Soul is like a massive computer that holds all of your memories as well as the collective. Soul is impressive once you log into it and type in your commands there are no questions you cannot find answers to.

Knowing how to tap into soul memory is an awakening like no other. Here you can discover past lives and memories of other heavenly lives and bodies. Within soul you can journey anywhere geographically as well as esoterically.

To tap soul you must be able to meditate, it is within the realms of trance through meditation you can unlock key memories as well as the answers to the Universe you seek.

All beings also can be explored and connected through soul. Is soul and Higher Self the same? Almost.

Soul is the intermediary between physical and spiritual. Soul is the vehicle by which you travel lifetime to lifetime as well as in between lives. This vehicle is connected to all other soul and the Collective.

Some call soul the Christ Consciousness and because we all perceive things in an individual manner often the explanations will vary.

Just as when you see an aura or energy being emitted around a plant or animal, each will vary in the description of what they see.

Soul and spirit being energy, to describe it to another is difficult because you see through your feeling eyes, not your physical eyes. You experience soul through your understanding self and awareness, there is no other way.

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