You will pay her and then she will send you a link to join the class and all can see one another in attendance. She will also be able to record classes so you may go back over them or pick one up if you miss any.

These classes will be held Sundays from 1pm to 3pm Mountain time. There will be 4 classes and the cost will $100 for the four or $30 weekly. The four weeks must be your commitment; you cannot simply take one class. This cost is also in your dollar currency if you are in another country.

Please play with this program in advance to make sure your sound and camera work for you.

Classes will be February 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2019. Once again if you must miss a class it will be recorded for you and Athene will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Classes must be paid for and confirmed by January 25, 2019; should Athene not be able to attend for any reason all monies will be refunded and she asks you make payments through pay pal, sent to Also contact Athene through her e-mail for any other questions you may have.


To sign up e-mail her at or call 719-598-8158. For more information about Athene go to her website:

Athene has been helping people meet and work with their teachers of light for over 30 years. Finding and Working with your Spirit Guides, taught by Athene Raefiel

These classes will teach you how to Anchor Light, Meditate, Visualize and do Inner Journey work.

You will have the opportunity to meet Your Higher Self, Your light being Teachers and a variety of Angels and Power Animals.

Some people see, hear, feel things intuitively and everyone is different. You must attend with an Open Heart, Mind and Patience. Please leave your expectations at home.


Find Athene on face book at:

 Athene is also offering a 15% discount on all private sessions through January 2019.