There are so many different kinds of pain that individuals experience. Emotional pain is the hardest and deepest to heal and come to terms with. Emotional pain occurs when our experiences traumatize us, the very existence of living can cause long held trauma we may not even remember. Sometimes these things lying under the surface will be triggered or re-awakened through another series of events.

Mental pain or trauma can be experienced through anger and sadness. When we mentally focus on traumatic events in life we make mental memory that will often play over and over again as we proceed along our journey called life. Creating its own OCD effect keeping us focused on the pain and confusion presented somewhat as a role model for our thinking.

Deep beliefs within us hold that balance and fairness exist in life thereby helping us hold our rational mind in continual paranoia. In reality we are the only ones that can change and reconstruct our thinking and feeling selves.

One would think that, “time heals all wounds”, but this statement in and of itself is a lie. Time often is simply a way of trapping ourselves into the dogma we call life. Time, in and of itself, has no power to change how we think or feel about ourselves, just as inner beliefs are strong and powerful energies that we allow to subdue us.

To heal the pain within we must be ready to accept change as the key to doing this. A willingness to change how we think or feel about things in life can be a major undertaking as pain and sorrow are buried deep inside. “I know how I feel” is another misconception that holds us back. When we work to free ourselves from pain and suffering our immediate response is how can I change my past?

From the time we are young our conditioning begins through our interactions with parents as well as life and others in supervisory positions. Overcoming our environments from the past can be mind-blowing as we have already accepted some way of viewing and handling what life throws at us.

Pain can and is a tough task-master. When told something over and over again as a child like “you will never learn” it sticks with you. Often as an adult you will even repeat this statement to yourself, over and over again, cementing it within your brain and feeling self. This is how negative self-talk advances itself through your life. You have now accepted this statement as truth and keep re-enforcing it. Patterns such as these steal your life from you and keep you in hiding hoping no one else sees it. This perpetuates sadness and grief as a way of living life.

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