There are number of daily stressors in life that add to our anxiety. Firstly the “world is going to hell in a handbasket” is truly happened. We are discovering just how messed up living has become.

People will tell you to not read the news if it stresses you out, but current events are important to stay abreast of. If you know in advance that your city or home will soon be underwater you can perhaps help yourself in some way to keep yourself and family safe. This will need to be an immediate reaction and creates a great deal of anxiety.

Where do we go when we have no place to go? This is overwhelming to think about and for some people creates feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Again, it is a major stress anxiety trigger that can even cripple some with the feeling that they may have to start over. Where will the money come from to move and try again? Without money we can become a statistic of homelessness.

Just surviving day to day can cause major anxiety as the world operates on money and when you have none you are unable to operate, depending now on the kindness of others for your very survival. As we all know there is a great deal of kindness and good will in the world so long as it doesn’t involve other people’s money.

The “New Age Teachings” try to share the importance of creating new realities. And yes, I have been fortunate enough to do so. But where are the guidelines and instructions to such endeavors, and again how much time and money will it take to learn these mysteries and their operation? ; more anxiety to achieve such dreams and goals.

The Universe is steeped in paradox often bringing more confusion to every question. How can I believe in the beauty and joy of living when I am surrounded by pain and sadness?

The question I get from so many people is “what is my purpose?” Someone told me I need to be a healer. Indeed, we are all here to heal ourselves as well as whatever reach we have to help others.

When we feel we cannot heal the world we also need to be aware to not let the world dominate our thinking. Sometimes this leads to us feeling like we are holding onto a buoy out at sea and all alone. Can our dreams for a better and happier life help us find solid footing from this place?

Mind, body, soul and spirit must all learn to interact and help each other if we are to find safety in our spirituality. We must learn to conceptualize by releasing judgment upon ourselves and the past.

We will always have some anxiety in life as it is part of being human. Learning to think and see differently will assist us in growing beyond the need for pain and suffering. Religion cannot do this for you, this is an individual process and can be achieved by realizing you have and are spirit.

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