Wobbling Earth

The Earth is wobbling right now and that is why so many people are feeling dizzy , especially when they get up in the morning.
The energies are very ungrounded and it as if there is a whole new meaning to making sense of things.

Unknown planets are showing up as well as incoming signals, yet unidentified from the Universe. All these things show the coming in of the divine mother and her entourages in December.
Why is she coming?? ; to bring some semblance of sanity and balance to a world spinning out of control on so many levels. The status quo must be broken down to allow the creation of kindness and concern to take its place. Money can no longer be the power source of all life when it starves and strands its many peoples for the sake of greed and power.

Life on this Earth was meant to be shared by the many different species that live here, there was an original order to this and humans have distorted that order. It must be restored or all life on this planet may well disappear, as it has done so before.

Be aware that it will be a crumbling of governments and money markets that are set to fail. Know who you are and why you are here in this time and you will be cared and provided for. Be kind to one another.

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