Spirit Guide Classes

It’s time for me to do what I do best; help put people in touch with their Spirit Guides and Angels.


There will be a free introductory “Zoom Meeting”,  Saturday, August 27th 1Pm to 3Pm MST. You need to contact me in advance to receive an invitation to get into the meeting. We will be discussing what the Classes will entail so you can decide whether or not to take them.

Classes will be held over Zoom, Saturdays from 1Pm to 3Pm MST. September 3,10,17,24, 2022. Classes will be $120.00 for the series of 4.

Email me atheneraefiel22@gmail.com or call me (719) 598-8158

I would like to talk some more about my upcoming set of September, 2022 Classes.

“Finding and Working with your Spirit Guides”

I work directly with my Guides and Angels to help others tap in to their higher self and Guidance.

We all have our own Guides and Teachers and none of us have exactly the same ones.

You may discover you are a Hybrid or Angelic being; we all have our path of learning to walk and experience this lifetime.

We will work with Meditation, and Mantras to keep us centered and aligned within the Spirit Essence that we are.

There will be sharing and discovering as we go.

Blessings from the Universe et al.

What working with my Spirit Guides has done for Me.

Helping me find, address fears and integrate them. Overcome fear of death and dying. Overcome fear of the unknown. Face fear in all its aspects and overcome it.

Heal The Inner Child, heal and integrate the past deep wounds. Heal my need for approval; heal my desire to be someone other than myself.

Become my best Buds; relying on them always to be with me; asking any and all questions without fear of reprisal. Understanding how I am Love. Seeing the “Bigger Picture” and understanding I am not in charge of saving the world.

Learning to let go of the past, of love in friendships and relationships that no longer serve me; opening to trust myself and The Universe of compassion and Love.

Finding my Spirit Guides and daily Teachers; learning to trust my intuition and light.

Developing all levels of Chakras and learning about the Chakra Bodies; raising my consciousness through understanding how to advance through meditation.

In case you were wondering these are a few of things your Spirit Guides can help you with.

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