The Spiritual Quest Begins




Our three lower chakras represent all the conditioning and attachments developed in life. While developing through the lower chakras we experience only through the carnal nature which is our need to survive. At this stage, the acceptance and approval of others is how we determine our successes and failures in life. The love we learn about through the lower chakras is a need to be needed.

Pain and suffering bring about growth and development making them major components of survival. Because like attracts like, we are continually attracting others to ourselves who feel and believe the same way we do. It is only through such experiences that we learn how to change and overcome the past. When stuck in a conditional state of awareness life lessons are experienced continuously. It may be a different time, a different place, or individuals with different faces, yet the lessons are the same. This type of cyclical experience often brings about feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, depression and despondency.

When we begin using and developing the upper chakras, we awaken spiritually. We now discover there is more to life than simply going through the day to day motions. Removing the invisible blindfold from our eyes, though hazy at first, a new picture begins to unfold.  Feelings now emerge, signaling us that something very important has been missing in our life. We feel as if we have been under a spell that has now been broken and we are free to explore life in a new way. A new day dawns as we realize that the inner self has been asleep for a very long time. As we stretch and yawn, we may begin to notice a feeling of emptiness inside. Often an intense inner feeling of “wanting to go home” surfaces and we realize that it is the home inside that we are seeking, the center of life and light within that we are.

At first, these stirrings seem a bit foreign. We may feel like strangers in a strange land. A feeling of vulnerability creeps in as our instinct to survive struggles to control, always warning of dangers lurking in the unknown.

Because our conditional self is entering uncharted territory, the awakening self and the survival self suddenly seem to be at odds.  The newly awakened spiritual part of us has not had a chance to develop, where as the conditional self already has very strong ingrained beliefs.  The new self is fragile and volatile, while the more established instinct to survive insists on dominating.

For some, the battle already is over. The memory of the past, of how hard it is to change, dominates and they immediately succumb to their old ways of being.  The change necessary to explore the new self seems too costly so they surrender to the dominant¾their old dysfunctional comfort zone.

For others, self-realization has been long awaited and no matter what obstacles change may hold, they know it is time to explore the new dimensional reality within. Gathering all the inner strength they can muster, they forge ahead with great determination and perseverance.

The self contains all the answers and awareness of the inner enlightenment we seek. The journey of enlightenment is always about the Self. All one needs do, is find and develop the tools necessary to tap the inner self and discover the spiritual being within.

It is easiest to begin by seeking out self-help books and learning techniques of concentration and contemplation. Reading everything you can get your hands on that interests you spiritually will open many doors.


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