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I wake up every day now with a new hope for life and the future of our planet, knowing that “ The Divine Mother” is entering our plane of existence is precisely what is needed to help bring back balance and harmony to all life upon earth.

I know the poles are shifting and the weather is continuing to deteriorate, yet I also know that “The Divine Mother” is who the entire Hierarchy works for and answers to, including the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. Beings from these etheric and celestial planes have been praying for Earth and us for the past century, hoping to help us reclaim a fruitful and fulfilled life while in body.

The concern for the upcoming generations has been great and the need for Earth to be able to replenish herself even greater. We are part of a Solar System, and a Galaxy within a greater Universe. Our Universe is but one among many and as we struggle, so do other planets and Galaxies. Though I know this is hard to comprehend we are one among many stars and planets that need one another. We are not nor have ever been alone.

The movement of this new influx of blessed energies will need to be received with as much awakening of souls as possible. Ignorance will not be tolerated, not will hate and disease; all life must begin to heal and this will take time and patience but must be so for the preservation of our future.

Do not expect these upcoming miracles to bring goodness and light to every corner of your life for you are the ones that will need to be strong and hold this heavenly light within your being. Be willing to participate and help. This is what is being asked of you currently.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.         

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