I know we may be tired of hearing about Meditation, especially when we feel we have tried and cannot accomplish it. Meditation is one of those wonderful mysteries in life that must be experienced in order to understand its benefits.

Basically, Meditation is the art of going into a trance state to discover all that was originally hidden from you. This ultimately aids you in the discovery of the deepest levels of self as well as the Universe. I use the word Universe to quantify everything, seen and unseen.

When discovering the many depths of consciousness using Meditation, you also begin to understand your own unseen depth of being. This is how you learn about and discover soul consciousness.

Soul consciousness holds many answers to questions we may not even knew we had, such as, what soul is and its purposes, as well as its memories. While traversing soul we discover whole new worlds of thought and understanding. Soul is like a storage department or type of library containing forgotten and hidden information of ourselves along with History of all sorts.

When people tell you they are channeling, they are usually receiving information through their soul channel. We can develop and heighten our intuition to access soul as well, and Meditation is the best way to do this.

Recently I have heard people on radio shows telling us they only Meditated once in their life, and quickly and unexpectedly accessed the awareness of their Spirit Guides and Angels. I am sure these people now Meditate on a regular basis. Me; meeting my Spirit Guides and Teachers took years of searching and then more years of Meditation. I can only assume these very blessed others of whom I speak, came in this lifetime ready to evolve to such high levels of perception.

I believe that we are related to Our Spirit teachers in some way and have been working together for very long periods of time. Within the Universe all things are connected so it would only make sense.

Do not give up if you’ve had little or no luck meditating, finding that space between time and no time will be discovered through practice and patience. Just as we must make time for other important things in life so it must be with our desire to meditate. Meditation will help you change your life and evolution in ways you never even imagined, and once you start the expansion it can take on a life of its own.


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