Angelic Learning

I remember when I first met and started working with Archangel Raphael. He told me that everything I had learned up to this point would be useless in my spiritual learning. My journey was like beginning all over in Kindergarten. I needed to release and overcome my judgements and learn to see the bigger picture. That the only things that would ever let me down in life were my expectations. I began to realize the importance of humility.

He, Lord Michael, Lord Sananda and St. Germaine were my major teachers helping me with the clearing inner work and outer for the following 3 years of intensive work. While meditating I would be taken into the Astral and Etheric Planes where I would receive hour long dissertations from several different master teachers. I was afraid I would not remember them all and was told my mind had its own storage containers and when the information was needed it could then be remembered.

I have always wondered why I was chosen to receive such information and was told I am a fallen angel; I believe there are many of us.

Be blessed and continue to search for truth, It is so very much needed for us all.

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