Changing Realities

When we are stuck in survival, we are convinced there is no time for spirituality. Humankind refuses to explore its eternal essence because there is comfort in believing that logic and reason are the keys to life. This denial of the spirit self has brought our species to a point in our development that is causing self-destruction.

Through this process of denial, humanity has created a world that dwells in torment and debris. The garbage keeps piling up, the atmosphere is unhealthy, trees and vegetation are dying and the destruction is continual. Humans close their eyes constantly to the pain and suffering around them, just as they shut themselves off from their emotions. In the West we call ourselves civilized and worship technology as our savior. Our life has become one of entertainment and drama rather than intimate loving interaction. Most of humanity lives in an illusionary field of dreams that has become a living hell, a world where hope and love are as fleeting thoughts and greed is the great taskmaster.

When we begin to look beyond the veil of illusion, we realize that humanity is on a collision course with its true destiny. To save the world and its inhabitants, we must first learn to save ourselves. Before we can do selfless acts of kindness, we must first learn how to be selfless. This we can only learn by honoring our spiritual essence.

In the spirit realms, all is comprised of energy. Energy continually replenishes itself, ever transforming and changing. This life-giving energy is unending, all-pervading and always exchanging within itself.

You and I are this same spiritual energy. As such, we are learning to change and transform ourselves as energy does. When stuck in the experiences of the lower chakras, our need to survive supersedes the awareness and understanding of ourselves as soul and spirit. Because of this we have become cut off from our spirit self, the energy self that we are.

Our soul can receive sustenance only by us connecting with our spiritual energy. Our soul is our transportation within all consciousness through all incarnations, be they physical or spiritual. We in essence kill ourselves to our soul by denying it the energy exchange it needs.

In reality, the soul cannot die, but we can separate ourselves from our soul memory and consciousness.  Doing this creates a barrier that makes it harder and harder to return to soul. When this continues over extended periods, we lose touch with our life-sustaining spiritual energy and we feel devoid and disconnected from life. We become as ghouls and our bodies and minds begin to shut down.

The reality now taking place on planet earth has taken eons of time to establish. Humankind has been shutting itself down for a long time. The societies of this world facilitate this desecration of life and this current existence has now been accepted as true reality.  Though many of us would like to see this change overnight, the only way that could happen, is if the majority of people on the planet would actually work through all their lifetimes of conditioning.  Changing the conditions of one person’s life takes time. How much time will it take for everyone on the planet to realize that we all should seek to become spiritually aware?

By focusing on our individual roles, we will not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the vastness of the work that lies ahead. Finding the truth within all life and ourselves is the key.

The spiritual journey should not be taken on half-heartedly.  We cannot learn a little and think that is enough. We must persevere—even in the face of crises and adversity, realizing that in some way we too are responsible for the state of affairs the world is in.

Developing through the soul’s awareness helps us to perceive and understand the meanings of events in life without attachment. When we are attached to outcome, we still have personal expectations that set us up for disappointment. When we release expectation, we use our inner knowing to take us forward in the creative process of living.

Each person has been born to accept and learn about him or herself as a divine being. Each person is born with unconditional love, compassion, awareness and understanding. It is through our life experiences that we learn to forget this.

Some of you may be asking if it is really necessary to go through all this hoopla of meditation, forgiveness and so forth to develop and open spiritually. Is this awareness attainable in any other fashion?

The answer is simply no. Unless we develop conscious awareness of our multidimensional-self transcending and ascension are not possible.

Meditation, affirmations, purposeful emotional release processes, and meditative trance are tools for deprogramming accepted belief patterns. These tools help us release and let go of our emotional baggage.

You may unconsciously be doing some of this work within yourself now, but it must become conscious to fully manifest. You must choose to realize the soul and spirit essence that you are.

Some people may seek psychological help when deciding to heal their emotional scars; good counseling always helps. Other people simply take life one day at a time, working through their pasts by experiencing interactions with the people they are in contact with daily. In this manner, and without adequate tools for release, they tend to draw the same experiences to themselves continually. They question why the same things keep happening.

Although others may come and go in our life, the experiences they bring us do not. Until we are able to process and understand

the meaning of our experiences, we will not be able to change them.

Without the help and tools we need for inner healing, we become weary of trying to figure out our problems. As we attempt to resolve our issues logically, we often feel that we are a victim of some cruel joke that God is playing on us. We feel that life is victimizing us and we question why all cannot simply be changed through logic and reason. Nevertheless, life rarely makes sense and the logical mind is little more than a storage center. All the rational mind has ever learned, all it contains, has been programmed through our life’s learning experiences. The rational mind abilities are limited to the playback of learned images and responses, it does not have the capacity to feel or change itself. This can only be done by implementing new experiences and information.

We can learn to understand why we behave and react to situations the way we do, by observing our actions and ourselves. Doing this we identify past mental training and begin consciously changing our logical tapes. We can neither run away nor hide from our life experiences. Results come only through healing and integrating them.

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