June 12 2018

We have had a fairly stable year so far as the planets have been a lot kinder than through most of 2017. It has been calmer in many ways yet the anxiety still running very high.

Upcoming on June 21st we will have the Summer Solstice and we will have a set of Eclipses upcoming in July 2018. Don’t forget to light some candles, do some sort of ceremony, and of course prayers for the planet.

” Heavenly Beings of Light and Love bring your energies and your love, help mother Earth to find balance and calm through this time of great transformation and change. Help the enlightened to enlighten others and keep the Eternal flame burning throughout our Great Planet. Help the Oceans heal and cleanse with little damage to other life. Calm the fires and winds this year help the people near them to heal. Gently aid the earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes to find balance and harmony within the Earth and save human life from inhumane experience. Teachers and Angels of light we know you are here and work with us daily. Help up to heal and hear the energies speak with us, help us take time to be real.”

Why do we pray and is anyone listening?

If not for prayer and hope all is listless. Dreamers must dream, creators must create and all of us must learn love in all its aspects.

Love is still the greatest healer that we have, use it.

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